Flowers Breathe Life into Living Spaces. Bring a Splash of Colours and Happiness to Your Home with Home Decor Flowers (2020)

Flowers Breathe Life into Living Spaces. Bring a Splash of Colours and Happiness to Your Home with Home Decor Flowers (2020)

Flowers are an integral part of decorating your home. This BP Guide will introduce you to some great home decor flower arrangements which you can easily buy online along with great tips to keep in mind once you decide to do your home decor with flowers.

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Add Beauty to Your Home with Home Decor Flowers

It is a joy to decorate your home. Don’t wait for an occasion to make your home look elegant and lively. You can make your living room, dining room or kitchen go vibrant with flower decor. While real flowers are always a great option, artificial flowers too can make your room look bright and cheerful. Find ways to bring beauty to your everyday life with artificial flowers.

How to Make Your Decor Flower Arrangement Remarkable?

Flowers, artificial or natural, always add life to your home. Many of you would love to arrange flowers in an elegant way. Adding some spice to them brings more beauty out of them. Here are some great tips for you to make your flower arrangement look unique and extraordinary:

1. Choose the Right Colours:

When you are looking for artificial flowers that look like real ones, you need to be careful about the colours – choose the colours that are realistic. You cannot expect too gaudy colours to look like the real ones. The same goes for the occasion. You need to choose the colours of the wall hangings, or flower decor options based on the occasion. For instance, if it is a house warming ceremony, yellow and orange marigold flowers are the perfect choice. For decorating the living room for a party, purple orchids and white flowers are apt for such events.

2. Go Creative:

You need not stick to what the brand offers you. You might have a bunch of purple flowers, a bunch of red flowers, and another one of white. You can mix them to match your taste. You need not keep the flowers fixed to one area. Move them from your living room to the kitchen, and to other places. Your guests would get the feel of a new arrangement every time they visit you. If you are decorating for an event or a party, find out the theme, and/or create one. All you need to take care of is the fact that weird details should be avoided.

3. Mix with Real Flower Arrangements:

Getting ready for a big event at your home? An auspicious occasion or a party? Then you can mix artificial flowers with real flowers. Here you need to be careful about the colours. Green strings go with flowers of all sorts. Red, yellow, pink real flowers are suitable for green artificial flowers that you have. If you have purple flowers, then mix them with white real flowers. Match vibrant hues with colours that are softer for a better appearance.

Top 10 Home Decor Flowers for a Stunning Decoration at Home

When you are all geared up for home flower decor ideas, here are ideas to shop from the online stores. These flower decors are less expensive, and look great, and can be used in versatile ways.

1. Yellow N Orange Marigold Decoration

It is one of the effortless manners to decorate your home for special occasions. When you want to decorate a special place for festivals like Dussehra or Ganesh Chaturthi, this Yellow N Gold Marigold Decoration is a fine option. This stunning yellow and orange marigold combo can also be used to decorate during any auspicious function that takes place at your home. It adds to the beauty and looks elegant. You can also use it in the reception area of your office. These flowers can be hung at the entrance, balcony, and the windows. The decoration includes 10 kudi marigold flowers along with green fillers and you can get them from Ferns N Petals for ₹ 11,749.00.

2. Tayhaa Green & Pink Vibrant Artificial Bougainvillea Plant

To add the best vibes to your home or garden, you can get this Tayhaa Green and Pink Artificial Bougainvillea Plant. This is a set of one plant and is made of plastic. So, it is easy to maintain this plant. All you need to do is to wipe it with a cloth. Use only a dry cloth. This vibrant plant is extremely appealing to the eyes. You can also place it on your balcony. Use it in many ways to add glow to your home – a showpiece on the table, or on the shelves, or at your office entrance, or anywhere you want to draw attention to. The pink and green combo is alluring. Place an order for this fantastic artificial bougainvillea for ₹ 2,632.00 on Myntra.

3. Purple Fabric Beautiful Artificial Hanging Orchid Flowers with Real Looking Leaves by Fourwalls

This is a great choice to decorate your living room, office space, bedroom, balcony, and even your reading room. The purple fabric orchid flowers look real and add elegance to your home. You can also use this as a party or occasion decor at your home. It fits perfectly into any part of the home, and for any occasion. It is easy to maintain. Keep it on a vase, a bottle, or a pot of vibrant colours. Pepper Fry offers this beautiful artificial hanging orchid flowers for ₹ 749.00.

4. Sphinx Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flower Garlands Door Toran Set/Door Hangings for Decoration (Yellow & Dark Orange)

A few special occasions demand using special decorations at the entrance of your home. The Sphinx Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flower Garlands Door Toran can be used for such occasions. A perfect choice for house warming, puja, cultural events, festivals, weddings, receptions, and a wide range of inaugurations is this marigold flower door hanging. To make them look fluffy, you can simply put and pass the garland gently in your hands. This is a completely handmade product, and there are bells that add to the beauty of these hangings. The bells don’t ring and are added just for aesthetic purpose. The door hanging is priced at ₹ 499.00, and is available on Amazon.

