10 Fabulous Men's Printed Shirts That Give You Plenty of Reasons to Work Prints All Season and Not Just on Vacation (2020)

10 Fabulous Men's Printed Shirts That Give You Plenty of Reasons to Work Prints All Season and Not Just on Vacation (2020)

Think prints for men and what comes to mind are either florid, loud shirts that scream beach holiday, or boring plaids and micro prints that you need stick your face into to determine their design. In between these extremes are some bold, creative and seductively stylish prints in all shapes, colours and patterns, and yes, even florals! Break out your fashion sense and get creative with the prints boys, because honestly, without a decent selection of printed shirts in your wardrobe, you're kind of living under a fashion rock!

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How to Work Printed Shirts into Your Everyday Look

Printed shirts have the notorious reputation of being flamboyant and loud. But they can also be full of life. Printed shirts talk a lot about the person wearing it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the person wearing it is open to life and the experiences that come along with it. Talking about prints, the most common prints are floral, check, stripe, and finally the ever famous Hawaiian print.

Prints have a way of being either amazing or totally cringe worthy. Pair it with the right ensemble and you have nailed it. One mistake and you end up being the joke of the room. Though men’s printed shirts have always been relegated to holidays and picnics, they are being seen more and more often in the mainstream.

  • Style it well
    Printed shirts are the best fashion item you can wear in all seasons in India. With the right accompaniments, you can make it work as dressy as you want. Printed shirts are always the centre of attention, so make sure you do not have any clashing accessories. Keep your pants/chinos/shorts simple and plain. Never do a printed shirt and loose-fitting denim go along. Just don't try it. Instead, go ahead; Flaunt your body with well-fitted shirts and denim. Preferably dark denim, if you are unsure of the style codes of light denim.

  • Add proper accents and accessories
    The rule “Keep Everything Simple with Printed Shirts” goes for shoes and belts as well. Skip your belt if possible. It is one less accessory to clash with the shirt. As for shoes, go for plain and muted colours. Pairing your printed shirt with denim? Why not go for a sneaker? Or maybe you are going for a formal or semi-formal look? Oxford shoes come to your rescue. Planning an outfit for your vacation with your printed shirt? Check out loafers; Not only are they comfortable, but they also give a whole new look to the printed shirts.

  • Make it work for both work and leisure
    Printed shirts can work for both formal and informal situations provided you pair them with the right trousers. Checks and striped shirts in single colours can easily pass for formal wear when paired with an appropriate suit. Not a “suit” person, try it with a knit, in a similar hue. A muted printed shirt can also be paired with a suit in the same colour range. It can also portray an individuality or be a fashion statement in a good way. Now; How about a chino? Casual yet business with a touch of the chill factor. And of course, oozing confidence. The latter can also be used in an informal situation.

    Then there are the shorts. Printed shirts can easily go with shorts, denim or otherwise provided the shorts is simple with clean lines. And definitely no fancy accents. Wait! Have you tried your favourite flowery shirt with leather pants? Try it out

10 Must Own Printed Shirts for Men

Men Brown Slim Fit Printed Semi Formal Shirt

Can printed shirts carry ethnic prints? Oh! They can, and rock ethnic prints like a boss. This slim fit, semi-formal printed shirt by Invictus features the traditional paisley print. Though the print is traditional and has been around for a long time, the shirt is anything but traditional. Priced at Rs.899, the long-sleeved shirt has spread collar with button plackets. The shirt is 100 per cent cotton which accounts for comfort and style.

Pair it with simple cream trousers and oxfords for a formal look. You can have your perfect vacation outfit by pairing it with chino shorts and boat shoes for a day at the beach. Are you a simple guy with simple tastes? Go for denim and sneakers. The Brown Slim Fit Semi-Formal Shirt from Invictus is available to buy from Myntra.

