Ultimate Guide to Make Easier for You to Pick Designer Lehengas by Listing Some Fresh and Latest Lehenga Designs for the Impending Wedding Season.(2020)

Ultimate Guide to Make Easier for You to Pick Designer Lehengas by Listing Some Fresh and Latest Lehenga Designs for the Impending Wedding Season.(2020)

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We're nearing the wedding season. This also means, most of you must be on a rigorous hunt to get yourself the freshest designer lehenga for your wedding or an upcoming wedding on your calendar. But did you manage to find yourself the perfect one yet? Well, it's easier said than done! Check out our top picks guaranteed to bring a sophisticated edge to your outfit.

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Things to Look for While Buying the Latest Lehengas Online

#1. Budget

The first thing to consider while buying any product is if it suits your budget. This is also true for lehengas. Expensive lehengas look attractive but consider if you are ready to burn a big hole in your pocket by buying it. These days there are lehengas available in every price range. And if you research well, you can find a lehenga that is not only attractive and ticks all the right boxes while also going easy on your pocket.

#2. The Right Measurement

Before buying a lehenga make sure that the measurements are right and the lehenga fits you perfectly. Too tight means you would end up feeling constricted and uncomfortable and if it is too loose, it wouldn't look flattering. Buy a lehenga that flatters your figure and also allows you the freedom to move without feeling restricted in any way.

#3. Refund Policy

Check the refund as well as the return policy of the store/ online website from where you buy the lehenga. Lehengas don't come cheap hence, you should be satisfied that you like it 100%. If you have any doubts if the store allows the easy return of the product, or if its refund policy satisfactory. Also, if they credit the amount back to your account or instead only allow points that can't be redeemed in cash and if they pick up the returned lehenga or you have to ship it back. These are the important questions you need answers for your convenience before shortlisting any lehenga.

#4. Complements Your Jewelry

It is vital that you choose a lehenga that compliments the jewelry you are planning on wearing. If your jewelry is golden, the colour of your lehenga should have at least golden embroidery so that it matches with your accessories. The same holds true for other colours as well. Mismatch of jewelry and lehenga looks shabby and spoils the entire look.

Top Lehenga Designs in 2020 You Can't Miss

#1. Mermaid Lehenga Design

Lehengas have evolved a lot over the years and while some trends failed to create a mark, others stuck and became widely adopted fads. One of those fads clearly would be mermaid lehengas. Mermaid style lehengas look amazing, especially on women who have an hourglass figure. Also known as the fishtail lehenga, it accentuates the curves of women at all the right places.

The saree part of the lehenga is wrapped around the legs like a skirt which makes the woman look slimmer. And although this lehenga style was a big hit in the 1970s, it has made a rather big come back and we are loving the look of it.

The mermaid lehenga we picked from Utsav Fashion is this stunning orange lehenga with maroon dupatta. It is priced at Rs.7,371 and is decorated with beads, Resham, zari and gotas.

#2. Half Saree Lehenga Design

If you are having doubts about whether to wear a lehenga or a saree to that fancy party you going, our opinion would be to go for half saree half lehenga design. This type of lehenga combines the readiness of a lehenga with the elegance of a saree. While the initial appearance is that of a saree, the dupatta riding over the torso and the intricately pleated skirt gives the impression of wearing a lehenga.

And there are so many choices to choose from. Half saree half lehengas are a hit amongst Indian women who want the best of both worlds and this trend is definitely here to stay for a long time. This lehenga looks a lot like a saree, however, it doesn't come with the hassle of tying the pleats as one has to ordinarily do with sarees.

The half saree half lehenga we picked is from Mirraw. It's a beautiful yellow lehenga with a blouse and white ruffle jacket. Priced at Rs. 10,730, this net lehenga features intricate embroidery that looks really graceful and is suitable to be worn in parties and weddings.

#3. Lehenga with Jacket Design

While talking about the latest lehenga design 2020, one should not miss the lehengas that come with long jackets. The origin of this lehenga came from Pakistan were wearing this type of lehenga, or what people mostly know as lacha lehenga, is common. And while an ordinary lehenga comes with a shorter blouse that exposes the torso of women, lehengas with jackets have long jacket shaped blouses that cover your back and torso.

This type of lehenga is a great hit amongst women who are not comfortable with their bodies and do not wish to expose it. But choosing a lehenga with a jacket doesn't have to be boring. The styles that are being offered in this type of lehenga are numerous that make you look and feel regal. While this lehenga is not essentially a bridal lehenga, you can easily wear it to a wedding or a party you attending. Just pair it up with quirky earrings and you are ready to impress.

Our pick is the mustard lehenga by Kalki Fashion whose price is Rs. 18823. We love the heavily embroidered choli and the matching long jacket that comes with it. Wear it in one of your wedding functions or don it for a party you going, it will make you look fabulous.

#4. Pastel Coloured Lehenga Design

Lehengas in pastel colours became a hit when the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma wore it to her wedding to Virat Kohli in 2018. And now suddenly every bride wishes to wear pastel colour lehengas. And we don't blame them, because these lehengas are truly gorgeous. Brides these days are foregoing traditional red and maroon lehengas for these colours which include peach, blush pink and pale green colours.

While this trend picked up pace in 2019, it's creating a strong foothold this year as well. If you are not a conventional bride who believes one should wear only red to the wedding, get rid of the cliche and opt for these pastel-coloured lehengas.

Our pick on the list is this breathtaking Blush pink embellished glitter lehenga set by designer Prathyusha Garimella priced at Rs. 60,249 which is being sold by Aza Fashion. The lehenga has been adorned with silver glitter all over that just enhances its look significantly.

It comes with a matching dupatta and blouse. Opt for jewelry with silver tones to match well with the lehenga and you will look like a princess in this stunning dress.

