Looking for Useful, Fun and Cool Gadgets to Gift? Cool Gadget Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Love to Own (2020)

Looking for Useful, Fun and Cool Gadgets to Gift? Cool Gadget Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Love to Own (2020)

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Who doesn't love a unique gadget? From power banks to nightlights to small smart items, gadgets are as fascinating as the little magic tricks we used to be fascinated by as a child. When buying a gift for a gadget hoarder, you know there is always a place of one more item in their collection. No need to rack your brains for further ideas. Just go through this list and we can assure you, you will end up buying a few for yourself as well!

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Importance of Gadgets in Our Life

It’s quite difficult to imagine our lives without gadgets in the 21st century Whether you like it or not, gadgets have become an inseparable part of our everyday life. We are increasingly becoming dependent on them for every basic and important tasks of life, be it ordering food, booking a cab, online shopping of clothes, grocery, internet banking, e-wallets, keeping track of our fitness, a video call to your loved ones in any country, learning guitar on YouTube or carrying our entire music and movies collection in our tablet or laptop.

Not only the urban crowd, but now the cheap and fast internet has made its way into the remote and rural parts as well and even farmers are taking help of technology for cultivation and better production of crops. Today’s gadgets have made our lives easy and comfortable by saving time on petty things. In near future, gadgets will become a part of our culture and today’s latest technology will be tomorrow’s necessity.

Cool Gadgets to Gift for Home

Gifting a gadget for use at home is a wonderful way to show your care and the recipient would be more than happy to receive such an unusual gift. Let’s check out a few cool gadgets to gift for home, which would reflect your fine taste in gifting on important occasions.

Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table with Dock Stand

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This smart multipurpose laptop table comes with an inbuilt dock stand, which can be used to keep your mobile, tablet etc, while you are working ,or just in case you want to catch a movie while laying on your bed. The table can be used as a study table, bed table, for breakfast or tea and when not in use, you can fold and slide it easily under the bed or make it stand in a corner.

The product is beautifully finished with no sharp edges, ergonomic and rounded design which makes it is safe for kids. The anti-slip legs provide the required balance and the 60cm x 40cm x 27cm (L x W x H) provides ample space for even a 17 inch laptop. The smart multipurpose table by MemeHo can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 739.

Introducing Echo Flex– Plug-in Echo for Smart Home Control

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The future belongs to smart homes, where all the devices will be controlled by a single gadget and you can use voice command to control all your devices. Echo Flex – Plug in echo is the first step towards a smart home, as you can control all the smart devices like light, plugs and all the smart home devices that are compatible with Echo Flex.

You can also make hands free call by simple voice command or even ask for weather updates, latest news or listen to your favorite music by connecting it to Echo Dot or a simple speaker with 3.5 mm aux or Bluetooth. The Echo Flex– Plug-in Echo for smart home control can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 2,499.

Honor Band 4 Fitness Smart Band

This is a smart, convenient and easy way to keep track of your health and fitness-related activities. This smart band by Honor has a 0.95 inches amoLED coloured touch screen, which displays your heart rate, sleep monitoring, phone notifications and reminders. You can collect and check all the data pertaining to your health and make changes in your schedule and workout etc with the help of the Huawei health app by syncing the Band 4 with your smartphone.

The Honor Band 4 Fitness Smart Band is 50 meter water-resistant, so you can use it while swimming and has an impressive battery life of up to 17 days. The Honor Band 4 has multiple sports tracking modes and can be purchased for Rs. 2,999 from vplak.com.

2 in 1 Night Light with 2 USB Charger

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In today’s time, when most of us are constantly worried about the juice of our smart devices; how cool is a device which can charge your gadgets right at your bedside while serving as a night light! Well, this 2 in 1 night light with 2 USB charger ports does exactly that and can charge two gadgets simultaneously while providing a dim, but pleasant light during the night.

You can also speed charge one large device (2.1 amp) like a tablet. This gadget has a US-style plug, so to use it with an Indian style plug, you need to attach a connector. This cool gadget can be purchased from Hit Play for Rs. 599.00.

Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop and mobile are two gadgets which are an integral part of urban life. Working for long hours on laptop heats up the laptop which negatively impacts the performance of laptop and overheating may even damage the internal parts of it. This laptop cooling pad comes with 2 cooling fans which can be switched on or off as per requirement and the inclination of the pad can also be adjusted according to user’s convenience.

The fan has 5 speed settings and run on 3W power, which can be derived via USB from the laptop itself. A flip at the bottom stops the laptop from slipping. This ‘Cosmic Byte Comet 2 Fan Cooling Pad’ can be ordered from flipkart.com for Rs. 999.

Cool Gadgets to Gift for Travelling

If you have a friend or relative who loves travelling, then make their travel a bit more comfortable and enjoyable with these cool gadgets that are specially designed for travel purposes. These gadgets will not only enhance the travelling experience, plus the recipient will remember and thank you while using these cool gadgets.

Leaf Ear Bass 2 Wireless with 15 Hours Battery Life

‘Leaf’ has made its mark in a very short span of time in headphones and earphones market and the Leaf Ear Bass 2 Wireless will not disappoint you in terms of performance, while staying in a small budget. These over the head wireless headphones have noise isolation, which cuts around 95% of the outside noise, the ear cups are ultra soft and the headband is also cushioned, so you can wear them for long hours without any discomfort.

