Still, Wondering How to Pull Off the Perfect Kurta? Fret Not! Make the Right Choice to Look Distinguished at Special Occasions: 10 Best Kurta Designs for Men That will Give Sophisticated Statement (2020)

Still, Wondering How to Pull Off the Perfect Kurta? Fret Not! Make the Right Choice to Look Distinguished at Special Occasions: 10 Best Kurta Designs for Men That will Give Sophisticated Statement (2020)

Indian men look best when they are dressed in traditional attires. Kurta Pyjama for men is outfitted to be worn on special occasions like weddings or festivals. They look beautiful and elegant and they're called royalty wear. It's a refreshing change for people to respect and dress up with their culture on various occasions. Here are the 10 best styles kurta designs for men that you can try out to create fashionable looks for different occasions.

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Why Should You Wear Kurtas?

They Are Versatile

Of course, Kurtas are flexible, and they can be worn on any event, whether it is a casual gathering or a family occasion. In case you are ready to go on an official function, opt for the sleek yet simple cotton Kurta. Similarly, for the special functions, you can find embellished or embroidered Kurtis with a touch of tassels, sequins, or stones that'll show off your style. So whatever your need, Kurtas are always there to save the day.

They Are Comfortable

There's no contradiction in the fact that in India, there's predominantly warm weather, and of course, in such circumstances, it is much challenging to wear fitted or tight tops, jeans, etc. Hence, most of the time, we are only left with one option, i.e., Cotton Kurtas.

Cotton is soft and comfortable to wear stuff, particularly in warm summer weather. Moreover, they fit people of any physiques or height. Your options are not restricted to cotton Kurtas of course. Depending on your requirements, you should be able to find kurtas made from a range of materials.

You Can Pair It with Anything

The most beneficial thing about wearing Kurtas is that one can pair it with any kind of footwear and bottom wear depending upon your preference, such as pants, a pair of denim, leggings, jodhpurs, salwar, churidar. There are endless options. Unlike western wear, you won’t have to fret about wearing just the right pants with the right suit. Just take out a comfortable pair of Kurta and pair it with a Salwar to make your day as comfortable as it can get.

If you are going for a traditional look, you can even match your Kurta with a dhoti or veshti/lungi for a royal appearance, different outlook etc. Salwar and dhoti can be worn at ethnic events. After all, it is all about which look suits you the best and goes with your personality. But keep in mind some rules to not make a social faux pas. For instance, you should not go for sports shoes with a kurta, no matter what. Kurtas can be best paired with different types of mojris, leather shoes, and kolhapuris.

10 Best Kurta Designs for Men

Embroidered Kurta

Make your event memorable by wearing an embroidered silk kurta. These latest men's kurta designs have all the essentials for a flawless appearance. The collar is high and provides more space for the embellishment to be made. This exotic Kurta has an inbound vertical lining pattern, long with an open V neck that is provided with thread work.

Everyone does not like wearing a simple and solid outfit at weddings or any other formal event; if you are amongst those men who want something energetic and dynamic for their wedding then this Kurta is made just for you. Get yourself a well fitted maroon Kurti with embroidery all over it that has a banded collar with button detailing. You can combine it with a black shalwar, jodhpurs or, churidar pyjama and wear a vibrant embellished shawl on this attire.

You can get this Kurtas at Rs. 3,500 from

Elegant White Kurta

White Kurtis are essential when it comes to men's clothes. You must try and have them in all kinds of materials. Regardless of whether it's a summer wedding or a winter wedding, you just need to get your Kurta from your closet and couple it with a vibrant churidar pyjama or jodhpurs of silk or jamawar. If you pair this white Kurti with a blue waistcoat of Jamawar with a silver lining and a blue silk pyjama, it will make you look ravishing. Pair it with blue Khussa and wear chains, rings, and a watch along with it. It is not suggested for grooms for their major wedding event as it would look too elusive, but in case you are a guest and are going to someone else's marriage, this is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

You can get this Kurta for Rs. 4,234 from

Iconic Blue Manyavar Kurta

Try out kurtas by Manyavar for a more energetic and flashy appearance. The brand itself is an epitome of top-notch quality. Their kurtas are designed in a customized way and provide a sleek yet trendy look. These Kurtas are a big yes for all the night functions and wedding events. This is because they radiate a vibrant yet refined appearance. They will make you stand out of the crowd. For sure, all eyes will be on you on this night!

