Party Favors in Mason Jars is the Perfect Way to Get Creative and Truly Wow Your Guests: 10 Quirky Mason Jars Plus Idea on How to Use Them to Spice Up Parties (2019)

Party Favors in Mason Jars is the Perfect Way to Get Creative and Truly Wow Your Guests: 10 Quirky Mason Jars Plus Idea on How to Use Them to Spice Up Parties (2019)

Mason Jars are increasingly being used in a variety of ways - be it as a centrepiece, container, silverware holder etc. Here are 10 mason jars which stand out due to the quirkiness and creativity which went into their making. Also read our fun party ideas on using mason jars as decor in very creative ways!

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Why You Should Say Yes to Mason Jars

Sturdy? Check.
Cute shape & size? Check.
Expensive? No, not at all.

Guess who we are talking about?

Mason Jars.

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, mason jars are just like any other jars, but made of glass along with a plastic screw-on lid. Usually coming in two sizes – regular and wide mouth, mason jars can be used to stock in everything. Right from fruits to veggies, chocolates to candies, the only limit is your imagination.

Today, mason jars are even used in crafts – while some have used them as centerpieces for holding flowers, others have made hanging lights out of them!! What’s more – you can even drink your favorite beverage with a mason jar!

This is only the tip of the iceberg – the ways of how to use a mason jar – it’s literally limitless.

Party Favour Ideas Using Mason Jars

Who says mason jars are only for canning? With just a little dose of ingredients, you can put good use of the mason jars – oh yes, add to that a little bit of creativity and the uses are – well, beyond your imagination!!

Party Favor for Ice Cream

Always wanted to send your guests home with something fancy? Now, you can do so – simply get a few mason jars and give them the recipe of your favorite homemade ice-cream along with a handwritten note. Take a jute twine and a mini wooden spoon and wrap around the mason jar. Your guests won’t stop thanking you!!

Party Favor for Candied Fruits

Planning to have a party with small kids? How about getting a few mason jars for them too? Take a whole lot of colored candies and various fruits and fill up the mason jars. To complete the look, tie the mason jar with a big colored ribbon. The small kiddos are surely going to love this party favor.

Party Favor for Cookies and Biscuits

Now, this is one party favor that your friends are sure to love. Take out the recipes of your favorite cookies and put them in the mason jars. To complete the look, you can add in a handwritten note and maybe, add some jam. Go on, be as much creative as you want!!

Party Favor for Mini Drinks

Thinking of holding a summer party? How about this? Consider giving your guests a refreshing summer drink – lemonade, margaritas and such – in the mason jars. Cover the mason jars with a lid and wrap it with jute twine. Happy summers!

Party Favor for Chocolate and Confectionery

What party is complete without chocolates? Take a few mason jars and fill it with chocolates. You can even add in a tag if you want – now, this is one party favor that no one can say ‘No’ to!!

The best part about this party favor is that you can also turn it into a handmade gift. Now, isn't that great?

Beautiful and Gorgeous Mason Jars to Use in Your Next Party Which Will Make Everyone Green with Envy

Owlie Hand-Painted Mason Jar

Decking up your place for throwing a party? Or on the lookout for funky décor?

No matter the occasion or season, the Word Art Community has your back! ‘ The Owlie Hand-Painted Mason Jar is a stunner by itself and will make you stare in awe at them by looking at the etchings and paintings on them. Its main theme follows around the etching of cute owls in a very different and artistic approach.

Priced at Rs. 750, these glass jars are of the dimensions 12cms x 6.5cms x 6.5 cms. The best part about this is that you can use it as both a decorative as well as an item for storage purposes.

Pink Pop Enchanted Forest Hand Painted Mason Jar

Spice up your kitchen this summer by adding mason jars to your shelf!

Priced at Rs. 850, this Mason Jar can be found exclusively on World Art Community and measures only 12 cms x 6.5 cms x 6.5 cms. Perfect to store nuts, chocolates, and other goodies, this mason jar is brought to you by the brand “Enchanted Forest” and features hand-painted artwork.

The best part about this mason jar is that you can even gift it to your loved ones but why not for a change you gift it to yourself? Its minimalism is the most eye-catching element here.

I'm a Little Chilli Mason Jar


Spruce up your living room with the ‘I'm a Little Chilli Mason Jar’ brought to you by Crazy Me and is exclusively available on the website named Engrave.

Very economically priced at Rs. 499, it is assured that it will add a hint of cuteness to your living room décor. Its capacity is 350 ml and can be used for an array of causes. It can be used as a water container, a decorative as well as a storage item. The little chilli on the jar adds up to the spice quotient both visually and literally.

Tooty Fruit Mason Jars

Looking out for funky looking Mason Jars to beat the heat? Then you should check out the ‘Tooty Fruit Mason Jar’ brought to you by Sugarbox.

Priced at Rs. 550, the funky looking jars will make you swoon and the people who come to visit your house stare at it in awe. It would work well as a kitchen décor for storage purposes as well as for visual attractiveness if placed in the living room.

