Sari Styles That Stole the Show Last Year and Will Continue to Dazzle in 2019. The Best Sarees of 2018, 10 Iconic Drapes for Any Kind of Event

Sari Styles That Stole the Show Last Year and Will Continue to Dazzle in 2019. The Best Sarees of 2018, 10 Iconic Drapes for Any Kind of Event

One of the best things about saree is how timeless they are. If you have a few trendier pieces in your wardrobe, do not them away just yet as many styles are still in vogue. The iconic weave is forever being redesigned and reinvented. Stay updated on the latest trends to look your fashionable best at any event. Here's a lowdown of all the styles that stole the show last year and will continue to be hot favourites this year.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Saree

Check the Preferences of the Person You Are Gifting the Saree to

Saree is undoubtedly a very beautiful gift. It falls under the category of Indian ethnic wear that most women love wearing for festive occasions and special days. Thus, it makes for a very good gifting product.

The incredible range of Saree makes it necessary to keep in mind the preferences of the person you are gifting a saree to. Look for their favourite colour, brand as well as styles(traditional, modern, tribal prints etc). Observe what kind of fabrics they wear and then make a judgement based on their personality as to what will suit them. A little extra effort will go a long way.

Check the Offers Online Before Buying a Saree

You can consider buying a saree from the local mall or you can shop it online. There are a lot of websites which sell saree and which means that you will have a lot of range to choose from. The other advantage of shopping online is that there are a lot of offers and discounts running, on websites at any given time, which can get you a lot of savings.

So, you can consider buying a silk saree for someone and yet not break your wallet. So make sure you check all the websites beforehand to not miss out on a great deal. Also, order it early to avoid delayed deliveries during sale or festivals. A tip to help while shopping online is adding the sarees you like in your wishlist and then shortlist them. This will make your gift buying easier and faster.

Check the Fabric And the Length of the Saree Properly

It is important to focus on the quality of the product while gifting somebody. You do not want your recipient to carry a bad impression of you. In order to avoid that, make sure that you check the fabric of the saree properly.

A saree looks elegant only if it is draped well and the draping totally depends on the fabric. Make sure to buy a saree from a brand that you have used before. In this way, you will be sure of the quality. If you are ordering online, then order it in advance so that you have enough time to return or exchange a product.

Also, check the length of the saree. Some brands are now selling sarees that are shorter in order to give it at a reasonable price. While shopping online, read all the terms and conditions properly. Paying attention to small details will only make you land with your ideal gift.

10 of the Most Trendy Sarees of 2018

Grey Gold Printed Cotton Pant Saree with Tassel & Pocket Details

Sarees in 2018 have literally take a twist. There are a lot of pattern details that are added to the pallu and blouse of the saree making it look very fashionable. If you also have someone who simply loves trending fashion then gift her this Grey Gold saree from

It is a pant saree with tassels and pockets. The saree looks very uniques as it is stitched in a different fashion. The fabric used is pure cotton mul and the length of the saree is 5.50 meters. A blouse piece is not included with this saree. The best part about this brand is that each product is handcrafted after the order is placed. Thus, it takes 15-20 days for the delivery. The saree is available in all the different sizes from XS to XXL. It is priced at Rs.1,199.

Off White, Pink & Orange Hand Tie & Dyed Constructed Cotton Saree with Frill Details

Off White, Pink & Orange saree from is one saree which will definitely make heads turn when someone wears it. Your recipient is definitely going to love you more after you gift her this. It is a saree yet it is a dress also.

The best part is that it is ready to wear saree which will help you avoid all the struggles of draping a saree. It is hand tied and dyed cotton saree. The pallu of the saree contains frill details which makes it look very dressy and trendy.

Since it is hand dyed, the brand recommends dry cleaning and ironing without steam. The colours might bleed in the initial washes if you hand wash it. The saree does not contain a blouse and is priced at Rs.1,799.

Grey & Maroon Poly Crepe Solid Saree

Colours saree from defines sophistication and elegance. It is a solid grey colour saree with a maroon colour border. Since it is made out of poly crepe, it will drape really well.

The border of the saree is attached in a frill pattern which gives the show to the whole garment. A blouse piece is included with this saree and is black in colour. The fabric of the blouse is poly crepe as well. The brand recommends hand wash and is priced at a moderate price of Rs.783.

Silk Sarees That are a Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Mitera Pink & Peach-Coloured Silk Blend Woven Design Banarasi Saree

Silk sarees are considered timeless, elegant and beautiful. That is the reason why most ladies prefer wearing silk sarees during festivals and occasions like weddings. So, if you are planning to gift a saree to someone before Diwali or Rakshabandhan, then opt for Mitera saree from

It is a pink and peach colour saree which makes it look gorgeous. The saree is woven with a silk blend and has golden embroidery on it. Thus, it is called a banarasi saree. It comes with a blouse piece and is priced at Rs.1,769.

