How to Make a Chocolate Bouquet(2022)? Create Your Own Chocolate Bouquet to Give a Chocolate Gift Worth Remembering.

How to Make a Chocolate Bouquet(2022)? Create Your Own Chocolate Bouquet to Give a Chocolate Gift Worth Remembering.

Your loved one got a sweet tooth? This year, upgrade your flower bouquet with something beautiful and delicious. It’s super easy to DIY a homemade chocolate bouquet. Grab your supplies and get your chocolate crafting on with our bouquet ideas and instructions!

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What is a Chocolate Bouquet?


We have heard of a bouquet which is an aesthetic arrangement of beautiful, sometimes exotic, flowers. But there also exists chocolate bouquets which are an aesthetic arrangement of various types of chocolate in a flower bouquet formation. It looks like a flower bouquet but there are chocolates where there should be flower heads. It is quite a popular gift, especially if the person you intend to give it to is a chocolate lover. Giving a bunch of chocolate bars is boring. It doesn’t feel like a gift at all. Chocolate bouquets have solved this problem and allowed us to gift chocolates that look and feel like a present.

DIY Chocolate Bouquet

A chocolate bouquet is a unique and beautiful gift. It is ideal for occasions like valentines day, anniversaries and birthdays of spouses. Follow this BP Guide to know how to make a simple chocolate bouquet.

Required Items

To make this bouquet, you will need:

  • 9 bamboo skewers
  • Chocolates
  • Glue or sellotape (a clear adhesive)
  • 3 art papers cut into squares

Step 1: Selecting the Chocolates

A chocolate bouquet must resemble an actual flower bouquet. This means that the chocolate wrappers, specifically their colours, become significant. Flower bouquets are of two types, the first type consists of flowers belonging to a single colour and the second type consists of multicoloured flowers. Your chocolate bouquet will resemble one of the types. If you are opting for the single colour type then use chocolates whose wrappers share the same colour. If you are opting for the multicoloured type then use a bunch of chocolates that have different coloured wrappers.

Step 2: Arranging the Chocolates


It is pretty easy to arrange the chocolates. You need bamboo skewers for this, one skewer for each unit of chocolate. Take one bamboo skewer and attach one chocolate to the top part of its length. You can use both hot glue and sellotape to attach the chocolates but we recommend hot glue as they look neat. After attaching the chocolates, fasten the lower ends of three skewers with a string of hot glue or sellotape. It should resemble an inverted triangle. Make three such inverted triangles.

Step 3: Making the Bouquet Holder

You need 3 square pieces of paper to make the bouquet holder. Each square must be slightly larger than the previous one. Take the smallest square and fold two parallel ends towards the centre of the paper to make a triangle formation with a flat at the top. Secure this formation by sticking the folded ends to the centre of the paper. Do the same with the other two square papers.

Step 4: Combining the Chocolate Arrangement and the Holder

Take one inverted triangle (refer to step 2) and place it on the table. Take another inverted triangle and place it on top of the first one but slightly lower. Similarly, place the third one on the second but slightly lower. Cut off the extended lower ends of the skewers of the second and third inverted triangles so that all the skewers are of the same level at the bottom. Secure this formation by fastening the lower ends of the skewers. Now place the lower part of this formation on the smallest square and secure it with glue. Then do the same with the second square and then with the third square.

Tips to Keep in Mind while Making a Chocolate Bouquet

Following are three tips to keep in mind while making a chocolate bouquet.

Keep It Simple


Keeping it simple is often the best way to go about things. Chances of error increase when you try to make an elaborate chocolate bouquet, especially if you are making it for the first time. A simple chocolate bouquet looks minimal and sophisticated and serves its purpose.

Use Moderately Sized Chocolate Bars

The chocolate units will be attached to slim bamboo skewers which then will be fastened at the lower ends. If the chocolate bars are big and heavy, the formation might break under the weight. Hence, pay attention to the size and weight of the chocolate bars when selecting chocolate for the bouquets.

Glue Over Sellotape

Use glue instead of sellotape. Sellotape is easy to use and is not as messy as glue but the bouquet will not look aesthetic with sellotape all over it. Glue remains hidden and besides, it is a stronger adhesive than sellotape. Your bouquet will not be dismantled easily if you use glue.

Readymade Chocolate Bouquets

It is not always possible to make your own chocolate bouquet. There can be a myriad of reasons for it; you are unable to find time to make them, you are not particularly good at crafts, you are not interested in DIY projects, the resources are not easily available, etc. Hence, we provide information on two readymade chocolate bouquets that can be store-bought.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet


This chocolate bouquet is made up of one type of chocolate and that is the round-shaped chocolates from the popular chocolate brand named Ferrero Rocher. The bouquet contains 16 units of chocolates wrapped in a red bouquet holder. It is decorated with a golden-coloured bow. The colour of the bow is similar to the colour of the chocolate wrappers. The red colour of the holder provides an aesthetic contrast to the golden colour and makes the bouquet look more attractive. The formation of this bouquet emulates a classic tulip or rose bouquet. You can get this bouquet at a price of Rs. 1,399.

Multiple Chocolate Bouquets


This chocolate bouquet is a riot of colours owing to the different types of chocolates used in it. The bouquet contains 3 peanut-filled Snickers bars (50 grams each), 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars (12.5 grams each), 2 Nestle KitKat chocolates (12 grams each), 1 Cadbury 5 Star chocolate (21.5 grams). The chocolates are placed in a bed of bright green leaves on jute paper. The lower end of the bouquet is wrapped with yellow coloured paper and decorated with a brown coloured bow. The overall bouquet looks vibrant and cheerful with all the colours complementing each other. Besides appearance, this bouquet scores top points in terms of content as it contains a variety of chocolates. This Bouquet is a delight for chocolate lovers. You can get it for a price of Rs. 949.

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