Is Your Man a Brand Fanatic? Surprise Him with One of These Top 10 Brands' T-Shirts Available for Men in India 2019

Is Your Man a Brand Fanatic? Surprise Him with One of These Top 10 Brands' T-Shirts Available for Men in India 2019


There are lots of clothing options available, both offline and online. However, nothing matches the tag of a brand in a piece of clothing. If your man is also brand conscious, get them these branded t-shirts from top brands this year.

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Why Buy Branded T-shirts than Splurging on the Street-side Shops?

Quality Always Triumphs over Quantity

Street markets are the go to places when it comes to economic and trendy shopping options. From T-shirts to movie inspired outfits, street vendors can show you variety in every kind. But, one thing that they can never promise is the quality of the clothes. Mostly, these shops have a tie up with small and medium cloth factories which dupe high end brands to make cheapest version of the branded clothes.

This means that they have no option other than buying the cheapest cloth rolls, using the cheapest ways to print and get them ready for sale. Therefore, most of these clothes can’t stand more than 3 washes and also leave color when washed. Gifting such clothes to your loved one is plain embarrassing and not memorable at all! Hence, choosing high end quality of branded clothes over the quantity of clothes you can buy from street vendors, is the best idea.

Branded Clothing Is a Luxury Symbol

Moving over quality, branded clothes have increasingly grown to become luxury symbols and a mark of status for many. They symbolize that you know about fashion and large market brands. Brands can actually make a great first impression on someone who doesn’t know much about you. It’s a mark of class and chic choices in fashion.

Branded Products Are Appreciated More

When we choose gifts for our loved ones, we want to give them the best. It’s not about the cost but the essence and thought behind the gift. For your bae, who in turn is in love with branded clothes, a cool T-shirt from his favourite brand might be an indication of how well you know about his likes and dislikes. Random gifts might not move him as much as the piece of cloth that he had an eye for since eternity.

Top 10 T-Shirt brands for Men in India to Look Out for

Choose U.S Polo Assn for Timeless Styles


The brand of U.S. Polo Assn. is the official clothing wing of United States Polo Association. The United States Polo Association, established in 1890, has been the body governing the sport of polo in the whole of the United States. Presently, the products of this brand are being sold in 135 different countries through their licensing program. Among brand lovers, U.S. Polo Assn. is known to strike a perfect balance between trendy looks and affordable rates. You can buy authentic products of this brand from

The Classy Touch of Louis Philippe

Many people are still not aware of the fact that Louis Philippe is an Indian brand set up by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle which in turn is a division of the commercial giant Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. The company not only sells its own brand but also, has brought in a lot of international brands in the Indian market. The company aims at personifying style, comfort, luxury and attitude for the Indian consumers.

With the ongoing sale going live, the brand offers T-shirts starting from Rs. 470 only and sells from a size S to XXL. You can get your boo some Louis Philippe from its official website

The Ever So Popular Levi's

The brand of Levi’s which was established in 1853, is popular for its unique textured jeans and denims. With about 150 years running in the market, the brand has expanded its expertise to selling casual and formal clothes for men, women and kids.

The T-shirts from this brand are known for their rich cloth texture and simplistic designs, making them comfortable and one of the hands-on choices for casual wear. The T-shirts from Levi's range from Rs. 374-Rs. 2,699 and can be bought from and

Arrow's Edgy Collection of T-shirts

ARROW, which was recently honored with the title of “Most Trusted Brand in India” by Trust Research Advisory Brand Trust Report, has completed 25 years of successful marketing and sale in India. The brand offers classic American style dressing for men with 3 specific categories of Arrow Formals, Arrow New York and Arrow Sports.

You can find the chicest and trendy pieces of T-shirts in the section of Arrow Sports. To buy clothes from this brand online, you can visit while, for locating its nearby stores lookup

For the "Being Different" Squad, Take Allen Solly


Similar to Louis Philippe, Allen Solly is also an Indian brand owned and operated by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, which in turn is a well-known division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. The brand retails in 3 categories: Allen Solly, Solly Sports and Solly jean co.

While Solly sport provides a great variety of athletic and cool T-shirts, the T-shirts under the category of Allen Solly are more experimental in terms of prints, and cloth texture. From dotted prints to horizontal dual coloured stripes, Allen Solly has it all. You can buy the authentic products from this brand at

The Celebrity Favorite - Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has always been a celebrity favorite. From Gigi Hadid to Anushka Sharma, celebrities have been spotted sporting this brand every now and then. The rave surrounding this brand is not baseless. It has a seamless incorporation of what’s in vogue and timeless designs.

You can find a variety of old school striped Tees alongside the latest graphic prints. Tommy Hilfiger won’t ever disappoint you! The apparels from this brand range from Rs. 899 - Rs.4,999 and can be purchased from and

Spykar's Funky Prints to Get Over Monday Blues


If your man loves to wear T-shirts with vibrant colours, funky and youthful prints, then Spykar is the best pick. The brand recognizes itself as a synonym to ‘Young & Restless’ generation of India and showcases the same. The designs presented by Spykar are more individualistic and fashion-forward, making sure you will always the one to dazzle among the crowd.

