Why Pay a Huge Sum to Buy a Sherwani, When You Can Rent It? Where to Rent a Sherwani in Delhi and 11 Sherwanis You Must Rent (2020)!

Why Pay a Huge Sum to Buy a Sherwani, When You Can Rent It? Where to Rent a Sherwani in Delhi and 11 Sherwanis You Must Rent (2020)!

This article brings to you 10 recommendations for sherwanis that you can rent for the next marriage or engagement party you attend. It is going to make you look dapper and also save you a lot of money. Read on to find out more!

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Why Renting Clothes is Better Than Buying?

If you are one of those men who love to dress up and stay in style according to the fashion trends then renting clothes can be a great idea for you. Staying in fashion can be a task; it requires you to shop for clothes regularly and to make sure you don't repeat the same outfits in different events not to mention the social media updates. Shopping for outfits can burn a hole in your pocket and this is when renting outfits can come in handy. There are many benefits of renting clothes like:

  • Saves money: Buying new clothes for every occasion can be an expensive affair and you only wear them once or twice and keep it packed inside your almirah whereas renting them will save your money and you get to change your outfits according to the fashion each time.

  • Saves space: Keeping party wear inside your almirah can be a hassle as these clothes and bulky and take up a lot of space not to mention the extra care required to keep them safe for a long time. Renting will save your closet space and make enough space for your daily wear clothes.

  • Provides options: You can rent trendy clothes each time for different occasions and get to wear a variety of different fashionable clothes and look trendy. You get a variety to choose from and wear outfits according to your mood and season without spending too much money on it. You also have an option of mixing and matching different styles without investing too much money on it.

  • Star feeling: Renting clothes let you wear those designer clothes that you always wanted to wear but couldn't due to budget constraints.

  • Avoid repetition: Renting helps you to wear different outfits in different occasions without repeating the same one over and over again. You wear it once and return it and no one will know the trick.

  • Time saver: Shopping for outfits in market can take up a lot of time and energy while renting outfits online saves a ton of time. Instead of visiting millions of stores in different malls you can simply sit on your bed, browse and rent a perfect outfit for you in minutes. The outfit will be customised and delivered to you right at your doorstep.

  • Environmentally safe: Clothes are manufactured in lots but not all of them are used and mostly are discarded eventually. Therefore, if you are renting clothes it’s like recycling the clothes.

  • When you buy an outfit there is always a chance of someone wearing the same outfits in an event whereas rented clothes are usually limited editions therefore there are almost zero chances of you wearing the same outfit as someone else.

  • To keep yourself trendy, you tend to buy a lot of clothes and to save money you usually end up buying clothes which are fast fashion and later are thrown somewhere in your closet. Renting clothes gives you an opportunity to rent high quality items, you can rent an expensive outfit and return it right after you wear it. Since these outfits are expensive after buying them you usually don't want to give them away while renting keeps you away from the temptation of keeping it with you even if you are not going to use it again.

  • It is natural to spend a good amount of money on an outfit and then face the guilt of spending too much on it. Renting it will save you from the guilt trip of over spending.

  • You can find outfits on rent of every style and size so you don't have to worry about buying and getting it altered for you.

Renting a Sherwani in Delhi

It is not only women who love to look fashionable and trendy; men also like to flaunt their style and look trendy. One of the most popular ethnic outfits for men is the Sherwani. It is always in demand and men love to wear it in weddings, parties and festivals. Buying a Sherwani is an expensive affair. Therefore, renting it always a better idea. Here are some great sites that offer classy and stylish sherwanis for you to rent online.

Niyoosh Cream Embroidered Sherwani With Churidar

Source flyrobe.com

If you like to wear ethnic outfits, a Sherwani is a good choice. A Sherwani gives you an elegant look and is quite comfortable too. This light beige Niyoosh Sherwani looks great with exquisite embroidery made of art silk, it has a mandarin collar and concealed button closure. The gold zari and stone work adds another level to the Sherwani not to mention the floral design motif spread across it. It comes with a matching cotton silk churidar. This Sherwani will make you look out of the world. You can rent it from flyrobe.com for 4 days for just Rs.5,499 and look classy.