Men Navy Blue Slim Fit Printed Formal Shirt

Looking for something that serves dual purposes as formal wear by day and party wear by night? The Navy Blue Printed Formal Shirt by Code by Lifestyle can be just that and more. The shirt carries ethnic floral motifs in various shades of blue and a smattering of other hues to break the monotony. Be it your meeting or a job interview, nothing impresses better than this outfit. It is again made of pure cotton and machine washable. It features spread collar, long sleeves and a curved hemline.

Wear the navy blue printed shirt with formal pants and dress shoes for the interview you have lined up. Swap the formals for a khaki chino or chino shorts; Fold the sleeves; And you are ready to dance the night away. Buy this trendy printed shirt from Myntra Rs.974 and impress everyone.

Floral Print Shirt

We love florals on men. Paired with the right accompaniments, you can rock a casual look like it's nobody’s business. The one we have for you is a woven shirt in 100 per cent cotton, that gives you ultimate comfort. The navy blue printed shirt features short sleeves, dolphin hem and a basic collar. The shirt is strictly casual and as such it has a slightly relaxed fit making you feel at ease.

Team it with cargo shorts or denim shorts or even basic shorts and enjoy your day out in the sun relaxed and carefree. You could also layer it with a white sleeveless vest for a change in look in case you want to let loose during the day. Interested in recreating this look? Buy the Floral Print Shirt from Forever 21 for Rs.1,249.

Multicolor Geo Fitted Shirt

A change from the usual pattern, we have this multi-coloured printed shirt from Forever 21. The shirt features a tribal-inspired, geometrical pattern that lays horizontally all over the shirt. Made of pure, woven cotton, the printed shirt is short-sleeved and slim fitted. With a basic collar, curved hem and a button front, the shirt is an epitome of casual fashion.

But unlike other printed shirts, this is all casual and doesn't go in a formal environment. Quite an unusual pattern, yet fashionable the shirt can be worn as a couple of outfits all paired differently. Team it with a cream khaki chinos all buttoned-down for a walk in the park. Or you could wear it open over a vest of your choice and pair it with denim shorts. How ever you wear it, this shirt makes for an ideal vacation wardrobe. The Multicolor Geo Fitted Shirt is priced at Rs.1,499.

White Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt

Paisley seems to be the popular look here with another contemporary print inspired by the same in white, red and blue. The printed shirt is made of pure cotton, perfect for those unending days in the hot sweltering summer. Fitted with a spread collar, round hem and a panelled button placket, the shirt is long-sleeved.

The White Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt is another instance where the casual shirt can be made to work in a formal environment too. Wear it under a semi-formal suit of your choice and oxford shoes to boost your confidence for that all-important meeting. Add a chino with boat shoes or chukka shoes and be a style icon. Or go for a casual look and pair it with denim and sneakers. To recreate one of these looks by ordering your shirt from Jabong for Rs.1,799.

Navy Blue Slim Fit Camouflage Print Casual Shirt

Camouflage print is the most sought after and amous of all prints. This navy blue camouflage shirt by Espirit is a sure treat for camouflage lovers. Rather than being in the classic colours of camouflage, the one we have is in shades of blue. The shirt itself is made of cotton with long sleeves, spread collar and a curved hem. Made of pure cotton, it is perfect for those days when it is hot and humid.

Wear it along with a cream chino and derby, now you are ready for a relaxing night at the pub. More of a denim person? Pair it with dark wash jeans and add Chelsea boots for that smart factor. Maybe you can score that date with the girl you’ve been crushing on. Go on and check the Navy Blue Slim Fit Camouflage Print Casual Shirt on Jabong priced at Rs.1, 119.

Short Sleeve Shirt in White Chevron Stripe

Source www.asos.com

Chevron prints always had its fan following due to its geometrical like pattern and simplicity. Isn’t it obvious that we would also add one such for you? The white shirt in chevron stripes from Asos Design is just everything you’ve been searching for. Made of 100 per cent viscose woven fabric, the shirt is quite light and breathable perfect for those scorching summer days. The revere collar, short sleeves and the regular fit easily add to the comfort.

