Wedding Party Favors for Every Budget and Style, from DIY Bouquets to Desserts, These are Some of the Best Wedding Favor Ideas for 2020

Wedding Party Favors for Every Budget and Style, from DIY Bouquets to Desserts, These are Some of the Best Wedding Favor Ideas for 2020

When it comes to leaving a memorable impression on your guests at the end of the wedding, take-home party favours seal the deal. As you choose your wedding favours, keep in mind what's on-trend for 2019. More than that, remember to be practical and pick something meaningful. These amazing wedding favours are guaranteed to impress your guests.

What Are Party Favors?

Giving gifts is an important tradition followed all over the world although the type of gifts has changed over time. A wedding is one celebration where handing out favours is an important gesture to thank the guests for coming and blessing the newlywed. The tradition of favours started with the European upper class giving fancy boxes and was called bonbonniere. It mainly consisted of crystals, porcelain or gold.

These days wedding favours are changed into creative and fun gifts. It is also a chance for the bride to show her personality. Choosing wedding favours can turn into a family Galla with family members and close friends.

There are a million things to choose from when it comes to wedding favours. They are easily available and affordable according to everyone's budget. Here are some tips and links to help you decide on which wedding favours to choose from and where you can buy them.

Selecting Right Favors for the Wedding


Planning a wedding takes a lot of effort and research from choosing the right venue to the theme, dresses to wear and food. Another thing that adds up to the list is wedding favours which if chosen correctly can leave an impact on your guests. It increases the family prestige and shows a little bit of you through the gifts. The things to keep in mind when choosing a perfect wedding favours are the theme of the wedding, your budget and the wow factor. You can easily find affordable gifts that can be a memorable one too. Selecting the right packing is also an art when it comes to favours. A small but beautifully packed gift can be made a special one for the guests.

Choose gifts that can be of use to the guests, those which they can use for a long period of time and remember you through them. If you do proper research for the favors you can find traditional, non conventional and edible favors that will be loved by all. You can also hire a professional to help you out in selecting favors within you budget. If you plan them in time you can save loads on money in buying them in bulk from local markets or hitting sales online.

Connect Your Favors with the Theme of the Wedding

The latest trend in weddings these days are theme weddings. You can see people planning weddings on vegas theme, royal theme, fairytale theme, rural theme etc. It is important to keep the theme of the wedding in mind when you choose wedding favour. You can also use the same colours used in the decoration of the venue for packing the gifts to make them more appealing. If you are going to a beach wedding you can give sunglasses, sun creams, beach umbrellas etc that can come handy. If yours is a rural themed wedding you can try giving out pots made of clay, miniature lanterns or even handwoven baskets.

Keeping the theme in mind in selecting wedding favour is important as it compliments your wedding and the thought you have put on it.

Keep Your Budget in Mind


Having a wedding in your family is an expensive affair and you don't want to leave out anything due to budget constraints. Since wedding favours are an important part of a wedding you need to set aside a good budget for it as well. When buying gifts for loved ones, one tends to go out of boundaries but it is important to follow the budget or else you may have to cut down on other things. Limiting your budget does not mean you have to compromise on the quality of the gift. There are several innovative things you can buy within a general budget. Always keep the use of the gift your buying, the colours and presentation to make them look attractive in mind when buying gifts.

You can save money through bulk buying or buying things straight from the manufacturer. You should visit local markets instead of going to an expensive mall to purchase favours. You can find local people who are experts with handy work and order your favours made through them. You can even buy them online, look for festival sales and season end sales to get a good price on things. It is always fun to buy good things in a budget and feel proud of yourself.

Size Matters

Size always matters but when giving wedding favours it is advisable to go for small gifts to make them easier to carry. They should be small enough to fit in their suitcases or should be under the weight limit if they are travelling by air. Going small does not mean cheap, think creatively and you can find tons of things that are small in size but are very valuable.

Ideas for Cheap Wedding Favors

Handprinted Rajasthani Bed Cover Set

After a long day, all your mind wants is a good night's sleep on a beautiful, comfortable bed, a soothing, handpainted, colourful bed sheet can just do the trick. Giving bed cover sets as a wedding party favour is a great idea as it lasts for a decade. Every time your special someone sleeps in it, it will remind them of your auspicious day.

India is known for its traditions and cultures and what will be better than gifting your guests a part of the tradition. You can find excellent hand printed Rajasthani bed covers at low prices in local markets or even online. You have tons of variety to choose from and it fits in almost everyone's budget.

Your family and friends will appreciate this gift as they drift into a comfortable sleep each time. You can find good quality Rajasthani bed cover sets on, or The price ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,000 which makes it easier for you to decide.

