Formal Shirts Never Go Out of Fashion: 10 Classy and Branded Formal Shirts for Men Which are Suitable for Every Kind of Occasion (2019)

Formal Shirts Never Go Out of Fashion: 10 Classy and Branded Formal Shirts for Men Which are Suitable for Every Kind of Occasion (2019)

Whether it's your boyfriend or your brother, your husband or your father, a good looking shirt is one piece of clothing appreciated by every man! BP-Guide is here with some of the best shirts available online to be gifted to the men in your life and tell how much you love and appreciate everything they do. Read this piece to know more about it along with some useful tips for online shopping.

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Shirts Are an Evergreen Gifting Option for Men

Are you thinking of getting a gift for your friend, brother, or husband? The first item that comes to your mind in this case is more likely to be a shirt! And, if you are a person who is not ready to compromise on quality, then we recommend you getting a branded shirt for him.

Read along to understand the DOs & DON'Ts while shopping for a branded shirt.

Tips to Select the Perfect Branded Shirt for Him

Selecting the right shirt for a person, or yourself for that matter isn’t as easy as it looks. There are some things that you need to take into consideration before plunging into a purchase.

There are some questions that you should ask yourself before you step into the store, online or physical. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind before selecting the perfect shirt for him.

1. What is His Shirt Size?

The first requirement to select any piece of cloth, let alone a shirt, is to know the right size. Because it indeed is awkward to walk around in one that doesn’t fit properly. You can either check with your friend himself or take the help of someone who may know, in case of doubt.

2. Which are the Best Selling and Famous Brands?

Brand names usually define the quality and perfection that you can expect from them. Make sure to take note of the brands that have been in the business for a while. There are several high performing brands that have successfully established themselves in the Indian market. To name a few are Peter England, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Blackberry, Raymond, John Players, Arrow, and Allen Solly.

3. Pick His Favourite Colour

There is going to be a whole lot of shirts to select from in the first place. It's natural to feel overwhelmed at this stage. Flip through the brands you have in mind and try to choose a colour or pattern that appeals to you immediately. If you are familiar with his taste in colour and patterns, then this step is going to be relatively easy.

4. Read the Product Description

Most shoppers are preferential of the material that the shirts are made of. So, if you read through the product description, you will get an idea of the fabric that you are dealing with here. Cotton shirts are the most commonly available and preferred, though synthetic mixes are also widely accepted. Also, some people are particular about the country of origin. Check the tag for this detail and also if the price range fits your budget.

5. Go For His Kind of Style

Many a time, it so happens that we wish to see someone in an attire that they may not be usually seen in. Temporarily, you may be tempted to select a shirt that doesn’t suit his dressing sense. But we say you stop and think over it. Until and unless you are sure that you will not have to regret having made the decision, we suggest that you stick to a style that he would prefer the most.

6. Check for Return Policy & Shipping Costs

In most cases, used or open boxed items purchased from online stores can be returned within 30 days of the receipt of shipment. Also, some products are eligible for free return with individual online retailers. Make sure to keep a check on these details in case if you may have to return the item. Shipping costs may vary with different vendors.

Our Top 10 Picks For Branded Formal Shirts For Men

Here is a compiled list of the top 10 branded shirts that we consider as best selling among customers today.

1. Van Heusen Custom Fit Shirt


Van Heusen was an American clothing brand that was established in 1881. It is now an Indian acquired brand and has established itself well in the Indian market. Van Heusen shirts are well known for the high standards it maintains in the intricate details of stitching in formal shirts. This Van Heusen custom/ regular fit shirt comes in solid blue color and is available in sizes ranging from 38 inches to 42 inches. It is made of a cotton-rich micro polyester blend and is suitable for machine wash. This shirt is now available on Myntra for a 40% discounted price of Rs. 1,139.

2. Park Avenue Slim Fit Shirt


If you are looking for a checked or patterned shirt, then we suggest you take a look at this Park Avenue shirt. While the controversy still leads whether a checked shirt is considered formal or not, a checked shirt is widely accepted as formal wear in India. So, go ahead and check out this white and blue checkered formal shirt. It is made of 100% cotton and is suitable for machine wash. The tartan checks would look great on everybody. You can get this shirt at a 55% discounted price of Rs. 899 from Myntra.

3. Peter England's Slim Fit


Peter England was first established in Ireland in 1889. It is, however, now acquired by the Indian textile group Aditya Birla. The brand is one of the leading and most popular brands for clothing in India. If you are looking for an out-of-the-league shirt that looks different than regular formal shirts, then we suggest you take a look. This 100% cotton shirt features block prints and adds more color to the usual monotonous formal wear. This Peter England formal shirt costs Rs. 885 on Amazon, depending on the selected pattern and size.

