Leave a Lasting Impression with Your Impeccable Sense of Style. Top 10 Designer Shirts for Men That will Stamp Your Leadership Presence Anywhere You Go in 2020.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Your Impeccable Sense of Style. Top 10 Designer Shirts for Men That will Stamp Your Leadership Presence Anywhere You Go in 2020.

Shirts are perhaps the most common of male attires intended for both formal and semi-formal occasions. As the contemporary man becomes increasingly conscious about his attire and presence, it is no surprise that the demand for designer men's shirts, to achieve that discerning look, has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times. This BP Guide will showcase the top 10 designer shirts for men which will transform your personality completely and take it to the next level.

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Age Appropriate Dressing Style for Men

Most men accord great importance to what they wear. This is perhaps to show others that they know how to follow trends and put themselves together. However, sometimes they fall in the trap of wearing something that does not suit their age. So, how to decide what is appropriate? There is an easy way to do it, start by asking yourself these questions –

  • How do you want others to perceive you? As younger, older, arty, successful or your age? This should be your first consideration that would help you choose your attire.

  • Do you want to fit in or stand out? Decide your goals – do you want to just fit into your surroundings, or do you want to be the best dressed man in the room or look confident in your office space?

  • How do you feel once you get dressed? Do you feel mature, confident, dapper or youthful? Do you want others to take you seriously?

  • What kind of clothes do you want in your wardrobe? Do you prefer trendy and up to date outfits or something that is popular for a long time?

Answering these questions will give you a clue about what kind of clothes you must have in your wardrobe. There are several ways to look old or young, depending on what kind of a look you want to achieve. The goal of many of you is to just look your age. Also, style is not age restricted, but this does not mean you have a licence to wear what you please. The cool thing to do is to embrace new opportunities and try out various styles as you age. Don’t hesitate to change your style as you age and move on from one to another decade.

Tips to Select the Designer Shirts

1. Think of Value, Not Cost

A custom-made, high-quality shirt with impeccable perfection cannot be replicated. The top brand shirt will definitely cost more, so think wisely when it comes to cost. Compare the cost of the shirts available in different stores and choose the one that is within your budget. Take advantage of discounts and coupons, which will definitely reduce the price of the shirt.

2. Check the Quality of the Shirt

If you are looking for quality then you have to pay for it, as a high-end fabric and craftsmanship costs money. However, just because a shirt is expensive, it does not mean that it is of the best quality. One way to know whether a shirt is of good quality and will last long is to first check its fabric. Usually, natural fibres like cotton age better than man-made fibres. Next, check the gauge/weight of the fabric, stitching per inch (minimum 14 stitches per inch) and the collar construction (should be sturdy and well made). Lastly, check for the type of buttons used, whether they are hand-sewed, the gauge of the buttons (should be at least 3 mm thick), and that the shirt has sturdy buttonholes, which indicates that it is a well-crafted shirt.

3. Buy a Shirt That Fits You Perfectly

One of the critical factors to check while buying a shirt, especially a dress shirt is to check for the fit. Ideally, the shirt should hug you such that it should be comfortable and must also accentuate your attractive features. Although it might seem tough to achieve, it is definitely doable.

10 Best Designer Shirts for Men

1. Floral Leaf Print Cuban Shirt

Source www.koovs.com

The face of men’s fashion is constantly changing and the wardrobe collection has gone from plain shirts to fascinating floral patterns. It is an art to pull-off the vibrant and bold look that you could learn. If you are planning to go floral this season then the Floral Leaf Print Cuban Shirt from Koovs is a perfect choice. If you are planning for a beach holiday then do not forget to carry this bold floral leaf printed shirt. Complement this viscose shirt with blue denims and casual footwear. The floral pattern is the boldest statement for men and must be avoided on a formal occasion. Reserve this exclusive style for casual parties or other informal occasions. The price of this colourful shirt is ₹ 1,299.00.

2. Graffiti-Print Cotton Shirt

Graffiti is usually a controversial subject, while some adore it others detest it. These days, this street art is implemented in various things that ranges from clothing, food to technology. Graffiti has definitely made an impact on fashion, especially on men’s shirts. This spontaneous and informal style is adopted by many brands in their designs. The black Graffiti-Print Cotton Shirt from the house of Our Legacy is a bold visual impression that heavily resonates with the youth of today. The overwhelmingly eye-catching piece was crafted exclusively as part of the SS-20 collection. The contemporary vision of creative director Christopher Nying is blended with the traditional silhouette. The shirt is designed for a relaxed fit with a pointed collar, dropped shoulder seams and a single patch pocket. It is crafted in lightweight cotton. The price of this designer shirt is ₹ 17,430.00 on MatchesFashion.

3. Dazzio Smart Designer Shirt

Fashioned for a custom fit, the Dazzio Smart Designer Shirt in cotton is designed for a contemporary appeal. The pristine shades of white-grey add a refined aura to the shirt and it is a perfect piece to flaunt your graceful personality. The smartly crafted shirt gives a sharp and sleek look. The full sleeves shirt will look the best when paired with black trousers and polished shoes. The simplistically designed shirt is best for fashion conscious men. The price of the shirt is ₹ 858.00 on PaisaWapas.

