Add a Dazzling Edge to Your Six Yards with the Most Beautiful Saree Laces. Also Learn How to Stitch Lace Onto Your Saree at Home (2019)

Add a Dazzling Edge to Your Six Yards with the Most Beautiful Saree Laces. Also Learn How to Stitch Lace Onto Your Saree at Home (2019)

A plain saree can be given a new look and a beautiful saree can be made to look even more glamorous with the right saree lace. If you feel your favourite six yards could do with a little something extra, these laces are for you. Saree borders or laces give a perfect finishing touch to the saree and are often separately stitched onto the saree. Learn where to buy them online and also how to stitch them on yourself!

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What Are Saree Laces and Where to Find Them?

Nowadays there is a great demand for sarees with embellished or highly beautified borders. A lot of the sarees that we see in store windows, online or on the pages of magazines have beautiful borders. These borders are often separately stitched on to the sari. You can buy these borders separately. They are also known as sari laces. Sari laces are used to make a sari more beautiful, add weight and to dress up plain fabrics. With the help of sari laces you can create your very own designer sari. You just have to buy the fabric that you want; we recommend chiffon, georgette or satin. You will need around 5.5 meters of fabric to make a sari. Buy sari laces of your choice. Ask your local tailor to attach the sari lace to the fabric and you have got your brand new sari.

Where to Buy Saree Laces From

Sari laces are sold in meter. You can buy sari laces online, from wholesale stores, fabric stores, and craft supply stores. If you want to buy a large number of sari laces then we would suggest that you buy wholesale. You can get sari laces at wholesale prices from markets. There are also websites which sell sari borders and laces at wholesale rates. Websites like have great deals on sari laces. If you are running a business or buying sari laces in bulk then we would suggest that you look in these places. But if you are looking to buy small quantities then you can visit websites like Krafty, Amazon or Flipkart. Wherever you buy your sari laces from making sure that they are of good quality.

Types of Saree Laces

Before buying Sari laces you need to know in detail about them. There are various different kinds of sari laces available in the market. You have to take your pick based on the kind of look that you want for your sari, the fabric of the sari, color and fabric resilience. Before buying you sari lace you have to ensure that the sari fabric is strong enough to carry the weight of the embroidery or embellishment on the sari lace or border. You don’t want the sari to fray or fall apart. There are sari laces with mirror work, fringes, pearl or beads inlay, embroidery, sequins. You can get sari laces in different materials as well. There are velvet, satin, lace, jacquard and organza sari laces. Old saris often have beautiful hand-woven borders. A great way to reuse sari borders from old worn out or stained saris is cutting out the border and using it to beautify a brand new sari. That way you can preserve the sari and get a brand new one at a very low cost.

10 Beautiful Saree Laces to Dress Up Your Clothes

Pearl Bead Lace

If you are looking for a sari lace which is minimal but glamorous then we have got just the thing for you. A pearl bead sari border can glam up a plain chiffon, satin or georgette sari in a jiffy. It’s lightweight which means that it won’t damage the sari fabric. Buy this Pearl Bead Lace Border trim for sarees, dresses and bridal wear. This thin gold border inlaid with faux pearls is 1.2 cm wide which is around 0.5 inches. The fabric used for the trim is mixed cotton. The base is cream coloured with a gold lining. It weighs around 200 gm. Buy this trim for ₹575.


If you want something a bit more colourful then go for this 2cm wide purple and gold beaded trim. This gorgeous trim has gold acrylic stone work and the base is made of cotton mix fabric. The trim weighs 128 gm. Buy 9 meters of this trim for ₹283. You can get this on on Akrithi

Tassel Fringe Lace


Tassels and fringes can give a sari a whole new look. Fringes help create movement and can take your whole look to another level. This Gold Beaded Tassel Fringe Trim is perfect for giving your sari a brand new jazzy look. This trim is made of pipes and beads. The base is made of gold polyester. It weighs around 640 gm. Its 1.6 inches wide. A 9 meter bolt will cost you ₹245. Buy it from Amazon


Or you could go with this Polyester Tassel Sari lace. This gold coloured lace fringe will give your saree movement without weighing it down. This lace is perfect for a dance costume sari. It’s 15 x 20cm wide. 5 yards will cost you around ₹2040. Buy it from

Sequin Lace

Sequin sari laces have been around for a while but their popularity has not diminished. Sequin sari laces are perfect for bridal sarees, party and festival wear. This gorgeous sequined Roll of Lace Dupion Silver Sequin Embroidery sari border has a width of 1.2 inches. The base of the sari lace is bright red in colour and has gold sequin work on it. The fabric used is cotton mix. A 9 meter roll will cost you around ₹656. If red is not quite your colour then we have this blue option for you. This one has navy blue base gold zari and pearl floral pattern. It has a width of 0.8 inches and weighs around 200 gm. The base fabric is polyester. A 9 meter roll will cost you around ₹661. Buy both from

Gotta Patti Work Lace

Gota patti or gota work is a type of Indian appliqué embroidery that originated in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Using this technique small pieces of zari ribbon are attached onto fabrics with the edges sewn down. Gota patti work is used to to create elaborate patterns. Gota work is primarily used for bridal wear in northern and western India. Gotta patti is used in saree laces too. Use a gota patti work sari lace to brighten up a sari. This roll of Lace Navy Blue-Peach One Gota-Patti Embroidered Lace Dupion sri lace has a width of 2.4 inches. It has gold embroidery and the base fabric is dupion. The whole thing weighs around 350 gms. A 9 meters roll will cost you around ₹1091. Buy it from Another option is this multicolour sari lace which has less embroidery but presents to you a vibrant rainbow of colours. This sari lace has a width of 8cm, weighs 220 gms and has geometric patterns in gold zari. The base fabric is cotton mix. Buy it ₹978.