From functions to family gatherings, these iconic blue kurtas will never cease to amaze everyone around you. You can pair up your kurta with a black khussa for a traditional look; if you’re looking for a more modern appearance, give loafers a try. They will adapt with any shoes for the colour of the Kurta itself is very eye-catching.

You can get these perfectly tailored stitched Kurtas for Rs. 18,490 from the official website of Manyavar.

Yellow Cotton Silk Kurta

Even though it is a conventional dress, but many changes and adornments can be made with the Kurta to make it look unique and modern as compared to the other styles. Pairing a kurta with a waistcoat, shawl, turban, colourful shawl, or dupatta is an old yet sleek way of standing out in functions. You can also pair it up with a matching khussa to give a more eye-catching appearance. Wearing a waistcoat with a loosely fitted Yellow Cotton Silk Kurta is highly suggested as it will provide a trendier look.

If you’re looking for a shawl to pair with this yellow kurta, opt for an exotic green shawl. The combination of yellow and green is exquisitely designated for wedding functions such as mehndi. If you have a good height, you can wear the kurta in long and short sizes whereas short heightened people look ideal in medium length kurtas.

You can get these Kurtas in just Rs. 4,372 from

Exquisite Black Kurta

Men have always liked wearing simple and less embroidered Kurtas with a little embroidery on the neck and sleeves; however, trends have been changing now. People prefer wearing highly embroidered kurtas with embellishments and complex patterns. Black Kurtas will always be in trend for the dominant appearance that comes with these black kurtas. The colour black itself helps a person appear more graceful. You can combine your black Kurta with straight pants, churidars, Jodhpuri, pyjama, or trousers.

One tip would be to wear a shawl or a turban along with it. These shawls can be either Pashmina or a Kashmiri. For footwear, fashionable loafers or traditional khussas would be an ideal choice. You will surely rock the stage with this attire.

This Kurta can be bought from Myntra for Rs. 2,999.

Kurta Jacket


This kind of Kurta gives an extravagant as well as a sophisticated look, which will make you the centre of attraction in the parties you wear it to. You’ll know this is true once the compliments start flooding in. Kurta Jackets, for this reason, and many others, have been in trend for a long time now. This exotic, blue, slim fit jacket goes not only on top of traditional kurtas but also on western wear. This versatile application of these jackets makes them distinct from many other clothing items.

This Kurta is usually made from velvet and is an excellent choice for people with short height, who can get it made in knee-length with either embroidered sleeves or embellishing lace sleeves on it. However, bear in mind that the velvet jackets are ideal for festive events.

You can get this type of Kurta from Paytmmall for Rs. 2,999.

Maroon Silk Kurta

Cotton and Linen Kurtas are usually worn at home for casual gatherings as well as on informal events; weddings and formal occasions, on the other hand, call for exquisite fabrics like Raw Silk, Silk, and Jamawar. The wedding kurtas, which are mainly designed for grooms and are filled with intricate patterns and different types of embellishments, embroidery, and thread works, are more in trend nowadays. For wedding events like Baraat, Sangeet, and Reception, you can pull this kurta off with a few added accessories such as shawls and turbans.

A light touch of red colour is a must in the groom's attire. Also, in case the bride is wearing a conventional red wedding lehenga, a groom must go for a red kurta to compliment her. Contrasts like black and red and white and red give a great combination. To get radiate a sleeker outlook, pair a red kurta with matching black khussas and shawl.

You can buy this Kurta for Rs. 3,100 from Mirraw.

Olive Pathani Kurta


If you are a traditions enthusiast, you have probably heard about the Pathani Kurta. After all, these kurtas radiate culture, values and traditions. For this reason, they’ve been in trend for as long as we can remember. From television hosts to famous stars, celebrities have been pulling this attire off without hesitation.

