The Wedding Saree is the Most Captivating of All: Get Your Perfect Wedding Outfit From Our Pick of the 10 Most Popular Indian Wedding Sarees (2019)

The Wedding Saree is the Most Captivating of All: Get Your Perfect Wedding Outfit From Our Pick of the 10 Most Popular Indian Wedding Sarees (2019)

Weddings are when you are dressed to look at your traditional best. Gorgeous sarees with magnificent embroidery add to the grandeur of weddings. Here is a list of the best sarees for Indian weddings - whether you are a bride or a guest you will find options here. Chose the one that suits your tastes!

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Saree?

Choose the Right Fabric

It is very important to prioritize the fabric while choosing the Indian wedding sarees. A dull or thin fabric can completely destroy the look of a saree no matter how beautiful it is. Silk is considered to be the most sought after fabric when it comes to the bridal sarees.

If you want more glamorous look then you can choose fabrics like net and chiffon as they are easier to carry and gives more modern appeal to your saree.

Pay Special Attention on the Blouse

It happens very often that brides usually pay more attention to the work on the saree as well as its border. However, it is important to pay the same amount of attention to its blouse too. While wearing the saree in Nivi drapes, your blouse will be quite highlighted and you would not want to take any risks with its looks and designs.

Keep a Balance Between Budget And Design

Of course, you get married only once and everything from clothing to the jewellery must be exquisite and unique. However, spending too much on a saree can upset your budget for other essentials like footwear, blouse stitching etc. Plus you are likely to wear the saree just once or twice! So, make sure that you maintain a balance between the design and its budget and always compare prices before buying any saree.

Popular Indian Wedding Sarees You Should Know About

Kanjeevaram Sarees

Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram sarees are definitely the most loved wedding silk sarees. They are beautifully made from the finest quality silk and are usually heavier than the rest of the sarees. They are specially designed for the occasion of wedding and you can find them in the wedding trousseau of almost every South Indian brides.

So, while you are on your shopping saree for the wedding, never forget to buy a pure Kanjeevaram saree to complement your bridal closet.

Muga Silk Assam Saree

Muga silk is a special type of wild silk produced in only Assam. It is very expensive and very fine quality silk having lustrous shine and glossiness in it. This is the reason that sarees made from this silk are very expensive and looks extremely beautiful. If you are considering a saree for your D-Day then you can pick a Muga Silk saree for sure.

Net Sarees

As the name says it all, net sarees have a type of weaving in which yarns are knotted together to form a fabric with more open spaces. This is the reason that it is sheer and very delicate in terms of care.

Although it is not so durable, a net saree looks extremely gorgeous. You can find many in the market that have a unique modern appeal in them. Net complemented with sequins work looks very rich and you can consider one such saree for your wedding too.

Gota Patti Sarees

Moving on with the Indian wedding sarees, the next one to consider is a traditional gotta Patti work saree. Originating from Rajasthan gotta sarees are worn on all special occasions out there. While other sarees are more elegant and trendy in their looks, a gotta Patti saree is a break from this and will give you a very ethnic and vibrant look. You can surely consider one for your wedding day too.

Sambalpuri Sarees

If you want a break from heavy and very regal sarees for your big day then Sambalpuri sarees can be your next choice. They are traditional handwoven sarees whose yarn is dyed before weaving. Produced in Odisha, they use very light fabric to create these sarees and they usually have the motifs of flora and fauna on them. If you want to be a simple bride then these sarees are going to compliment you well.

Find These Amazing Bridal Sarees Online on Reasonable Pricing

Red Georgette Embroidered Saree

Red is definitely the most popular bridal colour in India and also considered very auspicious too. So, we decided to pick a red saree for the purpose which is a regal georgette saree with stunning embroidery done on it.

They have used Resham to do the extraordinary embroidery and adorned it with work like zari, stone, thread work etc. The golden zari work on the backdrop of red georgette fabric looks extremely rich and beautiful. The highlight of this saree is its pallu which is beyond gorgeous.

It has this floral vine pattern on it which is carried out by golden thread work. This stunning saree should be worn free fall to highlight its beautiful pallu and gorgeous work is done on it. You can buy it from Indian Wedding Saree for Rs. 5,382.

Handloom Kanjeevaram Pure Silk Saree


No bride can afford to say no to Kanjeevaram saree when it comes to their wedding saree collection. The handloom Kanjeevaram sarees are definitely the most flamboyant ones and hence we chose one here as well. This one is a peach-coloured saree with pink pallu featuring a variety of motifs.

It is made up from 100% pure Kanjeevaram silk and the stunning zari work on the border and pallu makes it look even more stunning. The saree is otherwise simple but the pallu is definitely its highlight. With pink colour block and floral motifs, the saree looks very rich and regal. You also get an unstitched pink coloured blouse with the saree too. This stunning Kanjeevaram silk saree is available for purchase on Ajio for Rs. 12,500.

Beige And Pink Net Embroidered Saree

Looking for a rather fancy sarees for the wedding? You should take a look at this beige and pink coloured nylon net embroidered saree. It is a great pick for a modern bride and will definitely look very stylish on her. This saree also gives you a break from the colour red and traditional approach too.

They have used fancy thread work on the saree which is then complemented with sequins embroidery and mirror work all over to give it the much-needed richness for a bride. While the saree remains to be of net fabric, Bangalore silk has been used for the blouse. They have done the work on only the lower half of the saree and the same goes for the pallu too. This beautiful saree can be bought from Zipker for Rs. 1,699.