In a price range of Rs. 479 to Rs. 2,699, Spykar manages to cover long sleeved, striped, printed and even polo T shirts. You can buy this brand through its official website

Choose United Colours of Benetton for a Sporty Fit

United Colors of Benetton or what is popularly called UCB, is a famous Italian brand founded in the mid 1960's. Today, it has a network of about 5000 stores across nations, in international markets. The company is known for its swanky apparels along with dream like fitting, which can instantly make you feel and look better.

It presents both vibrant coloured T-shirts and sporty looking printed polo T-shirts. The products from United Colors of Benetton range between Rs. 539 to Rs. 2,199 and can be bought from various websites like, and

The Great Range of Semi-Formals from Fila


Established in 1994, Fila is an Indonesian company which primarily focuses on sporty and activewear apparels. Their products are made up of Poly Cotton, 100% Polyester, 100% cotton, Nylon, Leather, Microfiber & Synthetic Leather. The best part about this brand is the amount of variety they have in terms of styles of T-shirts.

From polo style to crew style, from round neck sportswear to semi-formal classy looks; the styles presented by this brand are meant to make you stand out. The price range for men’s T-shirts by Fila is between Rs. 329 to Rs. 1799. You can get your hands on the latest apparels by Fila through,, and

Refreshing Graphic Pattern Tees from Proline

Proline is an Indian apparel brand established in the year 1983 by two prolific tennis players and sports enthusiasts; the Batra brothers. The company aims at producing sporty, youthful and vibrant clothing pieces with refreshingly sporty or casual vibes.

Their products range from Printed T-shirt, Solid T-shirt, Striped T-shirt, and Polo T-shirts but the most popular of all are the graphic print T-shirts. They have a quite affordable price range of Rs. 349 to Rs. 1699 and their products are readily available at, and

What Else to Buy for Your Brand Freak Partner?

Branded Shoes for Smooth Steps

Do you ever think why do people even bother spending their hard earned money on high-end shoes? Is there really any benefit of spending lump sum money on a pair of footwear? Well, the people who love to buy and own branded shoes, know that you get exactly what you pay for! If you buy a nice pair of branded shoes and take right care of them, they will probably last forever. This makes them relatively a better alternative according to the production cost per wear.

Also, companies work intensively on making shoes which are extremely comfortable and hence design soles to suit your heels. The cheap footwear that you buy from the roadside have the worst possible soles and design, making it quite evident that you’ll soon be complaining of foot ache or sprain. Therefore, it’s better to do a one-time investment rather than lamenting over medical complications later on. The best branded footwear in Indian market is from Nike, Woodland, Lee Cooper and Adidas.

Adding the Oomph Factor with Branded Shades

We often pick up sunglasses or shades from local shops considering that all it has to do is to save our eyes from some light! But, to actually call a pair of sunglasses perfect, it should be able to do four distinctive things.

Firstly, it should be able to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight. The UV rays are often held responsible for damaging the retina and the cornea in the human eye. A good pair of sunglasses should be able to eliminate these. Secondly, sunglasses should be able to block intense daylight, preventing your eyes from being strained because of frequent squinting. Thirdly, the sunglasses that you buy should be able to save your eyes from the unnecessary glare that certain surfaces or objects give out. And lastly, the sunglasses which can eliminate specific frequencies of light which cause blurring of vision through its individual colour.

When you buy sunglasses from the street-side you don’t think of all these factors! Thus buying a good pair of authentic sunglasses is much better.

Branded Watches to Add Class to His Accessories

Watches have always topped the list of gifts to give your man. They come into the category of safe, chic and timeless gifts. But is it necessary to buy a watch that spells the name of some well-known brand? If you have ever bought or worn the watches that are available at every nook and corner at ridiculously low prices you will know that before the watch completes a month in your house, the silver or gold paint on it starts fading.

Within a few more days its battery dies or it just starts looking rusty and older that the existence of mankind! Gifting is all about how important you make the other person feel, and presenting such a watch is the last thing that is going to make him feel important. Go above and beyond. Look out for the trendy, edgy and classy branded watches which will not only be sealed with a warranty but also make a good memory about you in his mind.

You can also choose high-end luxury watches or special quality watches like waterproof watches, activewear watches, or smart watches. Give your man a watch that reminds him of your timelessness in his life, of your love and how priceless he is for you!

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Choose these Branded T-shirts in 2019 and Make Your Man the Alpha

Fashion is about feeling good. When you are wearing good clothes, it reflects in your personality. You don't want your better half to look ordinary and feel being a part of the crowd. Choose these branded T-shirts and pair them up with Branded Accessories and see the difference!