Gift Hampers are Way Better Than Single Corporate Gift Items. Here are 10 Unique Corporate Gift Hampers for Your Clients in 2019

Gift Hampers are Way Better Than Single Corporate Gift Items. Here are 10 Unique Corporate Gift Hampers for Your Clients in 2019

Unique corporate gifts do exactly what they're meant to - remind customers about your firm. In an age where everyone is sending out corporate gifts, you need to work extra hard to stand out; gift hampers are a excellent choice. Everyone loves getting a gift, the more the merrier, and hampers can be made to appeal to a wider group of people. So let's get started on how to select the right hamper and some stellar options for you to pick from.

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Why Gift Hampers are Better Options Than Single Corporate Gift Items?

In All Aspects of Life the Quantity of Gifts Matters More Than the Quality

Gift hampers hold a special place when it comes to gift giving in formal and business contexts. In fact, whether it is about the formal gifts or even personal ones, somehow the quantity of the gifts overshadows their quality and this is the thing you need to focus on while thinking of gift hampers.
This is the reason that gift hampers can be way more impactful and impressive as compared to single corporate gift items for your employees as well as clients.

Great Way to Impress the Clients

Companies and large business groups often prefer these gift hampers for their clients as compared to their employees. As the ultimate source of their business keeping them happy and satisfied is of utmost importance. Giving out corporate gift hampers is a great way to express your appreciation for your clients and give them a chance to see your hospitality.

Leaves a Wonderful Impression on All People

The concept of corporate gift ideas is not limited to the clients only. In fact, it is a great way to bond with your employees too. Giving out gift hampers to your employees or to some special customers would come as a big surprise for them especially when they are untimely. This will put your company’s name into their good names’ list.

10 Amazing Corporate Gift Hampers

The Forest Essential Skin Care Gift Hamper

Looking for the exclusive corporate gift hampers for your male clients, this one can turn out to be your top choice then. This one is a specially curated skin care gift set for men only where amazing products are put together offered by the brand Forest Essentials. This grooming collection is definitely attractive enough to grab the attention of any of your clients and they will be super stunned to look at the amazing packaging too.

This skin care package by Forest Essential contains Face Wash, After Shave and Facial Moisturizer and all of them are completely inseparable part of a man’s life. The best thing is that you would not have to put much efforts over the packaging too as it is already done amazingly. But make sure to personalize it by putting a sticker of your company’s name on it. You can buy this Skin care gift set on Forestessentialsindia for Rs 1495.

Healthy Snacking Gift Hamper


The next one that we have here is called Healthy Snacking Gift Hamper. Fitness and health have become top priority of people today and giving out a corporate gift related to this would be a great idea. So, we found a perfect gift hamper for the same which is consisted of some interesting items. This pack includes roasted multigrain and roasted multiseed. Both of these products are great for untimely snacking in the day and their health benefits are just amazing on the body.

They are even more essential for diabetic people and these products include zero cholesterol in them too. The combo here is consisted of two jars of these multigrain and multi seeds along with two refill packs too. Make sure to put some extra efforts on the packaging of these snacks items. You can buy this combo on Igp for Rs 1400.

The Executive Must Haves Hamper


Sometimes, it becomes complicated to curate appropriate corporate gift ideas for employees as you cannot go too informal for them. This is why we have this Must-Have Executive Gift Pack to suggest. This kit is consisted of some of the most important and useful accessories and items for an employee and that too in the best quality possible.

The items that you are going to receive in this amazing gift hamper are pen stand, key chain, visiting card holder, organizer and a passport holder. All these items are safely put together into a wooden box too. You have the option to customize this gift pack according to your own wish. You just need to contact the sellers regarding it. Also, the minimum order quantity for this gift pack is 30. You can buy this executive gift hamper on Fnp for Rs 1699.

Teas of the World Gift Pack


Tea has become a rage and undoubtedly in India, people love tea more than they love coffee. This is why we decided to keep up with the trend and found out a really amazing tea gift set for your special clients. This is no ordinary tea gift hamper here but it is comprised of the best teas from all across the world. In fact, the packaging itself is a sight to behold here. This Teas of the World pack is consisted of Darjeeling black tea, Japanese Sencha, Chinese Jasmine Pearls, African Rooibos, Yerma Mate, Sri Lanka Ceylon and Moroccan Mint tea.

All of them are some of the most exclusive varieties of tea from all across the world which are put together into an amazing gift hamper form. These premium whole leaf teas are beautifully curated into small glass bottles which are totally reusable. You can order this online on Amazon for Rs 949.

Incense and Soap Gift Hamper

It is the time to focus on some simple corporate gift hampers so we got our hands on a really nice incense and soap gift set here. We would surely recommend such kind of gift sets for festive occasions especially Diwali when they are needed the most. Your clients are going to be super grateful of you for sure. So, talking about this Incense and Soap Gift Set here, this includes items like incense sticks and cones, a ceramic incense holder, organic soap and some nice candles in terracotta cup.

However, as this one is a wholesale website, the minimum order quantity will be 50 for this product. The customization is not available on the site and you would have to do it on your own but the packaging is surely reliable and sophisticated enough to give out to clients. You can buy this great gift hamper on Thegivingtree for Rs 250.