Pathani Kurta can be worn to get a stylish yet subtle appearance. Mostly, fabrics like cotton and linen are used to make these Kurtas. It is suggested to fold sleeves to half to achieve a classier look. This Kurta has given an open neck collar style along with strips design, with an apple cut from the bottom and desired knee length. You can pair it up with a pyjama, Churidar, or a shalwar. Jeans can also be worn for a more casual look.

Patialas are mostly worn to radiate a more stylish and formal look. It’s an excellent choice for traditional events as well. A cherry on the top is the exotic olive green colour that this kurta comes in. You can get this stylish Kurta for Rs. 2,800 from G3 Fashion.

Mehandi Kurta

Summer weddings are not usually everyone’s favourite as the weather gets too warm and hot and people find it very hard to carry out heavily embroidered dresses, and fancy attires. But fret not, you can still look amazing, regardless of the warm weather, with this Mehandi Kurta.

For night events and occasions like Mehndi and Dholki, yellow Kurti with little embroidery, button detailing, and the banned collar is always the best choice. You can pair it with a white cotton trouser and a white Khussa for a more delicate look. Simple measures such as wearing a watch or ring can increase your style. You can also pair your ensemble with a brown waistcoat, shawl, and brown loafers; however, if you are going for a traditional look, Khussas are recommended.

Mehendi's are the most popular and favourite marriage functions of people in Pakistan as well as India. Outfits that are more vibrant, energetic, and bold are more preferred. So, all in all, yellow is an excellent choice for such events.

You can get this Kurta for Rs. 5,317 from Mirraw.

Simple Straight Kurta


Straight Kurta is the most common type of Kurta worn by men. This is because the popular, classic and simple attire is the perfect choice for all kinds of events and seasons. You can get these Kurtas in either long or short length, depending on the occasion and your preference. Many people go for the colour white for it is universal; you can opt for this simple to fit in Kurta on both your casual as well as official events.

Furthermore, the brand name edenrobe itself radiates class. You know you’ll never be disappointed once you go for a clothing item from this brand. This ethnic wear will always make you look stylish and exquisite. For footwear, you should go for a white khussa. An overall attire of the colour white will simply give an elegant appearance. This Kurta can be bought for Rs. 1,945 from Eden Robe.

Tips to Style Your Kurta


Choose the Right Bottoms

The right bottom can make or break your look. Choosing a bottom depends on your preference, whether you want to go for a stylish look or a more conventional appearance. Other than a pyjama, many other options are available to get an exquisite look. Salwars, Churidars, and Jodhpuri are more preferred for formal events, whereas jeans can be worn for a regular casual look.

Balance It Right

Men who are a bit chubby feel that they cannot wear a Kurta. Guys, think again. All you need to do is to select the right size, which fits you perfectly. Do not choose a size that is too baggy for your physique as it will only make your outfit look bigger. So, when selecting a Kurta, this wedding season, keep all these things in mind. A rightly fit kurta can pull off miracles for you.

Go for the Perfect Pair of Jootis

Your classical look will undoubtedly be incomplete if you do not pair up your attire with a delicate pair of shoes that give additional attractiveness to your traditional outfit. Boasting your kurta pyjamas or sherwanis with an ethnic pair of Khussas or mojdis can make your outfit look extraordinary. However, classy loafers or moccasins are also in fashion. If you want to achieve a traditional look, mojdis is the best choice, whereas, for a bit, modern look loafers are recommended.

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An Traditional Outfit for All Occasions!

Even though all of us stay in different regions of the country, we are bound together by our sense of patriotism that is especially showcased during such occasions. Corporate offices also instil a deep sense of pride in our country by arranging occasions that require us to dress up in ethnic wear. And since many workplaces expect men to dress in Western wear, it is a refreshing change to come and work in kurtas, veshtis, and dhotis. You see men and women who take videos, dance and eat on these occasions. That is why it's beneficial to know about the different ways you can style your traditional outfits so that you can stand out in a crowd.