Luscious, Delicious Gifting: 10 Corporate Gifts Of Chocolate That's Sure To Bring A Smile And Wow Your Business Associates

Luscious, Delicious Gifting: 10 Corporate Gifts Of Chocolate That's Sure To Bring A Smile And Wow Your Business Associates

Given how well chocolates are generally received, it's no wonder that chocolate are a popular corporate gifting option. They are perfect for all occasions and are easy to handle. But to choose the right one is tricky. Our guide can help you get started with a list of 10 best gift hampers, tips to choose the right one as well as bonus idea. Read on to find the right chocolate gift to show your appreciation and surprise all your associates.

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Chocolates As Corporate Gifts for Employees, Clients, And Customers

Gift giving in a corporate environment can be a little tricky. You want to find a gift that is perfect, thoughtful and appropriate for the occasion. This is where personalized chocolate comes in. It makes a suitable gift that colleagues, employees or clients will love receiving. Instead of just sending an email or mailing a card to appreciate your employees, clients and your customers, giving them chocolates as a corporate gift is a classic act and a great strategy for improving both employee and customer retention. Rather than use the conventional methods of emails, you can try something different; give them some delicious, mouthwatering and well branded.

You could go further to personalise them; this will wow both employee and clients. Chocolates are a fantastic way to reward employees and impress visiting clients. The more premium the chocolate it the more your clients and employees appreciate your effort.

Package Uniquely

Packaging is a key part of presenting gifts to people when done correctly and creatively, it draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel elated. There is something about receiving well-packaged gifts but the effect is greater when you receive a box of chocolate, I am sure you agree with me on that. A box of chocolate makes a person feel special, and when the box of chocolates is further personalized, it invokes an amazing response in the receiver.

The packaging should be wrapped in foil or outer wrapped with paper and inner wrapped foil. Do not forget to remove all of the price tags. Let your uncompromising quality extend to your packaging and ensure the colours are attractive and the designs are perfectly done. Chocolates can be presented in a variety of styles like Chocolate Hampers, Chocolate Towers, Chocolate Heart box, Personalised Chocolates, Chocolate Bouquet and so many more. You get to choose which you would love to send out to your employees, boss or clients. With endless packaging choices ranging from elegant to whimsical, there’s a good bet you can find something well suited to the personalities of your client.

Customise to Suit the Occasion

We give out gifts basically to celebrate seasons and occasions. So you have to make sure you customise the chocolates appropriately. Gifts given during the yuletide season should be customised to suit that season. Do not forget to use the colour of the season for the chocolate box. Be sure to pay attention to details, be obsessed with quality and let the touch of excellence be visible. Personalise these premium Gifts that highlight your brand with your client’s name or initials to make a lasting impression. Remember to order for the right portions too, whether you are sending to one recipient or a large office, chocolate boxes come in a variety of sizes and price points, so choose the portion that suits the occasion.

Customise with Your Logo & Brand Appropriately

Start any of your work or business with these mouth-watering chocolates. Choose the perfect treat that suits your business and chooses colours that are vibrant and an accurate representation of your brand. Let these mouth-watering chocolates have the signature of your organization; add your logo, slogan and the name of your organization to the chocolate bars. This includes what elements of the chocolate are customisable: the exterior, the flavour, the design of a bar, the design of individual chocolates. The design and quality of the chocolate you choose for your employees, colleagues, boss and clients will reflect your taste and style. Wrap the gift box up in a nice cover with your brand’s name on the top. Apart from showing that you put extra efforts, you also create a brand value among the people you are sending the gift to. Getting the branding aspect right will score you a high point in the minds of the recipients.

10 Great Corporate Chocolate Gifts To Be Remembered Long After the Last Bite

1. 24 Pc Grand Assortment

An assortment of continental chocolates with heart-shaped chocolates is the perfect sample of most popular flavours. All hand rolled, cut, dipped and decorated with ribbon. This chocolate selection contains dark, milk and white continental chocolate - at least 15 delicious continental chocolates in all, weighing 180g or more. Average cocoa solids/milk solids in our continental chocolate range: dark chocolates 58%, milk chocolates 36%, white chocolates 25%. This mouth-watering detailed and elegant, romantic, and unique chocolate that is sure to make an impression can be gotten at at a price tag of Rs. 2,287.

2. Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Assorted Chocolate Signature Deluxe Red (40 Chocolates)


This signature Red gift of 40 (500gms) chocolate box is the ideal way to discover the amazing chocolate creations of Zoroy. A typical box contains an assortment of Dark chocolate mendiants with assorted nuts, Date stuffed with almond coated in chocolate, Marzipan balls dipped in white chocolate, orange flavoured ganache coated with rich chocolate, creamy ganache coated with pure chocolate and almond bits, ganache coated with dark chocolate, Caramel fudge, almond rochers. An elegant gift anytime! The Red box has chic foiling of our monogram and comes wrapped in our couture brown satin ribbon. Get the Luxury Chocolate Assorted Chocolate Signature Deluxe Red at for a price of Rs. 1,349.

3. Aubree Centre Filled Pure Belgian Chocolate Diwali Gift Box


These beautiful centre-filled Belgian chocolates make the best gift box ever. Pure Belgian chocolates, white, milk and Dark with delicious fillings of Coffee, Fruit and, Nut, Butterscotch, Milk soft centre and Roasted Almond. These come from Aubree, a premium chocolate brand based out of Bangalore who is known for their artisan chocolate prepared using premium quality ingredients. The silky texture of chocolate filled with a creamy soft centre, a combination that will literally melt in your mouth. Order for as many as you would love to give to your clients and employees at for just Rs. 310.

4. Luscious Chocolates

Chocolates are one edible item that everyone loves and they are appropriate gifts for most occasions. Gift this gift box containing an assortment of 24 pieces of luscious chocolates to an avid chocolate lover and they will surely love it! The Luscious Chocolates is just as luscious as the name of this chocolate sound. The sweetness and smoothness of this chocolate make people forget their age and it is a welcome gift to anyone and everyone. Make an order at at a price of Rs. 1,825.

5. Splendid Corporate Dark Chocolates Pack


Chocolates are a welcome gift in any household because it has a great shelf life and can be consumed long after being gifted. These dark and other specialized chocolates are considered of high-value importance and many consider as an important part of the gifting process. The SPLENDID Corporate Dark Chocolates Pack is the best corporate gift for this festive season. Visit to place an order for the Splendid Corporate Dark Chocolates Pack at a price of Rs. 599 and you would be glad you did.

6. Brookside Dark Exotic Chocolates Assorted Gift Pack 192g


As chocolates are loved by everyone in the offices to households, it becomes a nice gifting idea in the corporate world. If you want your clients to feel appreciated, the Brookside Dark Exotic Chocolates will speak volumes about the importance of your relationship. This is a Vegetarian product that is dark chocolate and exotic. Its Capacity is 192 g. Buy it on at a price rate of Rs. 360. Gifting the Brookside Dark Exotic Chocolates will show your clients, colleagues, boss and clients that you have special attention towards them.

7. Luxury Chocolate Box

If you want to offer something unique and extraordinary, you need to order a delicious gift pack of The Luxury Chocolate. The easiest and the most loving thing would be chocolates. Chocolates are loved by people of all age groups. They are called the miracle of life, you can tell if that is true or not. Fill the hearts of your customers and clients with the sweetness of love by gifting them the Luxury Chocolate. Sweeten their hearts with the chosen pieces of Luxury Assortment. Lavish the sweetest person in your life with a collection of confections that are just as tempting as they are! Love is the ultimate expression of the will to live, by giving the Luxury Chocolate you fill their hearts with so much warmth. The Luxury Chocolate Box can be found at for a price of Rs. 1,070 only. These chocolates are made up of rich ingredients, creams, flavours and much more. These chocolates are a symbol of rare luxury, opulence, indulgence and pampering which make them a special gift for the recipient. No one can resist their taste.

