If You're Concerned About the Planet, Turn to Eco Friendly Return Gifts Like Plants! 10 Party Favour Plants to Give in 2020

If You're Concerned About the Planet, Turn to Eco Friendly Return Gifts Like Plants! 10 Party Favour Plants to Give in 2020

Gift-giving happens year-round, and yet, we still find ourselves scrambling to figure out what our friend or loved one would like and appreciate. Plants are the latest trend and for good reasons. With so many plants to choose from, you might still be struggling to try to decide which plant gift is the best for your recipient. Whether you think your friend or loved one would be better with a low-maintenance plant, or a more fragrant plant, we’re here to guide you on which varieties are best for gifting.

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Why Do Plants Make a Great Gift?

Gifting Plants is a beautiful way of showing someone how thoughtful you are. It is an addition to their house, a living element which they get to keep, nurture and grow, creating that life-long relationship. It is also an everyday reminder of nature’s beauty which we all usually crave, especially due to the artificial structures around us. It is a reminder of the slow life, the calm and peace we sometimes miss due to our work schedules and an appreciation of the small things in life.

When it comes to having plants around us, not only do they make us feel a certain way, but they also come with some great health benefits, eventually making our minds and bodies feel good, creating an overall positive atmosphere.

When it comes to gifting plants, we usually see flowers and bouquets were given as gifts on various occasions, even though they barely last by the next morning. Isn’t it better to gift someone an entire plant with all of its elements intact rather than a part of it - like a flower which would stay with them only for a temporary while? This happens because of a misconception that plants require a lot of maintenance. Well, this is not true. There are so many plants which require low maintenance where you need to water them once a week.

Plants are actually the most thoughtful, sustainable and personalized gift you could give someone, where an element of green would brighten up any house and occasion, making it a timeless possession. Even though everyone would love receiving a plant as a gift, and it will suit all occasions, you would still need to do some research on different kinds of plants before you pick the right one as a gift depending upon the lifestyle of the one you’re gifting the plant to.

We understand it can be a difficult task when it comes to selecting the right plant as a gift which is why in this article, we have compiled everything you need to know if you’re planning on gifting plants to your loved ones - the kind of plants to go for, things to keep in mind and how to be creative while gifting plants, you’ll find all of this in this article.

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How to Pick Plants for Gifting : Things to Keep in Mind

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Even though gifting plants is a beautiful gesture, there are some things that one must keep in mind to ensure that your thought does not go futile. In the end, what matters is that the receiver of the gift enjoys getting that gift rather than feeling of it as a hassle. Here are some things you should keep in mind while choosing which plant to gift:

Allergies and Pets

This one is important since no one would like to receive a plant which triggers their allergies or is harmful to their pet. If the receiver is allergic to flowers, it’s better to be safe and opt for succulent plants. In case they have a pet, make sure that the plant you’re giving has no poisonous elements in it which could be unsafe for the pet.

House Space

At the end of the day, the plant that you will be gifting would need ample space for its nurturing and growth. This means, do some research on the house space - whether they have enough light, or outside planting area and similar things. This would help you decide between indoor and outdoor plants. If there is less space, you can opt for a terrarium of hanging plant options as they could be put in any space, even adding a decor element without taking up a lot of space.

Low Maintenance

Everyone has their existing schedules and way of functioning and no one would want them to be altered. So it is always safe to opt for plants which require low maintenance where they do not think of your gift as a burden.

Thank Your Guests with These 10 Plant Gift Options

Now that you know how to choose the right plant as a gift, we’ve picked out 10 Plant gift options. You can read about them below and choose one of them or come up with your own version of it. We’ve compiled the list with different options depending on the placement of the plant, its benefits, and packaging.

Money Plant

Money Plant is considered to be a symbol of prosperity, happiness, good luck and wealth. It is a great gift option because it has a thoughtful element behind it, where you are giving someone a source of positivity. Moreover, it also acts as an air purifier which cleans the air around you.

We picked the one from nurserylive.com which comes in a ready to gift package with money plant in a pot, pebbles, gifting card and a gifting bag. It is priced at Rs. 179.

Desert Rose Adenium

An outdoor plant, Desert Rose Adenium is usually found in Africa and Arabia with fleshy leaves.
It makes for a great gift because Desert Rose Adenium does not require much maintenance as the stem of this plant has the capacity to store water and it does not require watering during winters.

You can get this from insinity.com for Rs. 999 where it comes with a vase and an orange packing paper.

Relaxing Buddha Dish Garden

Source www.fnp.com

If you want to go out of the box and are looking for something that is luxurious and nature-friendly, go for this Relaxing Buddha Dish from Ferns and Petals. The entire gift is designed by creating a Garden Trivia with Statue of a Buddha at the centre. This concept originated in Japan where the gardeners in order to give their potential customer a visual representation of the end result, created a miniature version of the same.