The inbuilt remote control allows you to control the music and take calls without even touching your device. The headset is Siri and Google enabled and provides 15 hours of continuous music with a single charge of just 2.5 hours. If you ever run out of battery, then you can use the aux port to continue listening uninterruptedly. This cool headset is a perfect travel companion and can be owned for Rs. 1,499 from Flipkart.

Echo Auto - Add Alexa To Your Car

Launched in Jan’20, Echo Auto is the new addition to the Alexa family. Echo Auto has aIl capabilities of Alexa and is powered by your car’s USB port or a 12V charging socket. It can be connected to your car stereo system via a 3.5 mm aux cable or Bluetooth. With 8 inbuilt microphones, echo auto can hear you amid the traffic noise or music being played inside the car and you can voice control it through Alexa app to stream your favorite numbers from Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, Jio Saavn and Apple Music. Echo Auto is available for Rs. 4,999 at amazon.in.

Kindle (10th Gen), 6" Display

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The Kindle 10th Gen sports a 6 inch 167 ppi glare-free display which gives the feel of real paper, even in direct sunlight. The adjustable front light allows you to read for hours without causing strain on your eyes, no matter what kind of lighting conditions you are reading in. User has the option to choose from millions of books which include even the bestsellers and new releases. The 4 GB internal memory lets you hold thousands of books so that you can carry your own compact library with you. The battery lasts for weeks and this Wi-Fi compatible device is available for Rs. 7,999 on amazon.in.

Electric Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Pump For Car And Motorcycle

A flat tire can spoil the mood and fun of a road trip, especially if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. This electric tire inflator and air compressor pump is a compact gadget and weighs just 0.65 kg, so it can be easily kept in the car or you can carry it in a backpack while on a motorbike trip (though, you would need an additional connector port for a bike). It can inflate the tire from 0 to 35 psi in about 5 minutes and is especially useful in summers for topping up the vehicle’s pressure. The electric tire inflator can be purchased from grandpitstop.com for Rs. 1,399.

20 Led Solar 20000 -mAh Li-Ion Power Bank Black

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A normal power bank is useful for day to day activities, but it won’t help you when you are off the grid, for e.g. camping or hiking. This Solar Power bank has 20 LED bulbs and the 2000 mAH battery is enough to charge your gadgets, tablet, cell phones and smart watch etc. The charger can be recharged with electricity as well as solar power and the LED lights will be useful during your camping trips. The Probeatz solar charger comes with 12 months warranty and available on snapdeal.com.

Cool Gadgets to Gift for Office

You might be considering to gift some cool gadgets for use in the office. In this way, you can help your loved one's time spent in the office a bit more relaxing and easy. Let’s check these cool gadgets and you can pick the one appropriate for your near and dear ones.

Groot Bobble Head with Mobile Holder

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A cool and stress relieving gadget, this Groot Bobble Head which would enhance the show of an office work desk and also function as a mobile holder. You can occasionally bobble its head as it’s a type of a fiddle toy which provides small stress buster moments. A free batman keychain is icing on the cake and this combo would make for a nice gift item for the action and fantasy movie lovers. The action figure cum table top accessory can be purchased from amazon.in.

Instant Mug Heater - Designed For Coffee And Tea Lovers

This instant mug heater is a cool gift for tea and coffee lovers and would come in handy while one is glued to his desk and craving few hot sips of their favorite beverage. The gadget is USB powered, so no need to change batteries every now and then and you can use it by simply connecting it to your laptop or phone charger. The device is simple plug and play operation and there is no need to install or connect any special app or wire etc. The instant mug heater can warm your beverage between 40 to 80 ℃, weighs just 84 gm, works on 5V power and can be ordered for Rs. 1,375 from thedelhihaaat.com.

Portable 8.5" Re-Writable LCD E-Pad

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The portable re-writable LCD paperless e - writer can be used for multiple activities like making notes, writing memos, to-do list, reminders, drawing and the stylus provided along with the pad, any pencil or even fingers can be used on the surface. The LCD E-Pad is thin and lightweight and the LCD writing surface is rugged to easily withstand the pressure of your wrists. You can erase the content with the touch of a button. This paper saving gadget is available on amazon.in for Rs. 349.

Mini Usb Fridge

Keep your cold drinks cool with this small USB powered fridge which comes with a 4-foot long cable and would add up the style quotient of your desktop. Not only cold drinks, but you can also heat beverages like tea and coffee in this mini-fridge. The cool / off / heat button comes integrated with the USB lead and can be powered by your laptop or computer. The mini USB fridge can be ordered from thedelhihaat.com for Rs. 2,755.

Conduction Heat Lunch Box

This double walled electric lunch box by Milton is very useful in the office as you don’t have to stand in queue in the pantry area to warm your food, thus saving time while providing hot food minus the microwave heating. The 1440 ml conduction heat lunch box has four compartments, provides steamy hot food in just 30 minutes and is available on flipkart.com for Rs. 1,199.

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What to Buy When You are Unsure?

Sometimes, you might be unsure what will be liked or even needed by someone you want to buy a gift for! It might be that a specific gadget is not compatible with the recipients existing gadgets or it might be so that they already have something similar. In that case it is always advisable to get a gift card of a reliable tech store online, such as Amazon or even Flipkart. Or you can just buy something that has an exchange or return policy, so the recipient can choose for himself/herself.