Can't Imagine a Minute without Being Plugged in? 10 Powerful-Yet-Pretty Gadgets to Buy on Amazon for a Mix of Style and Technology (2019)

Can't Imagine a Minute without Being Plugged in? 10 Powerful-Yet-Pretty Gadgets to Buy on Amazon for a Mix of Style and Technology (2019)

A small gadgets tool can change your lifestyle and bring happiness. There is much work that becomes difficult without using gadgets. New generation people are busy exploring new gadgets, that may help to make their work easier. So, we have shortlisted top 10 gadgets available on Amazon India considering different aspects.

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The Need of the Hour: Adapt to Technology

With the entire world constantly evolving and attempting to keep up with the ever-accelerating pace of technological changes all around us in the 21st century, we often find ourselves caught up in the dilemma of which gadgets to choose and which to skip. While trying to compliant to the latest trends, we even end up making large purchases we did not even need to be making it the first place. As we switch to the ‘smart’ world around us, it becomes equally necessary to be making the ‘smart’ choices when it comes to buying these new gadgets. Wouldn’t it be indeed the best deal if you get all the latest technologies at the best of affordable prices? To ensure that you are making the transition to the tech-savvy world right and easy on your pockets, the online market is your place to be!

5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon

Nurugo Micro 400 X Smartphone Microscope


Backed with up to 400X magnification and high-resolution lens, Nurugo Micro Smartphone Microscope is your lightest and smallest pocket-microscope that can be clipped onto your smartphone’s camera. It can easily be used to facilitate highly magnified and crystal clear photography and videography of every minute and delicate thing around you, whose details would otherwise have been invisible to one’s naked eyes. As we know, traditional microscopes are big and bulky, inconvenient to carry around, and thus, are only available in limited places with access to a limited group of people, associated with education, research, and medical science.

Nurugo Smartphone Microscope, on the other hand, owing to its small and light built, and simple and easy operation, is the ultimate solution for the inquisitiveness of everyone, from kids to adults, and not just benefits researchers and scientists. There are no cables or additional batteries required, which makes this smart gadget a much portable device and useful for widening one’s horizons and experiencing the world around us with a new and unique outlook. It's available to buy on Amazon for Rs. 11,757.

Exxelo Vehicle Dashboard Camera


A must-have car accessory for every vehicle owner, Exxelo Car Dashboard Video Recorder is a portable vehicle camera and video recorder, that offers a 2.5’’ Full HD Screen, along with 170 degrees wide angle lens, that automatically starts up as soon as your car’s engine does. With high quality 1080P video resolution and other facilities and useful modes such as night vision and infrared day, this DVR can be attached to the inside of windscreen of the car or on the top of your dashboard and can come handy in providing picture and video evidence in case of road accidents or vandalism.

Other than ensuring 24/7 parking surveillance, Car Dashboard DVRs, when coupled with other technologies, such as a GPS device, can also help track the speed and location of the car, ensuring further safety to the driver. Available on Amazon at only Rs. 1,189, Excello Car Dashboard Video Recorder is cost-effective and a worthwhile investment to be made for all drivers, especially the ones still learning.

Nintendo Switch


If you are looking for a stylish and fresh gaming console that is portable and can be taken along with you anywhere you go so you don’t compromise on the fun, as well as can be hooked up to your TV set to enjoy a fuller experience at home, then Nintendo, one of the world’s largest video game companies, brings to you Nintendo Switch, their new range of hybrid gaming console, as the ultimate favourite of gamers all around the world, owing to its unique design and versatile and premium gaming experience second to none.

Initially including world-acclaimed games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition, Doom and many more, Nintendo Switch has made an even more significant jump over the years and now provides access to even more number and more extensive genres of games to the audience. Available on Amazon at Rs. 27,444, Nintendo Switch comes with exciting neon blue and red joy-consoles, kicking its sleek and stylish design up a notch.

Mi Body Composition Scale


After smart rice cookers, drones and obviously bestselling smartphones, Xiaomi now brings us a body composition scale that is ‘smarter’ than our regular scales in the way that it tells you more than just your weight. Famous for their people friendly, affordable prices for high tech and trendy products, Xiaomi with their Mi body scale, now aims to attract fitness enthusiasts and bring them the best of technology and science to assist them in their everyday fitness regime at a price of your traditional weighing scale, making this smart design product a perfect addition to your range of home gadgets for the entire family.

The Mi Body Composition Scales, other than body weight, also gives accurate readings for your muscle mass, BMI, bone mass, body fat, basal metabolic energy, water requirement data, and an overall body score to help you evaluate and get better acquainted with your health and fitness reality, along with providing motivation to meet your fitness goals as you take on the journey of transformation into your healthier self. This smartly designed, lightly weighted and much useful gadget is available on for you to buy for Rs. 1,999, as it marks its place in the list of affordable investments you should be making today for your family.

