The Way to a Foodie's Heart is Through the Stomach: Try These Gourmet Food Gift Hampers, Recipes and Food Gift Ideas to Tickle Their Taste Buds (2019)

The Way to a Foodie's Heart is Through the Stomach: Try These Gourmet Food Gift Hampers, Recipes and Food Gift Ideas to Tickle Their Taste Buds (2019)

Win them over with mouth watering delectables and make sure that are pleased and satisfied. To give a Gourmet Food Gift Hamper, ensure that they are ok with the foods, that is, don't give allergic foods to anyone no matter how delectable it looks. Such a gift is one to make one very happy as it not only curbs the hunger, but also leaves them with a sweet taste.

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Think Out of the Box! Gift Your Friends and Family Gastronomic Treats!

The term gifting means a whole lot of things. Gifts can be sweet and meaningful words, they can be materialistic flashy items, they can be exotic holiday trips and they can be gastronomic treats as well! As more and more people are getting choosy and selective about what they use and wear, gifting edible and food related gifts makes so much more sense. All you need to know is a bit about the general taste of the recipient and you can never go wrong with a food related gift.

A gift which can be relished and enjoyed with family and friends has more meaning than a soulless gift meant to be stacked away in the cupboard. So if you have some gifts to plan for upcoming occasions of near and dear ones, we have jotted down some interesting options for food gifts which will definitely win hearts!

Gastronomic Gifts Wins Hearts

A food gift is often the best choice. As they say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, a food gift is an excellent idea of making someone happy and impressed by you. A food gift not only takes the recipient to a fantastic gastronomical journey but also makes the person realize how much you care about their tastes and preferences.

Gastronomic Gifts Have 100% Chances of Being Loved and Appreciated

Gastronomic gifts are enjoyed by all. Whether the recipient likes your gift of a shirt or a perfume is highly subjective to his or her personal tastes and there is a always 20% chance that they do not really like the gift (of course they will never let you know!) But gifting an edible food item is going to be relished and feasted upon. You will also be loved and appreciated for your thoughtfulness and gesture.

Gobble and Slurrpp! These Will Be Down in Moments

The best part about edible gifts is that they can be gobbled up in minutes. The joy of having something really lip-smacking is at another level! This gives the person sending the gift extreme pleasure and contentment.

Gastronomic Gifts Create a Festive Feel as They Can Be Shared

Imagine the whole family sitting together and enjoying a scrumptious food hamper sent to them by someone. This creates fun and festive moments in the house and also spreads happiness around. A gift is meant to spread happiness and an edible gift does just that.

Gastronomic Gifts Showcase Your Thoughtfulness, Patience and Love for the Person

When you send a food gift to someone, you obviously think twice about his likes and dislikes. You take care to send items which you know he or she will relish. If someone is extremely fond of samosas and kachoris, then sending a hamper of freshly made and hot samosas will make the recipient appreciate your thoughtfulness and love.

5 Food Related Gifts That Can Be Ordered Online

Here we have shortlisted some easy to order food related gifts that make your task easier and enable you to send delicious food hampers to your loved ones.

#Idea 1 - Local Gourmet Favorites Hamper

Want to gift some gourmet delicacies to someone? Here is an exciting gift hamper containing some delicious and some rare to find delicacies that will surely impress the recipient. The hamper contains all desi goodies such as gluten-free veggie pasta, flavored green tea, flavored instant coffee, infused honey twigs, flavored dark chocolate bar, flavored oil, flavored nut butter and set of 5 mini preserves gift box. Packed in a stunning box with some colorful filler paper, this box has all the elements that make it a superb gift hamper.

You can order this one from Gourmet Box. Shoppers can get some personalized message printed and added to the contents inside. If you want to make some changes to the contents, the website allows the buyer to customize the box as per their choice. Priced at Rs.4,000, this one is a fair deal! The best part is that they offer shipping and door–delivery and all you need to do is to order online.

