10 Cool Gadgets to Buy for Guys: Flaunt the Latest Tech in Town or Give the Best Gadgets for Men 2019 as Gifts

10 Cool Gadgets to Buy for Guys: Flaunt the Latest Tech in Town or Give the Best Gadgets for Men 2019 as Gifts

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Gadgets have become our best friends these days. Why not? They can sometimes be much better than the actual friends! Comprising state-of-the-art innovation, check out these amazing gadgets which are a must buy for men of the 21st century!

Guys and Cool Gadgets - An Unbreakable Relationship

We live in the 21st century. Its mostly regarded as the time when dreams come true. Innovations are everywhere, and in these exciting times, something new always comes up. A new phone, a new gadget enables us to be on the edge of the current trend.

We are providing you a list of gadgets that are a must-have for any guy who wants to be updated, cool, and a tech-savvy person. As they say, those who have the latest tech are the best. So before going into our selections, let's see why you would want to grab the latest tech.

Latest Technology

Did you know that literally every day a new gadget is introduced around the world? A new phone, a new device, a new watch, a brand-new device that might look the same, but is more connected and more powerful than yesterday. Everything nowadays is integrated with technology. The thing you have right now will not have the features that you might have asked for. So, the one who keeps up with the trend, is the one who has the up to date and latest tech .

Simplifying Day to Day Lives

Tech is getting cooler, smarter, and more comfortable to access day by day. But what is the point for such innovations, one might ask? The answer is to make our lives simpler. Tech is not only making our lives easier but also protecting it, connecting us, making us smarter, and integrating us with a common bond.

Maybe some are even bringing back the old memories with the latest trend today- “retro”. But that’s what we want - smarter, faster, smaller and modern things to help us in our daily lives. Some write, some read, some enjoy, some make us fit, and some help to save the nature.

Looking Cool and Trendy

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All the talk about tech among men is redundant as we care about 2 things, one we want to be cool, trendy, swaggy and two, we want to be on the latest side , to be always one step ahead. The tech we are mentioning below will help you achieve that. They are new, trendy, futureproof, smart, and jaw opening. They are definitely going to keep your friends at awe and make them jealous of you. So, let’s see what’s in store for you guys.

Top 10 Trending Gadgets for Guys

Fitness Tracker- Amazefit Huami

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The ultimate smart gadget, it is small, it has the power of a phone, and it fits on your wrist. We are talking about smartwatches. The latest trend among guys and gals. This device has all the features of a phone.

It acts as a fitness tracker, measures your heart rate , knows how much you walk with its integrated fitness suite , has an inbuilt GPS module to track wherever you are going. It has a long battery life of 30 days on a single charge! It has a touch screen to navigate around it’s UI and also tracks your sleep . And yes, it also shows time with its digital clock screen. Too primitive? Trust us, this device is a complete fitness tracking package which is stylish and trendy and goes with any clothes you can think of wearing. This is the watch for new generation.

Available on Amazon, this awesome gadget can be bought for Rs. 6,490 only.

E- writer- Ruff pad

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We are living in a world which is on the verge of an environmental collapse, we lose thousands and thousands of trees every year, most of which are used to produce paper.

Imagine a device which can give you the feeling of writing on paper, unlike any paper. You can write anything and everything, you can draw, write, take down notes, and with a push of a button, erase everything. This is the world of E- writers. Quite new in the market, not everyone knows about them. They enable you to doodle and take down brief notes on a tablet. Elepaio ruffpad is one such device which lets you do that. It is small, has a long battery life, and you can use it to make notes, doodle and when you want, erase it on your wish. It costs around Rs 1,400 only and is available on Amazon.

It is good to note that this is a new player on untested grounds. There are some drawbacks, but if you want to be one in a million, then this is the right product for you.

Printer in Your Hands- HP Portable Printer

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These are the times when we use our phones and bulky DSLRs to capture the moments that we want to hold on to. But is that enough? Digital pictures can be an easy task to store, collect, and keep everything in order, but it often loses the personal and physical touch to it. That’s why we take printouts of pictures, but to get those we need large and often bulky printers which we can’t carry around.

So, we bring this gadget for you, the HP sprocket. It is a portable printer, light in weight, and gets the job done. Imagine you want to gift a picture to someone, but it’s on your favorite device and to give it a more personal touch, you want to get it printed? This device lets you do that. In your hands, just connect it, send the picture for print through its app and done! It has an in-built printer which prints out images on small special photo papers, which are adhesive backed meaning you can stick them anywhere. Costing only Rs. 3,000, it’s a steal we believe. Get yours from Amazon

E-reader- Kindle Paperwhite

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We talked about e-writers, so it makes sense to talk about e-readers as well. If you are an avid reader, a bookworm, then this device is for you. Imagine carrying all the books you ever wanted in your hands. This device lets you carry a library of books in it. You can store books or buy them from its inbuilt store.

Some would argue that they would spoil your eyes, but worry not the kindle paper-white is built to minimise as much stress it has on your eyes and it is rated to be almost the same as if you are reading a physical book. It has a waterproof feature and inbuilt backlight to make it easy to read in any weather and in any light conditions. It has a long battery life of about a month. Grab your kindle paper-white on Amazon for Rs. 12,999. It is the best in the market.

Personal Assistants Speakers- Echo Dot with Alexa

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. This makes your lives more comfortable and happier. Ever saw the movie Ironman and imagined what if you had a device like JARVIS? All that exists in movies and in research facilities but a step-down, you get something closer to that. This is a speaker that will satisfy your needs. This is the Echo Dot with an inbuilt digital assistant- “Alexa”.

