Ever Thought of Making Things a Little Bit Easier for Yourself(2019)? Here's Our Selection of the Best 10 Gadgets under Rs. 500 Which Are Useful, Fun and Affordable!

Ever Thought of Making Things a Little Bit Easier for Yourself(2019)? Here's Our Selection of the Best 10 Gadgets under Rs. 500 Which Are Useful, Fun and Affordable!

Do you know you can get some nice gadgets that are affordable, yet fun and very useful? In our daily lives, we all need some little devices to make things easier and smoother for us. In this article, we bring you 10 of the best of these gadgets. Come along and let's explore together.

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Finding out the 10 Best Gadgets under 500 Rupees

Our team at bp-guide keep scouring the internet to help you find the best buys for various special occasions. In our search, we have come across many amazing, innovative, yet inexpensive gadgets. So we thought to build a list of 10 amazing gadgets to be bought online under Rs. 500 in India. The sixth one will surely surprise you.

Our Curated List of Best Gadgets under Rs. 500 - Useful, Fun and Affordable!

10 in 1 Combo of Office Toolkit

Source www.amazon.in

This 10 in 1 Combo Office Toolkit is a must-have gadget for all those guys who have to frequently travel for office work. Every such guy understands how useful it would be to have a small portable toolkit which encompasses a stapler, scissors, paper punch, and cartoon opener. But that's not all, the designers of this cool 10X Office Tool actually packed in 10 of the everyday office things which, apart from the above, include Staple Pin Remover, 1 Meter Retractable Measuring Tape, Pencil Sharpener, Storage Basket and Waste Bin plus a small ring to hook it with your belt.

All the metal parts are rust free and retractable. The blades are very sharp and retractable, so is the carton opener. Scissors are also good and retractable. However, be cautious not to carry this gadget in your hand baggage during Air Journey as it may not be allowed because of its sharp edges. You can buy this product online from amazon.in at Rs. 495 only.

LED Programmable Message Fan

Source www.amazon.in

This cool LED Programmable Message Fan will be loved by any tech savvy guy. A fan which, apart from giving cool breeze, can also display your messages. Isn't it something which can surprise and thrill any person to whom it is gifted?

The letters displayed are very clear and steady. You can programme 8 messages, each of 26 characters long. Programming your message is also not so difficult, as this fan comes with a CD containing the required application to set up and type your messages. You can also open and close each message, from left to right, right to left, sides to the centre, centre to sides, up to down and down to up, or you can spin messages clockwise, counterclockwise or stand still. This cool gadget is available on amazon.in at Rs. 443 only.

Telescope Lens Kit with 8X Zoom

Source www.amazon.in

Everyone likes the blurred backgrounds in the photos taken with DSLR cameras. App stores are flooded with apps meant for blurring the background of any picture. But, not anymore, this Mobielectrocart Mobile Blur Background Telescope Lens Kit with 8X Zoom Lens is a perfect gadget for the mobile camera photo shooters who want to shoot professional quality photographs with their mobile phones.

Long vision and high-resolution telephoto lens, perfectly overcomes the limitation of your phone camera of only taking nearsighted pictures. The cell phone zoom lens allows you to capture the scenery far away clearly and provide you with a high-resolution close-up picture.

The other advantage of these lenses is that, unlike the DSLR cameras, you can keep this with you anytime and anywhere. With these lenses in your pocket, you will never miss your DSLR cameras. It comes with an eyepiece cap, so the lens can easily be used as a telescope when not attached to the camera, which is ideal for watching cricket matches, bird watching, sightseeing, etc. The manually adjustable lenses allow you to set the focus for taking HD quality pictures of the far scenery when you are camping, hiking, fishing, etc. You can order this gadget at amazon.in at a price of Rs. 349 only.

Data Cable Bracelet

Source www.amazon.in

On first look, this may look a simple bracelet, but it is not just an ordinary bracelet. It is primarily a utility gadget for men. This stylish Buddha Bead bracelet is actually a USB 2.0 data cable. It can be used to charge your smartphones or any digital products at any time. With this bracelet, you will never be short of a data cable when you need one or you can use it for high-speed data transmission between devices.

Let its utility apart, it is a very stylish and sexy bracelet made of black Buddha Beads. This stylish USB Bracelet is available on amazon.in at Rs. 40 only.

Zebronics Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop heating has always been a concern for users as it can damage the hardware. Laptop coolers have been trending and used frequently, but if you’re low on budget and require a good laptop cooler, then this Zebronics Laptop Cooling Pad is a perfect device for you.

It has a silent operation and does keep the laptop cool, thanks to its good exhaust capability due to two fans. The best thing with this product is it's foldable and compact in size, the normal size that suits 10" laptops only, but, it can be used for laptops up to 15.4. You just have to set up this cooling pad according to the size of your laptop and plug the power cord into the USB slot of the laptop and it will keep your laptop cool without making any noise. A must-have product for the guys who like to play games on their laptop. You can order this product on flipkart.com at a price of Rs. 347 only.

