Organza Party Favour Bags are Perfect for Small Return Gifts: 10 Beautiful and Functional Bags in Different Sizes You Can Order Online Plus How to Make Your Own (2019)

Organza Party Favour Bags are Perfect for Small Return Gifts: 10 Beautiful and Functional Bags in Different Sizes You Can Order Online Plus How to Make Your Own (2019)

Do you tend to lose your little belongings such as a nail-cutter, jewellery or stationary? Do you want to be creative while giving gifts to people? Here's a simple yet creative thing you can prepare to keep your small belongings safe as well as be different while giving gifts to people, an Organza Bag, a small yet effective solution.

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How to Make Organza Party Bags at Home?

If you're organising a party at your home then you must be thinking about how to pack the gifts.

Generally, return gifts are something small and sweet, so if you have selected your small gift, then you must be thinking about an easy and cool way to pack them. The easiest way to pack the small gift items is by using the colourful organza party bags. They are very cute and look very stylish when you present gifts in them. Moreover, you can easily design vibrant organza party bags at home.

To make an organza party bag at home, following things are required:

  • Two pieces of colorful organza fabric of around 23*14.5 cm.
  • Eyelets and punch.
  • Ribbons, raffle , twine, etc.
  • Thread matching the color of the fabric.
  • Scissors and sewing pins.

To quickly craft organza party bags, you have to follow this simple method:

  • Place the right side of fabric together and sew along leaving 1.5 cm.
  • Now, turn the left side out and your bag shape is ready.
  • Create the hem at the top by simply folding unstitched part.
  • Punch an eyelet at two evenly space.
  • Thread the ribbon through the eyelets. Your bag is ready to be filled with goodies.

What Gifts Can You Put in Organza Party Bags?

Okay, so if you have created organza party bags to stuff goodies in them, the next step is to think about the goodies that you can put in them. In the organza party bags, you can stuff small and non-perishable gift items easily. However, there isn’t any hard and fast rule regarding what you can put in a bag, but still, you can add the following items in your vibrant organza bags.

Candy Packets

If you are hosting your child’s birthday party or a baby shower then these organza party bags are a very neat choice to pack return gifts. You can buy different flavors of candies and then create multi-flavoured candy bags. Moreover, the colourful organza candy bags look very adorable and attractive. However, when you are putting candies in organza bags make sure to not pack those candies which can be easily melted.


Not only for kids' parties but for parties such as a baby shower, housewarming party, birthdays etc., you can use organza party bags as well. Suppose, if you are hosting a housewarming party, then you can purchase small scented candles in bulk and then separately pack them in the party bags and present scented candles to your guests. This way you can give token of appreciation to your friends and family members and thank them for their visit.

Small Decor Items

Organza party bags are very versatile, you can gift wrap numerous small gifting items in them. Such as small ceramic dolls, Ganesh idols, petty home decor ornaments, colourful diyas, etc. You can put anything small in your organza bag and present it to your loved ones. For instance, if you have recently visited Paris and brought miniature Eiffel Tower figurines as a souvenir for your friends, then you can present them in the beautiful organza party bags. Just use your imagination when you are stuffing goodies in an organza bag.

Handmade Soap Sets

When you are creating sweet DIY gifts for your friends and family like handmade soap sets, then organza bags can make your gift more special. You can create scented and therapeutic soap sets at home using different therapeutic aromas like Himalayan salt, Cinnamon, etc. For such amazing homemade gifts, these homemade organza party bags are just perfect almost like a match made in heaven!

Small Pieces of Jewellery

Okay, so if you are attending your bestie's baby shower or bachelorette party, then you can gift beautiful and memorable jewellery gifts to her in the organza party bags. The jewellery items like earrings, rings, chains, necklaces, bangles, nose pins, hairpins, etc., can be easily gifted in organza bags. Moreover, later your friend can easily store the jewellery item in the same organza bag in which you have presented the gift.

Where to Quickly Order Organza Party Bags

Well, if you are a busy bee and don’t have time to create organza bags at home, you can easily order them online. You can order organza party bags in bulk so that you make similar gift pouches for all your guests. You can quickly place an order for the following organza party bags today at very reasonable prices.

Gift Bags Organza

Source Indiamart

If you are looking for the vibrant and beautiful organza party bags to give wedding return gifts to your guests, then you can order bags in bulk. This bags collection of 100 organza pouches comes in 5-6 different colours and sizes. You can place the order for organza bags according to your budget and requirements. In this collection, you will get yellow, pink, red, orange, green, blue, and sky blue colour bags. From, you can order organza bags as:

  • 8x10 cms Rate Rs. 400 per 100 pcs.
  • 10x14 cms Rate Rs. 500 per 100 pcs.
  • 13x18 cms Rate Rs. 800 per 100 pcs.
  • 16x23 cms Rate Rs.1200 per 100 pcs.
  • 20x24 cms Rate Rs. 1500 per 100 pcs.
  • 23x30 cms Rate Rs. 2000 per 100 pcs.
  • 30x40 cms Rate Rs. 3000 per 100 pcs.

