Looking for Inexpensive Gadgets? Here are the Top 10 Gadgets of 2019 That You Can Buy in Under Rs.200!

Looking for Inexpensive Gadgets? Here are the Top 10 Gadgets of 2019 That You Can Buy in Under Rs.200!

Are you a gadget maniac and like owning gadgets that come with cutting edge technology, or do you value the convenience that comes with gadgets these days? In this article, we have 10 different gadgets which make your lives easier in under 200 bucks. Read on to find out more!

Tips on Choosing the Right Gadgets

Identifying the Need for a New Gadget

With fast-changing technology, it is now easier to buy a faster gadget, boosts your levels of productivity and streamlines your information consumption effectively. However, when in the market for the purchase of a new gadget, you may be overwhelmed with the variety of options available. At that point, it gets a bit unnerving to figure out which way to head. Hence it is best, to begin with identifying your need for a new gadget.

For instance, if you do a lot of computing, then purchasing a new desktop or laptop is ideal for you, but if you want something that allows you to access the internet and just have a few basic apps then a notebook or tablet may be good. A portable device requires the need for something lightweight and easy to carry around, while a multi-functional device could be one with the perfect mix of portability and computation power rolled into one. Irrespective of what you’d like to replace, purchase new or upgrade to, your choice of gadgets should always have a careful consideration behind their purchase, in terms of support after-sale and reasonable pricing.

Shopping Online

Gadgets are segregated basis their usage and purpose of travel, entertainment, gaming or communication, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The Internet has transformed shopping to the extent that you can now afford to shop from within the comfort of your own space and choose from a long list of items! Shopping online enables you to buy your gadgets with fewer price deals in comparison to the markets that you’d have to physically frequent for your purchase.

Another benefit of shopping online is the comfort level and the fact that you will find multiple options from different brands with different specifications under one roof/portal making for a satisfactory buy. Online shopping also offers you competitive price deals, where you can get additional discounts by way of coupon codes on a particular online store, and different gadgets.

Market Comparitives

Each time there’s a new gadget in the market, it is important that you check on its worth before purchasing it and evaluate your reasons to buy it in the first place. For instance, you need to understand its use in terms of indoor or outdoor purposes, whether it is for professional use like accounting/data management or personal use like monitoring, communication, et all. Then you need to understand the comparatives viz-a-viz the presence of other brands and associated features with each. This you can do by conducting research or checking out customer reviews online. There are plenty of websites where you can check on reviews of newly released gadgets and check on the pros and cons of your choice of gadget.

The next step is to look for a device that matches your budget. If you find a gadget that’s priced less comparatively but still offers the features you’re aiming for, then, by all means, go ahead! If you find yourself hesitant despite the research and comparisons, then don’t hold back in reaching out to others for advice, especially those who may be using the same device.

Best Gadget Gift Ideas under Rs.200

Flexible USB LED Light

A flexible USB Light that can plug easily into a desktop computer or a laptop or even to a power bank, the VR world 5V 1.2W portable and flexible USB LED Light Lamp provides enough lighting to help you read books clearly or type on your computer/laptop. It comes in quite handy during travel and is easy to carry around. You can also connect the flexible USB LED Light to an OTG Cable and use it with your mobile to act as a front camera light. The flexible USB LED Light lamp carries a 10 days replacement policy in the event of any damage, is priced at Rs.99 and is available at flipkart.com.

PA Universal Stylus Pen

Source www.amazon.in

Safe and durable, the PA Universal Stylus Pen is made of high-quality stainless steel constructed with a soft and long-lasting tip, with a round-head design. It keeps all touch screen devices protected from fingerprints and the soft rubber tip end prevents any scratches on the handheld devices. The PA Universal Stylus Pen makes it easy to take notes, turn a page or draw on an iPad/Tablet or Smartphone and it looks just like a usual writing pen, except for a slight curve that makes it easier for the user to handle the pen. Although it may not fit the usual stylus slot for a particular design, you can clip it to your pocket for easy access. Priced at Rs.157, you can purchase the PA Universal Stylus Pen at amazon.in.

