Want to Give Your Pals a Little Memento to Immortalize Your Engagement(2020)?  Engagement Party Favours That Are Sure to Wow the Guests at Your Pre-Wedding Celebration.

Want to Give Your Pals a Little Memento to Immortalize Your Engagement(2020)? Engagement Party Favours That Are Sure to Wow the Guests at Your Pre-Wedding Celebration.

If you’re planning an engagement party, don’t forget to thank your guests for coming with some great engagement party favours they’ll love (and hopefully use!). What to give? There aren’t really any hard and fast rules here, so you can choose whatever your heart desires. Here, we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite engagement party favours, whether you’re on a budget or ready to splurge.

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Tips to Throw a Successful Engagement Party

Congrats on that sparkler you are wearing. It's time to kick off all the wedding festivities, starting with your engagement party. Among all the festivities that ensues, this is the one that is relatively low-key and with lesser etiquettes. But that doesn't make it any less easy to organize. And then, there is the moment when both the families meet.

To make it easy for you, we covered a few important steps to help you kick start your celebrations. Now, breathe deeply and get reading.

Decide Who Hosts the Party

Traditionally it is the bride’s parents who host the engagement party, but nowadays the trend is changing. You could host the party yourselves or maybe both sets of parents could host it jointly. But it is safer and of better etiquette to run it by the bride’s parents and give them the right of refusal. Your friends could also host the party for you. While the former is of a formal nature, the latter can be more casual. But remember the hosting party takes care of the invites and pays for the party itself.

Finalize the Date

Now that you are engaged, do not jump right in the festivities. Take a breather and enjoy your status as a fiance/fiancee. Relish at the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Throw the party at your convenience. If your wedding is not yet decided, you can take some time to throw your party but otherwise, it is better to have it earlier to avoid clashes with the wedding celebrations.

In India, not all have the engagement party beforehand. Few states and religions celebrate the engagement right before the wedding. In that case, you can throw a backyard party to announce the engagement to your close friends and family.

Prepare the Guest List

The thumb rule of preparing the guestlist for the engagement party is that those invited for the party should be invited to the wedding as well. So, it is better to decide on the nature of your wedding before finalizing the guest list. Not decided on your wedding yet? No issues; have a small intimate party with your immediate family and close friends. That way no one is offended and no hurt feelings hamper your beautiful day. If it’s your parents hosting the party for you, make sure to sit with them while finalizing the guest list.

Check out Venues

The venue should be more of a casual nature. And if you are planning on hosting a more formal event take care that it is not as formal as the wedding itself. However, it should go with your party theme. The formality of the event should match with the event itself. If you are intending on a more casual event, think about a beach or even your parents’ backyard. A formal event can be at a country club or a private room at a fine-dining establishment or a hotel rooftop. Also, remember that your engagement party is the event where both the families mingle and get to know each other. So it is better that you make sure the environment gets the conversation going.

Send out Invites

As with the venue of the event, the invites also depend on the formality of the occasion. If your party is of a casual nature, like a beach party or a backyard consider sending out e-invites. But for a seated dinner event go for a formal invite. But not so formal as with a wedding invite designer. Websites like Shutterfly, Vista Print and Print Venue have wonderful options for formal yet not-so-formal wedding cards. Their design options are on the spot and right on trend, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Your invitation need not be as elaborate as your wedding card; a simple photo card with the when and where details would suffice. Plan them so that they reach the guests at least one month ahead. Don't worry about it matching the rest of the party; just keep it a touch casual always

Food is Everything

An engagement party without champagne to toast the couple! That’s simply not done. And if you are serving alcohol in any form, there needs to be food too. The menu depends on the kind of party you are having and also the time. A dinner event may have a 3 or 5-course dinner menu. However, that might be on the lines of a formal event. The latest trend that’s making rounds is the champagne and dessert party. An afternoon affair with chips and dips with cocktails and a light brunch would also suit a casual setting. The latter options would suit if you are on a budget crunch.

Don't Forget the Decor and Party Favour

While we are all about casual and no formal stationery, do give the decor some thought. When in doubt, keep it sweet and simple. Fresh flower arrangements with votive candles and a table accent would do wonders. On a budget; Why not try some DIY party favour and decor? Try your hands at some simple party decor like paper flowers, table streamers and such. Favours like candles and succulents can be easy and less time-consuming projects. Websites such as Funcart and Untumble have some affordable party decor that you can score at low rates.

