Is It Your Turn to Host a Kitty Party(2020)? 10 Return Gifts for Kitty Party and Tips and Tricks to Host the Best Party in Town!

Is It Your Turn to Host a Kitty Party(2020)? 10 Return Gifts for Kitty Party and Tips and Tricks to Host the Best Party in Town!

A party isn't complete without a return gift, so is the kitty party. Surprise your friends with the most stunning return gift. Our experts have put together a few gifts fitting your budget whatever it is. Our choice of gifts ranges from a coffee mug to a planter to even makeup brushes. Keep reading for some ideas on kitty party themes and games.

Making Your Kitty Party Exciting - 5 Ways to Consider

Kitty party is where a group of women come together to have fun once or twice a month. These parties provide a social and economic outlet for women. They are a nice way to catch up with friends and share some laughter.

So, how you can make the Kitty Party with your girlfriends, fun and interesting? Here are few ways to host a hip and happening party –

  • Choose a Funky Party Theme – Enliven your party with an unusual theme that can be enjoyed by everyone. Once you pick the theme, plan the entire party around it.

  • Learn Something – Make use of the time you have at the party to learn or teach something new and interesting. It could be life hacks, makeup tips, DIY, cooking, etc. Also, discuss on social matters where you could contribute to society. Make the party as informative as possible so that they take home some learning too.

  • How About Some Dance – A party is incomplete without music and dance. Pick lively, energetic and peppy songs and have fun with the girl gang.

  • Food-e-licious – Lip-smacking food is a must at the party. Plan beforehand the menu you are going to offer at the party. Food must be in line with the theme and nothing too complicated. Have simple food that doesn't make the crowd too heavy and sleepy for the games later. Start with a refreshing drink and starters, and stir up some tasty main course and then end with an epic dessert.

  • Games - Decide on a couple of party games for the ladies. Ensure the games are not too lengthy and complicated. Keep them short and choose something that includes everyone in the room.

Be a gracious host, and maintain a welcoming attitude.

Kitty Party Theme Ideas

Kitty parties are so much fun with the inclusion of a theme. They add more excitement to these gatherings. Here are some creative and unique kitty party themes:


A kitty party with the royal theme can be a game-changer compared to regular kitty parties. Ask women to dress up in knee-length dresses with huge top hats and create an ambiance that exudes sophistication and elegance. Décor must be classy and elegant with china wear and pretty flowers. Food can be more sophisticated with egg salad, sandwiches, tea choices pastries and muffins etc.



Host a kitty party with the theme of drama lovers. Tell the girls to dress up in their favourite movie characters and you can also have a game around this (to guess the character’s name). Décor must be lavish and neat. Food is not a major concern and can be as usual, but just ensure it is plated nicely.


You can host a kitty party with a message. Eco-friendly themed kitty party will help spread awareness among the people. Ask the girls to wear things that are organic and avoid any plastic. Décor must be as eco-friendly as possible. The best option is to go for paper mâché and origami with newspapers. Try to cook with local produce and pack any leftovers in reusable containers.

10 Best Return Gifts for Kitty Party

Bronson Professional Mini Makeup Brushes

Makeup heightens a woman’s glam quotient and also boosts her confidence. It is also a great way to experiment with looks. Makeup application can be flawless with the right tools, that can be used to swirl, sweep and blend the beauty products perfectly. Whether it is to create chiselled cheekbones or smouldering eyes, Makeup Brush Sets are a must in every woman’s arsenal.

The trendy and beautiful Bronson Professional Mini Makeup Brush Set is an ideal return gift for kitty parties. The set of 12 brushes helps achieve flawless makeup look. The bristles of the brush are soft as velvet and are great to create a stunning makeup effect. The set is ideal for professional and beginners to get the desired look. It includes all essential brushes – Eyebrow Brush, Small Eyeliner Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Inclined Eye Shadow Brush, Concealer Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Nose Powder Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Inclined Powder Brush, Bottom Powder Brush, Highlight Brush and Cheek Brush. The product is available on for Rs. 300.

Mandarin Printed Square-shaped Wooden Trivet

Trivets help prevent damage to kitchen countertops and tables. The dishes will not make direct contact with the surfaces when you have trivets in the kitchen. Besides, they add a decorative touch to your kitchen space or dining table. The Mandarin Printed Square-Shaped Trivet is made of wood, which brings natural elements to the table for a cohesive and beautiful look. The unique geometric design merges seamlessly with any contemporary design décor. If you are looking for a practical return gift for your kitty party, then look no further than this unique wooden trivet. Available on, the 20 x 20 cm trivet costs Rs. 199.

Lavender Fields Aroma Scented Candle

A scented candle makes a perfect present for every occasion including as a return gift for Kitty Parties. This is not just a thoughtful gift, but also value for money. Candles offer a luxurious appeal and are mood-boosting, relaxing and harmonious. These candles are not just functional, but can create a romantic atmosphere and also a perfect de-stress accessory whilst enjoying a good book or a relaxing bath. The Lavender Fields Aroma Scented Candle from Hosley is an enticing and pretty gift. This premium quality highly fragrant candle creates a magical ambience at home. It is visually appealing and burns for almost 3 hours. Available on, the price of this Aroma Candle is Rs. 299.