Universal Portable Mini 16 LED Smartphone Flash

The Universal Portable Mini 16 LED Smartphone Flash is a portable multi-functional built-in flash LED Bulb which can use the appiblazr synchronized connection with an iOS, Android and WP8 enabled tablet/PC/smartphone and allows the user to take good quality pictures in low light conditions with amazing clarity. Some of its best features include a self-timer, 3 types of illumination patterns with different demand scenarios, built-in rechargeable battery, a photo/movie mode and the fact that it can be used independently as an assist lamp illuminator without being connected to a smartphone or any other device. The package comes with a Selfie Flash Night Light and a charging cable, priced at Rs.199 on flipkart.com.

Universal World Travel Adapter

Source www.tsim.in

Compatible with most electrical devices that require a power source directly from an AC socket, the Universal World Travel Adapter is a surge protector, pocket-sized, lightweight and durable charging adapter which is functional in over 150 destinations in the world including US, UK, Australia and Europe. It comes with 4 different pins and sockets in a carry pouch (included free), making it convenient and easy to carry around. Made of ABS, measuring 50x50x65mm with an input of 110-250V/AC and output of 10A, the Universal World Travel Adapter is priced at Rs.149 and available at tsim.in.

Mini USB Cooling Fan

The portable Mini USB Fan is a high-quality portable USB cooling fan with an ultra-cute design. Sized small for portable use, the USB fan’s pitch angle is flexible and can be adjusted upwards/downwards. The foldable hand fans come with adjustable wind speed, and the mini USB cooling fan can be used easily at work, during camping trips or on balmy summer nights during power cuts. Its brushless motors make the fan strong and long-lasting with a unique and stylish design. The package contains 1 USB hand fan and 1 USB charger, priced at Rs.149 and is available at insasta.com.

Electronic USB Flameless Lighter

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Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Electronic USB Cigar Lighter is a portable cigar/cigarette lighter, that’s flameless and doesn’t require any gas/fuel. It can be charged with a USB charger and is environment-friendly. The Electronic USB Flameless Lighter uses intense heat to light cigarettes in any weather and makes for an ideal travel gadget. Small enough to fit any pocket, yet strong, the Electronic USB Flameless Lighter is priced at Rs.199 and is available at amazon.in.

S10i Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Source supeal.com

The S10i Wireless Bluetooth Speaker supports most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones/tablets/laptops and any other device with a working range of 10m at 3W output feature. With a functional output of 2-5hours, the mini wireless speaker plays audios through the Bluetooth version V3.92 and supports up to 1080p full HD video and 8 channels digital audio. Its 380 mAH built-in rechargeable Li-battery supports A2DP, AVRCP headset and hands-free profile. The package includes a wireless Bluetooth speaker and a USB charging cable. The S10i Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is priced at Rs.149 and is available at supeal.com.

8-in-1 Multi-Screwdriver with LED Torch

Taipan’s multi-functional screwdriver kit includes an 8-in-1 portable toolset, a 6-LED light bulbs torch with anti-slip rubble handle, 4 pieces slotted screwdriver bits and 4 piece Philips screwdriver bits with 4 different sizes (1.8mm/3.5mm/4.5mm and 6mm), and 3 LED powered batteries. Easy to carry in a pocket or any toolbox, the handy and lightweight 8-in-1 Multi-screwdriver kit with an LED torch is a must-have tool kit that’s electrically insulated and comes with a heavy-duty rubber handle in a compact design, weighing just 215gm approx. made of 440J advanced stainless steel, powered by 2 AAA sized batteries with a 60HRC hardness Taipan’s 8-in-1 Multi-screwdriver kit with LED Torch is priced at Rs.199 and is available at flipkart.com.

