Make Your Workplace More Productive & Fun: 9 Office Gadgets That will Help You Do the Same (2020)

Make Your Workplace More Productive & Fun: 9 Office Gadgets That will Help You Do the Same (2020)

A workspace can be a relatively dull and boring place to be every week with only your laptop, a mobile phone, and some stationary. Try having unique office gadgets that will not only make your workspace a more fun and pleasant place to be but will also liven up your desk. We have listed below some unique office gadgets that you can get to spruce up your workspace.

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Get these Office Gadgets if You Want to Enhance Your Workspace!

A Splash of Creativity & Humor For Your Workspace

With the world advancing at high speeds, for a lot of people, work has started to become their top priority, and they tend to focus more on it. However, sometimes when you return to your workspace, you might not be able to concentrate. You may feel you want to increase and improve your workspace. An enhanced workspace will remove the possibility of killing your impetus, which results in more productivity. But you don't need to worry because we have compiled here the best office gadgets that will bring your motivation and passion back. You will be surprised regarding the positive impact that these gadgets will bring. There are many fantastic office gadgets available in the market which you can use for an extended period of time.

Highly Productive and Affordable Supplies

No one wants to waste his/her money on an expensive and unnecessary accessory. Well, that's not the case here because these office supplies are not only highly productive but are available at affordable rates as well. These gadgets are easy to use, but they also have a longer lifetime and compatibility. No one likes to compromise on quality; these products are of top-notch quality as compared to other similar products available in the market. These office supplies will perfectly fit into your workspace and will definitely help you to work more efficiently. Once you use these products, you will get to know how worth they can be. So don't hesitate to try these supplies if you want to make your workspace better!

9 Cool Office Gadgets for Everyday Use

Handy Solar Window Charger


If you are tired of using the same old-fashioned electrical charger, then you can upgrade yourself by using this handy solar window charger. This charger can come extremely handy if you have electricity problems or if you don't have a charging port for your charger. The gadget works on solar energy and is user-friendly. All you have to do is attach it to some glass or window which is exposed to the sun. With this handy accessory, charging your mobile phone while you are in the car will not be a problem anymore!

You can choose which colour of charger you want as it is available in many. It is light in weight and portable, so you will not face any problems in carrying it around. It has a smooth 6-inch compact interior design and can charge your mobile phone within 2 to 3 hours. You can get this beautiful gadget from Amazon for Rs.1,418.

Fidgi Pen- A Toy Disguised As a Toy


While doing work, one thing that burns out our energy the most is deadlines. Completing work before deadlines can sometimes be a challenging task. While you can overcome them, they can result in stress and anxiety. To release this stress and resulting fatigue, Fidgi Pen is there for you. You can do it by using its pen click, spin disk, flip clip, click switch, rolling ball, smooth dip, and textured grip features. It has a unique feature of universal ink refilters and is super lightweight. The useful garget us also available in different colours. It can help you focus more on your tasks. This fantastic office supply is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,070.

Lumo Lift: Wearable Posture Coach


Working all the time in front of a computer can be tedious and tiresome, especially if you have responsibilities on your shoulders. One factor which also contributes towards your tiredness is your wrong body posture. Lumo Lift is a wearable posture coach who helps you to correct your posture by giving you soft vibrational reminders whenever you slouch.

It makes you stand taller, sit straighter, and look better. As a result, after a while, there will be a decrease in body pain. It tracks your steps-taken, posture hours, calories burned, and distance travelled and helps to improve your fitness. You can buy this amazing gadget from for Rs. 14,258. It requires a mobile application as well, which can be downloaded from Google and Apple Store for free.

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball


After a long day, sometimes, you can be angry or frustrated due to many reasons. You become so stressed out that you need a way to take it out. Well, you can hit Abco Tech Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball to release your stress and frustration. It is another stress releasing gadget which can be installed in your workspace while withstanding any amount of executive venting and amazes its users by its strength. It weighs only 1.5 pounds and is offered to you for Rs. 1,140 on Amazon, along with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. So, go, get your punching ball, and start releasing that stress!

