Budget Friendly Return Gift Ideas Under Rs 20 and Tips to Keep Costs Low Without Compromising on Quality

Budget Friendly Return Gift Ideas Under Rs 20 and Tips to Keep Costs Low Without Compromising on Quality

Cheap gifts don't have to mean bad gifts. When there are so many events and functions where return gifts have to be given, being budget conscious is a sensible idea. And when there are so many great options for small, interesting yet low priced return gifts available online in India, you need not worry about leaving a dent in your wallet or guests disappointed. Let BP-Guide India show you the best low price return gifts for any kind of party or celebration.

Giving Out Return Gifts is a Tradition in Indian Culture

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Whether it is a birthday party, a festival or your anniversary, giving gifts in return has become a norm now. It is a way of thanking guests for making the time to be a part of the celebration or event and to send them home in a happy mood. Choosing a gift for every person participating in your celebration is a difficult task, and it adds to the hassle if the number of guests is large. But, don’t you worry as we got a solution for you.

Pick up return gifts for your guests that are not very costly but meaningful in one or the other way. People will love to come to your party if you give gifts in return. This has become the part of Indian culture. Here are some ideas and options that will help you in choosing return gift under Rs.20 for your next party.

Guests Feel Happy Receiving a Token Gift While Leaving

To organise a party or a function is a difficult and time consuming task in itself, and selecting return gifts for everyone makes it more hectic. Here is a list of unique return gift ideas that can fulfill your requirements for all types of occasion. There are gifts for kids, men, and women of all ages, at very affordable prizes.

Choose from the many ideas for return gifts for your guests, wrap them in shining paper, and present them with a warm gesture. Your guests will surely feel contended to receive such small gifts while leaving and appreciate your efforts.

Tips on Buying Affordable Return Gifts in Low Prices

Explore Different Online Stores and Compare Prices

There are many online stores and sites where you can buy gifts from without the need to roam around anywhere. Check out gift ideas on different sites, look for different vendors, compare their prices, read the reviews of previous buyers, and find the best price.

E-commerce allows you to shop online from anywhere and at any time with a number of offers available at times across sites. You can search for the range of gifts as per your budget. List the items, add those you like to the cart, and checkout. Quite simple isn’t it. You can make your guests happy with a return gift at low price for everyone.

Purchase Gift Items in Bulk Quantity

Giving gifts to your spouse or parent is a simple task. You can choose anything whether costly or cheap. But how to manage when there are so many people waiting for the gifts. One has to think efficiently.

There are many sites where you can buy products in bulk quantity. This way, the price per item goes down, commonly referred to as wholesale price in market terminology. Since you are going to buy a gift for, say 30 to 50 or even 100 people, you can add a lot of items to your list of return gift under Rs.20 with this approach.

Look for Gifts That are Affordable and Presentable

Everyone needs to feel special one or the other time. How can you make someone feel so? There is no need to buy expensive gifts. Even a small gift with few words of love and appreciation will create the magic. They will value your gifts when they use them or see them daily. When the gift is given packed in a beautiful wrap, it creates sweet and long lasting memories. To make all your guests happy and build a strong relationship with them, try to find gifts that are both presentable and affordable.

Someone has rightly said, 'making money is an art, but spending it wisely is the best art'. So spend it judiciously and buy more for less. But while spending consciously, steer clear from items that look cheap. No matter what you buy, the return gift must be presentable. Guests should feel pleased receiving it, not turned off by a cheap and tacky looking item.

10 Amazing Ideas for Return Gifts Under Rs 20

While most of the gift items cost way higher than the amount being discussed here, but buying return gifts for all the guests invited to a party would go out of budget for many. Thus, we have compiled here a list of 10 unique, but useful return gift options that you can consider based on your guests' age group and personality as well as the party theme.

Scented Candles

Ever thought about gifting candles? Believe us, guests will surely loves this unique gift, when you get them a designer candle for their home. Decorated with beautiful colours, specially designed to enhance the beauty of your home and living area. Since a candle spreads brightness around, gifting a designer candle can signify your intentions to pray for a happy and bright life for your guests.

Set of 30 Hosley Fragranced Rose Tea Light Candles is a wonderful pack available in Flipkart. The wax-made tealights are 3.8 cm wide and 3.7 cm deep with rose fragrance infused in them. The round shaped candles have a lifetime of 3 years, and are available on Flipkart for Rs.210 only. This means, you can give each guest a pack of 3 candles as a return gift under or around Rs 20.

Handy Keychain

A keychain or a key ring is also a good option as a gift. Small, but beautiful and useful, a keychain can be used with keys or bag. When considering a return gift ideas, a smiley keychain or the one with a meaningful message on it will always remind the receiver of you, cherishing the bond of your relationship.

Give your guests these cute Fruit Prints Metal Box with Keychain. Made of metal, the keychains double as a small box to keep small things in such as mint and mouth fresheners. The boxes measure about 2 inches across and are printed all over. Guests can use the keyring to attach keys or to hook it to their bags as a cool accessory. The boxes are priced at Rs.25 each on returngiftwala.com but inquire for bulk orders for over 40 pieces and you can get these on a lower price and give your guests a wonderful, small, and useful return gift within your budget.

A Greeting Card

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A greeting card is a nice and always-in-trend gift to give on various occasions whether it is birthday or some festival. You can also use cards as a return gift showing a thank you gesture to all your guests for being a part of your celebration. Cards are available with pre-written quotes or you can get empty cards to write personalised message for every guest.