Green Art Silk Printed Bhagalpuri Saree

The best part about silk sarees is that it is available in a lot of different options. This is because the fabric silk comes in a lot of different blends and variations. Thus, you can choose the one that fits in your budget.

Ishin saree from is a very good option. It is a bhagalpuri art silk saree which drapes really well. The saree contains embroidery on the edges and pallu which makes it look really heavy. The motifs are all traditional which contain designs of peacocks and flowers. The saree is green in colour and the embroidery is multi colour. A blouse piece comes with the saree and is of the bhagalpuri art silk fabric only. The garment is priced at Rs.448.

Drape Stories Blue Woven Design Silk Blend Saree

Drape Stories from is a wonderful gifting option. It is again a woven design silk blend saree. The saree can be worn on different wedding occasions and festivals.

The saree has different golden motifs weaved on it. The saree is blue in colour and has a zari border. The length of the saree is 5.50 meters and the length of the saree is 0.8 meters. It is advised to hand wash the saree and it is priced at Rs.629.

Drape Stories Red & Golden Woven Design Saree

Drape Stories from is an elegant saree. You can wear this saree for a sophisticated lunch or dinner party. The best part about this saree is its colour which is red. The colour red normally trends during the wedding and festive season and it is trending in 2018 as well.

The length of the saree is 5.50 meters and the blouse is 0.8 meters. The saree also has woven motifs on the border and overall. You can accessorise this saree with dangler earrings and good heels. It is priced at Rs.839.

Easy Breezy Saris for Casual Wear

Satya Paul Multi Pure Silk Printed Saree

Satya Paul saree from is something your recipient will surely love. It is a pure silk saree which can look extravagant if draped well. The saree is multicoloured and almost all the ladies will be able to pull it off.

The saree can be worn for both day and night functions . The saree comes with a blouse and is very light in weight. Wear golden or silver earrings with it to accentuate the look. The saree is priced at Rs.11,246.

Pink Solid Poly Chiffon Saree

Mirchi Fashion from is a good option. Solid colour sarees are in and they look very classy. Thus, gift it to a woman whose style is minimalistic yet knows how to make a statement.

The saree is beautiful pink in colour and is made out of poly chiffon fabric. There is a blouse that comes with the saree and is made out of art silk fabric. The blouse is also pink in colour. The saree is embellished with tiny pink beads to add a little glamour. It is advised to dry clean the saree. The price of the saree is very reasonable as it is Rs.598.

Blue, Teal & Beige Hand Block Printed Half & Half Cotton Saree

Blue, Teal & Beige saree from is a beautiful gifting option. The saree has a complete designer look and the pallu is block printed by hand. The rest of the saree is blue and teal in colour.

The colour of the pallu is beige in colour. The block print motif contains a traditional design with mango. The fabric of the saree is pure mul cotton. The saree is 5.50 meters in length and the saree does not come with a blouse. The brand recommends using dry cleaning and ironing without steam. Since the saree is dyed, the colour might leak if hand washed. The price of the saree is Rs.1,199.

Top Saree Trends for 2019

Pallu with Long Trails


A lot of fashion trends keep on changing. But, one trend in 2018 that was really good was the pallu with long trails. Soch sarees give out a dramatic and glamorous look. Lots of designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi have created such saree looks for their shows.

You can wear such sarees for weddings or Diwali party. They are amazing to create a statement look. Choose for colours like black, burgundy, red or green. Make sure you carry it with confidence and style.

Uniquely Draped Sarees

Sarees have got a unique twist in 2018. They are draped in different styles to create a statement look. Designers like Annamika Khanna and Anushree Reddy have experimented with sarees and the results clearly are glamorous.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube and Photos on Pinterest which show different draping styles. There are various things that you can do with the pallu of your saree. So, get creative and channel your inner diva. Some draping techniques also require longer sarees. So, you can choose to customise your sarees or get it made yourself from your local tailor. Opt for pant sarees or add a belt on your saree to create a unique look.

Solid Colour Sarees

Solid colour sarees look really good on almost everyone. All the age groups can carry it with utmost grace. You can get enough fabric options when opting for solid coloured sarees.

Fabrics like crepe, chiffon, georgette, silk and more. They are super in this year. Match it with contrasting or printed blouses. Also, you have the choice to choose any colour. Sarees can be dull or bright coloured but will surely give out a formal look.

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