Have You Finalised Your Wedding Party Favors as Yet? 10 Return Gift Ideas to Match Your Dreamy Indian Wedding (2020)

Have You Finalised Your Wedding Party Favors as Yet? 10 Return Gift Ideas to Match Your Dreamy Indian Wedding (2020)

Party favours are like the last finishing touches to any wedding, be they big or small, a thank you to your guests for making the time to make your big day special. If you're still looking for ideas beyond the box of chocolates and sweets, here are some gifts that could fit right in with your theme.

Things to Add in Wedding Party Favours

Customised Items

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Wedding party favors are a nice way of telling thank you to your guests. They blessed you with their presence and made your event memorable. Hence, you should plan a nice party bag for your guests. Include some practical gifts that can be useful.

The best way of expressing gratitude is by gifting customised item. It will look that you took some effort and appreciated your guests. You can give bath towels with their names embroidered on it. It is possible to give customised coffee mugs as well.

There are various customised items available in the market. You can even browse online. It is possible to gift a customised keychain as well. These little gifts will be remembered and cherished by your guest for a long period of time. However, if you are ordering online, plan to order it in advance as you will require the items in bulk.

Yummy Food Gifts

Food gifts are a great option to give at weddings. It is a time of celebration and giving away sweets and desserts is a good idea.There are a lot of gourmet food gift sets available in the market. You can pick a nice one and gift it to your guests.

You can also create a mix of different things. You can add a small packet of cereals, nutrition bars and some chocolate spreads. People usually enjoy such kind of things. Also, your guests can relish it completely.

It is a good idea to add candies and chocolates for children too. Even adults enjoy such things. You can add dry fruits too. Just make sure that the things you add are of good quality.

Wellness Products

Wellness products are a good choice for wedding party bag favours. You should gift those to all your bridesmaids and girlfriends. You can even gift those to men. Just make different bags for both.

There are various options to explore for wellness products. Some of them include skin care products. You can gor for moisturisers, face washes and scrubs. Apart from that, you can go for hair care products like shampoos, oils and serums.

In fact, it is possible to add some healthy juices as well. People eat a lot in weddings. No one follows a proper diet during that time. So, you can give some detox juices in your wedding party favour bag at the end. It will be a great concept and your guests will surely appreciate it.

10 Things That You Can Put in Wedding Party Favor Bags

Scented Jar Candle, Set of 5

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There are various things that you can put in a wedding party favour bag. One of them is these pretty Scented Jar Candles from popxo.com. It comes in a set of 5 candles and you can put one candle jar in each goodie bag. Scented candle jars make excellent gifts.

The round glass jars are of heavy weight glassware, while the candles are made high grade wax and wick that ensures a great burning time. It also emits a smoke free flame and burns without leaving residue.

The set of 5 jars contains different scents. It includes Green Apple, Vanilla, Rose, Ocean Breeze and Lavender. The dimensions of the jar are 5.5 cm by 5.5 cm by 8 cm. You can store it a cool and dry place. It is priced for Rs.799.

Bag of Organic Almonds (Badam)

Though a rather old and traditional idea, adding dry fruits in wedding party favour bags is a wonderful idea as they are something everyone will welcome and like to receive. You can opt for this bb Royal Organic - Almond from bigbasket.com. They are indian origin almonds sourced from certified organic farms.

They are available in different packaging options ranging from 200 grams till 1 kilograms. The almonds are amazing as they vary in size and texture as compared to other imported almonds. This one has a great taste as it includes good colour and grade. Get small cloth bags or little boxes in which to fill almonds for each party favor bag.

Almonds are nutritious and they are good for health too. Hence, it makes the best wedding party favor gift. You can give those to all the elderly invitees for your wedding. A 200 gm pack is priced at Rs.259, buy it here.

Colombian Brew Coffee Nutmeg Filter Coffee - Arabica Roast & Ground

Coffee and green tea make amazing gifts. They are packed in a beautiful way and thus, you do not have to make much effort in repacking them. One of the good item is Colombian Brew Coffee Nutmeg Filter Coffee, an arabica coffee that has been roasted and ground.

One pack contains 100 gm of coffee powder and serves 10 Colombian brew nutmeg filter coffee. They coffee is made with real nutmeg and it is contains 100 per cent handpicked Arabica beans.

The coffee contain dark roast and grind. It is important to understand that it is not an instant coffee. Instead, it is perfect for espresso, french press, drip coffee and cold brew. It works with cold and hot coffee both. The coffee has no preservatives, milk powder and sugar. It is priced for Rs.128.25.

Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Facial Kit

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Get this Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Facial Kit from amazon.in for your wedding party favor bag for the ladies. It is a complete DIY facial kit and you can get the benefits of facial at home only. It is a great gift for all your girlfriends, perfect for a mehendi favor bag.

You can use it before going for a special occasion. It prepares your skin for various occasions. It will moisturise and nourish your skin completely. The kit contains 5 different tubes for your complete facial.

People will surely appreciate such gifts as they are really useful. It is a very simple DIY facial kit. All you need to do is wet for your face and use the product in circular motions. Then rinse it off and use the next product. It is that simple. The kit is priced for Rs.245.

Navaa Retexturising Soap

You can make a bag with different items in it. One great item to add in the bag is Navaa Retexturising Soap from Kama Ayurveda. It is a pure vegetable soap which can be used for face and body both. It helps in refining your skin like none other.