Embroidered Orange Art Silk Saree

A deep orange saree for a wedding might be a great choice especially when it is a day time function. We picked an art silk orange saree for you which is heavily embroidered to give it that bridal appeal. The surely noticeable thing about the saree is its border and the beautiful pearl lining on its edge.

They have used embellishments like zari, resham, stones and patch border work to enhance the look of this saree and to give it the much-needed richness. You also get a semi-stitched silk blouse in red colour with this saree. Although the saree does not have extremely heavy pallu, it still looks every bit of regal and perfect for a bride. Get this saree from Utsav Fashion for Rs. 6,750.

Wine Woven Banarasi Saree

There is so much of variety available when it comes to finding the Indian wedding sarees and we tried to pick very unique and different sarees for you. The next one here is a wine coloured woven Banarasi saree which is graceful beyond words. This saree has a matching wine coloured blouse with similar work on it. They have used the backdrop of Banarasi silk fabric and paired it with rapier Jacquard work in the contrasting golden colour.

The idea of Resham weaving makes the saree quite expensive and super elegant. The saree is completely packed with the Jacquard work and hence it will be ideal to wear it on your wedding day. You can get this saree from Mirraw for Rs. 3,984.

Maroon Soft Silk Saree


If simplicity is your style then you are going to fall in love with our next pick here. This one is a maroon soft silk saree ideally made for the bride who believes in the philosophy of “Less is More”. Made especially for the wedding purpose, this maroon saree is complemented by a golden border.

The use of golden zari work makes it look very classy and increases its elegance in every way possible. You also get an unstitched soft silk blouse with this saree. Although the saree has golden zari work, it does not look loud or OTT. In fact, everything has been kept subtle about it even the colour is balanced out by the golden work on it. You can buy this saree from Stribhava for Rs. 1,799.

Banarasi Kora Muslin Handwoven Saree

As the trends in Indian wedding sarees are evolving, more and more brides are ditching the shades of red for different colours. For example, take a look at this blue shade Banarasi kora muslin saree which is perfectly complemented with the contrasting hot pink colour on its border. The saree is longer than usual having a length of 6.25 meters so it is going to need special efforts to handle it properly. The blouse is included with the saree itself.

The handwoven technique used for creating floral patterns on the saree increases its richness. The golden work also balances out the sharp blue colour of the saree. It is definitely a dream for the sour eyes as this saree creates a fusion between traditional and modern approach altogether. It is available for purchase on Beatitude for Rs. 3,350.

Art Silk Half And Half Saree

As pastels are very much in these days, why not to give a shot to this pastel green and subtle pink half and half saree for your wedding? This art silk saree has sequins work which is done on the embroidered floral patterns on the saree. The saree is accompanied by an unstitched blouse too.

The saree has a really beautiful pallu with golden zari work on its edge and beautiful tassels on the edge. While the rest of the saree has a pink colour, the pallu comes in pastel green giving a very amazing half and half look to the saree. Grab this saree now from C Bazaar for Rs. 5,288.

Draping Styles You Should Consider for Your Bridal Saree

You have come to seen enough choice in Indian wedding sarees but what about their draping styles? We want to look out for you in every way possible and hence we handpicked some of the most popular types of draping styles that you can try out for your wedding day.

The Usual Nivi Draping Style

Nivi draping is the most popular out of all and every Indian woman drape their sarees in Nivi draping on regular basis. In this type, the saree goes around the waist and you make 7-8 pleats and tuck it in the petticoat. The remaining pallu goes on the shoulder in form of drapes and there you go. You can pack the entire look with a kamarband to ensure that your saree always remains in its position.

Indo Western Dhoti Style Draping

It is the time to ditch your petticoat because you need a legging to wear the dhoti drapes. Take your saree from the shorter width i.e. vertically. Make drapes of all the fabric and tuck it inside your legging. Now, take the remaining fabric and take it from behind your back to the front like the normal drapes and pleat it on the shoulder. For such draping, you need your saree to be shorter around 3.5 meters only. Also, do not forget to match your leggings too.

The Gujarati Seedha Pallu Draping

One of the most sophisticated ways of wearing a saree is in seedha pallu drapes. The popular wedding of Isha Ambani must have given you enough styling tips for it. All you have to do is to pleat the saree and tuck it on your waist. Now, instead of putting it on the right shoulder, you need to take it on the left one and that too from behind so the drapes come in the front. After pleating and securing it on the shoulder, take the edge of the pallu and cover your front part with it and secure it behind with a pin and you are good to go.

The Royal Free Fall Draping

This is what we call modernising the Nivi drapes and making it look even more regal. So, you drape the saree exactly in Nivi drapes but instead of making pleats on the shoulder, the saree remains free fall and you can secure it with a pin on your shoulder. It is the best way to flaunt your rich pallu and make the most out of your saree.

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Select the Right Bridal Saree

Marriage is the beginning of a new life for girls. It is a big step, a special day that requires meticulous planning. No wonder, every girl will want this day to be perfect. Every girl will want to look the best they can. The bridal saree plays a very crucial role in the overall beauty of the bride and it is by far the most difficult part of the shopping. Remember that the fabric of your bridal saree can enhance your beauty on a special day. The choice of fabric can make you look slim or bulky. For bridal sarees, silk is always the first choice. Fabric also determines the comfort level during long ritual hours. It will also determine how long the garment can hold without messing up. Because silk can be extremely expensive, you can go for brocade or chiffon too. This is a matter of personal choice.