Here Is a Creative Way to Woo the Guests at Your Wedding: 10 Lovely Wedding Party Favor Boxes for Handing Out Sweets & Other Return Gifts (2019)

Here Is a Creative Way to Woo the Guests at Your Wedding: 10 Lovely Wedding Party Favor Boxes for Handing Out Sweets & Other Return Gifts (2019)

Handing out sweets and small return gifts is a customary tradition for Indian weddings, and you can't just hand these out in regular, ordinary boxes. Make your return favour boxes exciting as here are 10 quirky wedding party favour boxes for handing out return gifts.

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How to Pick the Right Kind of Wedding Favor Boxes?

Decide a Theme

There are multiple ways to pick out some of the best wedding party favour boxes for the guests at your wedding. However, to narrow down your search a bit, you can go for a specific theme too. This way, you can decide on the colour and type of the box easily.

Usually, people love to go with the golden theme as it is quite minimal and sophisticated too. But we think that you should go with a theme that resonates with you and your partner’s personalities. This way, you can always surprise your guests.

The Right Size is Important

The right size is the most important thing when deciding the favour box for your wedding. The size of the box largely depends upon the things you are going to be including that favour box and whether the box is strong enough to keep up with all the things or not.

This can be quite a struggle, but with proper planning, you can make a decision. Don’t go over the top and try to keep things simple yet unique for your guests for a wedding favour.

Boxes Decoration

When it comes to wedding favour boxes India, people primarily focus on the decoration of the box. Now, again, it is all about the theme of the box, but you can add some efforts on your own and make the decorations personalized.

It is your wedding, and the least you can do for the favour boxes is to personalize them with the initials of you and your partner’s name on it. This is one simple but significant decoration idea you can try.

Wedding Party Favour Boxes

Brocade Wooden Favor Box


We picked one of the exceptional wedding party favour boxes for your guests to keep everything very ethnic and traditional, just like Indian weddings. This one is a brocade wooden gift box that can be used for both gifting purposes as well as for favours.

The lovely wooden box comes with a locking mechanism too and has one single compartment inside. You can fill it in with all sorts of essential stuff included in the wedding favours.

We loved the red brocade covering on the box with stunning and quite ethnic paisley design on it in contrasting colours. The box truly brings out the charm of a wedding, undoubtedly. You get satin inner lining inside the box, which is perfect for keeping things safely inside it. You can buy this box now on for Rs. 400.

Elegant Small Magnetic Favor Box

Source Amazon

If you want to keep things simple yet sophisticated, then you can go for this elegant small favour box here. Available in baby pink colour, this box comes in 2 pieces where the covering lid can be removed entirely.

Interestingly, the upper lid of the box shuts down with the help of a magnetic mechanism, and hence it keeps everything in place perfectly.

The box comes with a bow attached on top of it, which gives formal yet warm vibes. They have used a solid, rigid board for this box, which ensures that it is sturdy enough to hold all sorts of favour stuff inside it. You can surely pack all kinds of treats, cookies, and return gifts inside it safely for your guests. This gorgeous pre-decorated favor box can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 269.

Luxury Silk Favor Box

If you are looking for wedding favour boxes wholesale priced, then we have the perfect option for you. Of course, wedding favour boxes are meant to be purchased in bulk, and buying from wholesale manufacturers can help you avail these boxes at a meagre cost.

This box here is a luxury wedding silk favour box that is perfect for weddings and parties. This box is available in grey colour with a silk covering all over it from the outside.

These boxes are made out of rigid cardboard material to ensure its strength and sturdiness. Moreover, they are not decorated, but the silk covering surely does the job here and removes the need for decorating it further. You can directly get in touch with the manufacturer about the price of each box, depending upon your order quantity on

Pastel Pink Paper Favor Box

If you do not want over the top boxes to be used as wedding favour boxes, then you can opt for something simpler. We found this pack of pastel pink paper favour boxes, which are just perfect for handing over treats and cookies to your guests as favours.

As these aren’t made out of thick paper, then packing something heavy in them won’t be a great idea. So, make sure that you go for something lighter here.

Each of the boxes is decorated with a white ribbon, which looks quite elegant enough. The boxes are neither too big but nor too small also. We loved the colour, and it is perfect to be chosen from the bride’s side of the family to be given for wedding favors. You can buy a pack of 100 such boxes on for Rs. 1,789.

Laser Cut Butterfly Wedding Favor Boxes


There are always some people who want to make it big for their weddings and cannot compromise with it at all. Whether it is about the guests or their favours, one should always go for the best, just like these stunning and gorgeous wedding favour boxes here.

The stunning boxes have laser-cut butterflies on them, which looks quite magical. These boxes aren’t too big, so if you are looking for something small in size but quite outstanding, then these boxes are just perfect for you.

