Wrapping Up the Big Fat Indian Wedding: 11 Return Gifts for Guests After the Marriage	(2020)

Wrapping Up the Big Fat Indian Wedding: 11 Return Gifts for Guests After the Marriage (2020)

Wedding return gifts are a big deal! Indian marriages are a lavish affair, and traditionally, you cannot let your guests leave without giving them a token gift to thank them for coming, and for their blessings to the married couple. Whether it is ideas for wedding return gift bags, or what to fill them with, read on to find everything you need in this guide for return gift for marriages.

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A Marriage is a Festive Occasion

Unlike in many other countries, marriage is a huge social event in India. It is where all family and friends come together to celebrate the joyous occasion of two people coming together. The idea of marriage as more than just a ceremony and more of a social celebration, it is something that is cherished all across the nation. From the northern parts of Jammu to the deep southern villages of Tamil Nadu, it is not uncommon to see friends and families from far off places to come visit for the marriage. Even the entire neighbourhood community or village might join in on the celebrations.

And of course, then there are the gifts. It is common courtesy for all marriage attendants to come with some kind of well wishing gift for the marrying couple. It is a custom practice that is practiced all across the globe. Whether it be a small gift or an expensive one. It can be a huge gift or just a cash envelope, but it is mostly considered common courtesy to bring something along to congratulate the wedded couple.

The Idea Behind Return Gifts

The same kind of appreciation can however also be exhibited from the marrying couple side. This is where the idea of return gifts come into play. Return gifts are gifts that the inviting family gifts to all guests who come to attend the marriage function. It is a small token of appreciation towards families and guests for participating in the celebrations with them.

Now, considering that there would be so many guests, giving each of them a very specific gift can be an arduous task. Therefore, these return gifts are generic gifts that are pre-purchased in bulk that would be given to all the guests. Depending upon your budget, these gifts can be small and expensive or can be intricate with more expensive elements involved such as gifts laced with gold and jewels. But, it must always be something that can be carried back home comfortable by the guests.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Return Gifts

Alot of statistics are taken into consideration before booking an order for return gifts. Things like the amount of guests coming, the budget allocation and the amount of reserved gifts in case of more guests are all important factors that are necessary to be looked into.

Therefore, if you are having difficulty with regards to deciding the gifts, then here are a few factors you can look out for.

  • Sensibility of Guests
    Catering to the sensibility of guests is extremly important. However, it can be difficult to cater to every individual as the numbers would be large and the demographic of the guests would range from younglings to elders. Therefore, when it comes to choosing return gifts, it is best to select gifts that would appease the entire community as a whole. Therefore, gifts such as religious based gifts or cultural based gifts are pretty safe options. But, if culture and religious based mass gifts are not an option (in case of inter-cultural or inter-religious weddings), then giving practical gifts can always be a go-to option.

  • Cultural Context
    Weddings and culture cannot be separated especially in a country like India. Hence, it is very important that cultural context is something that should always be at the backdrop of your thoughts when choosing a gift. This becomes especially more relevant when a majority of the people who the gifts are targeted towards are the elders of the guest families who are more affected by them. Therefore, some amount of cultural context in the gifts are always a plus point. The best part of it is that, it can always camouflage the other aspects of the return gifts. Hence, if you are looking for cheaper alternatives, then cheap gifts with a little bit of cultural context would always do the trick when it comes to pleasing people.

  • Religious Aspect
    Religion is another important element of marriages in India. All the wedding ceremonies are based on the religion followed by the marrying couples and their families. Therefore, it can always be an easy hit on when it comes to gifting return gifts that have some religious base to them. And even the suppliers of gifts know this, which is why religion themed gifts are available in multiple varieties ranging from cheap ones to ultra expensive gifts. If you are under a strict budget however and the guests are from a multitude of different age range, then it is best to gift utility based religious items. They are cheaper than religious idols themselves as well as more subtle and less direct.

  • Availability for Mass Production
    There are gifts which you might find to be just perfect as return gifts, but not all gifts can be mass produced. This is especially so when booking an order in short notice. Gifts that are highly intricate or ornate might seem really attractive, but the seller and distributor might not be able to produce them if you plan on gifting them to hundreds of guests. And even if they do manage to produce, they would require to informed months ahead of time. Hence, it is better to choose gifts that are easily available and are ready for mass production. Therefore, gifts that are generic or common, yet beautiful and attractive are good options for choosing them as gifts.

  • Budget
    Your budget would have the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to giving gifts. There are return gifts available that would be suitable for every kind of budget ranging from low budget to ultra glamorous, therefore having less budget should not discourage from opting for return gifts.

11 Creative Suggestions for Return Gifts for Indian Marriages

If you are still looking for gifting ideas for return gifts, then here are a few examples you can look into or be inspired from

Minakari Peacock Tray Set with 6 Glass

One can never have enough of utensils. And having a nice set of glasses are always a thing to show off when guests come to visit. Starting from gifts that are a bit high up on the budget, these set of glasses are very beautiful and unique. They are peacock themed and high colourful which makes them perfect for a gift given during marriage and suitable even as a decorative set. If your budget is higher, or if you want to gift something special to a select few, then this tray set is something you should totally consider. Buy them for Rs.946 on wedtree.in.