Alexa is your own personal AI assistant; it connects with your Wi-Fi and home devices and lets you control them using your voice. It is super intelligent, you can ask it to play songs, ask for movie suggestions, book tickets, call cabs, to read the news, use it to turn on your lights, fans and all the IOTs. This is a complete package that allows you to be in control of everything. Giving you the Ironman feeling. The speakers are excellent, with a loud volume and functional bass. They help serve the purpose of a party speaker too. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your personal assistant now. Your Alexa is waiting for your commands. It costs Rs. 3,999 on Amazon.

Wallet Tracker- Panasonic Seekit Edge Smart Tracker

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The more tech-savvy we get, the more things we have, and with so many people in social spaces, it might get a little hard to track your belongings and gadgets. And the risk of losing your stuff is always there. So, here we present you Seekit from Panasonic. This is a small, rectangular GPS tracker which you can keep in your wallet or use it as a key chain. This device connects to your phone and warns you if you ever move away from your wallet or keys. If you lose your wallet, it has a tracking feature.

But what if the reverse happens and you lose/ misplace your phone? This device has an inbuilt button which can enable you to remotely activate the buzzer in your phone. Effectively alerting you of its location and anyone near it to find it. This is a must-have for those clumsy people who always end up misplacing their stuff. Believe us when we say it’s a lifesaver. It costs only Rs. 1,599 and is available to buy from Amazon.

Smart Backpack- Gods Ghost Anti-theft Backpack

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We have so many things to carry around, and in these times, we need to be careful. We showed you a gadget to track your lost items. But as they say, prevention is better than cure. To help with that, we bring you this cool gadget or should we say, gadget keeper? The Gods Ghost Anti-Theft bag is a feature loaded bag to suit for all your protective needs to stove away all your belongings.

It has a massive capacity of 22 litres, has secret compartments to store your stuff like passports, documents, and even your water bottle. It has a 180-degree opening cover and anti-theft, locking zips. Everything is concealed, including the bottle holder, this provides the bag with a premium finish, looks, and exceptional anti-theft capabilities. The bag is available in 2 colors, only for Rs. 2,299 on Amazon.

Sandisk Connect Wireless Pendrive

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Our phones and laptops have substantial storage capabilities, but what if you want to send a file from your phone to PC or from PC to PC or from any device to any other? We use the most versatile things called pen-drives or memory sticks. These allow us to transfer any files from any device to another as long as it has a functional USB port. Which is the only limitation as your phones don’t have it and newer laptops are having new USB ports like the USB type C ports or Thunderbolt 3 ports, which do not support the old USB type 2 ones, so what to do?

That’s where the Sandisk connect comes in. It is a unique device which helps you transfer files from any phone to the Pen-drive wirelessly using the inbuilt Wi-Fi system. It can then be either plugged into a PC and be used as a standard USB or can be again used wirelessly! No more worrying about instant file transfers from your phone to PC. It’s a boon for all those Apple users who want to transfer their photos and take backups on the go. Buy now from Amazon for Rs. 2,449.

Any Screen Touch- Neonode AirBar

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Laptops are the most versatile devices that we use nowadays. The computing power of phones have almost reached near, but laptops still have their hold in the world because who doesn’t like typing? And most softwares are supported for OS such as mac or windows. But the thing is we are used to handling touch screens better than typing everything manually and using a mouse/ trackpad to navigate. At times we might think what if our laptop screens were touch screens too, which is not possible or those which came with touch capabilities are too costly, until this device came.

The Neonode Air bar, initially started as a crowdfunded product by a start-up, is now an international phenomenon. It is a device that turns any laptop screen into a touch screen. It uses a smart positioning system to determine where you are touching on the screen and converts it into a digital signal, which then can be used to operate your laptop. Just plug it in, and you are ready to use your non-touch screen laptop as a touch screen anytime, anywhere. The power of touch is now one step closer. Buy it on IBhejo for Rs. 2,880. It has different sizes to suit all your laptop screen sizes and is also available for Mac users.

Erasable Notebook- Rocketbook Wave Smart notebook

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We mentioned e-writers, but some people would still like to write on paper, to have more physical touch, and who doesn’t like writing on paper? So, here we bring the last gadget- a notebook unlike any other notebook, it looks plain, simple and doesn’t have many features. But this notebook can be erased. Yes! This notebook, when microwaved, the ink is removed from the paper returning the notebook back to its original state.

So, say bye-bye to your old, cliched notebooks because Rocketbook is going to last forever. Another notable feature is that with its companion app, you can quickly scan all your notes, convert them, and store them on your phones or import them to your favorite note apps. Buy them from Amazon for Rs. 3,346.

Bonus: A Cool Retro Idea

After showing you some of the coolest gadgets available for you out there, we still have one last awesome gadget left in our bucket. Let's check it out.

Fujifilm Instax

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We did list an instant printer from HP. But let’s take that and fuse it with a camera and what do you get? An actual instant camera. Rejoice, retro lovers, because the old boy is back in town, instant cameras are back, and they are making a strong statement, they are giving the instant in the digital life.

These cameras from Fujifilm are equipped with photosensitive cards . Upon exposure, a photo develops on these instantly. Just like the printer, except it takes the picture and prints it out all in a matter of seconds and in a single click. This is a must buy to those who want to carry their small memories in their wallets, who wish to decorate their walls with photos, who will take this anywhere and make memories the old way. It once was only for the rich, but now anyone can own it at an attractive price of Rs. 2,799 from Amazon.

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