Still, Wondering How to Look the Trendiest in Traditional Events? Fret Not! Here's All You Need to Know; 10 Best Traditional Sherwani Designs for Men that Will Leave Everyone Awestruck (2020)

Still, Wondering How to Look the Trendiest in Traditional Events? Fret Not! Here's All You Need to Know; 10 Best Traditional Sherwani Designs for Men that Will Leave Everyone Awestruck (2020)

Sherwanis are precious procession in a man’s wardrobe. The traditional menswear outfit is very special, mainly they are worn on occasions and events. It’s not every day that you try out a sherwani, but when you do you want to make sure it looks style and fine fit for you. We have listed 10 best traditional sherwani designs for men to through the article and pick one that best suits you.

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5 Tips to Pick the Best Sherwani for Your Wedding Day

Don’t Overstress Over Price

Yes, price indeed matters a lot. And you can’t put a price on the amazing feeling you’ll get once you pull that sherwani off. However, you’d have to choose wisely when it comes to budget. These sherwanis are available in a wide range of prices depending on various factors such as fabric, embroidery and fashion trend. If you go for the right brand, you’ll find yourself in the finest quality fabric coupled with a much reasonable price.

Add Colour to Your Event by Adding Colour to Your Sherwani

Just because a superstar went for a white or beige sherwani, does not mean you have to do it too. Modern sherwanis come in fresh colours like yellow, ivory and olive green. The key is to experiment. If you want to pull off a badass look, go for a maroon or even black sherwani. And if it’s not your wedding, you won’t have to worry about contrasting it with the bride’s outfit either.

The Quality of Your Sherwani Determines the Quality of Your Event

This holds to a great extent; if you’re not comfortable in the sherwani you’re wearing, your entire event will go down the drain. Some of the fabrics for sherwanis include silk, tanchoi, cotton etc. Opt for the one you can dance in! The factor of the season also kicks in when you’re about quality. In summers, try to avoid the heavy, embroidery, and suffocating attires. Whereas in winters, try not to go for the lightweight silk sherwani for they will send a shiver down your spine.

Pattern Your Way into Grandeur

The sherwanis originated in Central Asia and have, ever since, become one of the most significant outfits in the subcontinent. Over the past few years, the basic design of sherwanis has changed yet the final royal dominance that you get from wearing these remains constant. It is important to realize that these sherwanis can be paired with a chaddar, pyjama or merely a dhoti. From extravagant patterns to simple ones, there is a wide variety dominating the market. You’d have to choose the pattern according to your likings.

Don’t Be Shy of the Embroidery

If it’s a festive event, don’t miss out on the fun! Instead of going for the plain, simple, and monotonic sherwanis, go for the one with an en enticing design sherwani that will leave everyone awestruck. In case you’re a big fan of the plain, you can always go for the Resham embroidery. However, if you’re looking for extravagance, heavy zardozi embroidery will do the job. Choose the style that goes with your tastes and does not be shy in flaunting those gorgeous, top-notch designs.

10 Best Sherwani Designs for Men

Source l Best Sherwani Designs for Men

Achkan Sherwani

To embrace fashion at its best, you need to wear this trendiest sherwani-Achkan. To make your wedding stand out, go for this sherwani. Splendour, exotic, embroidery and excellence are all those words you’d want to save for this sherwani. It’s one of the most popular and in trend sherwanis in India; this is because of the rich designs, patterns, and art that goes into making them. All of this coupled with comfort and sleek outlook, make achkan the best of its time. Many call it the shield of grooms. The style elevates the confidence and morale of any guy. You can pair this sherwani with churidars to make the best out of this attire. The uses of Achkan are widespread; if you want to go traditional, opt for dhotis with Achkan Sherwani.

The exquisite sherwani can be bought from Myntra. This amazing sherwani can be yours in just Rs. 9.899.