Silver Plated Bowl Set

Silver-plated bowl set is another gift that is related to our tradition and culture. Silver is considered to be a holy metal in almost all religions. It is believed that it keeps evil spirits away. It is also known for its therapeutic properties therefore it is advised to eat in silver plates for ages. It also connects with wealth and prestige. An old tradition of feeding a baby in a silver or silver-plated bowl set is still prevalent and your guests would love to have it in their home. They will think of you each time their child or loved one takes a spoon full of food from it. These bowl sets are also used during festivals like Holi and Diwali to serve dry fruits to guests therefore it is something which will be very useful for your guests. Silver stays with you for a lifetime and it is fairly easy to clean it. They come in beautiful packings and will make a great favour for your wedding.

Shop for silver-plated bowl sets in bulk from, or Price ranges between Rs. 300 to Rs. 1,500

Assorted Chocolates


Chocolates never go out of style, they are known as mood boosters. Chocolates are packed with health benefits like boosting brainpower, maintaining blood pressure and above all gives you glowing skin, it is loved across the globe, you won't find too many people disliking chocolates. They are also known for properties like being an antioxidant and antidepressant. They are an ideal gift for people of all ages be it a child or an adult of any age. It is a symbol of luxury, opulence and a way to pamper your loved one. If you want to give stylish wedding favour, assorted chocolates are a good idea and you can even personalize them with pictures and lovely quotes. They come in elegant packings. It will be fun watching your guests enjoying your favour and remembering you with each bite.

You can shop for assorted chocolates in local bakeries or on the internet through or

Dry Fruit Hampers

Earlier gifting sweets were a tradition in the weddings as favours but gradually dry fruits have taken over due to its goodness of health benefits. Gifting dry fruits is a good idea as it symbolizes good health and love. They are a classy gift and enjoyed by all. By giving dry fruits you can send a message to your loved ones that they are cared for and hold a special place in your heart. Since dry fruits are related directly with good health it is like a blessing for the person for his long and healthy life ahead.

If you are unable to decide on what to give as wedding favours, a nicely packed box of dry fruits would be the best bet. Look for boxes that contain nuts like roasted cashews, flavoured peanuts etc. You can easily find dry fruits in the local market and pack them in cool DIY potlis and boxes or you can order them in bulk from the internet. Some sites that offer great offers on these are, or You can choose from various packages depending on the types of nuts and the size of the boxes. Price ranges between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,000.


What could be better than to give out a sweet delight to your friends and families as a token of thanking them to be a part of your wedding? Macarons are the most recent delights that have made its mark as a great wedding favour. Macarons are made of meringue and have soft flavoured ganache inside. They come in various flavours like rose, almonds, chocolate, lemon, passion fruit etc. and the strong aroma and taste stays in your mouth for a long time. They come in stylish packets and look great on your wedding favour table. Ask your guests to take a pack and savour it while they sit and enjoy your wedding ceremony.

You can either have them made in a bakery or order them online from or The price range starts from Rs. 100/p and above.

Handmade Scented Candles

Handmade scented candles is a popular gift. They are a perfect gift for men and women because everyone likes their homes smelling nice. Buying a handmade product is a good idea because it shows your investment of time and thought you put into it to make is special. They are a memorable gift and looks very stylish. You will be surprised by how many people come to ask you where you got them from. Everybody likes handmade stuff and candles are made with a lot of effort, the perfection in a beautifully crafted candle is pretty obvious. When you buy a handmade product you not only make your guests happy but you contribute to supporting someone who is following their passion.

Candles are a great way to decorate one's house and the aroma is a great stress buster. You can choose the scents according to the season, there are plenty of options like warm scents and cooler scents to choose from. You can also include some spa or natural beauty products with the candle. They are easily available. If you do proper research you may find some NGO making them, it'll be a great way to support the hard-working ladies in the trade. They are cost affordable and you can buy them in bulk.

Some sites that offer handmade scented candles are, or You can buy handmade candles between Rs. 100 to Rs. 500

Essential Oils

Everybody is talking about essential oils these days and wants to start somewhere. People are drawn towards natural and organic products and they will be more than happy to receive one as a gift. There are a variety of oils in the market that can be used for beauty purposes, perfumes, as stress busters or even cooking.

They come in beautiful glass bottles with a description and directions on how to use it. They can be a wonderful gift for the people who want to try something natural and trendy. You have to make sure to order them well in advance before the wedding. Pack them in cute, personalized jute bags, or paper bags with colourful ribbons to make it look festive.

You can order essential oils from, or The price of essential oils starts from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 or more for a 10ml bottle.