Unique Gadget Mini 208 Eyes Massager

The Mini 208 around eyes Massager comes with an easy to use, patented design which is extremely safe and reliable and promotes blood circulation around the eye area, reducing dark circles and wrinkles. The eye massager works effectively on reducing fade line around the eyes with its powerful micro-vibration massage feature that goes up to 4500 RPM and includes a natural stop at the tip of the massager which aids the circulatory and nervous systems, relieving chronic pain, sinusitis, etc. Smartly styled and convenient to use, the Mini 208 Eyes Massager quivers 4800 times a minutes, diluting wrinkles, removing redundant flesh, building up the elasticity of facial skin and advancing the blood circulation and cell metabolism. Powered by 1 AA battery and measuring 30x124mm, weighing 62g, the Mini 208 Eyes Massager is priced at Rs.175 and is available at insasta.com.

5-in-1 Multipurpose Pen

Source www.amazon.in

The 5-in-1 retractable Laser Pointer is a multi-purpose tool, ideal for use during presentations, coaching, lectures and perfect for professionals like Designer, Inspectors, Engineers, etc. This 5-in-1 multipurpose tool includes an antenna pen, torch, laser, pointer and magnet all rolled into one. The laser pointer can be directed at any designated spot on projection screens, video monitors or presentation graphics against a black backdrop. The 5-in-1 Multipurpose Pen features a pen length of 30g, length of 15cm and functions of a flashlight, teaching pointer, ball pen pressure button for LED light and laser beam, red laser light concealed beneath the ball pen, and a retractable pointer. Powered constantly by 3 LR41 cell batteries, the 5-in-1 Multipurpose Pen is priced at Rs.178 and is available at amazon.in.

Bonus Tip: Best Gadgets to Buy in 2019 at Pocket-Friendly Prices

The boon of fascinating technological gadgets is captivating, however, it can also be very expensive. While the evolution of technology has made our lives easier, the constantly increasing prices are also taking them away from the reach of a majority of users. But all hope isn’t lost! There are still many gadgets and technical accessories that are available in pocket-friendly prices, good quality and for multiple uses! Here’s a shortlist of gadgets priced below Rs.1,000 with great utility features.

  • Portronics 6 Ports 8A Home Charging Station – is a multiple device charging station, styled like a UFO, which can be placed on a desktop or bedside table, and comes with 6 USB port station with maximum output of 8A for 6 devices at a time and also has 6 LED lights to indicate the plugged in devices. It is priced at Rs.695.

  • Leaf Bass Headphones – are on the upswing as a well-known brand in the realm of budgeted audio accessories. A great find under a thousand bucks, the Leaf Bass headphones are lightweight and comfortable, making it easier for them to be worn for longer periods and feature controls for music/calls placed on the ear cup with battery life of 10 hours. These are priced at Rs.999.

  • Mini Tripod – is one of the best gadgets for mobile photographers. Foldable and sturdy, this mini tripod can handle the weight of a typical smartphone easily and is perfect for hands-free selfies. It is priced at Rs.629.

  • Luggage Scale – is becoming a much needed gadget for digital weighing, given the restricted limitations set by airlines for luggage allowance. A digital luggage scale can easily read your luggage weight and comes with an adjustable strap and LCD screen for easy reading and maximum capacity of reading up to 50kg/110 pounds. It is priced at Rs.649.

  • Goqii Stride Activity Tracker – is slightly different from the usual activity trackers. It is clipped into one’s running shoes, instead of on the wrists. The stride counts steps and calories and comes with a battery life of up to 180 days with a Bluetooth built-in to sync data with a dedicated app on an android phone or iPhone. It is priced at Rs.399.
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Paying for Technology

While you value technology over traditional methods of doing most things, do keep in mind that the convenience comes at a cost. A lot of times, gadgets are sold at very high rates. So you must always prioritize what features you want in your gadget and pay for only those features rather than spending your money on useless features that you may never use