Celebrate the Festival of Lights in Style with Your Friends and Family: Top Diwali Party Ideas to Organise the Most Spectacular and Memorable Night of the Year! (2020)

Celebrate the Festival of Lights in Style with Your Friends and Family: Top Diwali Party Ideas to Organise the Most Spectacular and Memorable Night of the Year! (2020)

Diwali is undoubtedly India's biggest festival and a time of never-ending celebrations and fun with your family and friends. If you are planning to throw a Diwali party this year then this BP Guide is here to help you to make it the most memorable night of the year for your party guests. This guide will help you decide which party themes would be apt for the occasion and how to invite your guests to your spectacular party.

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Diwali Party Ideas – To Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Cheer

Diwali, one of the most beautiful festivals in India, is a reason for loved ones to enjoy quality time together. And a party in your living area with your loved ones is a cool idea. It is a Hindu festival of lights that not just spreads happiness but also carries auspicious festivity. You can supplement the celebration of fun with tasty meals, fun games, gifts and more, making long-lasting memories.

The last phase of 2020 is here, and Diwali isn't very far away. However, everything that this year brought has put many in jeopardy of organising a Diwali party. To pull you out of the dilemma, we have created a list of unique Diwali party ideas. Here, we will take you through the right themes, gifts, activities, and décor. You will also discover some helpful tips to impress your family and friends.

Some Interesting Diwali Party Themes for You

  • Bollywood:

    For the Diwali party, encourage your guests to wear sherwanis, saris or traditional Indian costumes. Play some Bollywood music from old and new movies and have a dance-off.

  • Casino Night:

    Diwali celebration is not complete without card games such as rummy, blackjack, teen-patti, etc. Put up a casino-style theme in a separate room (or a particular place in the party room) as not everyone might like that. Arrange a couple of card games at the dedicated table and distribute some prizes to the winners.

  • Silver and Gold:

    For sparkling celebrations, combine metals with colourful décor. Ask your guests to don their best quality gold and silver accented ensembles. You can add more glamour to the party by choosing a place where sparklers are not the only twinkling things.

  • Elephant Parade:

    The magnificent creatures are a potent symbol of wisdom. You can pay homage to them with adorned elephant wall hangings, coasters, party favours, and candle holders. An elephant-themed setup would surely make your Diwali party a unique one.

  • Indo-Western:

    Looking for an escape from the traditional setup? Indo-western is a perfect pick for the Diwali party. Put up some traditional décor using rangoli and diyas, and arrange a western dinner with Indian sherbets and desserts. To give it a more western touch, you can ask your guests to follow an Indo-western outfit theme. This, combined with playing western and Indian tracks on the DJ, will add the best feel and vibe to your party.

Top 10 Diwali Party Ideas to Add Charm to Your Celebrations

Whatever theme you choose, you can use these Diwali party ideas to add fun, charm, sparkle and excitement to your party.

Light the Place with Colourful Decorations

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Colourful lights, candles and a lot of other décor items are commonly seen during the festive season around Diwali. Fairy lights, traditional diyas, and lanterns make up for great lighting ideas. However, you can add a cheerful feeling of the festive occasion to the place with earthen lamps, electric lights, and colourful rangolis. Rangoli can be anything from figures of Gods and Goddesses, geometrical patterns, or holy symbols such as a swastika and om. Besides, red roses and marigold flowers will make your rangoli design even more impressive.

Alternatively, you can get some colourful candles with artistic designs and shapes to decorate the place. Get floating candles to add extra appeal. You can also find candles resembling flowers such as sunflowers, roses, orchids and lilies that can adorn your house for the party. If you are looking for something long-lasting, this Battery Powered Diwali Decoration Cotton Ball String Light is the best option. Get this one from Amazon for ₹ 499.00.

Add Some Delicious Food

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Depending on your budget and the number of guests you are inviting to your Diwali party, a lavish dinner spread may not always be the best option. Arrange a table with appetiser dishes, including samosas, pakoras, chakris, etc. The chances are that your guests will be staying up all night, some playing cards, you should choose food that would be simple to gobble up. The combination of low calories and luxurious starters is the best option. Purchase some crackers and cheese from the grocery store. A cauliflower curry and a butternut squash is a delicious choice to serve with coconut rice and naan. Also, don't forget to add some tasty sweets for desserts. You can buy Diwali sweets from IGP at a price ranging from ₹ 425.00 - ₹ 500.00, depending on what you buy. Check out this delicious Premium Karachi Halwa available on IGP for ₹ 595.00.

Put on Some Interesting Music to Groove On

When the festive spirits are on a high, music will be in great demand. Here, you need a list that you can play in a loop, and all your guests should feel and enjoy the beats. Play the music on your computer and attach good quality speakers or use a separate speaker if you have one. Your guests who love to dance will definitely enjoy your party. However, you should clear the background space for them to dance. If you are unsure which playlist to choose, the Background Music Diwali Playlist on Gaana can be your go-to choice. This one's a great list, and you can play it on the loop during the festive night without your guests getting bored.

Ramp Up the Fun with Some Party Games

As already mentioned earlier, games are an integral part of Diwali celebrations. Although some people engage in gambling, most play card games for fun. Thus, it's always good to keep the card's deck handy. And, if you are not well-versed with Flush, Rummy, or Teen Patti, do have a quick look at some details online. Besides, you can also arrange other games like musical chairs and Tambola. There are many other popular games you can choose from which include an ethnic dress competition, casino chips, dice, Antakshari, and competitive group games such as making rangolis, lighting candles/diyas, etc.