Apple Ceramic Pot


Plants are increasingly being used as a décor item and its all the rage these days. If your kitty party girl gang are all plant lovers then there is nothing better than gifting them a ceramic pot. Adding plants to the interiors makes a huge difference to the feel, look and ambience of the space. Besides giving a lush and lovely look, it also cleans the air. The Apple Ceramic Pot is perfect to display on a small kitchen, or on a table or desk. The diameter of the pot is 3.8 inches and the bright and vibrant colour adds a stylish look to the modern décor. The glossy red ceramic pot is available on for Rs. 195.

Dhalia Coffee Mug

Whether it’s a birthday, the holiday season or as a return gift for your Kitty Party, there is nothing like Coffee Mug Gift. It simply warms the heart and does not fade in utility. From beautiful to goofy, there are unique mugs available today with excellent craftsmanship. There is nothing that can put a person in a good mood than sipping a lusciously brewed coffee in Dahlia Coffee Mug. The flowery accents and vibrant colours are sure to lift the spirits of not only the person drinking from it but also all those around. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. The beautiful mug is available at and the price of this Coffee Mug is Rs. 299.

Heart Goes Ylang Ylang Handmade Soap


If you are looking for a trendy return gift for young women in your kitty party group then Heart Goes Ylang Ylang Handmade soap would be the best choice. The colour, scent and look of the soap are natural and magical. Life is short to keep using the same boring soap every day. The unique decorative handmade soap is a luxury treat to everyone. Ylang Ylang reduces excess oil production and is perfect for those with combination skin. It has a calming and therapeutic effect on the mind and dispels negativity and feelings of sadness. The heavily aromatic and sweet-smelling soap beautifully nourishes the skin. The other ingredients in the soap like shea butter and tangerine essential oils make this soap a perfect way to pamper your skin. The floral soap is available on for Rs. 270.

Forest Animals Jewellery Box

An exquisite and interesting jewellery box is appreciated by every woman. It is a meaningful gift as it teaches how to organize things and encourages the storage of precious jewellery items carefully. There are several kinds of jewellery boxes available today from classic, traditional to modern styles. The Forest Animals Jewellery Box from Chumbak is a uniquely crafted jewellery box made from eco-leather. It has a ring compartment and a main and small compartment that makes it easy to store jewellery in an organized way without getting entangled. The vibrant coloured box with beautiful floral designs and animal prints makes it quite impressive. Available on, the price of this remarkable leather jewellery box is Rs. 795.

Midnight Chrysanthemumbs Passport Cover

With cheaper airline fares and flights becoming more convenient, a large number of people are re-discovering their passion for travelling and it goes without saying that most of them have a Passport. Although there are several travel-related gifts, one thing that is practical and everyone needs it is the Passport Cover. The cover will protect the passport from getting dirty and from wear and tear.

A well-designed passport cover will help a person keep things organized during travel. It includes pockets for coins, cash, cards, e-ticket, boarding passes and receipts etc. The Midnight Chrysanthemums Passport Cover is a unique return gift that shows you really care about the person. The handcrafted cover is made of durable PU leather and includes 2 card slots. This designer passport cover makes travelling an easy and convenient affair. It is available on for Rs. 999.

Meena Dry Fruit Box


Without any doubt, dry fruits are the go-to choice when it comes to gifting. It is a great way to wish someone good health, prosperity and long life. Gifting dry fruits will also show that you care for the well-being of the person. It's a cherry on the cake when the dry fruits are packed in a beautiful box like the Meena Dry Fruit Box available on The attractive round shaped box is made of wood and embellished with exquisitely crafted meenakari work. The pretty box is a unique return gift item. The floral design on the lid in red and green hues deserves a special mention here. The price of the box is Rs. 265.

Flame Proof Cook and Store

People who love to cook need the best kitchen tools and utensils. An interesting return gift that you can think off for this kitty party is the Flame Proof Cook and Store. It gives a decked-up look to the kitchen with its classy look. It is a perfect gift for busy women. The borosilicate glass allows it to move from oven to freezer or vice versa. It is designed to withstand heat. The straight lines and handleless design allow optimum storage. This interesting product is available on for Rs. 475.

Kitty Party Games

Guess the Advertisement

This is sure to bring out some laughter at the party! It only takes a few minutes to prepare for.

How to play

  • Make a list of advertisement taglines in a paper (older ads are better).
  • Divide people in groups.
  • Quote the tagline and give 10-20 seconds to think on it.
  • Award the points to the team that answers right. Team with most points win.

Name the Song

All you need for this game is pen, paper and a song playlist.

How to play

  • Make a list of songs to play
  • Hand out paper and pen to ladies
  • Play only 2 – 5 seconds of the song, it can be from the beginning, middle or end of the song
  • Ask them to note down the name of the song
  • Continue till the list of songs is complete
  • Award the person who gets most of the songs right as the winner.

Brand Game

There will definitely be a tough competition in this game! All you need here is also just a pen and paper.

How to play

  • Ask all the ladies to list down the makeup brands that they can think of
  • Give them a time limit of 1-2 minutes
  • To give it a twist, you can ask them to list only the existing brands
  • Award the person who lists maximum number of brands as the winner.
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Tips to Choose the Best Return Gift!

While a return gift is an important part of any party, it is important that you do not get carried away with it. Fix your budget and stay within it. Rather than going for a fancy gift to flaunt, choose something of quality that screams elegance. Another important tip is to stay within the theme. And to create a variety so that everyone get a variety and not stuck with the same gift.