Thinking of What to Gift Your Foodie Girl? We Are Here to Help You Choose from Trending Food Gifts in 2019

Thinking of What to Gift Your Foodie Girl? We Are Here to Help You Choose from Trending Food Gifts in 2019

It is not the gift which matters, its the thought. If you present your girl something which she has been craving, you will definitely be pleased seeing the happiness on her face. And happiness is all that matters, right? So go ahead and check out these amazing food hamper options for your cutie pie.

A Few Tips Before Choosing a Food Hamper As a Gift

A very old proverb says that the way to a woman's (or anyone's) heart is through her stomach. Apparently, it stands true even in today’s world. Choosing food hampers as gifts is a common trend these days. These gifts are exchanged during special occasion or milestone celebrations. You may think food gifts are not a good idea when it comes to your girlfriend, not true. If your girl is bored with usual gifts of bags or watches, surprise her with a thoughtful hamper of her favorite things. Food gifts are special and she will definitely enjoy them. But before going out for a foodie gift hamper, go through these tips. These might turn out to be a life savior for you.

Everybody Likes Receiving Their Favorite Items

You have been with your girl for quite some time now. So you should be aware of her favorites. If not, then during your conversations try to figure out a few. Try to find out if she likes chocolates or is she into health snacks? Also a few things to understand are what flavors she prefers and most importantly, which she doesn’t. You don’t want to end up gifting the wrong flavors and regretting afterwards.

Its of No Use If She is Allergic

There are a few people who suffer ill effects due to certain allergens present in the food. These food allergens can have negative responses in our body, causing extreme allergic reactions. These foods vary from milk, peanuts to shellfish and soybeans. Thus, we suggest that you remember if your girlfriend needs to avoid any such thing while you are out for shopping.

Sweet Treats Are Always Welcome

People who have girls in their life are aware of this fact. Women love the sweet rush more than anything. Sweets, chocolates, desserts are centrally positioned in their lives. They can be an ideal food gift hamper for many girls. It is not just the taste buds which they enhance but they are very good stress relievers too.

Trending Food Hampers to Stimulate Her Taste Buds


You have gone through the list of tips before you start shopping. Now, we have handpicked a few trendy items for the perfect foodie in your life. These gifts are affordable and low-budgeted which will suit all your special occasions' gifting purposes.

Satisfy Her Chocolate Cravings with Chocolate Hampers

Our gift section would not be complete without chocolates for sure. Chocolate hampers are the best sweet gifts for your girlfriends. The Lindberg assorted chocolate box is the perfect combination of Belgian flavors and chocolate truffles. This is the luxurious collection with some of the most exotic blends together in a pack. The box contains 25 pieces of heavenly chocolates made from creamy dark chocolate, milk chocolate and mixed spices with fruit pulps for extra enhancement. The ingredients are natural and GMO free. The assorted gift box is quite budgeted and does not hit your pocket very hard. The box of joy can be bought at an affordable price of Rs. 599 from

Feel the Freshness with Assorted Tea Boxes

A fresh cup of brewed tea is something which a majority of us look forward to in the morning. Tea is a typical beverage in mornings since ancient times. Not just enhanced taste it also has some unique health benefits. To celebrate special occasions or season’s greeting, tea boxes are a fancy trend in the gifting section.

The blush assorted tea box is an ideal gift for your special girl. The box contains 3 unique blends of tea leaf mixtures. The first blend is a sweet Himalayan detox green tea. Well, there is obviously no need for introductions for this one. The savoury taste with a tint of aromatic Indian spices makes it healthy and organic to its core. The other blend in the Tea box is saffron masala chai. The smell of saffron with spices and almonds makes it a dream cup for a special celebration. These can be definitely brought when special guests arrive. The final blend is a traditional masala chai with the mix of natural bergamot oil. This Earl grey masala chai is a win-win for you and your family members. The elegant gift box can be bought at an affordable price of Rs. 999 only from

Its Snack Time with Yummy Cornitos


Evening snacks are the times when you are most hungry and cranky. So why not give away the most loved snacks of all times to your special ones. The cornitos pack is a delicious munch. The whole box contains 9 nacho crisp packs weighing 30 gram each with cheese and salsa dips to compliment the snack. This Mexican vegetarian cornitos is a great snack gift with no glutens. This dip or treat is a great gift box idea and is a very budgeted and pocket friendly choice available at Rs. 300 from

Gingerbread Cookies - To Satisfy Her Hunger Pangs

Western food culture is quite visible in our food habits. One such item loved by all is cookies. And what better than our very special gingerbread? They are one of the most trending gifting choices. Gone are the days when it was all about sweets. Cookies have taken their place long back. They are sweet, delicious, mouth watering snacks which are the center of attraction of every party.

