Light Up Your Party with Candles as Party Favours: 10 Pretty Party Favour Candles for Your Guests (2019)

Light Up Your Party with Candles as Party Favours: 10 Pretty Party Favour Candles for Your Guests (2019)

When it comes to a theme-based party, every little detail matters! From your decor to the food you serve, make sure you get everything in line with the theme you've decided. For your child's next birthday, plan a surprise theme party of their favourite characters or hobbies. We present to you the littlest party favours in the form of candles to go with every kind of party. Read on to find out more.

Candles as Party Favors - A Versatile Option

Everyone loves an aromatic and beautiful fragrance. And today's candles bring you a lot of variety of these fragrances. Candles as gifts and party favours are gaining attention by the day, and people have started to consider this as an excellent gifting option. They come in a fantastic array of different shapes, sizes, methods with many purposes. Overall, these candles can either be real flamed, rechargeable, or battery operated. Choosing the perfect candle for your guests is not too complicated; just decide on the fragrance you want to go for. Their versatility is the reason they are slowly becoming timeless party favour.

When to Choose Candles as Party Favors?

Themed Birthday/Anniversary Parties

Themed parties are the trends of today. Some popular themed party ideas include tea parties, tropical fiesta, Hollywood party, Mexican fiesta party, etc. It doesn't matter which theme you choose for your party, candles are a perfect party favor to give to your guests. Gifting candles that match the idea of the party is the best way to go.

Anniversaries are special days, and having your friends come over to celebrate with you is always heartwarming. If you're looking for an anniversary party favor, candles are the perfect gifts to give your guests. You can have the candles engraved with the date of your anniversary, or you can have your guests names engraved in their respective candles. They would love it!

Festival Parties

Everyone expects gifts during festivities such as Diwali and you shouldn't. While people who come to your party may or may not bring something for you, make sure that you have a hamper ready for everyone when they are leaving. Since Diwali is a festival of lights, candles are a perfect party favour to give your guests.

Housewarming Parties

Housewarming marks a new beginning, and what better way to celebrate new beginnings than a party with close friends and family! It's a wonderful gesture to thank your guests with a good party favour. A lot of thought goes into choosing a housewarming party favour. It should be something that the recipient would like to have, and it should be creative and thoughtful. Candles are a great gift to give to your guests, especially since you can personalise, embellish, or pair these with other gifts to make your friends feel special. You don't have to break the bank while going candle shopping for your guests. You can place a picture with a poem or inspirational message in a box with a vanilla scented candle and watch your guests melt when they open your gift.

Weddings/Mehndi Parties

Festivities in an Indian marriage begin with the mehndi ceremony. Both the bride-to-be and all the females in the house gather together for a fun-filled evening/noon and adorn their hands with beautiful henna designs and patterns. A candle would be a perfect gift for this ceremony. Perfect for setting the mood right.

The tradition of distributing wedding favours is a very old one. It is believed that the first wedding favour, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere is a small trinket box that was made of crystal, porcelain, and precious stones. You don't actually have to gift your guests a bonbonniere, gifting them candles is a great way to go! You can have the candle engraved with the date of your wedding and your guests are sure to always remember that day by just looking at the candle.

10 Lovely & Affordable Party Favour Candles

1. Shree Designer Colour Number Candle


This candle is nothing less than a piece of art. It's a handmade, decorative scented candle that has an excellent finish. It comes in different designs and colours. OEM and customisation are also available. This product comes in a corrugated box but can be packaged depending on the buyer's requirement. This is a great option if you're looking for some personalised items. Available on, it comes at a price of Rs. 210.

2. Funcart First Birthday Candle in Pink


This product is a cake topper candle. It comes with the dimensions (15 x 20 x 2) cm. This material used to make this candle is safe as well as durable. It comes in a set of 4 and is sure to thrill people. Get this candle topper is from for Rs.289.35.

3. Beautiful Heart Shaped Candles


Heart shaped candles are a great gift to give your loved ones. This particular product comes in a set of 6 pieces. Buy this from for Rs. 116 apiece.

4. Spiderman Candle

Everybody love superheroes! This Spiderman Spider Sense Molded Candle features Spiderman atop a chimney with a blue spider web behind him. When placed on the cake, it looks as if a miniature spiderman is sitting on top of the cake. This adorable Spiderman candle is made from wax and measures (3 x 2 x 2) inches. You can find this product on where it's available to purchase at Rs. 399.

