Dry Fruit & Nuts are Some of the Best Gifts for Indian Festivals! 10 Nuts & Dry Fruit Food Gift Baskets for Your Loved Ones in 2019

Dry Fruit & Nuts are Some of the Best Gifts for Indian Festivals! 10 Nuts & Dry Fruit Food Gift Baskets for Your Loved Ones in 2019

Whether it's Holi or Diwali, Rakshabandhan or Bhai Dooj, dry fruits and nuts surely have a place for themselves in the Indian festivity. But with everything getting more creative today, you can add a small twist to these traditional food gifts options too! BP-Guide brings you 10 chosen food gifts in the form of nuts and dry fruits for you to celebrate these festivals properly.

What are the Best Occasions for Giving Out Dry Fruits & Nuts?


There are certain occasions in Indian communities for which such food gift baskets and hampers are perfectly suitable. Festivals are the ideal occasion to give out dry fruits and nuts to your loved ones. This combo is considered the perfect gift for festivals like Diwali, Holi, Makar Sankranti, etc.

Instead of wasting your time in roaming around the market, you can simply order them online through the sites mentioned below.

God Bharai or Childbirth

Godh Bharai is known as the baby shower functions in Indian society, and you can definitely gift nut boxes for these occasions. Also, childbirth is another occasion to give out dry fruits and nuts to the recipients. Both of these are happy and blissful occasions, and you should go ahead with such gifts for events like these in your locality.

Make sure to prefer large hampers or wholesome packages for such occasions rather than giving out individual items.

A New Beginning or Inauguration

When someone you know is starting something new in their life, then you can greet and wish them with nuts and dry fruit boxes. You cannot find a better gift than these boxes for occasions like the griha pravesh (inauguration of home), office inauguration, etc. A single box would suffice for such occasions as they are small and mostly limited to get-togethers only. House warming parties can be another occasion to give out such gifts.

10 Best Nuts Food Gifts for Your Loved Ones

1. Wonderland Foods Festive Gift Hamper

Starting this list with this quirky option of dried fruit and nut gift tray, your recipients will surely love. Along with the box you get a combination of almonds, cashews, and raisins. So, if you are looking for a multipurpose gift, then this is the one worth buying. Get this hamper from Flipkart for Rs. 489.

2. Nutty Gritties Dry Fruits Gift Box

The next one here is this wonderful food gifts nuts combo packed in different jars. These are flavoured nuts which are perfect for carrying around to work and for travel too. These nuts come packed in 3 different jars of 100 gms each, and it comes in a fantastic packing as well. The gift comes in an open carry pack which is perfect for giving out without even needing to pack on your own.

What makes this entire package super unique is that the roasted almonds, cashews & mix berries are 100% naturals, vegan, gluten free and zero cholesterol with no sugar added. Don't wait any longer and buy this customisable nuts hamper from Amazon.in for Rs. 649.

3. Nuts Hamper Box

For our next option, we have in this list is a Nuts Hamper Box by Nutty Yogi. The box contains 4 different types of airtight containers which have different kinds of nuts in them. These are not your regular dry fruits and nuts!

Each container has 100 gms of nuts in it. And you get a range of exciting and unusual flavours - Cacao Nibs, Healthy Trail Mix, Kala Khatta Munakka and Coconut Oats.

Of course, all of them are quite different than your regular nuts, and you get to enjoy mixed flavours all together in them, healthy and quite nutritious too. The packaging is quite impressive, and you can choose to gift these right away. Buy this pack of 4 containers on qtrove.com for Rs. 599.

4. Mixed Nuts Combo

Are you bored of the assorted nuts and dry fruit packs? Well, you surely will like options like these mixed nut gift boxes. However, these are also not fully mixed as you they come packed in a box where you get six different types of nuts and dried fruits in it which are neatly arranged.

Apart from the walnuts (30 g), you also get almond kernels (50 g), seedless apricots (50 g), cashew nuts (50 g), salted pistachios (50 g), and kishmish (50 g). We would recommend this simple mixed nut gift for low key affairs and functions in the form of a sign of auspiciousness. This pack is available to purchase on nutsnspices.in for Rs. 490.

5. VSD Festival Special Dry Fruit Gift Pack

Whether it is the snacking needs or a gift for someone you know, you have got it all covered with this fantastic snack pack of nut This is specially created for developing healthy snacking habits by making the flavours super enjoyable and lip-smacking!

The pack contains dehydrated cocktail mix, dried cranberry, cashew and almonds for about 200grams.
Whether it is for a family gathering or just a special moment at home, this premium mixed nuts always deliver high quality to you.You can buy this pack on amazon.in for Rs. 1,599.