Wedding Pouches for Jewellery

Source Paytmmall

This is a beautiful collection of 100 white organza bags with the gold eyelet decoration. The bags have a white string on top for easy closure. You can wrap your delicate gifts in this soft cotton bag. These decorative bags are perfect to send gifts to your special guests on important occasions like weddings, birthdays, etc. You can order these white party bags of 7*9 cm from Paytm Mall for Rs. 970. (The price is subjective to change)

Organza Bag with Ornamental Base - Gold


Organza bags are a great way to share small gifts and showcasing your work sample in an elegant manner. With this organza party bag having solid base which offers stability to your gift, all the qualities of the organza bag increase tenfold. This charming golden organza party bag also has a beautiful floral design on it with the ease to close drawstring. You can store jewellery, beads, sequins and other small items easily in this solid base organza bag. To get this stylish organza party bag, you have to pay Rs. 50 for one bag on

Organza Basket Bag - Silver Zari


If you have to give a special jewellery gift to the bride or you have to gift wedding sweets to the guests, then this silver zari organza bag is perfect. This organza bag has beautiful zari bling on it with the solid base to hold your gift ornaments. You can easily gift sweets in this organza bag as it has solid cardboard base with the drawstring to close the pouch. For weddings or festival gifts, you can use this vibrant silver zari bag. The single piece of zari organza bag is available on for Rs. 29.

Jewellery Gift Bags Pack of Organza with Brocade Trim Assorted Colours


If you want to leave a good impression on your guests and want to gift them something which they can always cherish, then gift them this organza bag. That’s because not every organza bag has brocade trim in them. The rich brocade will add a royal look to your gesture. Moreover, they are crafted in such a beautiful way that your guests can use them as a purse also. This pack of brocade organza bags contains 50 assortments. You can place an order for brocade bags on for around $35, around Rs. 2,500. (Price is subjective to change.)

Pumpkin Grin Goody Bags

Well, if you are looking for the kids friendly organza bags to bring a huge smile on the faces of your little guests, you can get these pumpkin grin goody bags. You can stuff these goody bags with candies and give to all your little guests. This goody bag measures 4" X 6" with drawstring closures of Pumpkin Grin. These bags come in a pack of 15 and have a sufficient amount of capacity to hold treats. For your kid’s birthday party you can order the pumpkin grin organza bags from for Rs. 199.

Wedding Party Favour Gift Organza Bags Jewellery Pouches in Pink


For the functions where your guests are going to be females like baby shower, sangeet party, kitty party or bachelorette party, you can get these pink organza bags. This is a pack of beautiful pink colored organza pouches with the golden eyelet design and pink drawstring to close the pouch. You can gift small gifts to all your lady guests in these bags which are available on for Rs. 392.

Goyal Terrycloth Organza Bag


This is yet another, one more cool organza party bag available in the pack of 100. You can store stuff like wedding candies, chocolates, jewellery, spices, dried flowers, ornaments and much more in these pink eyelet design bags. The bag has a drawstring to close it properly so that the content of the bag won’t spill out. You can place an order for these dark pink terry cloth organza bag on for Rs. 325.

Wedding Favor Packaging Bags

To share wedding sweets with the guests, you can use this silver organza bag. It is a square-shaped organza party bag with the solid cardboard base in which you can easily put sweets. Moreover, the beautiful silver gotta is used to decorate the edges of the bag and used to make drawstring as well. You can place a minimum order for 100 bags on

Imported Lavender Dot Organza Bag


If you are looking for some high-quality organza party bags to present a gift to some special people, then you can get these imported quality lavender dot organza bags. The bag has lavender colour dots all over with the lavender colour drawstring for closure. This organza bag set is available in a pack of 12 from for Rs.1,389.

Where Else Can You Use Organza Party Bags


These organza bags are very versatile in nature. Apart from giving gifts, you can use them in other multiple ways also. Organza bags are very useful to store small stuff which you lose easily. You can put small kitchen accessory or makeup vanity in separate organza bags so that you can easily locate them. You can store anything in your organza bags, here are some items that can be easily stored in organza pouches.


If you are a jewellery collector and have numerous small earrings collection which you always keep on losing or can’t find them, then separately storing your small jewellery items in organza bags can ease out your life. You can easily make different pouches with your rings, earrings, and necklaces so that you can easily find your favourite accessories. To organise your jewellery collection perfectly, you can use different colours of organza bags like for earrings use a red colour bag and for rings, pink colour. This would help you save time always as you'd know which bag to open when.

Loose Cosmetics

Similarly, if you have different shades of lipsticks, eye-shadows, blushers or lip glosses in your makeup vanity, then you can use organza bags to store them. You can put lipsticks in one bag and lip-glosses in another so that you can quickly complete your daily makeup and won’t have to waste time in searching for different items. Moreover, you can put your daily makeup stuff in your handbag after putting them in organza bags to keep your handbag more organised so that you can easily apply your makeup whenever you want to.

Small Perfume Bottles

If you are a fan of collecting sample perfume bottles or attar, then you can store them in the organza bags. Mostly, perfume and cologne bottles are easily breakable so by storing them in organza bags, you can protect them from breaking easily. Moreover, if you have to gift a perfume bottle to someone, you can easily gift them in the organza bag.

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Be Creative and Try and Make Your Own Organza Bags

From jewellery to small kitchen accessories, use organza bags for yourself as well gift them to your loved ones. Take our word and be creative in preparing your organza bags as not only people would love to see those beautiful little things but would also remember who gave those bags to them. A creative gesture, doesn't matter small or big always tends to win the hearts of people.