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug


Continuous focus on work can keep you so busy that sometimes you forget about your hot drinks like tea or coffee. Or when you have office guests who need to be served a hot beverage. This can be difficult to do as even small efforts can be a big thing during busy schedules. Well, now your drinks won't be cold because Ember brings you Temperature Control Smart Mug, which will keep your drinks on their required temperatures. You can also adjust the temperature of the mug by yourself. It is easy to wash, can be controlled with your smartphone, and its LED colour can be personalized according to your choice. You can buy it from for Rs. 8,701.

Height-Adjustable Standing Mini Desk


Standing Mini Desk is a useful gadget if you want to accommodate your entire workstation on a single desk. It can transit between sitting and standing within seconds and can support up to 15 kg of weight, meaning you can keep multiple desktops on it. This beautiful standing desk is designed by experts to balance and support your monitors to ideal height using easy grasp handles. It is available in black and white colours and has non-slip silicon frame pads to guard your desk. It allows you to work while standing as it is helpful in the improved flow of oxygen to the brain and improves blood circulation. You can buy this amazing height adjustable standing mini desk from Amazon for Rs. 18,999.

Saent Button- Do Not Interupt


People can easily be distracted while working, and their attention can be diverted, which can result in less productivity. Saent Button prevents it by blocking your physical and digital distractions and helping you focus more on work. Its desktop application motivates you to stay on track by nudging your back whenever you open a useless website or app. You can connect it via Bluetooth or plug it in. It is made up of ABS, Pc, silicon rubber and has an attractive shape of a button that serves as a "Do not disturb button." It is compatible with windows 8.1 and higher, Mac OS X 10.8 and higher and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. You can purchase it from for Rs. 6,499.

Beetle Shaped Portable Desktop Vacuum Desk Dust Sweeper


Work keeps us busy, and we often don't care much about our surroundings. Things get dirty or rough with time and may cause problems while working. If you are looking for a unique vacuum cleaner, then this cleaning gadget is perfect for you. This Beetle Shaped Portable Desktop Vacuum Desk Dust Sweeper is cute and vibrant that crumbs through its legs and vacuum up the dust. It is powered by USB cable, which comes with the box. The creative, intelligent Beetle is designed to clean and cheer you up. The ladybug may look childish, but we all need something cheerful in our office to keep us happy. Available on for Rs. 3,365.

Under Desk Foot Rest - Black


Work can get stressful; that’s why you need a stress reliever. Footrest acts as an ideal placement under a desk that offers enhanced comfort when working. It can elevate feet and legs when sitting like a pro. Free-floating platform tilts back and forth for leg stretches and increased circulation. The surface is soft and creates a soothing environment while working. It also massages feet and sores in demanding scenarios. You can get this footrest from Amazon for Rs. 1,244.

Make Your Workplace Enjoyable!

People suffering from low-stress levels have more engagement, are more productive, and have low fatigue levels than those working under excessive stress and pressure. Psychological studies tell us that our mood and motivation are directly affected by colours. You may have heard many people say stuff like "yellow makes us happy" or "purple makes us feel creative." Hence balance and variety are required to bring alive the colours for your workspace. Choose the right shade of your office walls, which can lighten up your mood. It can be blue or green or any other colour, it entirely depends on you. There is always a place for humour in your workspace. You can enjoy jokes with your colleagues or do some funny acts just for the sake of fun.

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It is Important to Take a Break from Your Stressing Work!

A high level of productivity is expected from modern professionals today, which can't be obtained if you are under enormous strain. Hence try lowering your stress levels by using proper gadgets, which are discussed above and practicing several simple tricks that you can easily find with a simple google search. Try experimenting with different tricks and choose the one that suits you the best.