Kodak Mini Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer


Kodak has, without a doubt, been unbeatable in the photography world for years, and today it takes on to mark its high-tech digital presence with Kodak Mini Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer, a compact cord-less printer that can produce high-quality pictures and also provide additional functions such as photo editing and cloud storage, through a printer mini app, available on your Android and iOS devices.

The gadget has a small, convenient and modern brick-like design and is Wi-Fi and NFC compatible, supporting Bluetooth technology, thus making it a portable smart choice for you to use anywhere at any time, helping you print clear and colourful photos off your smartphones directly. So, whether it is for a picture collage, a school project or few images you wish to print to put them on the fridge, bring home and bring home this tiny sleek compact Kodak Mini Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer, available for you to buy in classy matte black colour variant on for an affordable price of Rs. 6,937.

Bonus: 5 Must Have Gadgets for You Office

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook


With smart tech products taking over our lives, from our workplaces to homes, now it is time for our offices and classrooms to turn ‘smart’ in all senses through the introduction of smart notebooks. Soon, we will be bidding adieu to our regular notepads and books, as these special technologically advanced notebooks pave their way into our everyday lives. With 32 clean reusable pages, Rocketbook Smart Notebook comes with a 0.7 black frixion pen, that you can use to write down your notes, to-do lists, use for journaling, drawing, and whatnot, and as soon as you wish to start over again or erase something, just use any cloth to clean off the screen and you get a clean page to yourself again!

So, no more crumbling papers and filling hundreds of notebooks, this environmentally friendly smart notebook is endlessly reusable, and moreover, you can save your work on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, iCloud and emails and ensure never losing it again. Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook is available on at just Rs. 4,180 and is a perfect affordable switch you need to be making to a smarter tomorrow.

Smart Desk Organizer


If you are sick of the table mess at your office table that magically appears every end of the day even if you cleaned it up just this morning, then this is a must-have smart product for you to add to your desk. Available on at Rs. 2,615 only, this stylish desk organizer is the ultimate solution to your everyday struggle to keep your work table clean and organized and at the same time, giving a modern, edgy touch to your workplace.

The Easy 2 Buy Smart desk organizer comes with smartphone and tablet holders, along with a pen holder and 4 different compartments to keep other small items in places such as stationery and business cards, or those paper clips and sticky notes you keep misplacing. To add to the much-needed smartness of this gadget, three USB ports are provided along with a charger for your tablet and smartphone, making it a complete package for every office desk.

USB Coffee Warmer


Riding through the everyday hustle and bustle, working odd, late hours in the office or making it to that early morning meeting can often get exhausting and have us yearning for a good, hot cup of coffee to help us get going. Mobile gear brings to us a USB Cup Warmer Pad that can be used to warm your coffee, tea or milk just by plugging it to your laptop or PC’s USB port. It is compact, lightweight and thus, a portable addition you should be making today to your workplace or to carry around on those hectic office trips. This smart gadget is available at just Rs. 299 on and is a must buy a smart product for all office-going coffee lovers.

MUJI Handy Paper Shredder


If you wish to switch to a paper shredder to take care of your confidential files or paperwork which you no longer require, but worrying about the space and money it will take? MUJI presents to you the ultimate Hand Shredder that is easy to use, and very convenient to carry around, taking no extra space in your office, all just at a price of Rs. 2,587 only. With this unique gadget, you longer have to worry about tearing up papers yourself or taking care of the mess afterward as it takes care of all the shredding and not just that, but also brings style to your desk with its simple yet chic design.

Wireless Charging Base


Available on Amazon for just Rs.1,948, skyvik fast wireless charger base is powered with two-coil fast charging technology and is compatible with a wide range of smartphones. It is a light weighted gadget with a sleek and smart look to add to the coolness quotient of your desk.

If you are tired of carrying chargers and power banks with you wherever you go and are looking for a cordless substitute then this is a must-have gadget that you can use just by putting your smartphone vertically or horizontally over the charging pad and getting your phones charged with 1.4 times faster-charging speed with no heating up of your device.

Dos and DON’Ts of Shopping Gadgets Online

With all kinds of exciting deals and discounts available on all ranges of products, online shopping gives us an edge over the traditional market experience in terms of not just affordability but by also presenting us more variants and features to choose from! With this, there are many Dos and Don’ts that you must consider before you make your next purchase online, such as avoiding shopping on shady websites.

With online shopping profits going off the roof, people are attempting to dig in and take a piece of the pie for themselves. Here, you need to keep an eye and make sure you don’t get fooled by people in the name of tempting offers. Instances like damaged or fake products delivered at low prices have become very common over the years, thus making it a rule for you to stay away from making purchases off sketchy sites and avoid getting scammed.

Similarly, you should also beware of making unprotected cashless payments. You should do good prior research and analysis of specifications of all the latest gadgets you wish to buy online, compare them and finally make your purchase. Lastly, make sure to inspect your product as soon as it arrives and report if any damage is found.

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Once you determine the best time to buy, the best website from which to purchase, and the most secure payment method, don't allow your new gadget to sit unprotected on your doorstep. If your workplace allows it, send it to the office or to a trusted friend or family member who will be home during delivery time.