Pakistani Sherwani

This is a unique sherwani that, due to its trendiest design and pattern, has made its way to the Indian weddings. This outfit is for the ones who love the charm, exotic work and vibrant colours of these sherwanis and thus have adapted them to make the most of the wedding season. You don’t need a special event for this sherwani; you can wear it on occasions ranging from simple family gatherings to simple functions. If you’re wondering what to contrast it with, fret not. The Pakistani Sherwani can be paired with churidars to make the best out of the sherwani. The brands that offer this exotic design include Raymond, Rajwadi, and Manyavar.

Pakistani sherwani, the very name suggests that it comes from Pakistan. There’s a reason for why it This style reflects the culture and ethos of Pakistani norms. But most importantly, this is the sherwani that is worn by almost all sherwani lovers in Asia. It looks simple. This sherwani belongs to them who want a decent and wonderful look for their special look. It is widely adopted by the grooms. You can match it with something as casual as a dhoti to find that it’s never out of trend. You can get this for about Rs. 6,300 from

Angrakha Sherwani

The Angrakha sherwani is the epitome of fine fitting; this makes this sherwani one of the best sherwanis you can choose from. It is fitted in the upper body from shoulders to chest and loose from the waist down. Angrakha is also famous for its heavy, exotic patterns with zari and zardosi designs. It delivers a lush outlook coupled with its fine threading, stones and pearl work. In this way, Angrakha sherwani will elevate your overall look dominantly.

The robust fabrics and fine fitting are two of the best ingredients of this delicious final dish- Angrakha sherwani. However, bear in mind that it is one of the most demanding styles because of its splendid fabric and style. It can do wonders for a good physique. If you’ve been starving yourself to fit into your dream sherwani, go for Angrakha Sherwani.

Starting from the collars to the neckline and cuffs, Angrakha is the perfect package of a sherwani. Another one of its best features is you can wear it over any type shalwar for its versatility. It will enhance your look. This sherwani will cost you Rs. 4,159 if you buy it from Flipkart.

Chipkan Style Sherwani

The chipkan style sherwani is the best of what you can get in the modern age. This style of sherwani reflects monarchy and royalty in all its essence. If you’re a fan of the Mughal Era, you’d be surprised to know that the designs and patterns of chipkan style sherwani came from the Mughal period; this highlights how the sherwani expresses the royalty of the ruling elite. Kings, princes and kings official often used to wear chipkan style. You’d feel like a king after wearing this sherwani. Simply put, if you want to add the majestic and imperial look to your personality, then you should go for chipkan style sherwani. Furthermore, you need royal accessories to adorn your look for the special day for wearing this royal sherwani with nothing to match it with would be a huge mistake.

You can make this exquisite sherwani yourself by spending Rs. 17,378 from

Printed Sherwani

The exquisite design of printed silk comes down from the same line as that of this Sherwanis. However, the added, hues of brown is what make this sherwani stand out in a crowd. Furthermore, the silk attire provides both a glossy and shiny appearance to your attire. After all, silk is one of the summer’s definitive go-to's. So if you’re dressing up for an event in Summers, let the silk sink it! If you like this sherwani. You can get it from Flipkart in Rs. 3,655

Indo-Western Sherwani

This Indo Western Sherwani has a touch of modernity. This style of sherwani is the best option for you to be a trendsetter for your special day. This style presents contrasting shades, colours, hues and embellished designs that are universally acknowledged. The combination of stone beads, royal styled buttons, and cuffs, when mixed, give you the finest look ever you dreamed of. You need to have a bespoke tailor for design this look. It’s a perfect one. You can wear it on any formal occasion. You should use, stylish bottom wear for a perfect pairing and combination. It is a kind of style that has dominant properties.

Curated by amalgamating the modern with the truly ethnic, Indo-western sherwanis is an option that seems perfect for those with a penchant for all things traditional as well as modern. If you’re rather bored of flaunting something completely traditional or, perhaps, something modern, you can always go for this perfect blend that is embroidered and embellished to perfection. If you are willing to spend Rs. 2,790 this sherwani will be yours. You can get it from

Jodhpuri Sherwani

One of the most elegant and royal styles of sherwani for an exceptional wedding makes your special day a memorable one for you. The vitality of the wedding will always remain incomplete without this Jodhpuri Sherwani style. The designers who initiated this sherwani style had the vast experience of working on jodhpurs sherwani. Their labour and hard work never go in vain, because by the end of any and every day, just keeps getting better. The finishing of this sherwani is both magnificent and sleek. However, Jodhpuri sherwani is a bit expensive. But then again, who can put a price on happiness?

