Get The Best Sarees From Jabong: 10 Glamourous Sari Options That Mix Fashion and Tradition (2019)

Get The Best Sarees From Jabong: 10 Glamourous Sari Options That Mix Fashion and Tradition (2019)

Hunting for a saree? Whether for a festival, an office party or just for daily wear, sarees are fantastic way to make an impression. Buying stunning sarees right at your home has been made easy with shopping online. With BP Guide India, it becomes even more easy! We've scoured through the online retail giant Jabong for the best and the most fashionable sarees and put together 10 of the most interesting options. So dive right in to get started!

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Saree: An Integral Part of Indian Fashion

Sarees Portray Indian Traditions in The Best Possible Way

Indian functions are literally incomplete without wearing a saree and it is the ultimate truth of our festivals. And saree is a garment which keeps the connection rooted with the traditions and portrays them in the best way possible. That is why we have compiled a list of superb sarees from Jabong here.

Offers Mind Boggling Styles And Varieties

Gone are the days when only cotton 9 yards sarees or silk sarees were available in the Indian market. The trends these days are totally changed. You have got thousands of varieties to choose from and fusion is one of the most followed saree trend these days. Some of the most loved sarees these days are silk, chiffon, cotton, leheriya and many more. So, you can wear a new saree for every other function.

Perfect Garment for Fusion Fashion

You have got plenty of sarees to experiment with especially when it comes to fusion wearing. All thanks to the draping styles, now you can blend the traditions and new trends perfectly and come out with amazing styles on your own. And the best part is that you can wear a single saree in multiple ways so it is going to look brand new every time you will wear it.

10 Must Check Sarees on Jabong

Striking Red Silk Saree

The power of a silk saree is totally unmatchable amongst all sorts of saree types in Indian culture. We bring down one of the most exquisite pieces of silk sarees for you. This red coloured saree is a perfect combination of glamour and class and you can wear it at any function.This saree is sure to grab a lot of eyeballs for its beautiful design and the art silk fabric makes it look really soft as well as flowy.

This is a 5.50m saree and very easy to drape and carry. It is best worn as freestyled pallu rather than that of pinned up. Belonging to the type Baluchari, it has stunning golden polka dots all over it and a very fine golden border too. The rich pallu look is the highlight of this silk saree which has beautiful embellishment and motifs on it. The stunning saree can be bought from Jabong for Rs.2835.

Elegant Navy Blue Saree with Ruffles

You are going to lose your heart over this amazingly gorgeous piece of saree. Everything about this saree is pretty unusual. From the ruffles to its solid navy blue colour, this saree is every bit of a stunner and would help you to become the star of the evening. The saree is made up of georgette fabric material and accompanied by an unstitched blouse. Make sure to go for dry cleaning of the saree to take care of the fabric.

The saree has a potential to be worn at cocktail parties as it adds a lot of glamour to the existing saree design. The ruffles at the hemline of the lower saree drapes are just beyond beautiful. So, basically, it is a combination of soft ruffles and happening look. You are not going to find it uncomfortable or difficult to drape or carry. This saree is available to be bought from Jabong for Rs.2969.

Vibrant Leheriya Saree

It is the time to discover some really unique saree designs. The leheriya saree originates from the culture of Rajasthan but now has taken over entire India. The stunning leheriya saree has skewed vertical lines all over it making it look like waves and hence the name of the saree. This one recommended here is a combination of pink with a touch of purple colour and the wonderful silver border completes the look of the saree.

The saree is made up of chiffon fabric which is very lightweight and hence you can carry the drapes of this saree easily. This dyed leheriya saree looks every bit of regal and represents the cultures and traditions of India really well. However, the saree has a running pattern and hence the pallu is no different. It is accompanied by a golden blouse. You can buy this beautiful leheriya saree from Jabong for Rs.1799.

Classy Chiffon Printed Saree

There was a time when only printed and simple sarees were in fashion. Now the time has returned again. As they say, simplicity is the purest form of beauty; You must try this simple yet elegant saree which is available in grey and white colour shades and prints. It is made up of chiffon fabric which brings the usual flowy and soft texture in it. Moreover, the lightweight saree looks super amazing at daytime functions.

Everything about the saree is very striking and beautiful. What makes it different is that it is worn as a lehenga where you get 3 meters for lehenga and 1 meter 3 meters for the dupatta itself. The entire set is accompanied by a blouse too. This saree with blouse combination is way different from all and give chic vibes. You can team it up with a minimal amount of jewellery. This gorgeous poly chiffon grey coloured saree is available onJabong for Rs.2855.

Attention-Grabbing Multicolored Embellished Saree

The next saree option from Jabong that we have in this compilation is a multi-coloured beautifully embellished saree. If you are a dynamic saree lover then you should know the importance of having a multi-coloured saree in your wardrobe. This one has a checkered pattern and comes with an unstitched blouse. Adorned by colour combinations like green, hot pink, yellow and golden motifs, the saree truly speaks to the vibrancy of Indian culture.