These are small treat boxes that can be packed with sweets and treats for your guests. They are made out of durable art paper and looks quite stunning. You can buy this pack of 50 favor boxes from for Rs. 3,545.

Cardboard Wedding Boxes


The next one we have in this section of wedding party favor boxes is cardboard wedding favor boxes. These aren’t that extravagant or over the top boxes for your guests, but they sure do the job very well.

These are cardboard boxes, which means they are rigid, durable, and quite sturdy to fill with all the necessary items inside. As there are not decorations provided, you can do that on your own. Thankfully, you have some scope for customization here as you can decide the colour and dimension of the boxes on your own as per your requirements. The minimum order quantity for these wedding favour boxes is 50, and you can get in touch with the manufacturer for further information. You can buy these boxes from for Rs. 250 apiece.

Golden Mini Favor Boxes


If you are someone looking for quite small treat boxes to be given as wedding favours, then we have some great recommendations for you. Many people who go for a golden theme for their gifts, these boxes are perfect for them.

These boxes are quite small in size and made out of fancy paper. We loved the golden paper used for them, and these comprise various patterns too, like a star, polka dots, stripes, etc. You get 6 of such designs in these boxes, and this is a pack of 36 such boxes here. Interestingly, you also get 36 of gift tags and attaching strings with this pack so that you can personalize the name of each guest on the box. You can buy this wholesome pack of 36 wedding favour boxes from for Rs. 1,319.

Wedding Favor Boxes for Treats


If you are tired of the same type of wedding party favor boxes, then you can try out something different. We picked some really special wedding favor boxes for you, which are perfect to hand over sweets and cookies and treats to your guests.

These boxes come in triangular shapes and available in sky blue color. As these boxes are quite small and made out of paper only, we will recommend you not to overfill them.

We loved the fact that you get these boxes pre-decorated with artificial leaves and ribbons. You get 20 of these triangular boxes in this pack here, and all of them are entirely decorated. You can buy this pack of 20 boxes from for Rs. 2,619.

Pyramid Favor Boxes

We got one more exciting design for you other than the regular cube-shaped boxes. These here are pyramid-shaped boxes which can be used for wedding favours. These are also quite small in size, just like the earlier mentioned boxes, so make sure not to overfill them.

You can use them to fill chocolates and sweets inside. These are laser cut boxes that are put together with the help of a ribbon on top.

These boxes can open up completely, which makes it easier for you to pack them. These boxes come flat, and you would have to assemble them, which is not a big deal. The minimum order quantity for these boxes is 200, and you can send your quote to the manufacturer for the same on

Minimal Wedding Favor Sweet Box


If you are a fan of minimal things, then you are so going to love these wedding boxes mentioned here. These are empty sweet boxes that can be utilized for handing over wedding favours too.

These boxes are made out of sturdy cardboard material and have golden and white print on them. These boxes come in a two-piece, and you can quickly fill desired sweets, chocolates, treats, and other stuff in them.

The inside of these boxes is covered with coloured sheets to ensure they look presentable and good enough to your guests. You get 20 of such boxes in this pack here, which is a money-saving deal for you. You can buy these boxes on Snapdeal for Rs. 718.

Other Interesting Ideas Apart from Boxes for Wedding Favors

Apart from these wonderful and quite pretty wedding favor boxes ideas, you have some other options to try too. It is not necessary to pack everything in hard paper boxes only. You can try out some different ideas to wrap the wedding favors more uniquely. We are pretty sure that you are going to love these ideas mentioned below.

Wedding Favor Bags


Instead of the paper boxes, you can go for paper bags too. Of course, you can’t pack everything in it if the items are too many, but these bags are a great alternative to favor boxes. We found this pack of 5 designer printed handmade paper bags for you available in pink color. They come with beautiful print and handle too and looks quite sophisticated and charming. You can buy this pack on Flipkart for Rs. 295.

Wedding Favor Potlis


Another interesting alternative to wedding favour boxes you can try out is potlis. You can often spot this potlis in the wedding festivities to pack dry fruits and other treats in them for the guests. You can opt for a bigger size to pack wedding favors in it for each guest. We found these silk potlis for your guests in the pack of 24. Available in maroon color only, you can buy this pack of potlis on Amazon for Rs. 384.

Wedding Favor Containers


We feel that rather than opting for wedding party favour boxes, you should opt for more practical ideas. This is why you can pick plastic containers as party favours box. You can pack all your items in it, and the container itself will come handy for your guests in their kitchen and pantry needs. You can buy this pack of 4 favours plastic containers with 850 ml capacity on Amazon for Rs. 248.

Wedding Favor Hamper Baskets


And finally, we have these hamper baskets to suggest as a replacement for wedding favour boxes. Once your guests unpack all the items from the basket, they can use the basket itself for storing other things in it. They are made out of high-quality natural fibre, and hence, this is such an eco-friendly idea to use them too. You can buy this pack of 2 baskets on Amazon for Rs. 299.

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