Bespoke Party Favour Boxes – Choose Your Colours and Fillings – Anything’s Possible- Just Read(2021)

Bespoke Party Favour Boxes – Choose Your Colours and Fillings – Anything’s Possible- Just Read(2021)

If there is a party coming up or it is your own party, obviously you need to make arrangements and those arrangements definitely involve party boxes along with other decorations. Favour boxes come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, so here’s a selection of some of our favourites including stunning “blooming” flower boxes and butterfly boxes to unique strip boxes and even colourful laser cut boxes. These creative boxes are perfect for all manner of styles and themes.

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Few Things to Keep in Mind While Curating Party Favour Boxes

Keep It Simple

Party favour boxes are a way to thank your guests for being a part of your celebration and to express your appreciation for their gifts, time and blessings. Your favour item must be cozy, personal and thoughtful and not over the top things.

Giving OTT items can spoil the vibe of the party and they are a complete waste of money too. You are supposed to give something which is worth remembering not worth showing off.

Make Sure the Items are Useful Enough

Many times while curating such boxes, we tend to focus more on showing off rather than thinking practically. You should always include such items in the box which are useful enough and not unnecessary stuff.

For example, stationery items are perfect when it comes to a kid’s birthday party whereas, for adult parties, you can go for even gift vouchers. You can always refer to the budget but make sure to choose something useful rather than wasting your money on completely random things.

Match the Favour Box to the Theme

One of the very basic things to keep in mind while curating party favour boxes is to know the theme of the party. This always helps in finding the right kind of items for your favour box and makes things much simpler for you.

In fact, you can also design the box according to the theme of the party too. The occasion and age of the person for whom the party is thrown also plays a major role in curating the party favour box. The basic theme of the party always helps in finding the right kind of return gift items for your guests.

Stylish Party Favour Boxes

Brown Shabby Square Favour Boxes

Talking about the boxes for party favours, we found these really sober but elegant kraft party boxes. You can use them for all sorts of occasions like birthdays, weddings, get-togethers and a lot more.

The best thing about these boxes is that they come with a ribbon on them for tying. These are medium-sized boxes ideal for curating party favour items, treats and even small cards in them.

You are going to love the pretty white lace print on the bottom half of the boxes which makes them look quite unique and elegant. You need to assemble the box on your own which is super easy. A pack of 50 of these kraft paper boxes is available for purchase on for Rs. 900.

Natali Multipurpose Corrugated Empty Gift Box

After checking out the sober kraft party favour boxes, it is the time to add some fun and details into your boxes. So, we opted for these Corrugated favour boxes for your guests. The playful theme of these boxes will instantly garner everyone’s attention no matter what you place inside them.

Here, you get a vertical box that come in white and black with gold colour. This box truly look super adorable and fun at the same time.

It is provided flat and you need to assemble them which is not a big deal. You can buy this box on amazon for Rs. 449.

Creative Pink Small Favour Boxes (Pack of 20)

If you think the above-mentioned boxes are quite too big for your party favour purpose then you can take a look at these small boxes. These ones are specially created for delivering treats as party favours and they look absolutely magnificent too.

These creative candy favour boxes are ideal for all sorts of occasions and come in colour options like pink, orange and blue. You are going to love the marble print on them which works well for their aesthetics.

Made out of paperboard, these boxes are provided along with golden ribbons to tie them together. As the paper is sturdy enough, you can rely on it for keeping your stuff safely inside. They are easy to assemble and ideal for keeping small gifts in them. So, grab a pack of 20 such boxes now on for Rs. 982.

Golden Themed Party Favour Boxes (Pack of 36)

If you need good quality classy treat boxes for your guests then you should opt for these golden printed favour boxes. They have used 210gms white card paper for creating them and as they are biodegradable, you are truly making the right choice while buying them.

These golden boxes are available in four designs and the white golden combo truly looks quite spectacular. As the boxes aren’t assembled when received, you would have to do that on your own.

These boxes have built-in handle option and no ribbon is provided with them. They are made out of food-safe material and the paper is also sturdy enough for holding necessary things inside. You get a pack of 36 such boxes here which can be bought on for Rs.1,929.

Futaba Laser Cut Butterfly Gifts Candy Boxes

If you are throwing a butterfly themed party for your kid then we have the perfect party favour boxes for the same. These are the cute pink coloured candy boxes that have butterflies on top as the handles. You can pick them for other occasions too like baby shower, kid’s birthday and a lot more.

These boxes are made out of high-quality pearl paper material and even provided with pink ribbon too. These llooks absolutely adorable.

These boxes aren’t too big so you can only use them for handing over treats and candies and other such items. They are very easy to assemble and have a pearlised effect finish too. The package includes 12 of such candy favour boxes in it. You can buy this entire pack on Amazon for Rs. 496.

Colorful Party Favour Boxes for Kids

Buying in bulk always works the best for things like party favour boxes. You tend to purchase things for a much lesser price per piece when buying them in bulk. So, if you are planning to throw a kid's party then you should totally go for these colourful birthday party favour boxes for your kid’s friends.