Satyam Kraft paper Small Traditional Print Multipurpose Gift Tag with Thank you Tags is a wonderful option. Available at Amazon for Rs.199 for a pack of 20 cards is an affordable option too, making the cost per card to Rs.10 only. The 6.5 x 0.2 x 6.5 cm cards can be used as standalone cards or as tags with some other low-cost return gift like a pack of sweets. Also available in multi-colour options, these cards don’t look dull when given with a small gift package.

Party Goodies

Hosting a birthday party without party goodies is not a good idea. Fill enthusiasm and entertainment in your party with games, decorate with balloons, and include party hats, goody bags, birthday piñatas, cake decorating supplies, and much more.

Throw an unforgettable birthday bash so that people will remember you and your ideas wherever they go. Create a magical atmosphere with various colourful themes and fun. Invite people with colourful greetings or make entry cards for all the guests invited to the party.

25pcs of Biodegradable Polka Dot Candy Gift Bag Wedding Party Paper Food Bags are a great return gift at low price option. You can buy the pack of 25 from Banggood fo Rs.243, making each bag cost around Rs.10 only. Fill each bag with some candies or goodies to make a wonderful return gift for each of your guests.

Cute and Funky Pens

Pens are an un-ignorable part of one’s life, with their least use being in terms of signing any paper. Other applications of pens include giving exams, for writing various assignments, and for office work. Pens are also used to write great stories of life, and gifting someone a pen could mean a trust on them that they will write something great one day.

Look for gift packs of cute pens, like this Pack of 4 Superheroes Gel pens priced at Rs.81 on returngiftwala.com where each pen works out to about Rs.20. The refills can be changed easily and these are cute enough to give kids yet have a wider appeal to include adults as well. Bulk orders can further lower the prices. There is another option for a set of 2 Minion themed pens that write in multicolour and come fitted with a magnifying glass priced at Rs.35 on the same website. If you need to order in large numbers and can avail of bulk discounts, you can also consider many more options in a slightly higher price range too.


A coaster, beverage coaster, drink coaster, or beer mat is an item used to cover drinks or make them rest upon. These can also be used to absorb the condensation along the glass or to protect the surface of the table from marks, like used in bars, pubs and clubs as well as offices and homes.

Gifting a coaster set cam deliver your message of caring, as these take care of their furniture and drinks. Available in different materials, sizes, and shapes, coasters have various brands or paintings printed on them. You can buy coasters from AliExpress for as low as Rs.10 for 2 pieces. Here, you get a number of designs and types to choose from, within your budget. Prices depend on the design you choose. Pick from lacy designs, colourful fruit themed coasters, to coasters shaped liked snowflakes and lots more.

Plastic Water Bottles

With the summer season up again with its scorching hot days, staying hydrated is very important. Though dehydration causes a lot of problems, but you cannot drink water from anywhere due to rise in the levels of pollution and unhygienic materials available. Thus, it’s better to carry your own bottle, and you can also choose this option as a return gift.

Children are one of the major part of water bottle consumers, and you can get them Kids School Water Bottle with vibrant colours and attractive designs on them. The water bottle is available on Indiamart for Rs.20 per piece. However, if you are looking for something for elder people, you can get designer plastic water bottles available from Indiamart for the same price. Made of high quality plastic, your guests will not only be happy, but will also remember you for as long as they use this bottle.

Quirky and Colourful Erasers

If you are inviting kids to your party, like on your child’s birthday party or any particular celebration or occasion for kids, animated items as return gift will amaze them. Moreover, since stationary is a part of children’s daily life, they love to have unique items and shapes in their geometry box.

A vast collection of adorable and colourful erasers are available at returngiftwala.com such as these super cute Owl Shape Cute Erasers. A pack of 10 erasers is priced at only Rs.99, with each piece costing you as little as Rs.10. These erasers are too cute to be used and may likely wind up as decor in the homes of all the kids who get them. They also leave enough in your budget to pair them with another small gift.


Apart from animated erasers, stickers are another common part of a kids’ stationary collection. School-going children use these stickers on bags, geometry boxes, metal, paper and other items. Also, pasting stickers is quite easy. All you need to do is remove the pre-cut pieces of stickers from the paper and apply them to a desired area, provided the area is clean and free from grease, dust, or any other contamination.

Doraemon Stickers Strips Pack of 25 is a wonderful and highly cost-effective option. Available at a cost of Rs.125 for 25 strips on partyone.in, you pay only Rs.5 per strip. Each strip contains a total of 7 cute Dora stickers. Stickers in other themes are also available on the site at the same rate, and you can either combine each sticker strip with other goodies or give 4 strips to each kid as a wonderful return gift at low price.

Nylon Mesh Pencil pouch

Pencil pouches are an essential part of a child’s school bag, as they allow easy and orderly collection of all the writing instruments. Apart from their ability to keep items safe, kids love to flaunt off fancy pencil pouches among their classmates and friends. Not only kids, working professionals, artists, and elder students also make use of such pouches.

Bear Print Pencil Pouch – Green Multicolour is a radiant, attention-grabbing option as a gift as well as a return gift. The plastic-made pouch is light weight and durable that measures 21.5 cm x 18.5 cm. Available at a price of just Rs.14 from Firstcry, you can get one for your own child, or buy a bulk of items as return gifts for all the guests at your party.

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Good Presentation is Vital

A return gift may cost as little as Rs.20 or several times that amount but what matters most is how it's given to guests. There are plenty of websites that cater to return gifts and you can get more than one gift even in a tiny budget. Wrap the gifts well or put them into nice looking gift bags, add supplementary gifts like candy and chocolate depending on the age group at the party, attach a small handwritten note and guests will be mighty pleased with your effort. It's not the price that matters but how you present small and cheap gifts.