Express Gratitude to People Who Have Left a Mark with Their Presence, with Our Specially Curated 10 Best Thank You Gifts Ideas for 2022

Express Gratitude to People Who Have Left a Mark with Their Presence, with Our Specially Curated 10 Best Thank You Gifts Ideas for 2022

It is essential to express thanks to those that believed in you and remained by your side when you needed them the most. Thank them in style with our exclusive thank you gift ideas to show how much you value their efforts. These thoughtfully designed thank you presents will complement your expression of gratitude wonderfully.

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Are Thank You Gifts Necessary?

A little gratitude and appreciation go a long way. Sometimes, just the word ‘thank you’ does not convey your gratitude in the same way as a thank you gift with a heartfelt message card along with it.

A sizable price tag or a glossy presentation is not what a thank-gift is all about, but it’s about finding something for the person that makes his/her life a little brighter. Every time they see or use your gift, they’ll remember you.

A thank you gift can be your boss, doctor, teacher or your dear friend who went that extra mile to help you. You must consider sending a thank you gift and a card after receiving a gift, following dinner or a special event, to wedding guests, or to show gratitude to your colleague or a client.

Finding the best thank you gift can be quite challenging, as there are overwhelming choices available these days. To make your job easier, we bring you a few ideas for thank you gifts that are the perfect token of appreciation. These gifts reciprocate your gratitude and how thankful you are! Pick one of these thank you gifts and you are good to go!

Thank You Note Etiquette

1. Be Specific and Clear


Clarity is important while sending a thank you note. The message you send in the note must be clear. Make sure to check for spelling and grammar once you finish writing it. Make a rough draft before you copy it on the card that you want to send. Be precise about why and for what you are sending the thank you note to the person. Don’t just say ‘Thank you for the gift’, as it gives an impression that you do not remember what you received as a gift from the person.

2. Make it Personal

If you have loads of thank you notes to write. then you can choose a template making sure to add specific niceties and personalise it. However, if you are thanking a person for a wedding gift then it must be along the lines – ‘Thank You for the beautiful vase...’ and other specifics that happened at the wedding. If they were unable to make it to the event. then you can write a thank you note saying how much you missed them and hope to catch up with them soon.

3. Tone

A heartfelt thank you message goes a long way. The tone of the message you are writing must match the relationship you have with the individual you are sending the note to. For instance, a note that you are sending to a dear friend is more intimate compared to a prospective employer or a client. Thank you notes to friends can be light, humorous and fun while you might want it to be more straightforward with a client.

12 Best Thank You Gifts That are Thoughtful and Show You Gratitude

1. Money Plant in Thank You Vase


Plants remind us of nature’s wild beauty and help us feel calm and relaxed. In addition, the presence of plants in enclosed areas of offices and homes makes the air around fresher. So, by gifting a plant to someone, you are giving them the gift of good health and therapeutic benefits. It is also a thoughtful and personalised gift. You have a range of options when it comes to gifting a plant as you can pick from a variety of plant species. Whether the gift is for someone who has a pet and requires pet-friendly plants to those residing in cities with limited space, there is a plant that suits everyone’s needs.

Moreover, plants are the best gift for any occasion and are perfect thank you gifts too. They are also affordable and low-maintenance. One such low-maintenance plant is Money Plant. This plant does not need a lot of water or light. Besides adding an elegant ambience to the décor, it also purifies the air. The money plant is available on is about 5 inches high and is placed in a beautiful jute-wrapped square glass vase with the word ‘Thank You’ on it. The price of this plant is INR 1,049.

2. Personalised Thank You Coin for Friends

It’s a wonderful and warm feeling when your friends go out of their way to treat you, spoil you and support you. The best way to express your feeling of gratitude is with a unique gift and a meaningful and heartfelt thank you note. Maybe you can’t repay your friends for the nicest things they have done to you, but you can reflect the thoughtfulness with a gracious and warm personalised gift like the customized Pure Silver Coin from

The design is machine printed and looks elegant. You can mail them the image and personalization message. The coin is placed in a beautiful hand-made box that avoids any tarnish to it. You can purchase this luxurious and memorable gift for your dear friends to thank them for being there when you needed them the most. The price of 10 grams coin is INR 1,495.

3. Healthy Gourmet Snack Box

Gourmet gifts are a wonderful gifting option for any occasion and perfect as a thank you gift too. It is a timeless and classy gift choice. All the gourmet boxes are pre-curated and packed in luxurious and specially designed gift boxes. If these gourmet gift boxes contain healthy and organic products then it’s like a cherry on the cake. The Organic Gourmet Box from has healthy content that is perfect to express your gratitude to your dear ones.

The box contains refreshing organic green tea, grains, seeds, oil, spices, honey and organic cookies. All these products are packaged in a beautiful box filled with vibrant filler paper and ribboned. You also have the option of adding a special gift tag with a personalised message to put on the box before being shipped out. The price of this food hamper is INR 2,035.

4. Personalized Thank You Chocolate Box


If you are searching for a gift to say ‘Thank You’ to your dear ones then there is nothing to beat chocolates. Chocolates have always been a popular gifting option for any occasion. No matter the type of flavour you prefer, premium chocolates are alluring to woo or thank you, anyone. In fact, it is one of the few luxuries that everyone can enjoy.

The Bogatchi Chocolate Thank You Bar is a collection of delicately handcrafted chocolates that is just perfect to pay your gratitude. The rich cocoa powder, cocoa butter and its exotic flavours make this chocolate the best thank you gift. Gift this chocolate for the best chocolate-y experience. You can purchase this personalised thank you gift chocolate box on Amazon for INR 769.