4. Louis Philippe Men's Formal Shirt


The Louis Philippe is the most talked about brand for formal shirts in India. The high standard in perfection and quality of the brand is equivalent to the price. This particular blue and white Louis Philippe shirt is made of fabric that is a mix of cotton and Tencel, hence is durable and suitable for a gentle wash. Although it may be priced at a little higher on the spectrum at Rs. 1,959, you can be less skeptical about the purchase, as Amazon offers 30 days return policy on the product.

5. Blackberry's Solid Formal Spread Shirt


Blackberry is an Indian brand that has marked its presence in men’s formal wear since the last 25 years. It is a leading fashion brand and a familiar name among the young and old office goers. This solid colour formal spread shirt from Blackberry’s is quite affordable and fits perfectly in your budget. The cotton blend fabric is suitable for gentle machine wash and is very durable. The full sleeve shirt comes in sizes from 39 to 42 inches. You can get various solid regular colors of this shirt on Flipkart for a 50% off the price for Rs. 987.

6. Raymond's Self Design Formal Shirt

Source Flipkart

Raymond’s is one of the oldest and leading Indian brands in formal shirts for men. The brand is in existence since 1925 and is synonymous for high-quality formal wear and suiting fabrics. If you are looking for a brand that is of exceptional quality, yet doesn’t make a hole in your pocket, then we strongly suggest you take a look at this shirt. This self-design formal shirt is one of the best-selling shirts on Flipkart now. The 100% cotton shirt is suitable for gentle machine wash and is ideal for the office wardrobe in summer. Flipkart features various colours of this shirt on a 60% slashed down price of Rs. 759.

7. John Players Men's Formal Shirt


John Players is one of the leading brands in formal shirts in India and is liked by many young men today. It is a brand owned by the Indian ITC group and features a wardrobe specifically designed for the male youth. This relatively new brand spans across 400 independent stores and more than 1,300 multi-brand outlets. The john players shirt available online on Amazon is priced at Rs. 877 and is made of 100% cotton. The shirt comes in various shades and sizes, suitable for anybody.

8. Arrow Men's Printed Regular Fit Formal Shirt

Source Amazon

The Arrow brand of shirts is an American clothing line, owned by the Aditya Birla group in India. It is preferred by many young men as office wear and is quite affordable on the budget. This 100% cotton shirt comes in several solid colors and has a cut-off collar and long sleeves. You can check out this shirt on Amazon and costs anywhere from Rs. 827 to Rs. 1,319, depending on the design and size.

9. Allen Solly Men Solid Formal Spread Shirt


Allen Solly, although established in England in 1744, is now an Indian brand and is a favorite in formal wear for men. It is a brand that has fared well in the Indian market and continue to do so. This Allen Solly shirt is a solid spread shirt made of cotton blend fabric and is suitable for men of all age groups. You can check out various colours of the shirt on Flipkart for Rs. 1,511.

10. John Players Men's Formal Shirt

Source Amazon

This is yet another formal shirt from John Players that is a favourite among young professionals today. If you are looking for a different fabric other than cotton, then linen is an alternative. The John Player’s shirt is made of a material that is a mix of cotton and linen, thus making it very durable and comfortable to wear even in summers. It comes in soothing colors and is perfect as daily office wear. Check out this shirt on Amazon for a price range of Rs. 749 to Rs. 849 depending on the size and design.

Bonus Tip: Get the Shirt Custom-Made

If you are still perplexed about the idea of getting that 'perfect' branded shirt as a gift, we suggest you better take a different route here. Getting Custom-made shirts are generally considered expensive and a tiresome process. However, Bombay Shirt Company offers to give an alternative. The online custom shirt brand, Bombay Shirt Company, offers to provide a blend of contemporary design and classic tailoring. You are at liberty to choose the fabric and design for the ideal shirt that you have in mind.

You can customise the shirt as you desire yet cut down on the extra charges. The brand focuses on a fit smart algorithm that requires you to enter specific necessary details to find out the correct shirt size of a person. This way, you need not worry much about selecting the right size on your own.

Bombay shirt company has stores all across North and South India, and even in New York and Dubai. You can also get a gift card of the store. There are discounts available on typical individual purchases, and you can avail those if you wish. All in all, it's a wonderful option if you want to go for custom shirts without physically having to go, get it done!

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There's No Better Gift Than Your Time & Attention

There's no better gift than your time and attention to make him the happiest. Give all attention needed while selecting the right shirt, and you'll be able to make him appreciate the gift like never before. Now that you have an idea of what to look for while choosing a branded shirt as a gift for him, we suggest you try out the various other alternatives too, which are available online. Think smart while making a mindful decision and go with your gut feeling. Happy shopping!