It’s a great gift option, which is suited as an Indoor plant and has a total of 5 plants in the dish: Syngonium Plant, Jade Plant, Money Plant, Sansevieria Golden Plant, and Senecio Radicans Glauca Plant. You can get it for Rs. 4,849.

Peace Lily

When it comes to gifting plants, what matters is to be considerate about it and ensure that the plant you’re choosing has some thought behind it. One such thoughtful option is Peace Lily Plant since it symbolizes purity, peace and rebirth. It is also a beautiful indoor plant which grows into green lush leaves with white flowers on the top, making it a simple yet elegant addition to someone’s house.

This one from nurserylive.com comes in a ready to gift package with a pot, ‘for you’ tag and a ribbon tied on the pot. You can get it for Rs. 299.

Sansevieria Air Purifying Plant

Source www.igp.com

Sansevieria Air Purifying Plant is almost like an essential in today’s time considering the pollution levels around us. It is also very easy to maintain since it requires moderate sunlight and water. You can choose to keep in either indoor and outdoor. Sansevieria Air Purifying Plant purifies the air of a surrounding, making it a good gift option without any hassles, which no one would mind receiving.

This one comes with a green fibre pot and you can get it from igp.com for Rs. 745.

White Pothos

If you’re looking for a creative and unique plant gift, this White Pothos with a Hanging Terrarium should be your go-to option. White Pothos has diamond shaped beautiful green leaves with some white patches on it and is also known to purify the air around you. It is an indoor and low maintenance plant.

We went an extra mile and picked this one for you which comes in a Terrarium with white crochet hanging set up which makes it a beautiful decor option suited for any house.

You can gift this to your guests showcasing an element of thought and creativity. It is priced at Rs. 750 and you can get it from insity.com.

Aloe Vera Plant

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We all know that Aloe Vera comes with some great benefits and offers solutions for diverse problems. It has antioxidants and antibacterial properties that are great for skin, wounds, immune system and other health problems as well. The plant need virtually no care and is very hardy in all seasons.

This is what makes it a great gift option and you can get it for Rs. 319 from amazon.in.

Boat Lily

Source www.fnp.com

A beautiful plant with long spiked leaves with a tinge of pink on them and beautiful flowers which look like Moses, Boat Lily plant is also known as Moses in a Boat.

Boat Lily is a great gift and this one from Ferns and Petals comes in a beautiful blue hanging bucket, making the entire plant a great addition to anyone’s house. It can be placed both indoor and outdoor depending upon one’s preferences and requires a moderate level of maintenance and care.

It is priced at Rs.1,149 on fnp.com for the plant and the hanging bucket which it comes in.

Three Moon Cactus

Source www.fnp.com

Moon Cactus is a unique plant gifting option because of its striking colours. This one from Ferns and Petals is called the Three Moon Cactus. It looks great, with its contrasting colours and makes for a suited gift option where it comes with a unique ceramic pot. It survives on minimum water intake and requires low maintenance.

Apart from its purifying properties and low maintenance needs, it is a great decor element which would brighten up any corner. You can get this from fnp.com for Rs. 1,499.

Jade Terrarium

Feng shui is a Chinese set of principles which beliefs in spatial arrangement and its relation to facilitating the flow of energy. As per feng shui, Jade Terrarium plants are a source blossom and growth into one’s life. With its thick and round leaves which resemble coins, it is supposed to bring with it wealth and prosperity.

It is an indoor plant and an addition of a terrarium makes it an elegant decor element to any house. You can buy this Jade Terrarium in a glass bowl from floweraura.com for Rs. 649.

Bonus Idea: This Is How You Can Be Unique with Your Plant Favors

When it comes to gifting plants, you do not have to restrict yourself to a plant with a basic pot. There is so much you can do with it in your own quirky way to elevate your gift. Here are some tips to go an extra mile while gifting plants:

Create Your Own Plant Gift

Even though there is hardly you can do with the plant, but there is so much you can do with the way it is given as a gift. You could actually create your own customized version of plant gifts, where you can buy some pots and paint them on your own, giving it that unique and homely feel. You can customise depending on who you’re giving it to and what is the occasion.

Play with the Packaging

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Packaging of a gift is as important as the gift itself because it sets the tone for your gift.

When it comes to packaging the plant, you can let your imagination run wild. There are two major elements to packaging - one is the pot itself and the second is the presentation of the gift.

For pots, you can be really creative and get a really beautiful pot or create your own like mentioned above. You can also experiment with the design and styling of the pot where you can choose between solid, or quirky patterns as well as different styles like a terrarium, hanging potters and a lot more.

Then comes the final presentation or adding that last touches to your gift. You can either add simple touches by adding name tags, gift cards or ribbons; or go an extra mile with the packaging by using wrapping papers which suit the occasion.

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