This piece of clothing is so amazing that you can wear it to a wedding with the utmost ease and comfort. This is a stunning piece has been created in style of Kanjeevaram, which one of the most loved types of sarees in India. You are totally going to love the golden motifs on it which adds a level of class to this garment. A highly recommended pick from our side, this stunning piece of creation can be bought from Jabong for Rs.1799.

Regal Red Solid Colour Saree

If you truly know about the Indian tradition of sarees then you would totally agree with the power of a solid red coloured saree. Keeping up with this most popular colour choice in the saree, we have brought down the most epic piece for you. This saree is made up of art silk fabric and very flowy in its texture. Despite being a borderless and very simple saree, this saree has the potential to add glamour to your look.

The saree is not that lightweight but can be handled with ease. Advised to be dry cleaned only, this saree is going to be a total win-win for you at any function no matter how big or small it is. This 5.50mtr saree is accompanied by a very gorgeous blouse too. So, when you are buying this red saree, you are sorted for every function. This solid red coloured saree is available on Jabong for Rs.1919.

Sophisticated Brown Embellished Saree

Satin sarees are very in-trend these days and the best part about this saree is that it fits the category of Jabong sarees below 1000 very well. We have picked a very unusual brown coloured satin saree for you which has a very thin white border on it. This saree is completely plain and does not have any motifs or embellishments. Despite being a simple piece of fabric, it has its own grace and charm. The main highlight of this saree is its colour which adds glamour and style into this traditional piece of garment.

If you are looking for a combination of ethnic and glamourous wear then this saree is just the right pick for you. It has the usual length and accompanied by an unstitched blouse. If you are not so keen about the colour then you can find more colour options on the site itself. This satin saree is available to buy from Jabong for Rs.747.

Gorgeous Black Woven Motif Saree

We haven’t mentioned any heavily embellished saree yet but such a saree is essential for Indian festivities, here we go. We have hand-picked a solid black coloured saree for you which is heavily embellished with the golden woven designs on it.

The saree perfectly falls into the category of heavy sarees, but a very classic piece chosen by us which is going to make you stand out in the crowd, and one that will become your favourite. It is prescribed to use dry cleaning for this saree as the woven design is very delicate to handle. This beautiful black woven saree is available on Jabong for Rs.3299.

Classical Cream And Golden Saree

It is often seen that simplest sarees are adored the most and this is why we could not resist ourselves from picking this saree Jabong. It is a cream coloured embellished saree which has stunningly rich pallu with it and wonderful golden motifs all over. It is specially designed for Indian festivals like Diwali, Pongal etc. The USP of this saree is its intricate golden border which completes the look of this garment and makes it a classic piece.

The saree is made up from art silk and has a very flowy tendency. The lightweight nature of the saree ensures complete comfort in carrying as well as draping it around. The subtle cream and golden colours make the saree look really elegant. You can buy this saree from Jabong for Rs.1847.

Festive Bandhej Saree

Just like the leheriya sarees, Bandhej also originates from the Rajasthani culture in India and also preferred to be worn on traditional occasions. This versatile saree is known for its intricate prints. Not to be forgotten the georgette fabric of this saree which is extremely fragile and must be handled with care. However, this saree is not that rich in look but perfect for all-day wearing. The lightweight saree can be worn easily as well as draped easily too.

This Bandhani saree portrays the culture of India really well and the red colour suits everyone really well. It comes with an unstitched blouse and has a very pretty border with it too. Buy this saree from Jabong for Rs.1949.

Tips And Tricks for Wearing A Saree Just Right

So, you have gone through our compilation of wonderful saree options from Jabong but it is the time to discover some lesser-known tips regarding the sarees. Some people find it really difficult to not only wear but also carry a saree. This is why we put together a few tips and tricks of wearing a saree and carrying it comfortably throughout.

Wear A Saree You Can Actually Carry Off

Never ever wear a saree which is way out of your league. Just for the sake of fashion and trends, don't venture to wear a saree type that you cannot carry for a few hours. You are going to look super uncomfortable and it will be quite embarrassing if you will keep on adjusting your saree throughout the evening.

Experiment with Draping Styles

Thank god for the sarees on Jabong, now you have the perfect opportunity to experiment with your style. But more than that, you can completely modernize the look of a saree by changing the way you drape it around. Look up videos on YouTube to explore exciting ways to wear a saree. However, make sure to prefer comfort over style but keep on finding out about new styles and new techniques of wearing a saree.

Accessorize Your Saree Look Well

The true beauty of a saree comes out when it is complemented by right kind of accessories (saree brooches, jackets) and jewellery. Of course, the fit and designing of its blouse can also make or break the look of a saree. And you must keep up with these little things to look like a thousand bucks while wearing this traditional ensemble.

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Pick Your Saree And Draping Style With Care

Saree is a beautiful garment that suits almost everyone. But still, as with every other dress, care needs to be taken to choose ones that shows off your best features. Look for prints, colours and materials that flatter your body shape and complexion. Draping styles also matter. For example, if you have a saree that has a heavy embellished pallu, choose the Gujarati way of styling. This drape showcases your pallu in all its glory as well as your body shape.