10 Lehenga Sarees to Have in Your Wardrobe in 2019: This Modern Cousin of Traditional Sarees is an Effortless Way to Look Like a ‘Pataka’

10 Lehenga Sarees to Have in Your Wardrobe in 2019: This Modern Cousin of Traditional Sarees is an Effortless Way to Look Like a ‘Pataka’

Lehenga sarees are beautiful and effortless, and they’re definitely your go-to attire for the wedding season! The lehenga saree can be easy to style, which is why it is a gift to womankind. Read on if you want to know how to wear lehenga saree, style it and check our best lehenga saree recommendations.

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Why You Should Definitely Have At Least One Lehenga Style Saree in Your Closet?

Let's Admit, They Are Quite Unique

You would have to admit that lehenga style sarees are pretty unique in terms of design and style. You get the best of both worlds with a lehenga type saree and it makes you look completely different from others. So If you want to stand out of the crowd in a wedding or Indian parties then you should definitely opt for such kind of sarees. Their unique pattern is the reason that they always remain trendy no matter what season it is.

You Can Say Goodbye to the Fuss of Draping and Pleating

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If you are wearing a traditional saree or a lehenga then you need at least an hour or less for only draping and pleating the saree/dupatta perfectly. Thankfully, you can say goodbye to these troubles when you are donning a lehenga style saree.

Most of these sarees have pre-stitched drapes which makes it quite simple for you to wear them and undoubtedly you can save a lot of time too.

There Are So Many Designs Available

When you will opt for lehenga saree online shopping then you will realize that there are so many options available for you. You can find so many amazing designs both indo-western and traditional on online shopping sites. This is pretty amazing and handy as you won’t have to leave the comfort of your couch for the sake of lehenga saree shopping.

10 Amazing Designs for Lehenga Style Saree

Lehenga Style Lycra Net Saree

Whether it's sarees or simple lehengas, the indo-western theme is currently ruling the market so we looked around and found this gorgeous indo-western patterned lehenga style saree for you. It is this stunning lycra net saree in peach which can make you look glamorous in no time.

The attire has an inner lining of satin to give that flowy look and has gorgeous glitter and zari work done on it. You can also witness beautiful dori and patch border work on the saree which is further embellished with stones.

You can customise the waist on your own as the saree is available in a single size only. It comes with a blouse which has a similar dori and patchwork on it which is fully embellished too. This single colour saree must be teamed up with the right kind of accessories to bring out the best of it. You can buy it at Utsav Fashion for Rs. 9,232.

Beige and Blue Velvet Lehenga Saree

We found such a design of lehenga type saree which can be worn on your own engagement or sangeet function too. This is a beige and blue art silk velvet lehenga saree which looks too regal and stunning in appearance and has unique design too.

While the lehenga and the blouse are blue in colour, it is the beige pallu attached to it which brings an element of contrast and surprise in it. The entire saree is decked up with resham embroidery which is further embellished with sequins and stone work along with zari too. You are going to love the velvet navy blue blouse which comes with this saree and has embellished details too. The pallu is pre-draped so you won’t have to make any efforts here. You can buy this lehenga type saree on panashindia.in for Rs. 1,0114.

Blue Striped Ruffled Lehenga Saree

Looking for a more appealing and unique lehenga style saree? You should take a look at this blue striped ruffled lehenga saree here which is not only unique but quite attractive too. The ice blue colour is its highlight while the soft ruffles on the hemline is another bonus that you get with it.

It has this horizontal striped detailing on it with a golden colour which is so hard to notice but yet adds a bit of elegance to the saree. The saree also has this embellished golden border which is much needed to add a bit of oomph in it.

This saree comes with an unstitched blouse in a darker ice blue shade and the colour complements well to the saree. The beautiful poly-chiffon saree is just perfect for parties and low-key functions to make you stand out of the crowd. You can buy it on Myntra for Rs. 2,939.

Silk Designer Lehenga Style Saree

You can find many designer options when it comes to buying lehenga sarees and we also managed to find one. We got this silk designed lehenga saree in navy blue colour for you which looks quite stunning and perfect for occasions like weddings.

The taffeta silk saree comes with a matching navy blue sleeveless blouse which has gorgeous embroidery done on it. The attached pallu is provided in a light blue shade which matches well with the embroidery done on the saree. It is pre-draped hence it is completely fuss-free to wear this saree in no time. You will also love the embellishments of sequence and thread done on the saree which makes it look rich in texture and appeal. Grab this piece now on indianweddingsaree.com for Rs. 8,937.

Beige Embroidered Lehenga Style Saree

We have got a more iconic option for you in terms of lehenga type saree. It is this beige embroidered taffeta silk saree which is too regal in terms of work and design. While the lehenga and blouse are in pinkish tone of beige, the attached drape is in beige colour which suits well on the saree.

Here you get pre-stitched drapes and the saree also comes with this gorgeous and highly embellished blouse which has embroidery and stone work done on it. The saree is the real star here which has floral embroidery done on it along with foliage work. The complete saree looks quite designer and you just can’t miss out on grabbing it. It is perfect for engagement and sangeet functions and you can buy it on Mirraw for Rs. 12,340.