5. Muhil Floating Lotus Medium Multi-Colour Lotus Artificial Flowers

This is a set of 5 lotus flowers of 4 inch size, which can be used in various styles. You can make them float in a decorated pot at the entrance or in your puja room. You can also place them individually in vases all around the house. The pack of 5 flowers comes in different colours. You can use them to decorate your home during Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. and place them anywhere around the house. If you have an artificial flower collection or a garden, you can place these flowers in water. This adds to the look of a real garden with ease. Flipkart offers these flowers for ₹ 299.00.

6. Handmade Paper Red Hibiscus Flower Set of 5 Flowers

From Nandini Creations, Pune comes this red hibiscus flower set. The set is a pack of 5 flowers. These handmade flowers look like real hibiscus. It is a unique decor theme if you have chosen the hibiscus. It goes well with the auspicious decoration themes. If you are looking for minimal decoration, place these 5 flowers in the vase, and keep it on the table. It also looks good as a showpiece on the office table. You can also mix and match them with the marigold, yellow, orange, and white flowers for decor if you already own some of these. Get them for ₹ 320.00 on Shop Clues.

7. Magnolia Blush Flower

If you are looking for a stunning flower decor that brings home elegance, then this Magnolia Blush Flower is a fine option. This gorgeous flower fits into a vase or an ornamental urn. Simply place it on the table or on the corner decorative shelf, and it would send out the vibes of beauty across the room. It has multiple layers of petals, and it is also durable. You can opt for these home decor flowers in a variety of colours. You can place an order for these flowers on Address Home when you want a special attraction in your home. You can get them for ₹ 890.00.

8. BS Amor Artificial Creeper, Wall Hanging, Special Occasion Decoration, Home Decor Party, Office, Festival Decorative (Pack of 5 Strings)

When you want something attractive and unique to decorate your home without being too clumsy, then this artificial creeper is the best option. This wall hanging is made of plastic fibre and can be used in multiple ways. Use these strings in the balcony, on the windows, or in any specific corner you want to decorate. The strings are 6 feet long, and you can clean and maintain them with ease. Use them on the archways, railings, fireplaces, tables, stairs, or add lights to them for a stunning look. They can be used during weddings and receptions too. Get the artificial creeper on Amazon at ₹ 340.00.

9. 6 Colour Artificial Plant Flower Potted Wedding Party Tabletop Home Decorations – Pink

Artificial potted plants from Banggood look fresh all round the year. They are best suited for office and home use. They do not take space and yet add sparkling beauty all around. Keep these 6 colour plants in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. You can add your creativity to place them anywhere else around your home. The 6 colours are red, pink, lotus, green, yellow and purple. They come with a price tag of ₹ 478.62.

10. 100 Pieces Simulation Cherry Blossom Petals Fake Artificial Flower for DIY Craft

These cherry blossom petals artificial flowers are an excellent choice if you want to add your imagination and creativity to your home decor. You can make any type of home decor, like sticking them to a frame, or making a string or hanging from them. You can stick them to form any pattern on the walls and windows. You can maintain and clean them with ease. They are of high quality and look stunning when you give them a life with your imagination. Grab them from Eassymall for ₹ 554.00.

Flower Arrangements You Must Try

You must be looking for unique ways to add glam to your place with flower arrangements. It is quite common for anybody to think of ideas that are not usual. Here are a few flower arrangement choices for you to bring out the creative part of your brain:

1. Use Vases of Your Choice

Most of the time, it is the holder that grabs the attention. If you can find the right vase for the flowers you have purchased, then it is going to be a definite hit. When you have bottles that find no use at home, decorate them, and use them as vases. You can also find vases that have art and paintings on them. If you choose the one that would not dominate the flowers, but only complement the flowers, then that is a fabulous idea. You can use high vases and urns if the flowers you use are the vine and flowing type. For instance, orchid vines are a popular choices of artificial flowers. The best vase option for them is the mild brown high vases. For huge flowers that are meant to float, use transparent vases.

2. Use Them on the Balcony or Doorway

Have you got a string of artificial flowers? Then you need not think that they go with the garden plants only. The same is applicable for vine structures too. Use them on the balcony and doorways. If possible, add some series of lights of different colours. You will get a charming look for the parties and occasions with the lights in the archways, doorways, or balconies with this type of flower arrangement.

3. Use as a Table Showpiece

Bright and stunning artificial flowers can be used as a table showpiece in the living room and kitchen. You can use soft hues like white and pink in the bedroom and the study room. They add to the vibes of the specific areas. If you want to place them on the corner shelves, then choose a combo of any colour with green leaves. You can find these in online stores where you get the artificial flowers.

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Flowers Bring Happiness in Your Life

Flowers make your home alive and bring happiness in your life. The use of flowers for home decor also brings with it many advantages as well – they are cost effective, they are low maintenance, they bring colour and vibrancy to monotonous and dull spaces, etc. We hope this BP Guide would have convinced you to use flowers for your home decor, and also helped you to decide which flower arrangements would look best in your home. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.