Teen Gift Guide: Best Gifts to Give a Highschool Girl in 2018

Teen Gift Guide: Best Gifts to Give a Highschool Girl in 2018

High school girls are intelligent, fashion conscious and bright young things with a mind of their own, making gift shopping for them a bit of a challenge. How to buy her a gift that will check all the right boxes? We have gift ideas for every kind of teenager, be it a music lover, book worm or one who likes all things related to technology.

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What You Should Know About High School Girls

Your average Indian high school girl would be studying in class 10 to 12, or in junior college and would be anywhere between 15 to 18 years old. When it comes to shopping for older teens you do need to keep their interests and hobbies as a top priority for selecting gifts as they are fairly certain of their tastes by this age. If she is a daughter, niece, cousin or friend, you would be aware that she has a mind of her own.

The boundaries she began testing in the early years of being a teenager are being explored and pushed further and that may raise concerns for parents. But on the other hand she has hobbies that she takes a keen interest in, is quickly learning to be more independent and may even have a part time job, or a boyfriend and can navigate the world with little assistance from you. Keep her emotional and physical growth in mind when setting out to shop for her.

How to Select Gifts for Highschool Girls

Electronics and Gadgets

The trendiest gadget in town is a sure shot way to please your high schooler. A nice smartwatch from in an eye catching design from brands like Michael Kors or Guess, nice e-book readers, headphones or a cool portable speaker, smartphones and tablets or nifty cameras are all crowd pleasers. This one is a no-brainer really since gadgets appeal to young and old alike but buy her something that is tailored to her interest and you have a definite winner. The choices can be overwhelming but if you have a general idea of what kind of gadget she would like, you can always ask store assistants to guide you to the hottest electronics related to specific interests.

Things She Can Use at School

The thing about learning new things and developing new interests is you need more and more things for each of them. So while the latest gadget is something she will definitely like but your wallet will not, how about giving her things she can use at school or to pursue an interest. Nice stationery, pretty journals, a new bag for school and other educational tools may not seem like the most exciting gift idea but in truth they are always appreciated. If you can anticipate the things she will need soon, like an upgrade on her lunch box, a scientific calculator or new art material she will actually be thrilled to receive those things.

Hobby Related Gifts

The great thing about teens is how involved they are with the things that interest them, be it music, books, art, or pursuing fitness. Buy her anything related to her hobbies and she will be as happy as a clam. These gifts also serve utilitarian functions if you figure out what she needs to take her hobby to the next level. Say if she is learning yoga or another form of fitness, workout clothes, equipment and useful accessories will make it more enjoyable for her. A music nut will be delighted to receive her favourite album, merchandise of her favourite band, new headphones or speakers. All you have to do is put two and two together, and it’s really not that hard considering teens wear their love on their sleeves.

10 Great Gift Ideas for Girls in Highschool

An E-Reader

The girl who loves to read would have a mountain of the latest thrillers, murder mysteries, classics, books of poetry, romantic fiction or whatever she likes to read. Nothing can take away from the pleasurable satisfaction of holding a book in your hands but carrying her collection around can be problematic. An e-book reader will be the perfect gift for her and you can load it with a few of the titles she has been wanting to read before giving it to her.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best options available as it offers a whole 8 weeks of battery life. The black and white screen is crisp, makes reading a lot more comfortable than on a tablet and doesn’t suffer from glare related problems even under direct sunlight; as for reading in the dark, there are 4 built-in LED lights to light up the screen. Buy it on Amazon for Rs.10,999.

Other options are the Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight which boasts of a sleek design with an aluminium casing, a sharp 300 dots-per-inch E Ink display and a highly responsive touchscreen. It scores over the Amazon Kindle for being waterproof and is available for Rs.8464.

Beauty Product

Girls this age are exploring makeup and developing the concept of beauty and grooming. Now that she is turning into a young lady why not give her some products of her own that she can experiment with. As a bonus teach her a few tips to get her going, it can be a fun way to spend time with her and bond.

We suggest this set of brushes in a personalised makeup pouch. Brushes are an important beauty tool and she will benefit from an early start, and she can use the pouch to keep her tinted lip balms and kajal till she owns a little more makeup. The printed pouch has a set of 5 brushes by Vega and can be bought for Rs.1,199 on Gifts By Meeta.

Cool Watch

Watches are much more than a means to keep track of time, they are fashion accessories and a way to assert our own personal style. As a young lady in her own right, you can now upgrade her from the functional timepieces and children’s watches she has worn thus far. Buy her a statement watch in a design that compliments her style. There is an array of cool, trendy, colourful and elegant watches available that do not cost a lot.

If she has a reliable watch she prefers to wear to school on most days, consider buying her a dressy watch she can wear when going for a party, on special occasions or just something smart to pair her trendy outfits with.Such as this rhinestone studded Daniel Klein Watch For Women. The analog watch only shows time but there are three smaller dials and corresponding pushers merely to add an aesthetic touch, they do not actually work. It has a leather buckle strap and stones studded on bezel. It comes with a 4 star rating and a ton of good reviews on Flipkart where you can buy it for Rs.1,139.

Casual Sling Bag

Bags of all shapes, styles, colours and designs are an indispensable accessory for women. Your high schooler may just be a teen but needs one just the same. Girls are fascinated with mommy’s purse from the time they can pick one up and she must have had various childish versions growing up. A sling will not only enhance her casual outfits but also be a useful accessory to keep her personal things in when going out.

We liked this cute Flamingo Fantasy Bucket Sling Bag in gold by Chumbak. Made from PU leather, it has a polyester lining and an adorable flamingo printed in the front. It has a tassel detailing and a removable metal link chain. It has one main compartment with a zipper closure, a slip pocket and a zipper pocket. Buy it for Rs.1,495 on the online Chumbak store.