#Idea 2 - Premium Gift Basket

This mouth-watering gift hamper has the best of goodies. Neatly packed inside, are some premium cheese crackers, peanut butter melt chocolates, savory antipasto, warming coffee, praline pecans, Godiva hot chocolate, delicious rolled cookies and premium handmade truffles. Send this hamper to your loved one who has a sweet tooth and loves to explore different varieties of chocolates. The perfect hamper is priced at Rs.3,581 at Gifts n Ideas and all you need to do to avail this basket is just order online and upload the address details of the recipient. They are very efficient with their timings and you can use their service to surprise someone exactly on their birthday or anniversary.

#Idea 3 - Sparkling Celebration Gift Hamper


This sparkling celebration gift hamper can be bought from Amazon at Rs.1,150. It contains a 750 ml bottle of sparkling red grape fruit juice, 2 crystal wine glasses and 16 pcs of ferrero rocher chocolates. Packed and delivered in a stylish bag, this one will definitely put someone in a celebration mood. If you are unable to attend a close friend’s birthday party or a celebration with someone special, then this sparkling gift hamper is the perfect way to excuse yourself and make the person happy.

#Idea 4 - Jalsa Namkeen Box

Haldirams- the King of Namkeens in India also has an online web portal where one can order delightful festive packs and have them delivered to various cities across India. Grab this lip-smacking Jalsa box priced at Rs.727 for gifting someone a gastronomic treat. This box is an alluring combo of flavours, sweets and snacks. It contains badam halwa, mewa bite, dry fruit mix, orange bite, gol kachori, Maida petha and almonds. A complete package of sweet and savoury, this one consists of items which have a shelf life of a few months. You can keep for a box to be consumed later or enjoy it right away!

#Idea 5 - Samosa, Kachori and Jalebi

Have someone who loves Indian street food? Treat them with some freshly made samosas, kachoris and mouth-watering jalebis. For anyone living in Rajasthan, arranges for quick shipping and free door-delivery for items you order on their website. They have a delicious range of Pyaaj ki kachori, samosas, jalebis and many other Indian snacks. We have chosen this tasty hamper containing 1 pc of kachori, 1 pc of samosa and 100 gm of jalebi priced at Rs.380. Gift someone this small treat to curb their hunger pangs. You can also order multiple food items if you want to gift someone a scrumptious festive treat.

4 Food Related Gifts That You Can Prepare Yourself or Arrange It Yourself

You can add more value to your food gift by preparing it yourself. If not cooking yourself at home, you can put in some efforts and send unique food delicacies to the recipient. We have jotted down some excellent ideas.

#Idea 1 - Baked Lasagna


Nothing can be sweeter than sending a hand-made and home-cooked delicacy. This time, you can try a baked lasagna if your friend loves baked items. This one is a pure vegetarian variety but it does take some time and effort. Here is a recipe to help you with your lasagna gift.


  • 500 gm vegetables-cooked
  • 2 cups tomato puree
  • 1 Tbsp garlic paste
  • Salt and Sugar to taste
  • 1 tbsp chilli powder
  • 1 tbsp oregano and basil
  • 2 tsp orange rind grated
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup butter
  • 1 cup refined flour
  • 3 cups milk
  • lasagna sheets
  • 1 cup grated mozzarella or cheddar cheese


  • Step 1 Heat the oil in a pan and sauté garlic paste
  • Step 2 Mix in the tomato puree and add all the spices. Simmer for sometime.
  • Step 3 Prepare white sauce with butter, milk and refined flour.
  • Step 4 Mix the vegetables with tomato puree and white sauce. Leave some tomato puree aside to spread on the lasagna sheets.
  • Step 5 Boil the sheets and keep aside to cool.
  • Step 6 Line the dish with tomato puree and arrange a layer of the sheets.
  • Step 7 Now top the sheets with a generous layer of the vegetable mix. Alternate with another layer of sheets and the vegetable mix. Continue till your bowl is full upto the brim.
  • Step 8 Sprinkle some cheese and bake in 180 degrees pre-heated oven for 25 to 30 minutes.
After your lasagna is ready, allow it to cool for some time and then cover with a foil. Have it delivered to the person while still hot and fresh?