The Work Station Gift Hamper

Next we have is a very formal corporate gift hamper here. If you are ever in a confusion then you can go for such formal gift packs without any doubts. This one is a nice Work Station Gift Hamper consisted of some really important office items. So, the pack includes brown wallet, a small table clock, card holder and a pen. While the wallet comes packed in a nice box, you will have to take care of the packaging of the other items on your own.

Your clients would surely love the nice metallic finish of the clock as well as of the card holder. In fact, these items won’t even acquire much of the desk space too. You can also consider such kind of gift packs for your employees and special customers too. This work station gift hamper is available for purchase on Igp for Rs 1450.

Ayurvedic Wellness Gift Box

If you want to make a good impression on your clients then you should totally go for this Ayurvedic Wellness Gift Box here. This is a type of healing and protecting set consisted of the amazing and pure Ayurvedic products to nourish from head to toe. Kama Ayurveda is a leading organic and ayurvedic products brand in India and hence you can trust these products without any doubts.

This pack contains items like Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment, Mridul Soap free face cleanser, Sugandhadi Rejuvenating body treatment and Navaa retexturising soap. All of these are completely organic and cruelty and chemical products. These items come in a nice luxury box but make sure to personalize the gift pack with your company’s name on it. You can buy this gift hamper on Kamaayurveda for Rs 1920.

The Ultimate Dry Fruit Gift Pack


No festival in India is completed without exchanging a random pack of dry fruits with each other. In fact, you can find amazing corporate gift hampers online consisted of variety of dry fruits. This one here is an example of the same. This is the ultimate Dry Fruit Gift Pack comprised of some of the most popular and healthy dry fruits in India. It contains whole dried cranberry, sea salt chocolate, American almonds and dry apricot Turkish seedless. It is definitely not your regular dry fruit pack and hence perfect to woo your clients at the time of festivals. Gladly, you can customize the pack on your own but the minimum order quantity remains to be 30 here. You can order this dry fruit pack on Fnp for Rs 2249.

Accessories Gift Set

Most of the gift hampers mentioned here are quite luxurious and suitable for special clients and special occasions only. However, if you are looking for something in general and very much affordable then you are going to like this accessories gift set here. Perfect for your employees, this gift set is consisted of key chain, pen and a card holder. Gladly, all of them are color coordinated with unique metal finish. The card holder is definitely the USP here which is double sided and can contain a variety of business cards in it. The retail price of this product is 495Rs. However, you can order 400 pieces of them on Brandedcorporategift for Rs 203 only.

The Coffee Gift Box

We have already mentioned a tea gift pack for you and now it is time to include a coffee gift pack in this section of corporate gift hampers here. This gift set here not only includes coffee pack but also comprised of other interesting stuff too. Here you get, ceramic coffee mug with lid, message card, wooden coasters and pack of 3 blue Tokai coffee packs. All of these items are perfectly put together into a nice gift box. There is no customization option available on this package but you will surely love the copper diamond gift box that the seller offers. Order this premium quality coffee gift hamper on for Rs 2149.

Why Companies are Switching Towards Informal Gifts from Formal Corporate Gifts?

There was this time in the earlier days when the meaning of corporate gifts was restricted to more formal and sophisticated gifts only. Thankfully, the time has changed and so is the trend. More and more companies are now switching towards informal and fun corporate gifts which is quite a big change in the corporate sector. Know, why the trend is changing so rapidly?

Let's Agree That They are Super Attractive

We can agree on this one point that informal gifts are more attractive and interesting too. The packaging, the gift items and the entire hamper looks extremely eye-catching and one cannot help but to use these items immediately. Make sure to keep them personalized with your company’s imprint on them. This is definitely a great way to publicize the name of your company too.

Cool Gifts That are Different are Appreciated More

Now, compare these two items on your own. One is a leather covered diary while another one is a nice fragrance. To be true, you would love to go for the second option as it is more appealing and quite cool too. The time is changing and companies are trying their best to befriend the potential customers and clients. Hence, they are moving towards such appealing and interesting gift items.

The Trend Has Changed

The trend for the corporate gift hampers has completely changed and it won’t be wrong to say that things are upside down now. What used to seen as childish and unsophisticated is now considered trending and uber-cool. Marketing companies are matching their steps with their clients and this is why they are able to grab the attention of people towards them. The companies who aren’t following the trend even in the current times, will surely remain a step behind from their rivals.

These are Way More Useful

When it comes to the use of the items you are giving out as corporate gifts, informal ones turn out to be a major choice by the clients and other people. Even your employees would prefer a portable Bluetooth speaker over a boring personalized pen any other day. It is all about keeping up with the time and offering the most useful items of the current trend to your clients.

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Gift Hampers are the Best.

Corporate hamper gifts of congratulations for a promotion can leave an impression with team members. Corporate Gift hampers allow a business to express appreciation in an elegant way, They come in an assortment of items that appeal to end users. Finding the suitable Corporate gift hamper to present to your customer can be a hard task at times, here we strive to make gift giving an easy pleasure for you, our corporate hampers and gifts are guaranteed to delight all your business associates.