Rust Maroon and Golden Designer Lehenga Saree

Did you even know that you can find lehenga saree bridal design on online shopping sites? Well, neither did we but then we came across this rust maroon and golden lehenga saree here and it is so gorgeous that we couldn’t take our eyes off it.

You can ditch your traditional lehenga for it. The saree has net fabric on the lower side in red colour while the attached drape is in golden colour and satin fabric. This combination is already quite bridal and the overall look of this saree makes it perfect for a new age bride.

The saree is decked up in heavy embroidery and patch border work. It comes with a rust maroon coloured blouse with full sleeves which add more royal touched to the saree. Hurry up now and grab this saree on Your Designer Wear for Rs. 3,821.

Pista Green Chiffon Lehenga Saree

It is the time to try different colours and different designs of lehenga saree and this is why we chose this Pista green chiffon lehenga saree as the recommendation for this list. This saree has unique colours and it is perfect for bridal wear too.

The beautiful saree is made out of chiffon and has gorgeous embroidery work done on it. This work is further complemented with stones and resham dori work to make it look even fancier. The pallu is in deep turquoise colour which suits well on the light shade of the saree and brings a glamorous element in it. Also, the one shoulder blouse is the highlight of the saree which is all about making you look no less than a diva. There is no doubt in the fact that you will be looking like a million bucks in this fusion themed lehenga saree. So, grab it now on indiaemporium.com for Rs. 4,597.

Black Jacquard Lehenga Saree

It is the time to go for such a lehenga style saree that's so indie and stylish that you can easily dazzle in it at a cocktail party. The stunning black jacquard saree is all about grace and style and you cannot find a better fusion piece than this.

You get this art silk saree in black colour which has this jacquard floral motifs on it. This really makes the saree stand out and gives it a sensuous touch. It comes with an unstitched black coloured blouse which is sleeveless and studded with sequins work all over it. Talking about the drape then it is in ruffle style and has this contrast rose pink colour which is absolutely remarkable over the black saree. You can buy this piece on cbazaar.com for Rs. 6,711.

Grey and Golden 3D Work Lehenga Saree

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Would you like to wear a lehenga saree which has 3D work on it? If yes then this grey and golden designer lehenga style saree is just for you. This saree is as unique as it sounds and whoever will see you donning this attire would instantly fall for you.

The gorgeous outfit is made out of Lycra and Taffeta and comes with a matching blouse too. So, the saree and the blouse are in a lighter shade of grey while the drapes attached are in a darker shade of grey.

They have done golden embroidery on it with 3D flowers of fabric placed on it carefully. You can also spot detailed pearl, sequins and stonework on the attire too. The blouse comes unstitched but this one also has beautiful embroidery on it. You can buy this beautiful outfit for your engagement on Saree for Rs. 12,060.

Grey Silk Draped Lehenga Saree

We picked one more grey outfit for you from the lehenga style sarees collection of Kalki Fashions but this time it is completely different from the earlier recommendation. This grey lehenga saree has risen gold touch in it and comes with such a unique design that you would instantly want to buy it.

This is the only lehenga saree in this list which doesn’t come in two different shades and have such a unique border with resham embroidery on it.

The colourful border adds such a unique element to the saree that it becomes quite attractive. The saree comes with a high neck blouse which matches with the embroidery on the border very well. The saree is pre-draped and it is easy to wear too. You can also choose from the size provided according to your measurements. This saree is available for purchase on Kalki Fashion for Rs. 26,340

Some Styling Hacks Which Will Be Quite Helpful for You

When you are wearing the lehenga style saree for the very first time then you surely need some styling hacks and tips for it. From design to proper drapes, you must know about everything so that you can look perfect in this unique attire. Here we are suggesting the same so that you won’t have to go through any wardrobe malfunction while wearing this outfit.

Turn Your Regular Sarees into Lehenga

Did you know that you can turn your regular sarees into a proper lehenga? Well, now you won’t have to spend thousands of rupees on buying new lehengas every single time. You can either drape your saree in lehenga style which is quite popular or you can use two sarees to create this look too. In this way, you can experiment with your looks without even spending a dime on it.

Design Something of Your Own

There is always a scope to design something on your own so that you can wear one of a kind pieces every time you step out. Get in touch with a boutique or a tailor and get your lehenga style saree stitched on your own. You can also recycle your old sarees to get a brand new lehenga stitched out of it without even having to spend too much on it.

Opt for More Trendy Styles Rather than Traditional

The thing about traditional lehenga style saree is that you cannot wear them everywhere. But thanks to the rapid changes in the current trend, you have the perfect option to choose indo-western attires. These attires can be worn in many places and look super trendy too. So, make sure that you buy something trendy for lehenga saree rather than something traditional.

Experiment with the Draping Style

Who said that you need to drape in the same way every time you try to wear the lehenga saree. There is always a scope for the experiment and you should definitely take this plunge. Experiment with Nivi drapes, Seedha Pallu, Free fall and more styles and look glamorous in each one of them with right kind of makeup and hair style. You can try new draping styles in regular sarees and lehengas too.

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