But mind you, this would definitely become the center of attraction and will steal all the limelight due to its exquisite appearance!

Mason Jar - Party Animals


Love feeling pampered with cool drinks at home? Want to discover a unique way to beat the heat as you sip on your boring looking drink? In that case, Elves & Co have the perfect solution to this!

Priced at a reasonable rate of Rs. 349, their ‘Mason Jar’ is one item to stay on the lookout for. Enchanting people with its vibrancy, this Mason Jar is a must to complete your kitchenware or could also make its way to your showcase as a decorative. It would also be a perfect alternative to a wine glass at parties as it brings out the coolness in you.

Hand Painted Pink Renaissance Mason Jar


The Hand Painted Pink Renaissance Mason Jar by Lazy Brats is just what you need as a decorative item or to send out favours for your next house party. Make everyone feel green with envy upon looking at it due to its authentic beauty and patterns.

Priced at Rs. 899, this frolicsome pink mason jar comes with yellow carved engravings and is the perfect way to serve your guests in as it brings about a feeling of sensualness and quirkiness.

Green Cheeky Hand Painted Mason Jar


Is your favourite emoji the winking one? If so, this ‘Green Cheeky Hand Painted Mason Jar’ brought to you by the Lazy Brats is just the product you require!

Priced at just Rs. 899, it is sure to bring about the cheeky-ness in you as the product name reads! It is hand painted and non-toxic in nature which can also be used as home décor. Its size is approximately 16 cm X 9 cm X 9 cm.

This product is also open to customization for which you would have to contact them on their website. It is worth the buy!

Bulb Mason Jar

If you are on the lookout for some idiosyncratic and wacky décor to bring out the distinct nature in the sense of your taste when it comes to decorating your home, the ‘Bulb Mason Jar’, brought to you by Sugarbox is exactly what you require.

Priced at a reasonable rate of Rs. 350, it will definitely highlight the quirkiness of the choice of your décor. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a bulb and emits nerdiness in all directions. Sheldon Cooper would always second this buy!

So, stop thinking more and go ahead on purchasing this!"

Hand Painted Colorful Mason Jar -“Meter Se Chaloge”


If you have ever experienced the pandemonium on Indian roads to which auto drivers add on by hassling for extra money, then this is just for you. The background blue colour brings about a contrast of calmness when compared to the funky and noisily coloured autorickshaw along with a few question marks strewn across here and there.

Priced at just Rs. 899, this Mason Jar sold by Lazy Brats is hand painted without the use of toxic colours hence being environmentally friendly. You can always calm your nerves by drinking from this as it would definitely bring a smile upon your face.

Mason Jar Twins

Looking out for classic vintage styled jars to rock your dining table? MrHashtag has the perfect mason jar for this cause.

Priced at just Rs. 600, the ‘Mason Jar Twins: Red’ will definitely be the talk of your party when it would come to the dining table décor. It comes as two pieces, hence the name twins. The decorative item has the following dimensions: 10 x 10 x 12.5 cm; 363 g (this is the dimension of each jar). It has a 15 ounce capacity along with aesthetics which would make your guests go gaga over them.

The Flexibility of Mason Jars: Know How to Use Mason Jars at Your Party

What’s cheap, cute as well as versatile? That would be mason jars, of course. Name any occasion and you are bound to see mason jars – right from hanging lights to centerpieces to silverware holders, there are literally no places where you won’t find them!!

Say Yes to Lighting Pieces

Planning an outdoor party? How about using mason jars as lighting pieces? Simply get mason jars with rustic handles and fill them up with sand. Add small votive candles – one at a time – and hang the mason jars by wrapping a jute rope around the neck!!

Using Them As Centerpieces

Did you know that the mason jars can be used as centerpieces in parties? All you need to do is to get a few fresh flowers and fill the mason jars with them. You can even get a few more mason jars, add votive candles in them and keep them in between the mason jars that are filled with flowers.

Now, this will be one masterpiece that your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off!!

Making Do as Glasses

Ditch the glasses once. How about adding mason jars in their place? Simply serve the party drink in the mason jars and add a colored straw to complete the party look. Trust us – your guests won’t stop complimenting you about your unique idea!

Using Them as Silverware Holders

Don’t you get tired of doing the same way every time – the way of how the silverware is nestled in between napkins?

How about using mason jars once? Instead of wrapping the silver in napkins, this time, put the silverware in mason jars and label them. Not only will it look pleasing on the eyes, but it will also help the guests to grab them as and when they please.

How About a Beverage Container?

Who says that you need a fancy dispenser to serve your party punch? Well, not anymore. Take the help of big mason jars that have a wide top – it will it easy for the guests to ladle and pour the drink. And oh yes, if you are thinking of doing the same for an outdoor party, it is advised that you use a light-weight cloth and put it on the top of the mason jar, as it will help in keeping away unwanted critters.

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Mason Jars are slowly gaining favour as an eye-catching alternative to traditional party utensils and cutlery. They have been used to give a new spin to desserts, as decor and a lot more. Look for other everyday objects in the kitchen and around the house to unleash your creativity on!