#5. Front Slit Kurta Lehenga Design

Are you tired of wearing the same type of conventional lehengas on all occasions? The ones with traditional choli, skirt, and a matching dupatta. These lehengas blend with the crowd so easily and don't make you stand out. If you are a new age woman looking for something different and quirky yet something graceful and beautiful, we would advise you to go for lehengas that come with front slit kurtas.

These lehengas come with a skirt, dupatta and a kurta with either one long slit in the center or multiple slits. These kurtas are usually long as well, going full-length. Wearing lehenga with a slit kurta gives it a fresh and breezy look and is a great departure from the traditional boring lehengas.

Our pick is this affordable Rs 2,099 beautiful front slit cream kurta lehenga from Peach Mode which comes with intricate floral kali embroidery work. The lehenga is graceful and the design is beautiful and our absolute pick for parties and wedding events.

Again it is not a bridal lehenga but if you are a friend of the bride or just the family, rock it on.

#6. Paneled Lehenga Design

For the next lehenga latest trend, we have picked panelled lehengas which as the name clearly suggests, got straight panels attached along with the flares. By adding too many panels, the lehenga gets a voluminous look that appears very elegant and sophisticated. Sometimes a set of different coloured panels is used to give the lehenga a colourful look. Also popularly known as the flared lehenga, it looks very feminine and is a perfect pick as a bridal as well as a party lehenga. This lehenga is a great pick for women who are a little curvaceous as it attracts attention to all the right places.

Now being curvaceous doesn't mean you have to cover yourself all the time, go for this beautiful panelled lehenga by Kalki Fashion and be the talk of the party. This lehenga is made in raw silk with a weaved floral design that looks gorgeous. It comes with powder pink net dupatta with floral embroidered buttis and border. Teamed with a coordinating off shoulder crop top with floral embroidery. This is a bridal lehenga priced based on the customised size or as you requested.

Top Lehenga Design for Wedding Purpose

#1. Zardozi Lehengas

Some lehenga trends are lasting. They don't fade or go out of fashion, they are eternally loved and tend to evolve their way into the hearts of every generation. Zardozi Lehengas are exactly those types of lehengas. Our pick is this beautiful and classy bridal zardozi work red lehenga by designer Ritu Kumar. Made of silk fabric, the lehenga as well as the dupatta has been heavily embroidered making it a perfect choice for the main wedding outfit. The lehenga has been priced at Rs. 295,000, which some might find a bit expensive but given the intricate embroidery and high-quality fabric used, it's worth the money spent.

#2. Sharara Cut Lehengas

There are shararas and there are lehengas also and now these two have been combined to form gorgeous looking sharara cut lehengas. Shararas have their origins dated back to the Mughal times and have come a long way ever since. They have evolved and are now more comfortable as well as stylish. Sharara cut lehengas are unique and quirky as the skirt gives an appearance of wearing a palazzo or trousers. Earlier worn just by Muslim brides, sharara lehengas are now widely popular and in huge demand. Our pick is this beautiful light grey lehenga from Koski which is indeed a masterpiece. Style it whatever way you want, it will look gorgeous nevertheless.

Top Lehenga Designs for Party Purpose

#1. Black Lehengas

There was a time when wearing the colour black in functions and weddings was considered inauspicious by many. But the times have thankfully changed as black is a beautiful and graceful colour and deserves to shine. That's why our next pick is the beautiful black sequined net lehenga by Panash India priced at Rs. 8,200. This gorgeous lehenga comes with a golden choli and a matching golden dupatta with lace details. The golden embroidery sequins all over the lehenga look great and enhance its look significantly.

#2. Lehenga with Off Shoulder Blouse

This is certainly one of the most fashionable lehenga trends to grace us for a long time. Lehengas with off-shoulder blouses have an indescribable charm, these lehengas are one of our favourite picks and look really feminine and graceful. Our pick is this stunning peach lehenga by Koskii which has been designed to perfection. Priced at Rs. 107,990, this net lehenga can easily be worn in one of your wedding functions. Wear it with a choker to bring the best out of this look.

Buying a New Lehenga? These Are the Brands You Should Be Looking Out for

There are so many ways to style a lehenga that you'd be surprised. The styling tips included below will improve the look of your lehenga immensely and make you the star of the party you attending.

Wear a Belt

Wearing an embellished belt with lehenga is the hottest trend women are opting for these days. A beautiful lehenga belt not only looks great and enhances your curves but also helps in keeping the dupatta at its right place. You can either go for georgette belts or opt for traditional kamarbandhs for a classy look.

Don't Ignore the Footwear

Footwears are generally not noticeable while wearing lehengas but even a small glimpse of it can improve or spoil your overall look. Do not ignore the footwear, opt for heels, you can go for traditional or modern footwear, but it should match well with your lehenga.

Ditch the Normal Styling of Dupattas

Normally styled dupattas are boring and so out of fashion. Opt for something different and unique instead. You can either go for double dupattas or use a beautiful saree as your dupatta (cue Isha Ambani ) or even a colour-blocked dupatta with your lehenga. The choices are endless and you should keep trying for different looks unless you finally find one that matches your individual style.

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Self-Preference over Social Pressures

‘Too many cooks spoil the dish’ is an old proverb. This holds for choosing your lehenga too! Amidst all the confusion about your look, you may be tempted to take suggestions from your friends, the elders, the shopaholics around you and a whole lot of people. While taking a few suggestions may give you some good leads, expanding your circle of advisors won’t help. On the contrary, you might end up buying something far less than what you wanted! So the best you can do is, listen to your own heart and mind. When your lehenga matches your preference, you will feel happier wearing it and therefore definitely look more beautiful!