Waris Look #283 Light Pink Embroidered Sherwani

Source www.stage3.co

Not all men like pink color but this beautiful pink floral embroidered Sherwani will force you to change your mind. It will give you that royal feel that you wanted to sport for a long time. This Sherwani is made of dupion silk which gives it a special shine to it. You can rent it out for Rs.4,999 and a refundable deposit of Rs.5,000 from stage3.com. The retail price of the Sherwani is Rs.50,000 in case you fall in love with it and want to keep it.

Blue Golden Sherwani

Source wrapd.in

wrapd.in brings this beautiful blue and golden Sherwani for rent for Rs.5,000. Blue is a royal colour and if you like to flaunt your royal personality then renting the gorgeous piece would be a great idea. The combination of blue and golden colour makes it stylish. This combination works great during the day and even at night parties. Your friends will envy you when you walk in the door wearing this beautiful Sherwani and become the talk of the party.

Premium Art Light Gold Sherwani

Gold is a colour which never goes out of style and men of all ages can wear it with ease without looking too flashy. This beautiful gold Sherwani is made of brocade and is laced with intricate craftsmanship with sequins around the collar to give you that festive look for any occasion. You can wear a dark coloured churidar or dhoti with it. Maroon is usually preferred with gold, and if you want to experiment a little more you can add a turban with it and look stunning. The Sherwani can be rented for Rs.6,599 from aziodesign.com. You will have to deposit a refundable amount of Rs.10,000; the retail price of the Sherwani is Rs.21,999. This Sherwani would look great during the winters due to its warm colour.

Meridian Red and Black Sherwani

Another great Sherwani for rent is the Meridian red and black Sherwani which can be rented for Rs.4,499 for 4 days. You can deposit a refundable amount of Rs.4,000 as security and own this Sherwani for 4 days. This Sherwani is beautifully embroidered and has black velvet patches which gives it a unique look. It comes with a black silk churidar and kurta set. The Sherwani is made of raw silk and look great on men of all ages. Your partner will love to see you in this piece of art and will proudly walk hand in hand with you during a special event. Go, ahead and rent this Sherwani from rentitbae.com and look stunning.

Red Thread Work Sherwani

Source stylobe.com

It’s your wedding day and everyone is talking about the bride's outfit, wait till they see you in this beautiful red thread work Sherwani. This Sherwani is made carefully for a groom. The Sherwani is covered with red thread work from top to bottom and in front and back. You can team it up with a contrast of gold churidar and a turban and look stunning on your special day and watch your sister in laws envy their own sister. You can rent this Sherwani for Rs.4,400 from stylobe.com.

Karnpratap CoutureLook #166 Black Velvet Embroidered Sherwani

Source www.stage3.co

Black colour is always a style statement and when you wear this black velvet Sherwani with floral zari embroidery you are bound to look exceptional. This Sherwani has beautiful gold buttons and is made of velvet which gives it an extra shine. You can wear a white kurta and trousers with it for that contrast combination and if you are feeling a little adventurous you can team it up with a pink saafa or a turban. This Sherwani will make you look out of the world. You can rent it for Rs.2,499 by depositing a refundable amount of Rs.5,100 from stage3. The retail price of the Sherwani is Rs.51,000 in case you are tempted to keep it with you and add it to your collection.

Manyavar Cream Plain Brocade Sherwani with Wine Balloon Pants

If you like to wear light colours, then this cream plain brocade Sherwani is a good choice for you. This Sherwani is made of self designed brocade and the cream color gives it a unique look. You can make it look a little more festive by teaming it with a heavy neck accessory. You can also wear a churidar or simply wear the wine balloon pant that comes with it. You can easily rent this beautiful Manyavar Sherwani for Rs.2,499 from rentanattire.com.

