Formal Attire to Adorn Accordingly.10 Best Formal Wear Suggestions for Men in 2022 for a Classy, Dashing and Elegant Look.

Formal Attire to Adorn Accordingly.10 Best Formal Wear Suggestions for Men in 2022 for a Classy, Dashing and Elegant Look.

Choosing men's formal attire has for the longest while been subjected to suits only. While things are rapidly changing, in recent times a combination of certain pieces of clothes can very well look presentable and considered formal. Here are some suggestions to help you look formal as well as some general rules when it comes to formal clothes for men and formal dressing!

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Elevate Your Fashion Statement at all Events with Formal Clothes for Men

Although casual outfits feel great, they can’t match the elegance of formal clothes for men on various occasions. It could be your boardroom meeting or a party, for which you need to get dressed up and look perfect. For all such events, you will be heading straight towards your wardrobe looking for that white shirt, trouser, and blazer combination.

But do you think only a white shirt and black/blue pants are enough for all those events you need a formal ensemble for? While this color combination never goes wrong, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any other choice. You can dress up in a formal suit and still look fashionably elegant with the right combination. Here’s a guide to help you make a statement at the next professional meetup, a family function, or at a party.

Rules of Dressing Right for Men

Rule 1: Wear The Right Fit

A suit becomes more impressive if you wear it right irrespective of the label it carries. So, you should always get one that fits perfectly. While getting one tailored is the best solution here, you can still find amazing fits in the readymade section. So, if you are heading to the readymade section, look for fitting across the shoulders as you can easily get waist and chest measures altered.

Rule 2: Add a Good Watch

Similar to a suit, a perfect fit watch is another essential of dressing the right way. However, the watch should be a match to your wrist size as well as personality. Besides, you should wear one that feels more comfortable than attractive. Functional and rugged sports models with aesthetically pleasing appearances can be good for different needs.

Rule 3: Expand The Colour Palette

Like said above, whites, blues, and blacks always work. But that doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to those shades only. Add more colors to your wardrobe’s formal section to make a better visual appeal. You can consider colors like khakis, greens, and pinks or go for check patterns or prints.

Rule 4: Follow a Good Grooming Regime

Merely choosing the best clothes, watch, and accessories to wear won’t work if your face looks dull or hair shaggy. Thus, in addition to investing money in the right clothes, hangers, shoe trees, and other things, dedicate some funds and time for self-grooming as well. Having a grooming regime in place helps a lot that should cover brushing the hair, cutting nails, and other minor details as well.

Rule 5: Pick the Right Shoes

Shoes are a perfect characteristic of displaying timelessness in your style and appearance. While choosing the pattern, color, and style, you should avoid going fussy always. The best ones for a formal outlook include classic shapes like loafers, brogues, and derby shoes. For the shape, round one always works and you should never wear square or pointy toes as that’s not how feet look.

Rule 6: Use Minimum Accessories

In formal wear, pocket squares and ties are the most common accessories. While other options are also available, you shouldn’t overdo the accessories. Moreover, while choosing the pocket square and tie, choosing the color carefully helps. As a general rule, these accessories should be darker in shade than the jacket or blazer.

Rule 7: Know the Dress Code of the Event

One thing equally (if not more) important than self-expression in choosing a dress code is the environment. Consider clothing combinations as codes and matching the code is what you need to do. Think of what environment you are dressing for. Is it a formal get-together or a casual party? Moreover, the event (or occasion) might have a particular dress code in place that can be a color combination or clothing type.

Rule 8: Wear Comfortable Yet Stylish Glasses

It isn’t for those who need spectacles with weak eyesight. Besides, you can also wear glasses to add a style statement to your personality. However, it takes some knowledge and guide to pick the right pair according to your face shape. In addition, finding the right frame that matches your face and dress will further enhance your appearance.

Top 10 Ideas of Formal Clothes for Men

Now, when you know how you should carry your formal outfit, here are the top 10 formal clothes for men you should consider adding to your wardrobe.

1. Grey Pants & Navy Blazer

Navy and light grey is a contrasting combination that creates a perfect formal appearance. And then, you can add a crisp white shirt to complete the suit. For accessories, add a brown belt and match it with brown shoes for a whole formal outlook. You can wear this classic combination as regular office attire. Or you can use it as a special occasion dress for meetings and corporate parties.

Get this single-breasted blazer with a notched lapel, long sleeves, two flap pockets, attached lining, pocket square, and double button closures from Myntra for Rs. 2,879. Match it with the grey smart tapered fit formal trouser with zip fly, button closure, and five pockets from Myntra for Rs. 899.

2. Printed Formal Shirts

This energizing idea will add a pleasant touch to your formal outlook for a daytime corporate event. Combine a printed formal shirt with dress pants and you will get a perfect look for a semi-formal party or an outdoor client meeting. Want to add a more formal look? Add a plain tie to the dress.

The Blue and White printed slim formal shirt from Invictus is a great option for your formal wardrobe. It features a full button placket, a curved hem, long sleeves, and a spread collar. And you can get this cotton shirt from Myntra for Rs. 1,079.

3. Blue Shirt, White Pants and Navy Blazer


Tackle those dreading Monday blues with these hues of blue. When choosing white for the bottom wear, men tend to add contrasting top wear. Here, you can get the fashion fix right with shades of blue. Add a light blue shirt and if you feel like putting on another layer, get a navy blazer.