A Book

Source www.amazon.in

Reading is a wonderful habit and if your high schooler enjoys it you must encourage her by buying her a variety of books by different authors on many subjects. This habit will provide her with a lifetime of simple joy, help sharpen her language skills and teach her about a whole lot of things. She must have authors and series that she enjoys - give her more of those and introduce her to new authors to broaden her mind.

The Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling is by far the most popular series for this age though not limited to it as it has legions of fans across age groups. The adventures of the boy wizard who defied death and his group of friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a spell-binding tale, pun notwithstanding. She may have started reading the series and been through the first few books, but buy her the complete set. The Harry Potter Paperback Boxed Set of the Complete Collection of 7 volumes is priced at Rs.3,357 on Amazon; a hardcover set will cost you Rs.6,500.

There are other popular book series you could consider, such as the Hunger Games series which has also been made into a film series, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, or The Moth Diaries, depending on her age and interest.

Fashion Jewellery

Jewellery appeals to women of all ages so you can consider buying her a few pieces that are suitable for a young girl. Dainty bracelets and chain pendants look especially nice on girls. Small earrings that she can wear outside of school on days she wants to dress up are also a good idea.

Personalised charm bracelets, engraved pendants or other pieces of jewellery with a personal message can make ordinary fashion jewellery more meaningful gifts that are suitable for birthdays, graduation or other special celebrations. Like this Solocute Rose Gold Cuff Bangle Bracelet Engraved with the inspirational words ‘She believed she could so she did’. The adjustable bracelet is made of lead and nickle free recycled material and plated with 14k rose gold. Buy it for Rs.1,300 on Amazon.

Utility Backpack

Source www.amazon.in

A backpack is one of the most important tools of a student life; get her one in a nice design with a sturdy built. These bags are great for carrying a number of things and lower the stress on the shoulder because the weight is balanced on both shoulders. She can use it for school, on out of school trips, to her classes and for sleepover with friends.

The Gear Triumph 26 ltrs Navy Blue and Beige Casual Backpack has a 4.3 rating on Amazon and a whole lot of positive reviews. The outer and inner materials are all made of polyester making it resistant to wear and water. There are three main compartments,a mesh bottle holder on one side, a quick access pocket on the other side, internal organizer and file separator and adjustable straps to make it both comfortable to use and organise things inside. For added safety and comfort the base is padded, as are the back, shoulder straps and handle, and the insides of the straps are coated with a anti-sweat fabric. Buy it for Rs. 839 on Amazon.

Video Games

An avid gamer would like nothing better than to get her hands on the latest game in her favourite genre. If you have such a girl at home then this is the perfect gift to give her. Locate the latest game out there, if need be ask her which one she would like and your search for the perfect gift is over. Though video games often get a bad reputation for various reasons, they do have educational benefits - such as improving reaction time and hand-eye coordination in users.They also encourage abstract and quick high level thinking, things not often taught not even in schools.

So if you have been thinking that her gaming habit is all bad, it may be time to reconsider and surprise her with a game she will love. Tomb Raider is a popular choice for girls and not only because of the strong female protagonist. Tomb Raider Definitive for PS4 is available for Rs.1,299 on Amazon.


As she turns into a stylish young lady help boost her wardrobe with good quality accessories. The right sunglasses can make her look and feel very good but they are so much more than just a fashion accessory. In a country with a long hot summer and lots of dust, these glasses become a means of protecting her eyes. Chose sturdy glasses that not only have a stylish design but will protect her from UV light, the dust and strong winds and shield her from the sun.

These MTV Unisex Cateye Sunglasses are a good way to break her into more adult sunglasses. The brown lens is UV protected and the full plastic rim ensures durability. It also comes in a signature MTV case and is priced at Rs.539 on Myntra.

Computer Accessories

Source www.amazon.in

If the teenager you are shopping for is a geek or loves cool technology, a wireless laser keyboard will thrill her to bits. They are extremely comfortable to us and have the ability to turn just about any surface into a keyboard, making them suitable to a wide range of applications.

The Mini Wireless Projection Virtual Bluetooth Laser Keyboard is a great gift for a girl on the move as it weighs only 136gm and measures 14 x 10,2 x 3.8 cm, easy to stow in her bag and certainly a lot easier to carry around than a full keyboard. In addition there are no moving components inside, thus making it very durable to carry around. It can be used with smartphones, computers and tablets. It produces a full English QWERTY keyboard layout with shortcut keys as well. Buy it for Rs.3,800 on Amazon.

Treat Her to an Experience Instead

Sometimes a physical gift just doesn’t cut it and you want to give her something of lasting value. It’s when you need to come up with ideas to create memories with her that will live on long after the cool gadgets have been relegated to the bottom drawer, the perfume used up and the chocolate eaten. Spend time with her doing something you both enjoy, be it watching movies, going for a brunch or treating her to a trip with her friends.

Experiences can be more gratifying than objects so think outside the box of all the things she enjoys, make time to do things for her you can normally never fit in a busy day. It’s alright to give her a small gift to mark those memories, such as planting a tree together and watching it grow over the years, a camera to take pictures with, or you can make her a scrapbook or photo collage filled with wonderful memories. As a parent or close relative, you could perhaps give her something you had at that age, such as for her 16th or 18th birthday. There are several ways to mark a special occasion or celebration, gifts are one, but there are many more.

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Life's Simple Joys

In a quest to get your teenage daughter, sister or friend the best possible gift, do not forget that the most memorable and cherished gifts are often things you can personally offer - a day spent with her doing things she loves, a trip to the amusement park or just goofing off. As exciting as it is receiving a gift, it is not the whole package, find other ways to show her your love and affection.