#Idea 2 - Fruit Basket

You can never go wrong with a fruit basket! Pick up some exotic fruits from your local fruit vendor and arrange them neatly in a huge basket. Have this fruit basket delivered to the person. Many fruit vendors offer to do the packing of a fruit basket on their own. You can pick up ready-made fruit baskets and send them to the person too.

#Idea 3 - Get Some Gourmet Items Prepared at a Local Restaurant and Have it Delivered

If your friend craves a particular food item or is crazy about a specific food item from a favorite restaurant, order it for him or her and have it delivered to their place. Most hotels offer delivery else you can hire the services of swiggy – the food delivery app in India.

#Idea 4 - Book a Chaatwala and Have Him Sent to the Person's House for a Feast


Know someone who loves to binge on Indian Chaat items? Hire a Chaatwala and send him to the person’s house. This gesture would not only surprise the recipient but excite him to no end. You can find a local Panipuri stall or a Bhelpuri stall and pay him in advance to prepare fresh Chaat items for your friend or relative. Pick a favorable day, like a Sunday, when you know all the members of the house will be present. Let them know in advance that a gastronomic surprise is on the way!

Important Points to Keep in Mind While Sending Edible Gifts

While sending edible gifts, you need to take care of a few important points otherwise this gesture of yours will have reverse effect and might even make the recipient angry.

Ensure Hygiene

This is the first important point to keep in mind. If you are preparing something at home or getting it prepared outside, ensure hygiene is maintained. Check that the quality of the food is the best.

Should Know About the Likes and Dislikes of the Person

You have to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of a person before sending an edible gift. If you are unsure about their preferences, it is better to stick to simpler food items instead of going for gourmet delicacies. You might love mushrooms to the core and the idea of sending a mushroom biriyani might appeal to you, but if the other person has a mushroom allergy or dislikes mushroom, then he or she will not appreciate your gesture at all. With other gift items, if you send a present to someone that he does not like it, he might still pass it to someone else but with a food gift, no one can pass it on to anyone just like that. They might be forced to trash the food if they do not eat that particular item.

Take Care of Proper Packaging If Serving Fresh Food

If you know someone who prepares gourmet delicacies at home and they take gift orders, then it is totally your responsibility to ensure that the food is delivered in proper condition to the recipient. Take care of the packaging and check for possible leakages. In such cases, it is best to pick up the item yourself and have it delivered to your special one after double checking the packaging and the contents.

Check the Expiry Date

Food items comes with an expiry date. It is considered downright rude to send a food item which has already expired. If you plan to send perishable food items, ensure that you send them fresh. Also check the expiry dates of chocolates or any packed foods before gifting them.

Gift Low Calorie Food Related Gifts to Calorie-Conscious People

There are a number of low-cal foods available today which can be an excellent alternative for someone who is health-conscious or following a strict diet plan. Gifting a calorie and sugar-loaded chocolate cake to your friend who is trying to lose weight is not a great idea. Instead, think of some gourmet dates, protein bars and such other low-calorie foods that can motivate them to lose weight faster.

So this time, think out of the box and think food when gifting comes to your mind. These are sure shot ways of impressing someone !

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Leave them with a sweet tooth, whether with foods having a pungent taste or just those that are sweet. This will make them want more. Invoking an appetite in them is one way to keep them thinking and they will always remember the delicious gift you gave them. Dealing with food is usually a tricky affair as you may find some are allegic to certain foods, or others overly concerned about the hygine within which the food was prepared. Such and more tips have been provided to leave those you gift worry free and deeply impressed by the gourmet gift.