Key Chain NFC Tag

Source www.amazon.in

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a new technology of communication between two devices just by bringing them very close together. NFC technology is used for many purposes. One of those is NFC Tags. NFC tags is a passive data storage which can be read under some circumstances by an NFC supported device, generally, an NFC supported smartphone. Since most of the modern day smartphones support NFC, you just have to store the task in NFC tags using any NFC app in your NFC supported mobile phone. Then, whenever you touch your NFC tag with an NFC supported device, it will perform the task. For example, if you store your contact No., e-mail id, etc. in your NFC tag, you won't need to tell anyone your contact details; just touch your NFC tag to his NFC supported mobile and your contact will be saved in his phone. NFC tags can be used for a lot of other things. Basically, it allows users to lock apps, share a business card, share internet link, share text and share online files, etc.

This NFC key chain is the most efficient way of carrying around an NFC tag with you. This is a really useful gadget, it has 888 bytes memory which allows you to store more task. Apart from that, this tag is water & weather proof. You can order this LINQS Key Chain NFC Tag from amazon.in at Rs. 329 only.

SMACC 4 Ports USB 3.0 Hub

Source www.amazon.in

This is also an amazing gadget under 500 rupees. This is a USB hub where you can connect 4 USBs in one USB port. Sometimes we need to inject many USB cables but we can’t do so because we don’t have that many USB ports on our laptop. So if you are facing this problem, this device will solve it. It gives instant access to 4 USB 3.0 superspeed ports, which can be used for data transfer, mouse connector, mobile charging, USB pen drive slot, etc. As mentioned by the firm, all the ports are USB 3.0 compliant and also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. You can order this gadget on amazon.in at a price of Rs. 439 only.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Personal Purifier Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

Well, most of us have access to safe drinking water at home, but the problem arises when we go out. In the good old days, bottled water meant a bottle that people filled up. Purification was of little concern and it was pretty common to see travellers filling plastic bottles with water at railway stations. But the health and hygiene conscious youth of this new India don't compromise their health and hygiene anymore.

This personal purifier bottle from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard is the best product for those guys who have to do lots of travel and who buys lots of bottled water. They can now carry their own personal purifier bottle with them. It is powered by chemical free, nanotechnology cartridge, with a life of up to 600 fills. You can buy this personal purified bottle from amazon.in at Rs. 560 only.

Unigear Polyester 17 cms Army Green Messenger Bag

Source www.amazon.in

If you are an adventurer and carry lots of stuff with you, such as power banks, 1 or 2 phones, headphones, USB cables, pen drives, pocket diary, pen, wallet, etc., you must have felt the need for a small handy bag since most of the above items cannot be kept with the main luggage bag, as these items are frequently required.

This Polyester Messenger Bag is what you require. Dimensions of this bag are 17 cms x 12 cms x 2.5 cms, which gives you sufficient space to keep all the items mentioned above. This Quality Pouch is made with waterproof Cordura nylon. This messenger bag is Specially designed keeping in view your travel needs. You can order this bag from amazon.in at Rs. 525 only.

SONOFF Smart WiFi Switch

Source www.amazon.in

How would it be if you can turn on or off any electronic device at your home from anywhere using your mobile internet? Home automation is The New Big Thing. It simply means the way all devices or appliances are networked together to provide users with a seamless control over their home equipment.

Sonoff Basic is an affordable WiFi smart switch that provides users with smart home control at a very minimal price. You just have to manually connect this switch in between the power supply of that particular electrical appliance, which you want to control remotely. Then you have to download an application in your mobile through which you can easily control this switch. You can order this amazing product from amazon.in at Rs. 699, which is a bit higher than our ceiling, but keeping in view its utility at such a low price, it is worth keeping in this list.

Tips for Buying Gadgets Online

Online shopping has become a boon for all those guys who like to spend quality time with their gaming console rather than roaming around from shop to shop to buy the best electronic gadgets. Online shopping is great as it saves time, it saves money and it also lets you choose from millions of options at the comfort of your home.

But you need to be a bit more careful and search well to find out the best electronic gadgets online, so as to avoid any disappointments later on. Here are a few tips from the team of bp-guide, which may be helpful for you to get the finest deal for electronic/non-electronic gadgets online:

  • Always opt for safe and trusted websites for online shopping.
  • Don’t stick with any single online store. Surf well and find out which stores are offering the most reasonable prices.
  • Go through the gadget features in detail to ensure you will find it useful. Else, you will just spend the money and it will gather dust in your closet.
  • To be sure of the quality of the gadget, always read user reviews. There are plenty of good review sites, which gives really honest reviews which you can use to judge the quality and uses of the gadget.
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From our editorial team

Best 10 Gadgets under Rs. 500

The best 10 gadgets under Rs. 500 which is useful, fun and affordable indeed! Whether we are travelling, in our offices or homes, these gadgets promise to come in really handy and can come to our rescue at some critical times when we have an urgent need of a tool or when we need to make life more comfortable for us. Even though they are little in size, they are mighty in usefulness. The sixth one, as mentioned earlier, makes it so much easier for you to share your email address, contact number, etc., not forgetting the SONOFF smart wiFi switch. I'm pretty sure you have found our list of these 10 the choicest of all out there.