The ginger bread cookies are made up of organic butter and jaggery powder with fresh ginger, naati egg and organic spices to enhance the flavor. This pack of 100 gm contains about 8-10 pieces in a gift tin box. The container top is also packed with a beautiful flowery red ribbon to make it perfect for gifting. This pack of ultimate mouth flavoring cookies can be bought at a price of Rs. 225 from

Nutty Chocolate Popcorn

Who doesn't love popcorn while watching their favorite movie? It is even better with some nutty chocolate coating. The 4700 BC gourmet popcorn brings the best flavors of chocolate to your favorite popcorn. This is a signature dish en robed in luscious dark milk and white chocolate with almonds to enhance the flavor. It is a perfect treat for every occasion.

A delicious gluten free snack with 0 Gms of Trans fat is surely the usp for every girl. This product is a high quality product with quality certified ingredients which are cholesterol free. Another high selling point in this case is the tins can be reused later for other purposes. 4700BC Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn, Tin, 125g can be yours at an affordable price of Rs. 125 from If you want to gift away a bigger box , the other sizes available are 375 and 650 gms.

Dates & Amla Candy - For a Health Conscious Girl


Healthy snack gifts are the recent trends in the gifting segment. Be it the snacks you serve in the evening or candies as mouth fresheners, these foodie gifts are sure to bring smile on your girlfriend's face. Saatvik Health combo is the ideal solutions to all your confusions about gifting. The hamper contains seedless dates of 250 gms, ajwaini flax seed, paan raisins and orus amla candy. This is a gift for special occasions for all the foodies or fitness freaks you know. The hamper is classy in outlook and is affordable at Rs. 1,100. It can be bought from

Handpicked Gifting Options for Health Freaks

When it comes to gifts for girls, it is significant that you keep the health factor in mind. So we have picked out a few healthy food items which make an excellent and healthy gifting choice.

Fruit Basket

Doctors always recommend that with stressful lives of ours, it is essential that we maintain a healthy diet. The easiest way to do so is to up the nutritional content by eating fruits. The santa gift hamper of fruits is ideal package of Fruit juices, mixed flowers and seasonal fruits. The fruits present in the basket include apples, pears and coconuts. The nutritional content of the hamper makes it a perfect gift for the health freaks. Available at a price of Rs. 2,168, this is the perfect gift for the summers. It can be bought online from They even have a same day delivery policy. So the unplanned occasions can now be celebrated with classy fruit hampers.

Healthy Cookies box


Whenever we hear about cookies, we associate them with unhealthy ingredients and calories. But what if we get the best box of cookies in a healthier way? It could be one of the best ways to munch on your favorites in a healthy and organic way. Mind it; you won’t be putting any weight too. La reine brings a healthy tea time snack for the health conscious girls. The 250 gm cookie box has the health benefits of oats with honey blends. Thus it serves to be a perfect gifting option.

This healthy foodie gift is budgeted for your pockets at Rs. 400. This hamper is an ideal solution for health freaks who prefer stricter regimes with diet and muscle building. This cookie is not just tasty but comes with the wholesomeness of oats and honey. It is available online at

Organic Food Basket

Organic is the new star in the market. The 21st century brought with itself diseases, allergies and harmful impacts of fertilizers. Thus there is a need for organic food which is free from such implications. It offers a natural and healthy way of eating our food. With a third party organic certificate you are sure that the gift baskets are the best one. The different ingredients ranging from sweet and savory treats are carefully handpicked. It includes organic soup, sticks, twigs, tea, dried mango and stuff bar.

This hamper is a fresh picked harvest and is a replica of the handmade basket. It will help making your partner feel special. The all natural organic basket can be yours at a price of Rs. 3,000 and is available at This food gift basket by well baskets is a perfect way of treating your girl with organic stuff.

Protein Bars & Energy Basket

Proteins are essential nutrients for our body. So how do we make sure that they are included in our diet? Protein bars are the food bars to keep up the protein intake. These nutrition bars contain a high proportion of protein and carbohydrates/fats. Thus they are an important source of nutrition. Not just nutrition, they also act as enhancers for your taste buds.

Yoga bar is one such protein bar of 20 grams which is a good quickie for pre and post workout sessions. These yoga bars are good meal replacements with high protein and fiber content. Plus they are low in carbs, soy and gluten making them harmless for your body. The ingredients are 100 % natural with no artificial sweeteners. The pack of 6 costs you approximately Rs. 648 and is available for purchase at These tasteful bars are full of vitamins and minerals and they prevent the temptation of junk foods.

Exotic Diabetic Cooking Hamper

Healthy diet is not a luxury for diabetic people, but more of a necessity. Conditions like this should not stop people from enjoying their favorite meals. To celebrate your love, the exotic gift hamper is an ideal foodie gift for diabetic individuals. The basket includes bertolli olive oil, soup seasoning grinder, Quaker Oats, sugar free natura pellets, sugar powder and a tarla dalal cooking recipe book to help you cook. This cooking hamper can help your loved ones learn a few tips on cooking. The exotic hamper is pocket friendly at a price of Rs. 2,100. It is available at

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Pamper Her Tastebuds by Gifting Her These Delicious Food Hampers in 2019

So have you found the way to her heart? If still not, try one of these amazing food gifts and rest assured she will be flattered. Choose one among the tastiest choices or a healthy option for that body conscious. You will surely make a mark. Happy Gifting!