To be particular, they are girlie in terms of theme and have pink colour in abundance. These are basically paper boxes that come with a handle too and have princess-like art on them.

You can also make some changes in them if needed by contacting the manufacturer. The catchy look and smooth finish of these boxes are truly remarkable too. These boxes are available on for Rs. 87 per piece. You can also contact the manufacturer to get complete details about wholesale pricing.

Bird Themed Favour Boxes (Pack of 10)

If you like elegant and out of the box things then you are going to fall for this next pick of ours. This one here is a bird candy favour box which is too beautiful for words. It is ideal to be used for events like weddings, big parties, intimate functions etc.

They have used hard paper for it which is laser cut to carve the details on it. The pink, red and gold colour further increases its aesthetics and gives it a classy touch.

These elegant boxes are truly remarkable but they are quite small and would be ideal to give out candies, treats, chocolates and other such items. You can assemble these boxes on your own and you get 10 of such boxes along with matching ribbons in the package. So, grab this pack of 10 boxes now on amazon for Rs. 750.

Elegant Small Favour Boxes with Ribbons (Pack of 50)

The next pick in this section of party favour boxes is perfect for people who want to keep it low key but not so simple too. We found this pack of favour candy boxes available in silver colour which are all about making a simple yet stylish impression.

In this pack you get 50 of these boxes flattened along with matching silver-coloured ribbons. The boxes are easy to assemble and the ribbons keep them together.

They have used high-quality cardboard which is sturdy as well as glossy enough. You can also add some touches of your personal style to leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can use these boxes for all sorts of purposes like wedding, baby shower, birthday, holidays etc. You get this pack of 50 boxes on Amazon for Rs. 459 only.

Clear Plastic Favour Boxes (Pack of 50)

If practicality is your style then you are going to love these clear plastic PVC square favour boxes for your guests. There is no fuss involved in these boxes and they are truly the simplest of them all.

Although these boxes are small in size they can be reused for storing certain items in them. And as they are made out of clear plastic, you can easily see what’s been kept inside them. As the manufacturer doesn’t provide any ribbons with them, you can personalize them on your own.

These boxes are truly quite sturdy and durable and you can use them for keeping small things like treats, chocolates, dry fruits etc. Grab this pack of 50 plastic favour boxes on for Rs. 2,936.

Square Favour Boxes (Pack of 24)

Are you looking for such boxes that can be used for giving out party favours for adults? Well, you should take a look at these very elegant and very classy golden square boxes. Unlike most of the favour boxes mentioned here, these ones aren’t that small and you can easily place a few items inside them.

Apart from golden, these boxes are available in various colour options too like red, green, blue etc. They have used matte coated card stock for these boxes which are quite sturdy as well as attractive.

They have also provided instruction with the package to assemble these boxes on your own. Unfortunately, the ribbons aren’t included with the package. You can buy this pack of 24 square boxes on Amazon for Rs. 997.

Alternative Ideas to Try Other than Boxes

We really hope that you have got great ideas for various boxes curating your party favours. But, if you want to try out something different then we have perfect recommendations for you. Apparently, boxes aren’t the only thing suitable for giving out party favors. You can check out these other options and pack your party favours in them.

Party Favour Pouches

What if you go for a party favour pouch rather than a party favour box? The best part about a pouch is that it can be reused multiple times and they look super cute too. Take a look at this floral print cute pouch which can be used to pack party favour items in it. These jute potlis/pouches are eco-friendly too and come with a drawstring for tightening them. You can buy this pack of 10 pouches on Amazon for Rs. 229.

Party Favour Bags

The next alternative to party favour boxes is returned gift bags. Just like pouches, they are reusable too and the best thing about them is that they look quite elegant and they are also eco-friendly. We found this set of printed paper bags that are quite classy and stunning to be used for a favour bag. They are handmade and can be used for other purposes too. You can buy this set of 5 bags on Flipkart for Rs. 246.

Party Favour Gift Card

If you do not have much time to plan a proper party favour then you should just go for a gift card instead. You can easily find gift cards for your loved ones online and you can purchase them easily too. This is the simplest idea you can plan as a return gift to your guests. All the popular online shopping portals provide this facility and you can even buy the gift cards of local stores too.

Party Favour Card

Another alternative to party favour boxes is party favour cards. If you are throwing a very low key party and do not want to spend too much on such things then you can simply go for thank you notes or cards. Such ideas work amazingly when the guests are your close friends and these thank you cards are definitely a keepsake for the memories.

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Try Your Hands in Decorating the Boxes

Favour boxes are available in a variety of colours and add the opportunity for you to make your favours personal by choosing the colour and style of decoration that you select for the box. Favour Boxes usually have some additional decoration, and this is where you can become creative. The decoration can range from a satin ribbon or an organza ribbon tied around the favour box or used to tie the top of the box through to a complicated arrangement of small flowers or buds tied into an organza bow. There are many other decorations that you can create as well.