4. Designer Linen Shirt

Linen is a durable and summer-friendly fabric that is derived from the flax plant. The fabric conducts heat well by quickly absorbing and releasing moisture and hence wearing linen garments will keep you cool in the summer months. Ditch your cotton shirts this season and enhance your style with this Designer Linen Shirt from Telon. Handcrafted with the finest material, the shirt is designed in the angrakha style. The asymmetrical pattern makes it an interesting fusion wear. This handsomely tailored Indo-western shirt has metallic buttons adorning the front. It isn’t enough to just make the right selection of this designer shirt. You must do justice to the attire by picking the right accessories to go well with the shirt too. For a snazzy appearance go for aviator glasses. Traditional or casual footwear will go well with this attire. For an eye-catching look, pair it up with a subtle style wrist watch and bracelet. The price of this unique shirt is ₹ 3,460.00.

5. Kahj Casual Shirt

Kahj is a luxury menswear label. Their products are made only from the rarest and finest fabrics that are carefully selected from Swiss and Italian mills. Great attention is paid to detailing of the shirt, thereby ensuring maximum comfort and quality. Kahj is perfect for those who are obsessed with discerning details. This ultra-fine garment is made by skilled craftsmen which makes it a perfect garment. The vibrantly coloured shirt is an epitome of elegance, refinement and sartorial excellence. The price of this incredibly exotic shirt is ₹ 16,155.00 on Handicrafts n More.

6. Blue and Green Designer Shirt

Artistically designed, this Blue and Green Designer Shirt from Divinity is truly irresistible. The flowers and vines printed all over this full sleeve shirt are sure to get you admiration from your friends and colleagues. Crafted in glace-cotton, this regular fit shirt is perfect to look dashing this summer, at the evening party, on a holiday or during a festival. To nail the look, you can leave the shirt open and pair it with a white tee underneath. Remember that, when you wear shirts with bold prints be it floral or otherwise, tone it down with simple trousers or basic jeans. The price of this designer shirt is ₹ 799.00.

7. Print Brown Shirt

The rocking party shirt from Charagh Din is exuberantly smart and lively, which makes it a must-have garment in your collection. The shirt will not only enhance your personality and give you an instant vigour, but also earn you many compliments and attention. The shirt is crafted in a blended fabric. Team it with Oxfords or dark trousers to nail the look. No matter the kind of pattern and colour you choose, the designer shirt should completely go with your personality. Make sure the colour complements your skin tone and adds confidence to your personality.

8. Earthy Shade Designer Shirt

Make your formal wear trendy and fashionable with the Earthy Shade Designer Shirt available on Privee Paris. The soothing colour of the shirt is inspired by nature and is stylish and sober making it perfect for men of all ages. The shirt is also perfect to flaunt when you are travelling, or during social gatherings, parties or functions. Crafted in 100% cotton, the shirt has a classic collar, double button angled cuffs, box placket and full sleeves. The highlight of this branded shirt is that it uses single-needle lock stitching for armholes and side seams, which makes the shirt durable with extended shelf life. The price of this designer shirt is ₹ 2,296.00.

9. Vintage Jodhpuri Blue Shirt

Crafted in pure Egyptian cotton, the Vintage Jodhpuri Blue Shirt from Raghavendra Rathore is a fun way for men to experiment with their looks. The full sleeves shirt comes in a beautiful compact print all over giving it a versatile and trendy appeal. If you are looking for something uber-cool and quirky then this Jodhpuri shirt is perfect to appeal to the alpha male in you. Make a stylish impression with this attractive shirt. The price of the shirt is ₹ 25,999.00.

10. Black Floral Print Shirt

The Black Floral Print Shirt from Arvind is one of a kind party shirt, which makes it a must-have in your collection. Experience a lift in your mood and spirit wearing this exclusively comfortable and smart shirt, made of 100% cotton. Give yourself the right balance of sophistication and elegance with this perfectly crafted shirt. The semi-cutaway collar, long sleeves, rounded cuffs, curved hem, French button placket and chest patch pocket is stylish and will not let you go unnoticed. Team this with black shoes and black trousers for a stylish impact. The offer price of this peppy shirt is ₹ 920.00.

Types of Shirts Men Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Irrespective of the profession, every man should have a few type of shirts in his wardrobe. Some shirts are made for a particular season or an event. The shirts you need to have in your wardrobe to cover all styles are as follows:

  • Dress Shirt – The simple and elegant dress shirt is what you need to impress someone. This kind of shirt is thicker than other regular shirts and comes with different kinds of cuffs and collars, ranging from casual to formal. This is best paired with a 3-piece suit or tuxedo. Complete the look with cuff-links and a bow tie. This is a classic wear that has the ability to turn an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary.

  • Cuban Collar Shirt – Cuban collars were once thought to be shapeless and belonged to only the Hawaiian prints. However, this style was revived by Missoni and Louis Vuitton. The flatteringly casual, versatile and cleanly cut style is perfect to wear for numerous occasions. This type of shirt is perfect for sunny days, night outs and garden parties.

  • Overshirt – This is a staple outfit that is commonly seen in most of the men’s wardrobes and for a good reason. It is not only an ideal layering piece, but allows to dress up or dress down easily. This is perfect for the in-between seasons when a coat can be too warm while a t-shirt alone could be too cold. Typically, this is worn over another shirt. Neutral shades are best for day activities while greys and blues are wonderful for a night out.

  • Flannel Shirt – Flannel fabric is made from synthetic, wool or soft cotton. The thicker weave makes it perfect for cold weather. Pair a flannel shirt with jeans, and t-shirt for a cool look.

  • Chambray – These are the most versatile shirts that are casual and comfortable. The plain-weave construction and light fabric makes them perfect for a laid-back or casual event. Pair it with chinos or jeans to smarten the look.
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A Designer Shirt Announces Your Arrival

Wearing a designer shirt is not only about having a great sense of fashion and style. It is an unambiguous announcement of your arrival on the social scene. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which designer shirt will suit you the best. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.