Walk into the Future as BP-Guide Brings You 10 Cool Gadgets to Have at Home which are Not Only Futuristic But Also Make Your Life Much Easier (2019)

Walk into the Future as BP-Guide Brings You 10 Cool Gadgets to Have at Home which are Not Only Futuristic But Also Make Your Life Much Easier (2019)

We always face a dilemma when it comes to buying a gadget which we think may or may not come in handy in the long run. To clear that dilemma for you, BP-Guide is here with 10 cool gadgets to have in your home which would ensure even a smoother functioning of life, and are going to be useful for a lifetime! Read on to find more about them.

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10 Cool Gadgets to Have at Home

Source tomsguide.com

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier

Source dyson.in

If you want a healthy and comfortable household environment, then Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier is the gadget for you. This ultra-cool gadget is fully automatic and cleans and heats a whole room on its own. It is capable of capturing 99.95% of harmful pollutants and provides you immaculate air to breathe.

Its hot + cool function allows you to heat and cool the room according to your comfort with the help of the purified air that it provides.

This device is quite smart, and it senses the gases and pollutants in the air and wastes no time in purifying the surrounding air. It is quite fast in heating the room too. This gadget has carbon filters in it which are capable of capturing ultrafine particles including allergens too so that your kids remain safe from all sorts of diseases. You can buy this gadget on dyson.in for Rs. 54,900.

Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Source ubuy.co.in

It's imperative to ensure the safety of your house, especially when you have kids playing around. This is why you need this gadget for your home called Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm. This is way advanced than your regular smoke detectors and even has a self-check battery system too.

Unlike other devices, this alarm talks to you in case of any danger and tells you whether you have burnt a toast or there is a rise in Carbon Monoxide. You can even receive notifications about everything on your smartphone easily. If you are using any other Nest device, then you would be happy to know that you can connect them easily to make your life simpler. You can buy this Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm by Nest on ubuy.co.in for Rs. 10,296.

Robot Lawn Mower

Some of the cool gadgets to have at home are the ones which can solve your most recurring home issues, and one of them is trimming the grass in your lawn timely. It can get annoying at times, and this is why you should own this Robot Lawn Mower.

All you need to do is fix the area for this robot and relax back as the lawn mower does all the work on its own. It has the functionality to stop on its own as well.

This is a chargeable device which is very effortless in terms of the functioning. It even comes with auto park feature too, so you need not make any efforts for controlling or operating it. You can get this Robotic Lawn Mower on jaganhardware.com for Rs. 89,285.

Geeni Vision Smart Wifi Home Security Camera

Source amazon.in

Ensuring the safety and security of your home should be the matter of the topmost priority. For taking care of the security of your home smartly, we present to you Geeni Vision Smart Wi-FI Home Security System.

This camera is capable of streaming 1080p video of your home 24/7 from anywhere. It requires no hub as it works on built-in wifi and compatible with all 2.4GHz wifi networks too.

All the motion and activities captured by the camera are sent to you in the form of notifications. And you can control the camera live from your smartphone. You can even engage in live two-way conversations too and hear what others are saying. You need to download Geeni app for it and connect with the camera. Grab this cool gadget from Amazon for Rs. 10,070.

iRobot Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot

Source amazon.in

The most common home electronic gadgets are mainly related to maintaining a squeaky clean environment at home. So, we picked this iRobot Braava jet 240 mopping robot for you. This is a robotic mop which is capable of mopping and sweeping hard floors like tile, hardwood, and even stones.

It can cover the areas of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and any place and can clean even small spaces too. It uses precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning to ensure that no corner in your home remains dirty.

This device is completely automatic and selects the cleaning mode accordingly without needing any human interference. It comes with three modes which are wet mopping, damp sweeping and dry sweeping. This mop doesn’t harm furniture or rugs and avoids cleaning on them. You can buy this useful gadget for your home on Amazon for Rs. 21,000.

Toshiba 55 inch Smart TV

You simply can’t imagine the best form of entertainment in your home without a smart TV. And to pick the best of the bests, we decided to go for this Toshiba 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. This is a fire TV Edition, which means you get tens of thousands of built-in channels, apps, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alexa, and a lot more things on the TV.

You can’t ask for more when you are getting all these services on your TV itself. And talking about the clarity, you get deep contrast and stunning colours with over 8 million pixels.

The experience of watching movies on this 55 inch TV is no less than that of a mini-theatre system. You can control this TV with voice remote with Alexa service. You can buy this ultimate entertainment gadget from Ubuy for Rs. 38,325.

WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Source tanotis.com

Another one in the list of cool gadgets to have at home is a mini smart plug. It seems like a normal and regular device, but in reality, it's the most useful gadget you will ever come across. If you wish to turn every device in your home into a wifi controlled gadget, then all you need is this mini plug for it.

You just need to plug it in your switchboard and then plug another device on it. It will turn the device into a wifi controlled gadget which can be remotely controlled to switch it on or off.