Add Some Sparkle with Firecrackers

This is another essential ingredient for Diwali celebrations today. Although some people oppose fireworks due to their negative impact on the environment, eco-friendly crackers are also available. Arranging a sparkling fireworks display can add excitement and fun to your Diwali party. You can keep the basics like sparklers, mild flower pots, rockets and ground wheels on the menu for your guests.

It is advised not to use noisy, loud, and pollution causing fireworks. Instead, you should light up the Diwali night with fountains, chakras, and sparklers that will also serve as a childhood reminder. Do keep a first-aid box ready in case of any misfortune. If you haven't yet decided on what to buy, Goodwill Fireworks is a great site to buy crackers online. You will find various types of modern crackers here for all ages. Order your favourite ones to enjoy the evening with your family and friends.

Bring Cheer to Your Guests with Gifts

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On Diwali, everyone gathers to celebrate the festival with happiness, love, fun and life, particularly by sharing gifts and sweets. Your guests expect a surprise or a gift on Diwali, and it's the perfect time not to disappoint them. Your friends visiting your home may or may not carry anything for you, but you should pamper everyone. You can make something at home or buy some goodies. You can give bags with personalised thank you tags. Other festive gift ideas include chocolates, dry fruits, door/wall hangings, floating candles, idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi, gift baskets, etc. Choose the gifts according to your budget and preference.

In these times of health concerns worldwide, you can add a wellness hamper as a gift to all or a return gift to your guests. This Wellness Hamper in Gift Box, available on IGP, comes with healthy essentials, including mixed fruit infused tea, peanut butter nutty cookies and white coco cashew nutty cookies. This gift box is available for ₹ 1,275.00 on IGP.

Put the Festive Colours to Display with Rangoli Patterns

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Rangoli is a beautiful thing that all of you like to during festive occasions like Diwali. Imagine, your guests will be excited when welcomed with a beautiful rangoli on the party eve. This one thing will help you embrace the traditional side even if you organise a modern party. If you don't want to make an authentic rangoli with the colourful flour or rice on the floor, you can opt for decorative rangoli designs. In such a case, floor stickers and a rangoli wall with graceful acrylic beading can be the best pick.

You can buy Akshar Collections Rangoli Powder from Amazon at a price of ₹ 104.00. It includes a pack of 10 different colours. Plus, Yogic Origins Plastic Rangoli Stencils Set is available on Amazon for ₹ 160.00. You can use these stencils to design amazing rangolis at home.

Charge Up the Guests with Drinks

Louder the music, stronger the drinks, and higher the stakes of having a beautiful and memorable party. Ensure that you have a well-stocked bar in advance. It is a good idea to hire a bartender for the night party. You can also add non-alcoholic drinks like pomegranate punch and a raspberry mojito for non-alcoholics. To keep the conversations going smoothly, you need to ensure that there's no silence. For this, you can consider putting up a selection of juices and mocktails. You can order them online or prepare them at home. If you are going for a homemade one, check and get all the ingredients essential for making an Indian mocktail or a cocktail. For a party without a bartender, writing some recipes on chalkboards will leave your guests with a crack at mixology. You can also play music to charge your guests and set the mood of the party. Ensure that you get a playlist and speaker ready to avoid last-minute hassles.

Go for Eco-Friendly Celebrations

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Diwali is the festival of huddling up with your loved ones and going crazy with crackers at night. It is the fundamental Diwali essence, and everyone knows it. But you should also take care of your environment. It is the time when the air around you is polluted the most because of the crackers. You need to be environmentally conscious while celebrating the festival. Rather than using crackers, you can invite your guests to celebrate an eco-friendly evening. Light up diyas, candles, and host the rangoli and other competitions to celebrate Diwali this year. Include some music, wine, and food and have the time of your life.

It's the right time to stock up diyas and other décor items before things run out of stock. Get a Set of Hand Painted Clay Diyas from IGP by paying ₹ 293.00. Along with clay material these handmade lamps come with silver decoration. These diyas will light up the festive spirit with absolute elegance and style.

Create a Photo Booth Corner

You can create a photo booth area to add a unique fun dimension to your Diwali party. It is a place where you can keep several props such as an oversized crown, big moustaches, praying beads, wigs, and other things for your guests to use and click fun pictures. This is one of the most exciting Diwali party ideas for offices and corporates where employees can spend some happy time and capture special moments. With high appreciation, the picture booth corner in a workplace can also help encourage employees' spirits. Bride Story has some fantastic photo booth ideas to light up your Diwali party. Check out the site and book one now.

Bonus Tip

Don’t Forget to Send Warm Invites to the Attendees

Diwali marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. It's a common tradition to celebrate the evening and sending greetings through email, post or SMS to family and friends is a part of it. If you, too, are throwing a Diwali party at your place or in the society, you can choose from printed invitations or paperless e-invitations to excite your guests well in advance. You can also put up your invitation on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. if that's an open party. However, make sure that the invitation includes the time, location, date and other essential details of the party. Highlighting the mood and theme of the party should be your focus while creating one.

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Diwali – A Time to Celebrate and Have Fun with Friends and Family

Diwali is the best time to celebrate and have fun with your friends and family. What better way to enjoy than throwing a spectacular party for your near and dear ones? We hope this BP Guide would have helped you in planning your Diwali party perfectly. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.