5. Solimo Wax Tealight Candles


This is a set of 100 unscented wax tealight candles. Its dimensions are (25 x 25 x 10) cm ,and on average these candles can burn up to 2 hours and 50 minutes. These candles are smokeless, odorless and do not leave any soot residue.

What is great about these candles is that they can be used with or without candle holders. This product is sold on for the price of Rs. 299.

6. Khargadham Glass Decorative Candles


This product is unscented and comes in a pack of 6. The multi-coloured nature of this product makes it unique. Its burn time is 2 hours and the material used to make this is gel. This product is available to purchase from for Rs. 325.

7. Teddy Bear Candle-Red

This candle is almost too cute to burn. The product is made from wax, and the dimensions are 7 cm x 4 cm. This candle is a wonderful gift for your little one. They're bound to feel special when you give them this beautiful candle. This adorable candle costs Rs. 199 only and can be bought from

8. Jamboree Musical Lotus Candle


Jamboree means a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one and that is precisely what this candle screams.

This product is round and unscented. The multi-coloured nature of this candle makes it so fun, and it is sure to give any place that party vibe. Get this unique party favor candle from for Rs. 129.

9. Soccer Ball Pick Candles

Is your little one into soccer? This is the party favor you want! It's perfect for a sports or soccer themed party or as a gift for all those soccer fanatics. The pack comes in a set of 6 soccer candles, each measuring 3 1/4 inches. They are packed together to brighten up your celebrations. Each soccer candle has a toothpick base and therefore, will stand up sturdily on any cake. These cute soccer candles are available on at a price of Rs. 299.

10. Party Anthem Unicorn Toothpick Candles


This product is as cute as anything can be! It's made from wax, having a length of 6.3 cm, and it comes in a set of 5. The candles are moulded in the shape of a unicorn to make it eye-catching. Use it for your fairy-tales or other mystical theme based parties. This candle set complements other cake decorations perfectly. It can be purchased from for Rs. 256.

Tip for Buying the Right Candle Party Favours

1. Make Sure You're Getting the Right Quality

Shopping for candles is a fairly thoughtless task. If we do spend more than 3 seconds mulling over whether to buy one candle over another, it's mainly for scent reasons. Sometimes we end up buying candles that drip all over the table or that burn so unevenly that you'd think it was placed at a 90-degree angle. But it's a party favor which doesn't mean you should buy anything and everything. Giving your guests an inferior quality product would only reflect poorly on you and poor quality candles used on cakes may even ruin the entire cake for you. Make sure to get only quality candles. A good candle has:

1. Clean burning with long burning hours.
2. A quality wick which is neither too long nor too short.
3. A lead-free wick.

2. Ensure They Are in Line with the Theme of Your Party

Matching your candles to the theme of the party will make your party extra cute! You can print out pictures of the characters or situations according to the subject and stick them on the candle holder. If you're throwing a meditation-themed party or any party that has to do with both body and mind well being, you should get candles that have mildly scented oils instead of those that have strong scents, to enable one meditate without distractions from the strong smell. If some of your guests are allergic or sensitive to certain scents, you can use a non-scented candle. You can get your guests to experiment with both options and choose the one that helps them focus and relax.

3. Buy in Bulk

The main reason people buy candle sets is that they specifically need candles and holders. Also, buying in a set usually makes it slightly less expensive than if you were to purchase holders and candles separately.

Candle sets can make it easier to decorate your home. It can also make it easier to get ready for a big event. You can get sets of 12, 72, 144, or 288 depending on the size of your event. This will take some of the complications out of ordering decor for events.

Ordering decor items for your events in sets like these will not only save you some time but also some money. Plus ordering in sets takes some of the guesswork out of the equation, which will alleviate some of the stress of planning a big event.

If you choose to order candle sets, you can customize the holder to fit the occasion. If you want to add an elegant or perhaps rustic vibe, you can wrap fabric and ribbon around your holders. Lace or burlap can change the look of the holder, and it’s very simple to do!

From our editorial team

Keep Candles Away from Toddlers

Although these candles claim to be as harmless as they can be, they may cause great discomfort to you or your little one if not correctly used. You child may swallow it, or the wax from a burning candle could be very dangerous for your child's sensitive skin. As it's said, precaution is better than cure, make sure you use these party favours safely.