To make the best out of this attire, match Jodhpuri Sherwani with cufflinks, churidars, and stoles for the best royalty look.

This sherwani is priced at Rs. 8,500 if you buy it from

Jacket Style Sherwani

This type of Sherwani includes a set of three – the Sherwani, the jacket and churidar pajama. The Nehru style jacket, that became popular with Nehru flaunts it during his time, is now being worn not only with sherwanis but also with kurtas and other Indian outfits for men.

The Jacket style sherwani has the princely taste. It helps to form an excellent and creative outlook to your personality. You can use classic materials like banarasi, jamawar and raw silkstone wash. They are admired for antique motifs and sequins work too. You can pair it with a long pajama and cotemporary chappal for getting the faultless look. This will take only Rs. 3,865 out of your pocket if you get it from

Anarkali Style Sherwani

Flared from the waist down, the Anarkali sherwani is styled taking inspiration from the popular clothing of women – Anarkali suits. Beautifully designed, these outfits offer a snug fit and define your physique just right.

This is called the most inspirational form of sherwani that is the blend of complicated artistic work and creative designs. There is a glimpse of an iconic look in its royalty. The best Anarkali style sherwani will divert your mind toward the nostalgic atmosphere. If you can wear a turban with this, your outlook will reach a higher level. You can pair it with Churidar style pyjama and kingly sandals. This is the most anticipated and widely adopted styles that make your day special. The sherwani can be yours in only Rs. 20,000 from

Pathani Sherwani

Pathani sherwani is a heavily embroidered jacket-type top with loose pathani salwar. Influenced by the way of dressing of the Pathans around the world, this sherwani will reflect a traditional outlook. The pathani sherwani can be pulled off either at weddings or casual days. Raw silk is the most popular fabric used to curate this lovely piece of the outfit. You can buy this from Amazon at Rs. 4,549.

Concluding Note: How to Pull off Sherwani for Any Event

Source l Men sherwani

Men’s sherwani has come a long way. This is no longer just a style; it’s how a gentleman carries his attire in a traditional yet classic manner. A classic sherwani is a great option! Apart from adding the Indian or Pakistani touch, this gives you a reason to stand out. Let’s quickly look at some of the points that you need to keep in mind.

Proper Sherwani Footwear

Suitable footwear is what will give a splendid look to your attire; match your sherwani with a pair of Mojari or jooti that go perfectly with the dress. But take care that your footwear must not have too many embellishments as that can spoil the whole fun. Try to keep it simple yet classy.

Accessorize Sherwani Optimally

Over accessorizing could turn up as a disaster. Keep it appropriate by wearing accessories that are required. A pocket square or a silk stole can work wonders on your sherwani giving a mix of a traditional and classic look. Team-up your sherwani with a contrasting turban (only if the occasion permits) to add a royal look to your attire.

Sharp Fitting Sherwani

Sherwanis are potent enough to drop elegance to your look, but, at the same time, it can destroy the whole style if wore un-fitted.

Either, choose a sherwani of your body shape or alter it according to your body. Now keep in mind the kind of sherwani you are wearing is of what type. If you are opting for a mandarin collar (Band-Gala), make sure it fits your neck and doesn’t clutch it too hard.

Never Go, Solo,

It is important! Never go solo and wear something inside your sherwani as it can be uncomfortable wearing it otherwise. Traditionally, a wedding sherwani is worn over a kurta but, if you don’t want to wear it like that, it’s fine; you can go for a vest or a tee shirt inside.

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Sherwani is undoubtedly the most familiar choice when it comes to choosing wedding attire for men. India is a land of many cultures, events, festivals, where weddings and festivals are celebrated lavishly. Due to intricate designs, Indian men have no qualms about spending generously on sherwani suits for special occasions. But don’t worry! Remember our above-guided details and pick one that best suits you and wear it on your special occasions or events it will give you an imperial look.