10 Unique Party Favours for Your Guests

The concept of party favours is catching up in Indian functions too, though it is still a sweet box or mixed nuts. However, if you can get a little more imaginative, there are tons of options here.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to engagement party favours. Just keep this in mind; Keep it sweet and simple. Don't make it too fancy and convoluted. To help you out, we are bringing you our top 10 party favours that we think are novel and unique.

Hand-Thrown Ceramic Jar with Wooden Spoon

Fan of everything cute and handmade, why not try the Hand-Thrown Ceramic Jar with Wooden Spoon from PinkLay. Bringing a contemporary and earthy feel to your party with the ceramic jar and wooden spoon, you are also advocating towards more eco-friendly gifts. Priced at Rs. 899, this gorgeous piece of stoneware is a perfect addition to the dining table with its subtle colours.

You can either gift it as such or add your favourite candy or go desi with your favourite mixed namkeen. Like being out there? Why not add some herbed salt? The options are endless.

Ruby Praline Purple Favour

Thought we’d let go of the traditional mithai box? We brought it to the 2020 standards with Purdy’s Chocolatiers. The one that caught our eye from their massive collection of chocolates is the Ruby Praline Purple Favour, Purple band. Encased in a ruby cocoa shell is creamy tart ruby cocoa gianduja and smooth almond puree. With no added flavours and colours, the ruby praline chocolates maintain their natural colours.

Made by a specialized process allows the fruits and the cocoa to retain their natural colours and flavours. It enhances the tropical fruit notes in the chocolate. Priced at $6 or Rs. 436 for a box of 2 chocolates to $8.50 or Rs. 618 for a box of 4 chocolates, they are available to buy at Purdy’s.

Arochem Omaar Arebian Unisex Attar

We desis love our perfumes, don't we? A beautiful bottle of attar adds a sweet perfume note to your engagement. Arochem Omaar Arebian Unisex Attar, with the aroma of herbs, spices, sandal oil, flowers and musky leaves is something that brings you a sense of déja vu of the times gone by.

The freshness of the perfume makes it perfect for both men and women and suitable for all occasions. The attar is quite concentrated, much more than an Eau-de-perfume. So, you might want to be careful about that bottle. The alcohol-free perfume is available to buy at Amazon India for Rs. 215.

Personalized Herb Seed Bombs Favor

While we are on the topic of eco-friendliness of the party favours, why not go green with these Herb Seed Bombs? Everyone loves a seed garden. Why not help your friends start one with these simple seed bombs. Encased in the compostable paper are edible herb seeds like basil, parsley and oregano.

Three seed bombs along with a personal card carrying your message are placed in a pretty muslin bag ready to be distributed. They are available to buy at Beau-Coup for $5.30 or Rs. 386 each. Their minimum order requirement is 20 pieces.

Mini Infused Greek Olive Oil

The Mini Infused Greek Olive Oil shipped from a tiny Cretan village might just be the unique engagement party you are looking for. Sprigs of oregano, thyme and rosemary in tiny olive oil bottles are quite a sight to see. You can also go for olive oil without any infusion.

The bottles can be personalised with text and tags of your choice. This unique handmade party favour is available to buy at Etsy. Priced at $104.5 or Rs. 7,605, pre batch contains 20 bottles of 25 ml each.

S'mores Kits

Are you planning for an evening event in your parents’ backyard? Why not go for a smores kit. Imagine lighting up campfires and roasting marshmallows. Gooey marshmallows stuffed between crackers and chocolates are simply loved by everyone. The kit contains everything for a perfect s’ more including marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolates.

Wrapped in a high-quality cellophane paper with a ribbon of your choice, the S’mores Kit costs $48 or Rs. 34,493 for a batch of 24 kits. They also provide customized labels with text of your choice.

Hanging Blue Jar with Fairy Lights

Ever thought about gifting something whimsical from fairylands? You cannot go wrong with these Hanging Blue Jar With Fairy Lights by Kate Aspen. Tiny mystical fairy lights caught in a corked mason jar measuring 2.5” x 3.3” is a playful take on romantic lighting and decor. The fairy lights are suspended from the cork giving them a floating appearance. The rustic looking piece can also be used as a centrepiece if you are looking for a poetic look.

Costing you $20 or Rs. 553, for a set of four, the Hanging Blue Jar with Fairy Lights is available to buy at My Wedding Favours.