Floral Embroidered Lace

Floral embroidered sari laces are beautiful to look at and can definitely be used to beautify any plain old sari. Buy this gorgeous Peach Dupion Silver Gold Sequin Embroidery Pink Flora Sari Lace for your sari fabric. This sari lace has pink flowers embroidered onto it along with sequin work. It has a width of 1.2 inches and weighs 250 gms. The base fabric is cotton mix. Buy it for ₹754.

If you want to give your sari a more sophisticated look then go for this lace border with cream net base, turquoise blue cream embroidery and gold sequins. The border weighs 225 gms and has a width of 1.8 inches. A 9 meter roll will cost you ₹1425. Buy both from

Mirror-Work Saree Lace


Mirror work sari laces have become very popular in the recent years. A lot of fashion designers are choosing to incorporate mirror work into their collection. This ivory mirror work sari lace has mirror cording work on dhupiyan fabric. This sari border has a width of 3.4 c.m. which is around 1.338 inches. Use it to adorn chiffon and georgette sarees. A 9 meter roll will cost you ₹469 on Kraftly.

You can also buy this bright yellow one with diamond and mirror work. It has width of 3.5 cms which is around 1.377 inches. 9 meters will cost you ₹249. This is available on Flipkart.

Velvet Saree Lace


If simplicity is what you are looking for then a simple chiffon saree with a velvet border would be right up your alley. Velvet sari borders have been popularised by television and movie stars. The plush quality of velvet forms the perfect contrast to lighter fabrics like chiffon. This Dark Pink, Gold Beaded Velvet Lace from Inhika would add that sophisticated glamour that your sari requires. It has a width of 2.5 cm. Buy a 9 meter roll of this sari border for ₹640.


If you cannot imagine a sari lace without some form of embellishments then get this Heavy Velvet Lace Border with a Triangle Design from Lace Styles. The 9 meter deep pink lace will easily cover the entire sari border. This one is priced at ₹230. Buy them both from

Lace Saree Border


Lace should just not be reserved to make doilies and napkins. It can be used to adorn saris as well. Lace saree borders go great with lightweight saris like net, chiffon and organza. This beautiful white lace from Eerafashionicing is made from pure cotton. It weighs around 59gm. This lace has a high quality scalloped floral lace trim which makes it perfect for lining sari borders. Make your saris look beautiful with the fine lace trim which doesn’t rub off and there is absolutely no piling! It’s easy to clean, maintain and looks great on all fabrics. It’s priced at ₹269. If you are looking for a brighter option go for the Utkarsh Pink Sari lace form Generic. This bright pink sari lace has mini pom-pom balls hanging from it. It has a width of 1 inch. A 25 meter roll will cost you ₹285. Buy both from

Jacquard Saree Lace

Jacquard laces are used to glam up sari fabrics. Jacquard sari borders can be found easily and the variety is also great. Buy this Gold and Green Fancy Jacquard sari border lace from This lace has a design of green flowers on it and a width of 2 inches. Buy a 9 meter roll of this lace for ₹350.

Organza Flower Trim Lace


If you want to dress up your sari with delicate and beautiful flowers then we suggest you to go for an organza lace border. This one from Amore Lace and Fabrics is perfect for dressing up saris for Christian weddings. This white floral lace has a width of 6 inches and is made completely of polyester. Maintaining this lace is a bit tricky.. We would recommend that you use hand wash or dry cleaning only. 3 yards of this lace will cost you ₹1980. Buy it from Amazon.

How to Use Borders and Laces to Dress Up a Plain Saree

How to Use Saree Lace

  • You will Need
  • Around 5 to 9 yards or 5 to 8 meters of sari material (popular fabrics include chiffon, georgette, silk and satin)
  • The saree border of your choice
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins

  • How to stitch it
  • Open out you roll of saree material and lay it down on a clean surface. Attach the sari border or lace onto the sari fabric using pins. Make sure that there is no puckering of the fabric and the lace is attached evenly. Continue through the length of the sari You can choose to cover all side or just the length of the sari. Once the lace is firmly attached, check it for irregularities or puckering. Once you are assured that it’s perfect, use the sewing machine to sew on the lace to the sari edges. After one side is done, take the pins out. Once the lace is attached securely, your saree is ready. Fold it up and store in a paper bag.
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The stitching is very important

The way the lace is stitched on is of the utmost importance so make sure you go to a tailor you trust, or be confident in your own sewing abilities before you undertake this at home; do a few test runs on plain fabric to see if you are able to get a good finish before you try it on your saree. Try different placements of the lace against the fabric to find one you like best and only then begin.