8. Ferrero Rocher in Silver Tray

Are you bored of sending the normal everyday gifts to your business partners, clients or customers? It is time to consider gifting a chocolate bouquet in the form of Ferrero Rocher bouquet that can easily win the hearts of the recipients. Ferrero Rocher adds that extra sparkle to special occasion and also brings with it all the Italian flair for passion, style and care making it a perfect Golden Gift for Golden Moments. Send these to your business partners and you will be amazed at their response. A chocolate gift has the power to delight recipients at many stages in life- it is an exciting sweet surprise for a child but also brings out the childlike joy in adults. Giving chocolates have always been a great idea because chocolates make anyone happy instantly. At you can order for the Ferrero Rocher at a price of Rs. 1,764. The Ferrero Rocher Chocolates are rich, tasty, satisfying and comforting. You can expect satisfying feedback from anyone you send these chocolates to.

9. Haldiram's Nagpur Assorted Chocolate Tokni - 400Gm (Small)


Chocolates are joyful gifts which make people happy. Chocolate is by nature luxurious and indulgent. It is one of those gifts that send a message of pampering and the desire to make someone delighted, excited and happy. The importance of chocolates can also be judged from the fact that it is one of the most common and preferred ingredients of all major desserts and sweet food preparations. The Exclusive Dark Chocolate Gift with Dry Fruit Gift Hamper contains 21 pieces of special dry fruit chocolate garnished with almond and cashew. These Dark chocolates with a bunch of dry fruits inside can be ordered at and it costs Rs. 299. Wait no longer, visit to make an order for the Exclusive Dark Chocolate Gift with Dry Fruit Gift. You won't regret it.

10. Exclusive Dark Chocolate Gift with Dry Fruit Gift Hamper


Chocolate is by nature luxurious and indulgent. It is one of those gifts that send a message of pampering and the desire to make someone delighted, excited and happy. The Exclusive Dark Chocolate Gift with Dry Fruit Gift Hamper contains 21 pieces of special dry fruit chocolate garnished with almond and cashew. These Dark chocolates with a bunch of dry fruits inside can be ordered at and it costs Rs. 299. When you gift chocolates to someone it shows your affection and appreciation towards them. Send this mouth-watering chocolate cake that can leave them craving for more and more. Wait no longer, visit to make an order for the Exclusive Dark Chocolate Gift with Dry Fruit Gift. You won't regret it.

Bonus Tip: Organize a Party for Your Employee And Clients

Holidays are the perfect time to show your employees and customers how much you appreciate them. Everyone loves to be celebrated or appreciated for their efforts and contribution. No man is an island; the growth of your business won't have been possible without the help and support of your staff, employees and clients. Throwing them a party to specially celebrate and applaud their efforts will not only boost their morale but encourage them to do more. While you at it don't forget to hand them some beautiful baskets of these corporate well-packaged chocolates. Leave them with an impression that cannot be erased.

Corporate Chocolate Gifts To Leave An Impression

Give out these corporate chocolates as gifts to your employees for a job well done and also to your clients for their consistent patronage and watch how you remain engraved in their hearts. With chocolate, they’ll see an elegant gift box, then smell the chocolate aroma, then feel the smooth piece before tasting the rich chocolate. The bonus? They will fondly remember who sent such a delicious gift and just may end up recommending you to others. All of this contributes to creating a long-lasting memory of your gift. The taste of chocolates is undoubtedly something that makes anyone fall in love with it that is why gifting chocolate is a great idea to make someone happy.

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Make Sure Of The Quality of The Chocolate

While chocolate gift hampers are a convenient gifting choice for corporate events, an important factor to consider quality of the actual chocolate. In pursuit of budgeting, it can be tempting to look for value products but this may backfire if the chocolate given is of poor quality. To avoid it, ask for samples. By doing this you can ensure that the product quality is up to the mark and your associates will not be left with (literally) a bad taste in their mouths!