Blue Printed 3 Piece Sherwani

If you like to wear ethnic outfit but look trendy and modern as well then renting this 3 piece blue Sherwani can help you achieve the look you desire. This beautiful Sherwani comes with golden kurta and churidar with a different styled modern Sherwani. The golden print on dark blue Sherwani gives it a unique look. You can rent this cool Sherwani and look totally different for Rs.1,799 for a day from candidknots.com with a refundable deposit of Rs.1,799 only.

White Sherwani With Floral Patchwork

If you are confident enough to sport floral designs, then renting this white Sherwani with floral patchwork will make you happy. This Sherwani is elegant and is different than the usual Sherwanis available in the market. It has beautiful and vibrant velvet embroidery work with a red collar. You can be sure of sporting a unique style in an event. This Sherwani will make you look younger and playful while giving you a traditional feel as well. You can rent it for Rs.4,500 from thestylease.com by depositing a refundable amount of Rs.4,500. The best part of wearing the Sherwani is that you don't need any other accessory to make it look festive; it is perfect as it is.

Zikr Plain Sherwani in Beige

If you want to look different amidst all the sparkle and dazzle of a party then you can rent this plain Sherwani in beige colour. This Sherwani is a unique piece for a person who is confident and has a personality that stands alone without using too much colour or accessories. The Sherwani comes with a kurta set and you can wear it with black silk churidar. The metal buttons adds another level to the Sherwani. You can be sure of gathering tons of compliments during the party. You won't think twice before renting this Sherwani for Rs.4,499 for 4 days from rentitbae.com with a refundable deposit of Rs.5,000. The retail price of the Sherwani is Rs.42,500.

Things You Should Know About Renting Clothes

If you are new to renting outfits and are a little skeptical about the idea then you need to know a few things on how renting an outfit works. Here are a few things that will help you understand the process better.

  • What is outfit renting subscription? It is a service which lets you rent any outfit or any item for a set time or even for an unlimited amount of time. You can wear it and return it when it is due.

  • Are the rented outfits used? Yes, most of the outfits you rent are used, but they go through an extensive cleaning process before they reach you. You will get it clean and fresh and will look as if you just bought it from a store. You also don't need to have it cleaned after using it as the service providers takes care of that for you.

  • Is renting cheaper than buying? Usually, it is! If you are renting an outfit once in a while, you pay a lot less than the retail price of the outfit. But if you are taking a membership or opting for a subscription you might have to pay more which will be a benefit if you are regularly renting clothes for yourself and will be cheaper.

  • Can different kinds of clothes be rented? Yes, you can rent any kind of cloth be it a jeans, skirt, ethnic wear or designer outfits. You can also rent jeweler, handbags or shoes for people of all ages, shapes and body types.

  • How many outfits can be rented at a time? There are different policies for different services; usually you can rent 3 to 4 outfits at a time.

  • How will I get my rented outfit at home? Yes, if the item is available you can simply rent it and it will be sent to you but some services have a wish list where you can choose the outfits and it will be sent to you as soon as it is available.

  • Do I always have to subscribe to start renting? Not all services require you to subscribe. You can simply pick the outfit, pay the refundable security amount and it will be shipped to you for the amount of time you have paid for. Some service offer subscriptions as well.

  • What will happen if the rented outfit is ruined? Most of the services take care of the small wear and tear but if the outfit is damaged you will have to pay the amount through the security deposit you made during the renting process. The cost of the wear and tear usually comes lesser than the retail price of the outfit therefore it is always a win win situation for you.


  • Make sure you read the policies properly before renting an outfit to avoid later issues.
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Why Rent?

Renting clothes is a great option as you may only wear certain outfits only once in your life and there is no point in repeating them. So, it makes financial sense to rent the outfit instead of buying the whole thing at its retail price. In that way, you not just save money, but also can wear good outfits at low prices. On top of that, you can wear many different outfits on different occasions. Try renting a sherwani this time!