Lucky Golden Elephant Bottle Opener

How adorable are these Lucky Elephant Bottle Openers from Kate Aspen? Even though these events are planned to a T, a bit of luck might not hurt. Luck as chic as these are definitely staying as part of the celebrations.

The bottle openers as the name indicate, hold the carving of a metal elephant with an antique gold finish. Measuring 2.87” w x 2.68" h, the lucky elephant can be personalised with a name tag. The price of the lucky elephant bottle opener starts at $2.28 or Rs. 166 per piece. The price depends on the quantity you purchase.

Rose Gold Diamond Ring Frame

Sometimes a gift indicating the occasion might just be perfect like the next one we have for you. The Rose Gold Diamond Ring Frame holding a picture of the happiest days of their lives makes great party favour for your loved ones and immediate family.

The frame is shaped like a ring with a clear centre and a solitaire diamond on top. This is perfect for intimate parties where you can gift this frame with your chosen picture. It also allows for personalization with your names and dates. Made of zinc alloy, the frame measures 4.5" W x 5.5" H x 5" D and can hold a picture measuring 3.5" x 3.5". Priced at $20 or Rs. 1,455, the frame is available to buy from Things Remembered.

Mozaic Gold Wax Filled Glass Votive

Candles make for a great party favour. Not just the candle but the holder also makes for a beautiful ambience. And the one we have for you, Mozaic Gold Wax Filled Glass Votive might just tick all the right boxes.

The rustic looking piece gives out a vintage yet timeless look. The warmth of the candle combined with the quaint look makes for a perfect mantelpiece. Maybe you could add this to your party decor too. Costing you Rs. 550, the votive candle is available to buy at Elementary.

DIY Party Favour

Rose-Vanilla Massage Oil

A massage at the end of the day with sweet-smelling massage oil is the definition of relaxation. Mix up this homemade massage oil for your guests and guess what, you are sure to stay in their good graces. Check out The Herbal Academy for detailed steps on the preparation.


  • Jojoba oil - ½ cup
  • Coconut oil - ½ cup
  • Dried rose petals - 2 tbsp
  • Vanilla pod - 1, chopped into ¼-inch pieces
  • Vitamin e oil - ½ tsp (optional – prevents the oils from going rancid)
  • Rose absolute essential oil - 5 drops
  • 25 ml bottles - as per your need

How to Make

  • Infuse the chopped vanilla pod and the dried rose petals into the jojoba-coconut oil mixture. Use one of the methods mentioned here at The Herbal Academy.
  • Strain the herbs using a fine-mesh strainer.
  • Add the rose absolute essential oil and vitamin e oil(if you are using it); Shake well to combine.
  • Fill the infused oil in 25 ml bottles with the help of a small funnel.
  • Store in a dark place until you need it.

Tea Tin Favours

Gift your guests with these tiny tins of herbal tea. Fill them with tea leaves of your choice; let them know you appreciate them. Jen Causey of Something Turquoise has the deets on the party favour preparation. Check her out.


  • Tin container - 2.5 ounce
  • Loose-leaf tea
  • Lightweight paper
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Tacky glue

How to Make

  • Spoon loose tea leaves into individual tins. The quantity depends on your budget. Generally speaking, you can pack enough for 3-4 teas in the tins.
  • Close the lid tightly.
  • Print free tag designs available online. Or you can design tags yourselves.
  • Stick them onto the tins using the tacky glue.

Mini Watering Can Succulents

Go green with this DIY Mini Watering Can Succulents! Easy to make, they not only make for excellent party favour but also a useful one. Check Claudya Martinez from Hispana Global for a detailed pictorial.


  • Succulents
  • Mini watering cans
  • Potting Soil
  • Small decorative rocks

How to Make

  • Puncture the bottom of the watering cans to form holes. These are needed for drainage.
  • Place enough potting soil in the cans so as to plant the succulents. Add more soil in the cans as needed.
  • Add small decorative rocks on top and water them.
  • Your succulent party favour is ready.
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Keep It Sweet!

Edible wedding favors never go out of style. If you end up deciding to give your guests something sweet, cookies and cupcakes with custom designs never fail to put a smile on your guests' faces. Just remember that not all of them may be eating it due to health conditions so have something set aside for those who can't get a taste.

Don't break the bank just to impress your guests with your wedding favors. Remember, it's the thought that counts! And as long as your wedding favors are well-thought of and meaningful, they'll surely be well-received by the most important people who witnessed your big day.