Mason Jars Filled with Goodies

Goody baskets are out of date now. People are choosing more creative ways of presenting gifts to their guests. Mason jars are the most recent trends as gift containers. They come in various shapes, colours and sizes as per your requirement. If you are creative you can opt for mason jars and let your creativity fly. You can choose to fill it up with edible goodies like chocolates, homemade sauces and chutneys, cookies or potpourri, dried flowers or you can even turn them into small lamps.

Mason jars are easily available in local markets as well as online. You can find stained glass jars, jars with or without lids. Your guests will love to receive mason jars as they are reusable and add style to any kitchen. Check out sites and for stylish jars. The price ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 mostly.


Shawls can be very good wedding favour especially if you are getting married during the winter. They come in different materials, styles and colours.

They give a unique style to any attire, can be worn with sarees, salwar kurtas or even with jeans. They are comfortable and keep you warm in style. They can be a perfect fashion statement. They make great wedding favours as everyone despite age or gender can use a shawl. They are easily available in bulk in local markets and you can find them online although you may not find them is the same colour or texture there. They come in various sizes and materials therefore you can choose them according to your budget and tie them with coloured satin ribbons as gifts for your guests.

You can find some good shawls on, or The price ranges from Rs. 300 and above depending on the material and size.

Trendy USB


Long gone are the days when you stored data, pictures or songs on a CD or a floppy. Pendrive craze is in and they could be a unique and useful gift for your guests. You can either hand out empty pen drives or load them up with classical romantic songs or pictures. There are various types of pen drives available in the market the best one is the OTG (on the go) type. They can be used on a computer as well as on a smartphone, so next time when your guests are travelling they can enjoy the romantic classical and don't have to carry their laptops to listen to them. The other kind is the credit card pen drive. They are slick and thin, easy to carry in a wallet and you can print personalized messages or pictures on them to remind you whenever they use it. They are cost affordable and reusable. You can buy them in bulk to get a good price on them or order them online. or offer a good collection of various pen drives. The price range starts from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1,500 and above.

Succulent Plants

If you want to give something different to your guests as a wedding favour, go with succulent plants. Plants have been known as a great source of energy and stress buster. Plants of any kind or species bring life to a room and when it comes to succulent plants they are the easiest to take care of. They are low maintenance, just give them ample sunlight and water them once a week to keep them growing. They make perfect gifts because they will stay with your guests for a long time. They will enjoy watching it grow and remember you for such a thoughtful gift. They can use it as a centre table decorative or place it on a window sill to bring life to a room. It's easy to carry and can be put in creative pots or even in a mason jar.

You can easily find them in local nurseries or order then online through,, or The price range starts from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1,500 depending on the variety you choose.

Bonus: Forget about These Outdated Wedding Favors

Picking out wedding favours is one of the most fun parts of a wedding but it can also become stressful if you run out of ideas. The tradition of giving favours goes a long way back and there have been certain gifts that have been used for decades. These days people like to choose something creative and fun to give away at their wedding, something that can bring back pleasant memories of the day and can be used again by their guests.

Sweet boxes have been the most common wedding favour but it is very outdated now. Giving a box full of ladoos or barfis in those golden and yellow boxes kills the excitement of getting a gift. They can not be stored for long and are not cheap plus you don't know if everyone likes ladoos or barfis.

Another such gift is a set of bangles. Seriously almost everyone has bangles of their own and gifting them could be a confusing task. You don't know what others prefer and there are different sizes to choose from which can create a lot of stress.

Another easy way out used to be cloth bags with the name of the bride & groom printed on it. Cloth bags are a very useful gift especially when there is a ban on plastic use but have your name printed on them can be a put-off. They can't be used elsewhere other than your wedding party.

Fresh flowers are loved by everyone but they wither out too soon. Giving your guests fresh floral jewellery can be useless for them as most of them will be decided in ornaments already and it will be a hassle for them to carry it around. You are most likely to find them in a trash can before the wedding ends.

From our editorial team

Give Your Guests Favors That They'll Keep.

Wedding favours can also act as souvenirs for your wedding. If you want a favour that's not edible, the good news is the choices you can pick from are endless. To avoid being overwhelmed, stick to favours that your guests can keep with them wherever they go, or something that they can display in their homes. This way, when they see it, they'll remember your big day and appreciate your beautiful souvenir.

Any one of these wedding favours ideas will surely add to the fun and festivity of your wedding day. Choose wedding souvenirs as is or customize an idea to best suit your style and personality. Your guests will be delighted! When planning a beautiful, memorable wedding, picking the right favours is crucial.