The soap is 75 grams. It works for all the skin types as it hydrates it. It is made from neutral and mild formula. The soap is great as it protects the skin from environmental pollutants and toxins. It removes dead skin as well.

It contains castor oil as well. The oil is said to absorb in the skin quickly. The soap has a cleansing formula which smoothes and polishes your skin completely. The soap is 69% natural and it is priced at Rs.250.

Sukkhi Stylish Gold Plated Collar Necklace Set

Jewellery is liked by almost all women. Hence, you can plan to gift a piece of imitation jewellery in your wedding party bag. Opt for this Sukkhi Stylish Gold Plated Collar Necklace Set for women from shopclues.com. It is a pretty set which comes with a necklace and earrings.

The set is made from alloy material. It is gold plated. The set contains pattern of traditional jewellery. The embellishment of the jewellery has an antique finish. The set has diamonds too which makes it look really elegant.

The whole set will go with anything traditional. You can wear it to festive gatherings and wedding occasions. The whole set is also very budgetary as it is priced at Rs.299.

Crystal-Clear Wine Glass

If you want to add something different in your wedding party favor bag, then opt for this Crystal-Clear Wine Glass from shoponn.in. It is a transparent and crystal clear wine glass. It comes in a pack of one only. Hence, you can add it in the gift bags.

The glass may not look like much on it's own but you can fill it with something and present it as a stand alone wedding favour.The product dimensions of the glass are 6.3 x 6.3 x 16.1 cm. You can choose to decorate the glass with satin ribbons. Just tie a ribbon and add a customised name tag. It will really add on to the gift.

It is made from the soda lime glassware. It is refrigerator and dishwasher safe. Although, the glass is not microwave safe. The quality of the glass is great as it is scratch resistant. It is just priced for Rs.100.

The Honey Shop Honey Bliss Gift Hamper

If you are looking for something unique to add in your wedding party gift bag, then opt for this The Honey Shop Honey Bliss Gift Hamper on flipkart.com. The honey is completely natural and organic. It is packed in a handcrafted pine box which is really stylish.

4 honey jars come with the hamper. Each jar contains 120 ml of honey. These are all honey lemon jellie. You can hog on them guilt free. The maximum shelf life of each is 18 months. It is also filtered honey.

You can gift the hamper as your wedding party favour only. APart from that, you can also add one in each bag with other things. It totally depends on you. The honey is extracted from different floral sources. The hamper is priced at Rs.495.

Natureworld Money Live Natural Plant (Pot Included)

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If you love the nature, then you can show it in your gift too. Give all your guests this Natureworld Money Live Natural Plant from amazon.in. It is a great gift. You can add a message in the pot which can say that the plant will grow with your relationship.

The plant comes with a pot. This plan can be kept both indoors and outdoors. The pot is in black or white colour. In fact, you can give one plant per family. It will be something unique and different completely. It is said that this plant should be kept in the south-east area.

The plant is very easy to maintain. It does not need a lot of sunlight and water to grow. You can always add some chocolates with the plant in your wedding party favor bag. It is priced at Rs.169.

IVY Oma Mini Lantern

If you want to gift something festive and unique, then opt for this IVY Oma Mini Lantern from shoppersstop.com. It is a classy looking lantern with beautiful details. It comes in pink colour and it will look amazing in your wedding party bag favor.

You can keep it anywhere from your living room to study room. It will surely light up the room. It is made out of good quality material and it has a natural shine to it. The lamp also has an antique design which makes it look beautiful.

You can even give some candles or t-lights with the lantern. Try giving some battery operated candles. They will go properly with the lantern. It is priced at Rs.104 only. It is moderately priced and you can surely include it in the bag.

How to Decide on a Wedding Theme?

Choosing a wedding theme can be overwhelming. There are so many themes and all seem wonderful. It is important to decide a theme in advance. Just remember that a wedding theme should be such that it should reflect your personality as a couple.

Apart from that, a wedding theme should be considered with smallest of details. The decor, venue and invitations all should be in complete harmony with each other. Decide on a budget before choosing anything. After that, it is important to choose a venue first. Based on that, decide a theme.

You should also choose your favourite colours. Colours can actually add a lot to the decorations. Also, decide if you want a vintage theme or a romantic one. You will have to dive deeper and get in to the details. You can also hire a wedding planner and give all your worries to him.

Bonus Tip: Make a Budget Before Buying Wedding Party Favours

Budget is really an important thing when it comes to weddings. There are a lot of different expenses that are happening. You need to have proper caterers, venue and invitations. On top of that, you will have to spend for your dresses too.

Hence, before looking for a gift option, decide on a budget for the gift bag. Make a list of all the expenses. This will help you in having a clear idea. Stick to the budget and only then start looking for options.

If you do not set a budget, you might overspend. Also, this is one area where you can control your spendings. Look for discounts online. You can buy from a wholesaler too. This is if you need various items in bulk. Just look around properly and then make a decision to purchase something.

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There's no need to give lavish gifts

Unless you're having a grand wedding where you want to pull out all the stops without any real concern for expenses, it's best to be practical and not splash out on expensive things. Everyone knows that weddings are expensive affairs and no one is expecting pricey party favors. Pick something thoughtful, add a personal touch like a handwritten thank you note and your guests will be touched by your effort.