Match it with black chinos and a good pair of plain trainers for a night out with friends at the trendiest bar in town. A pair of dark wash jeans and sneakers would also create a rocking outfit. It all depends on the occasion and activity. Wish you had that shirt? Log on to Asos and purchase it for £25 or Rs.2,336

Regular Fit Animal Print Shirt

Source www.asos.com

An animal print might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to agree it does turn heads. The leopard prints on the shirt are the most popular of all animal prints out there. The animal print shirt by ASOS Design is made of 100 per cent polyester fabric. Though synthetic, it is very comfortable and on par with natural fabrics like cotton and viscose. The printed shirt has the usual features including a spread collar, long sleeves, button placket and regular fit.

While it is easy to get over the top with leopard print, with careful pairing you can make it work for you. A classic black chino with Chelsea boot is the most obvious pairing and the most successful one. You can easily rock that look at a dance club. You could also pair it with blue denim, rolling up the sleeves and adding plain sneakers to the mix. If you liked any of the pairings we’ve suggested for you, buy the Regular Fit Animal Print Shirt at Asos for £20 or Rs.1,868.

Abstract Print Shirt

Source www.zara.com

While in the topics of printed shirts, an abstract print is something to delve into. It is something that comes right out of the 21st century. The Abstract Print Shirt is lightweight and breathable due to the 100 per cent viscose fabric. The bowling shirt has a relaxed fit with short sleeves and button placket.

The shirt looks attractive enough but with the wrong pairing, you might be the joke of the group. Lets better go with Zara and pair it with formal tuxedo pants with black sandals. The shirt and pants are available to buy from Zara for Rs. 2,590 and Rs. 4,990 respectively.

Polka Dot Shirt

Source www.zara.com

Men or women, you just have to love polka dots. Small or big, they are so cute and bring an extra dimension to the outfit depending on how you style it. The printed shirt is flowy in nature since the fabric is pure viscose, natural and breathable fibre. The usual features are present here including short sleeves, regular fit, button-up front and spread collar.

Tired of all the stylised looks and want a more simple outfit? Pair it with dark wash denim and chukka shoes. Or you could be a style icon with the Polka Dot Shirt, black wheathered chinos and black plimsolls. Purchase the shirt from Zara for Rs.2,590

Prints Work for All Seasons

Prints are usually relegated to summer and vacation when in the truth that is not the case. You can wear print work shirts in all seasons. When worn with the proper accompaniments, you can work a printed shirt in your wardrobe during all seasons.

  • Summer: The hot summer days are usually adorned with florals, herbarium print, paisley prints, Hawaiian print and naval prints like anchor, waves and the like in light summer colours. The fabric could be cotton or rayon in a regular fit, letting the skin breathe and be cool.

  • Fall: Fall brings in the neutrals and earthier tones. Animal prints, camouflage prints and patchwork prints work better in fall. If you are one in love with fall of any kind, go daring with pumpkin prints, Haloween prints and custom print work. While you cannot wear cotton, you can always go for linen.

  • Winter: Winter brings in the dreaded cold and comes out the plaid prints, ombre prints, geometric prints and illusion prints. Wear them in dark sombre colours and monochrome colours interspersed with a single bold colour running through. Go for twill shirts this season; They help retain some of the warmth.

  • Spring: As the dreary weather gives way to the beautiful spring, bring more colours to your outfit with floral print, palm print, and also Hawaiian print. Work them in your outfit depending on the weather. Stick to linens if the bite of cold still stays or you could break out your cotton.
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What's the worse that can happen? Think about it. At the most, you will have given a few people some chuckles, and at best, will have reinvented your entire look. Of course, this advice comes with the caveat that you take a long look in the mirror before stepping out and not try to pull off something like Joaquin Phoenix's final Joker look at the first attempt. And pick the right time, an important interview may not be it. The bottom line, you may find printed shirts suit you particularly well and unless you try them, you won't know.