You also have customised scheduling option and an away mode too so you won’t have to worry about if you switched off your lights or not while leaving the house. It's compatible with Amazon Alexa as well. Grab this WeMo Mini Smart Plug from tanotis.com for Rs. 3,115.

Amazon Echo Plus

Source www.amazon.in

Apart from Smart TV, another must-have gadget for your home entertainment is Echo Plus by Amazon. It comes with a premium sound along with a built-in smart home hub too. You can easily setup it with your smart home devices and then control them through Alexa.

The Dolby surround sound with it is exceptional and of course, not to be forgotten the epic Alexa voice control, which makes your life way simpler! You can command the Alexa to play music, answer your questions, listen to the news, weather forecast and a lot more. Buy it from Amazon for Rs. 14,999.

Kohler Prompt Digital Shower Interface

Source kiron.co.in

Kohler brings you an option which is absolutely worthy of being in the list of super cool home gadgets! It's the Prompt Digital Shower Interface with a chrome surface. This gadget gives you the total control of your shower experience in the easiest way possible.

You just need to use your fingertips, and the sizeable intuitive display gives you the experience of safe temperature control, multiple configurations of sprays, and a lot more.

Customise your bathing experience on your own, and the results are instant so you would never have to wait for the water to turn hot. Buy this amazing shower control gadget on kiron.co.in for Rs. 41,505.

DeLonghi Nespresso Pixie Smart Coffee Machin

Source amazon.in

If your morning remains incomplete without that perfect cup of coffee, then it's time to go for a smart coffee maker than those usual ones. DeLonghi brings you this Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine which is a keeper for your kitchen as well as home.

It really is a smart coffee maker with features like auto eject capsule system, thermoblock system, water tank empty indicator, standby mode, and many such features like these.

It comes with a water tank of capacity 0.7 liters with very quiet brew technology, so it doesn’t make any noise while slowly brewing your coffee to perfection. It even has a removable water tank so that you can clean it properly before refilling. Now, you can get the best coffee every single time. Grab this super useful gadget for your kitchen from Amazon for Rs. 20,000.

How Cool New Gadgets are Changing Lives for the Better

Everything is Turning Automatic

Source macworld.com

Technology has given us some cool gadgets which are super helpful in our everyday lives. These gadgets make our life more convenient and more fun. For instance, you can make sure that you won’t have to work long hours on housework after a full day of office as you have fantastic aids in the form of gadgets doing different things.

There is no doubt that some are pricey, but it adds great ease and comfort to your lifestyle, making it worthwhile. Indeed, whether it's lights or vacuuming, today, you can make everything automatic and remote-controlled.

Helps You Save a Lot of Time & Manpower

You can save a lot of time and stress because of the gadgets that are available today for home use. For example, even a simple washing machine saves a lot of your time on which you would otherwise have to spend hours if done manually.

Today we have amazing gadgets for all sorts of chores, ranging from robotic cleaning aid for kitchen, automatic mop, and even robotic vacuum cleaner and automatic lawn mower. All you need to do is give out some instructions, and you're good to go.

Better Entertainment Options

Source theverge.com

Home appliances in the technological sector have seen tremendous growth in the last two decades. And thanks to this development, now you have better gadgets and tools for entertainment too. Not only entertainment, but you have a lot of options for other things also. From voice-controlled Bluetooth speakers to smart TV, everything is out there for your entertainment, all thanks to these gadgets.

Some Useful Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying Gadgets Online

There may be thousands of home gadgets out there which can be bought online. And, it's an entirely different experience when buying gadgets from a store and online shopping portals. If you want to make sure that you are purchasing the right products, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Look Out for Timely Promotions & Sales

As you would have guessed from the options given above, these gadgets are definitely on the expensive side in terms of price! So, if you really are thinking about buying one, then you should keep an eye on the timely promotions and offers these online platforms provide. Almost every site hosts timely discount deals and offers on their platform where you can find these gadgets for much lower prices.

Always Check Reviews & Ratings

This is highly recommended for all sorts of devices and gadgets especially when they are expensive ones. You just can’t afford to miss out on the reviews of these gadgets before actually ordering them. This is the section where you will get to witness the experience of real people with the gadget and it will help you in making your mindset whether you should buy the gadget or not.

Check for the Offered Warranty/Guarantee

Not only you get terrific features in the cool gadgets to have at home, but you also get some premium advantages too. One such benefit is the warranty/guarantee period of the device.

Most of the times, the manufacturers offer at least one year of warranty offer on their product, especially when it's a technical product. This allows you to get your gadget repaired for free in this period and sometimes you can even get it replaced.

Inspect Specifications Carefully

It's imperative that you check the specs of any gadget carefully before making a purchase. The amount of power they require to operate, requirements and specifications about recharging, etc. play an essential role in deciding whether you should buy the product or not. Many times these gadgets come with different charging plugs which are not compatible with the sockets at your home, hence be careful regarding even the slightest of the specification.

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