5. Trendy Thank You Mug

Thank your dear ones in a special way by gifting them a modish mug with the word ‘Thank You’ on it. It is sure to remind them of you every time he or she will sip their favourite beverage in it. This high-quality ceramic mug is adorned with the word ‘thank you’ in English and many other languages on all sides of the mug. The size of this white-colour mug is 330 ml. You can purchase this trendy mug on for INR 199.

6. Thank You Strawberry Fancy Cake


Thank you is one of the golden phrases that is often used to thank someone. Do not take the kind gestures and acts of people for granted, but instead thank them with simple thank you gifts, that means the world to them. One of the ways to surprise and show your appreciation and deep gratitude to a person is with a yummy cake. This is a delicious way to thank them for their favour. The Strawberry Fancy Cake from is a moist, light and fluffy cake that has a subtle hint of strawberry essence. This delicious cake with a Thank You note is hand-delivered to the recipient to their doorstep. The price of this delectable and beautiful cake is INR 749.

7. Agate Gem Therapy Coaster Set

The beautiful Agate Gem Coasters are unique and beautiful. Besides their functional use, these agate gemstone coasters are the quickest way to bring in zen energy into a home. It adds an interesting dimension to any room with its texture and hue and infuses high vibes into any space. These beautiful gemstone coasters make a wonderful thank you gift. You can purchase these coasters from The set of two coasters cost INR 1,499.

8. Choc ‘O Nuts Deluxe Hamper


From the silky-smooth and crunchy texture, indulgent aroma and mouth-watering taste, it’s tough not to love nuts and chocolates, and this is the reason why nuts and chocolates make a solid gift for anyone. The Choc ‘O’ Nuts Deluxe luxury box available on is a delectable combination of vegan dry roasted pistachio, flavoured health bars, caramelised sesame bar, and beautiful and fresh assorted flowers. All these products are packed in a luxurious striped box that gives it an appealing look. You can purchase this beautiful gift hamper from for INR 2,445.

9. Personalized Wine Bottle Labels


If you want to say Thank You to someone who loves wine, then the Wine Bottle Labels make a wonderful thank you gift. The personalised wine tags add a special touch to the wine bottles. Slip each wine label on the neck of the bottle, and gift them individually or create an impressive gift basket. You can purchase the elegant looking wine tags on These wine tags are printed on special peach finish paper. You can personalise these tags with your names. The cost of 8 cards is INR 499.

10. Gratitude Tea Box


Most of us start our day with a cup of hot tea to energize our mood. There is an array of interesting tea variations available today like wellness tea, herbal tea etc. Packed in alluring and attractive packages and loaded with flavours, tea is definitely one of the best gifting staples. A tea box is a wonderful thank you gift for a tea connoisseur. The Gratitude Box is available on is a wonderful way to express your gratitude to someone.

The box contains 12 thematic tea blends that include – Organic Rose Green, Organic Chamomile, Green, Assam Masala Chai, Rajasik Ayurvedic Chai, Organic Hibiscus Cinnamon Clove Green, Organic Mind Green, Wayanad Cardamom Masala Chai, Caramel Spice Chai, Kashmiri Kahwa Saffron Green, Kolkata Street Masala Chai, Darjeeling Green, and Kashmiri Kesar Gulab. The aroma, the feel and the taste after every sip is something that the gift recipient will absolutely love it. The price of this aromatic and delicious tea blend is INR 3,199.

11. Home Spa Gift


The gift of relaxation is anytime the best Thank You gift idea. It encourages the person to indulge in some spa-worthy self-care that helps him/her to unwind and relax. The adorable Bath and Body Basket by Lovery is a spa gift basket that includes relaxing products like bubble baths, body oil, shower gel, bath bombs, bath salt and a luxurious bath towel too.

This spa kit is beautifully wrapped in a handmade basket. The invigorating floral scents and luscious soothing oils make one feel and look beautiful. The assortment of lush bath accessories is presented stunningly with a ribbon and a blank tag to write your Thank You note/message. Check out this deluxe spa gift basket on Amazon for INR 7,248.

12. Gratitude Trinket Dish

The trinket dish makes a great gift as it comes in handy to organize, store and display jewellery all in one place. These stylish and versatile jewellery dishes can also be used to store mini-items that you use every day like loose change, keys, small plants, hair accessories, candy or mints, office supplies, etc. The heart-shaped gratitude Trinket Dish is an elegant piece crafted in ceramic material and hand-finished. The dreamy soft pink with the stylishly embossed ‘Gratitude’ and gold rim makes this trinket dish a great choice to express your Gratefulness to your dear one. This pretty trinket dish is available on for INR 3,568.

Bonus Tip

Thoughtful Messages to Write in a Thank You Note

While writing a thank you note, you must ensure to convey your gratitude for the service or present you received and appreciate their kind gesture. Thank you notes need not be long or fancy, a simple handwritten note, an email or a text message is also perfectly fine to acknowledge the kindness you received. If you have difficulty thinking of something to write then here are a few examples to inspire you.

  • 1. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me. Thank you so much.
  • 2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made my day!
  • 3. I appreciate and thank you for your thoughtful gift!
  • 4. Thank you for being part of our Big Day and celebrating this milestone with us!
  • 5. I appreciate the thoughts and efforts you put into selecting the stunning necklace you got me. It is beautiful and I will wear it often!
  • 6. Thank you for your generous birthday gift. I am touched that you remembered this day!
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