White Metal Oxidised Ganesha Frame

Going a little lower price wise, the White Metal Oxidised Ganesha frame is another attractive gift that can be given in any traditional Hindu marriage. It is a very traditional gift with intricate detailing that makes it look a lot more sophisticated. Plus, considering it is made of white metal, it doesn’t look tacky and can be comfortably displayed as a decorative or a show piece. If you are looking for a relatively traditional and safe bet, then this oxidised Ganesha frame is for you. It is not too expensive nor too cheap, therefore if you have a mediocre budget and can spare Rs.200 for a return gift, then do consider buying this. It is available on wedtree.in.

Minakari Glass

An alternative to the Minakari Peacock Tray set is the Minakari glass. These are individual glass tumblers that you can purchase to be given as a return gift. If you loved the Minakari tray set, but think that it is too big and bulky and expensive, then you can go for these tumblers. Even on their individual level they look highly attractive and are light on the pocket with a price of just Rs.69 per glass. Therefore, if you are wishing to give something cheap, yet attractive and unique, then consider going for this gift.

Raw Silk Bag with Dandiya Prints

One can’t go wrong with a beautiful bag, especially a highly decorative one. This dandiya print silk bag has a beautiful design, is big in size and does not put a strain on your pockets at all since it is priced at Rs.80. In fact, it very well looks like a premium handbag the silk used in this bag brings out the rich texture of the design which looks highly appealing. But, It is more of a gift that is fit for the ladies. Therefore, if you are expecting a lot of female guests or or targeting towards giving separate gifts for female guests, then definitely give this hand bag a thought. Available on Wedtree.

Jute Bag

If you are looking towards a more unisex gift, then how about a jute lunch bag? They look smart, are made of jute and hence environment friendly. They can be an ideal gift for any person who wishes to take lunch in a good looking usable lunch bag. These bags are fairly cheap and hence can be integrated in a marriage of any kind of budget. These will cost you Rs.125 per bag on pujacelebrations.com. You can make the gift better by adding some smaller gifts inside such as a box of chocolates, sweets or a pack of scented candles.

Apple Shaped Dry Fruit Box

Source theoneshop.in

Dry fruit boxes are another type of gifts that are pretty popular among Indian families. Besides storing dry fruits, they can be used to store a number of other things. These apple shaped dry boxes have a beautiful designs with colour engravings that make it look extremely classy and attractive. It is a type of gift that can be popular with all kinds of guests. They are however slightly expensive, priced at Rs.425 per box on theoneshop.in.

Chrome Plated Gift Set – Silver Leaf

Source theoneshop.in

Another mid-ranged gift idea for families that can afford to give return gifts that are priced for a couple of hundred rupees. This gift set comes with a set of two cups, two spoons and a tray. All of them are plated with chrome with beautiful designs etched on them. They look as premium and beautiful as any silver set. Now, a real silver gift set would cost around a couple thousand rupees, therefore these are cheaper alternatives, if you wish to make a good impression on your guests. These are highly respectable gifts that would please all kinds of guests who would come to your marriage. Buy them on theoneshop.in for Rs.545.

Compact Rexine Jewellery Box

Source theoneshop.in

Another popular item amongst indian families are jewellery boxes. Hence, you can opt for gifting a compact rexine jewellry box to your guests. It has a beautiful silver design and makes it look beautiful and premium. Plus it is not too expensive, therefore it can be a highly affordable option. Buy it on theoneshop.in for Rs.159.

Floating Kundan Diya

Source theoneshop.in

Diyas are another household items that are used for various occasions. Whether it comes to festivals, ceremonies, poojas or just as mere decoration. One such is this beautiful floating Kundan Diya. Aside from made of white metal, the diya is placed on a float that is surrounded by colourful petal shaped glass. It is fairly reasonably priced at Rs.195 on theoneshop.in. So, if you are looking for a beautiful gift, then consider going for this option

Lakshmi Ganesh Saraswati

Source theoneshop.in

Another traditional and religious gift that you might consider giving to the highly religious guests. These three idols are all made of oxidised white metal which give it a unique rustic look. Plus, giving gifts such as idols of gods and goddesses, especially that of lakshmi, saraswati and Ganesh is considered to be a sign of good wishes and luck. Therefore, such gifts would highly impress traditional families. They are priced at Rs.495 on theoneshop.in so they can be considered as viable return gifts for a middle class marriage if the amount of guests are relatively low.

Leaf Agarbatti Stand With Ganesh

Source theoneshop.in

Another unique gift that is also highly affordable. Agarbatti stands are also a pretty important part of any hindu household. This is a beautiful agarbatti stand in a shape of a leaf with the statue of Ganesh sitting on its stem. It is entirely gold plated, which makes it look worth more than the mere Rs.60 price tag. Hence, if you are considering for a cheap option for return gifts in a traditional religious hindu marriage, then this agarbatti stand makes for a unique as well as an effective gift. Again available on theoneshop.in.

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Budget Wisely and Buy Sensibly

The number of expenses involved in the typical Indian wedding can be staggering so it is very important to budget everything carefully. Even the cheapest return gifts can add up to a huge sum if there are many guests. Return gifts are often bought in advance because a bulk order often takes time so most people try to get the smaller things done and out of the way first. There are other bigger expenses still to be taken care of, and there will be numerous unaccounted for spending that may surprise you, so buy return gifts sensibly - don't look at it as a single item but one that has to be multiplied into the number of guests at the wedding. Choose something small but of good quality.