The checked slim-fit cotton shirt by Killer-(Ajio), featuring adjustable single-button rounded cuffs and patch pocket will match perfectly with the flat front straight fit white trouser by Hangup-(Ajio). You can get both the shirt and trousers from Ajio for Rs. 1,699 and 496 respectively. The navy blazer single-breasted blazer by Favoroski for Rs. 2879 from Myntra will add great contrast to the outfit.

4. Khaki Trousers and White Shirt

If you are looking for something other than the popular blacks in the formals, get this combination. Khaki and white make a lovely combination that you can wear for a presentation, a speech, or a business meeting. In addition to a different look, it also gives you confidence while retaining a formal and decent outlook.

Get the slim-fit khaki trouser by Louis Philippe with mid-rise, solid pattern, and no pleats, flat front design from Myntra for Rs. 1,999. For the shirt, you can pick the slim-fit white polycotton shirt with one patch pocket by English Navy for Rs. 549 from Myntra.

5. Blue Dress Shirt with Grey Trousers

Blue and grey are a great combination for formal or casual attire and we’ve discussed this before. But here, instead of a blue blazer, you can add a blue dress shirt with grey trousers. Being decent, it can be worn to the office on regular days or for special meetings or events. Moreover, it’s a great interview outfit as well. You can add another professional touch with a printed tie.

Peter England’s slim-fit blue shirt with a straight hem, button placket, and spread collar is a great pick for this dress code, available on Myntra for Rs. 1,399. For the grey trouser, you can get the self-design slim-fit formal trouser by Invictus with a zip fly and button closure on the waistband. The trouser is available for Rs. 1,099 on Myntra.

6. Navy Blue Pants with White Shirt

If you are more into darker bottom wear, you can switch the combination. A white shirt with blue trousers is an attractive yet decent outfit. Moreover, it’s not much vibrant and hence, a great choice if you want to stay low-key on that formal event or meeting. Navy blue is the most gorgeous and dark color for men after black, especially when paired with white.

This textured navy blue trouser by Louis Philipe with no pleats, flat front, and mid-rise design is a great pick for Rs. 1,624 from Myntra. You can get that slim-fit formal white shirt by English Navy for Rs. 549 from Myntra to match with this trouser.

7. White Shirt and Olive Green Chinos

Chinos work well in both segments, formals, and casuals. So, if you have a party lined up on Friday after office hours, you can never go wrong with this outfit for the day. Pair a white shirt with olive green chinos and attend both formal meets and post-work parties in one outfit.

The regular fit olive green woven chinos by Invictus come with mid-rise, no pleats, flat-front design. You can buy these trousers with four pockets from Myntra for Rs. 1,099. For the shirt, English Navy’s slim-fit formal white shirt is priced at Rs. 549 on Myntra is a perfect match for this bottom wear. Add a black belt with matching shoes to complete the outfit for both occasions.

8. Black Suit Outfit

You might have been waiting to see the black on this list of formal clothes for men, and why not? Black outfits give you the dashing and attractive yet formal outlook you crave for. Instead of going for a pair of black trousers and finding the matching shirt, why not get the complete black suit outfit.

Peter England’s two-piece suit with a check pattern is an absolutely gorgeous pick for office and wedding occasions. It combines a slim fit, single-breasted, 2-button suit front, and a trouser. You can go all black with a black shirt, black tie, and black shoes or wear a different shirt with a black tie-shoe combination. Get this suit from Peter England’s site for Rs. 3,999 for stylish and comfortable formal wear.

9. Grey Suit Outfit

Besides all blacks, a grey suit outfit is another classic idea of formal clothes for men. It might feel old school but the combination never goes out of style. You can wear it to casual catchups with workmates or office meetings. Plus, with grey, you can display a connection with the fashion roots.

Peter England’s 2-piece grey suit makes you look sharp alongside adding comfort and style. It also offers a single-breasted, 2-button front with grey trousers. For the rest, you can wear a white shirt with a grey tie and black shoes or replace the white shirt with a black one here. The price tag of Rs. 3,499 on Peter England’s website could give you another reason to add this suit outfit to your formal wardrobe.

10. Checkered Suit Outfit

If you want something for special meetings or office events and look a bit different, get a checkered suit outfit. This style doesn’t only fit in the formal definition, but also fits to casual parties and gatherings as well. However, this might not give a perfect outlook to everyone wearing a suit.

If you still want to make a different style statement, this black checked single-breasted suit will do the job. The formal suit by Arrow New York has a black checked blazer with double button closures, a notched lapel collar, an attached lining, vented back hem, two front flap pockets, one welt pocket, and long sleeves. The accompanying mid-rise trouser features four pockets, button closure, zip fly, and waistband having belt loops. The suit is available for Rs. 5,849 from Myntra.

Bonus Tip

Always Wear A Belt

Do you consider a belt as a utility tool or a style add-on? Well, it can be both. When dressing in formal clothes for men, you should always wear a belt. It also signifies your ability to tie the outfit together. A general rule of thumb is that you should match the shoe’s shade with the belt. For instance, a black belt should be worn with black shoes. If you have a glossy belt, make sure your shoes are well polished.

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Style Up in a Formal Dress Code.

A formal dress code is one you can never go wrong with. Whether partying, visiting loved ones or even office wear, formal clothes never disappoint. What's more, formal clothes make you look more mature and presentable. Deciding on formal wear shouldn't be hectic. Simply browse through and find out what pleases you when it comes to formal clothes for men. Also, remember to adhere to the axioms and praxes of formal dressing!