6. Roasted Peanuts - Black Pepper Combo

Organic products are always an excellent choice for food gifts. So, we have here an organic pack of roasted nuts for gifting your loved ones on joyous occasions. What makes this hamper unique and special is that you get blackpepper flavour too.

These two items are perfect for the pantry and of course quite useful too. In this combo pack, you get 400 gms each..

The packaging is quite attractive too where you receive the items in two cylindrical boxes, which are airtight containers. The roasted peanuts are also gluten free, contain no cholesterol, MSG and wheat free. So, you just can consume it without worry. You can buy this perfect pack from Flipkart for Rs. 221.

7. Berries and Nuts Combo

Sometimes packaging matters more than the gift itself, and if you want to focus more on the aesthetics, then we have the perfect recommendation for you — this pack of assorted flavoured nuts and fruitwhich comes in beautiful box.

You get a box in this hamper here containing different types of nuts in them. They also come with lids so that you can cover them when not used.

In this pack, you get 100 gms of Shahi Pan Berries, 100 gms of Goji Berry-, 100 gms of hazelnuts and 100 gms of dried mango slices. This pack can be considered quite gourmet because of the unique flavours there. Make sure to store these nuts and dried fruits in room temperature to keep them good enough for a long time. You can buy this box on fnp.com for Rs. 1,299.

8. Assorted Flavoured Roasted Cashew Nuts & Almonds

If you are planning on giving out food gifts nuts pack, then one option is to go for roasted nuts, as it increases their flavors. You will love these separate boxes of roasted cashew nuts and almonds here.

They both come in different long cylindrical boxes and packed with an airtight lid to ensure their quality and longevity. Each of the boxes contains 100 gms nuts. These nuts are high for untimely snacking, and their packaging makes them extra perfect for giving out as a form of a gift or special gesture from your side. You can buy this pack of 2 roasted nuts on igp.com for Rs. 575.

9. Kharawala's Fig (Anjeer)

This time we got something different for you, and it is not your traditional almonds and cashews roasted together. This exclusive nut pack is perfect for those who are tired of conventional Indian snacking options like dry fruits and nuts.

We have got for you six packs of Figs in premium quality. These items are good for health and, of course, quite delicious too that one just won't be able to resist having more than one.

These Anjeer packs are available in the package of 250 gms each and packed in airtight packaging to ensure their longevity. These products are entirely natural and organic and imported from Afghanistan, which makes their quality even more superior. You can buy this exclusive pack from Snapdeal for Rs. 1872.

10. Tassyam Dry Fruit Tray

Who wouldn't like gourmet nut gifts especially when you get a wholesome combo of them in the form of a gift pack? This huge hamper contains many products apart from nuts. What makes it extra special is that all of these products are curated to keep the health of a person in mind. All the options in this hamper make fantastic options for healthy snacking.

The beautiful tray hamper here contains premium cashews, almonds, raisins and pistachios. Grab it now on amazon.in for Rs. 499.

Keep These in Mind Before Buying Food Gifts

We always try our best to provide you the most helpful suggestions and tips to purchase desired products only. So, whether it is gifts like these nuts and dry fruit boxes or something else, we always have few tips and tricks to offer so that you can rest assured about your purchase.

Check for Expiry Date

No matter what kind of edible items you are purchasing online, you must check for the expiry date before purchasing them. If the nuts are kept beyond their expiry date, they start to smell terrible because of the natural oil secreted by them. You would not want to gift such foul products to your loved ones!

Prefer Baskets Over Individual Products

You can find so many options for the best nut gift baskets both online as well as offline. These options are available on all popular online shopping portals and you can easily find the desired products on them. Wholesome packages rather than single packets always look better while gifting.

Choose Right Gift for the Occasion

As mentioned above, you must always watch out for the appropriate occasion to give out such kind of gifts to your loved ones. Weddings are not the best occasion to give gifts like dry fruits as it demands something better and definitely more useful for the new couple. Joyous occasions like childbirths, inaugurations, house warming parties are perfect to hand over such gifts to your near and dear ones.

Make a DIY Hamper!

If you are not able to find big hampers and combos, then worry not as you can create something on your own by buying the products separately and then curating them together. You just need to buy a basket separately and then put all the curated nut boxes in it to make it look like a hamper. Such food gifts nuts hamper sends out better impressions than giving out a single packet.

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Packaging Always Makes the First Impression!

Whether you're getting an expensive gift or a cheaper one, make sure you pack your gift beautifully. An elegant packaging helps create an ambiance around the gift which elevates the chances of your receiver liking the gift even more, and this festive season why not write a warm message for your receiver with the present and spread some more happiness and joy!