Colourful, Glamorous, Vibrant Lehengas, a Ladies Dress Perfect for Showing Off Your Sensuality: 10 Unique Lehenga Styles to Try in 2019

Colourful, Glamorous, Vibrant Lehengas, a Ladies Dress Perfect for Showing Off Your Sensuality: 10 Unique Lehenga Styles to Try in 2019

Worn for many occasions from weddings to parties, lehengas today form a staple part of of most Indian womens' wardrobe. Buying the lehenga that's not only perfect for the occasion but is also flattering on the wearer can be a tough challenge. Are you trying to buy a lehenga for yourself or someone close to you? We can help! BP Guide India has put together a helpful primer that'll help you choose the best lehenga whether for yourself or for your loved ones.

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Origin of Lehenga

Lehenga or Lehenga Choli have been the bridal favourite and all other occasions, for many decades and it travelled a long way from royal Mughals to Indians. Lehengas have been preferred by many women especially those who are younger and not so accustomed

6 Different Types of Lehenga You Should Know About

Flared or Circular Style

These are one of the favourite designed lehenga which forms a wide flare and complete circle at the hem when you twirl. These lehengas have extreme volumes and start with numerous pleats at the hem diffuse into beautiful flares. The fabric must be perfect to take many flares and pleats and the huge hemmed borders. These lehengas generally have excessive embroidery work, and hence, a proper material is always necessary. You can increase the flare as double or triple as much as needed to increase the volume of lehenga.

Fishtail or Mermaid Style

The style imitated mermaids which means tight till needs and flared from calves. These lehengas should be worn with proper bodysuit beneath as it accentuates the hips. The fabrics like Georgette, Art silk, Brocade, Jacquard etc. are mostly used for this style.

Panelled or Kalidar Style

These lehengas are best for those who are attending a function and not a bride herself as they consist of horizontal panels of fabrics which increases the volume of the flares. Many colourful contrasted fabrics are used to give vibrant designs.

Trail Lehenga

Trail lehengas are a heavy weighted dress which uses extra fabric which makes a trail behind. It is not so comfortable to carry as the trail-style can be a problem in the crowd. However, it looks gorgeous especially when a bride wears it.

A-Line Lehenga

The flares of this lehenga resemble the letter ‘A’ as it fits at the waist and flares out down the waist. It looks smart and chic on tall body structures. This lehenga suits both occasional and casual wear.

Sharara-cut Lehenga

Sharara cuts are stitched from the middle of the hem like the palazzos, but they look like lehengas as a whole. These are famous at Muslim weddings and preferably used with long kurtas. These can be called the trousers in the form of lehenga.

10 Striking Lehenga Options Across Different Styles

Wearing lehengas in any traditional event is a trendy norm now, replace the more fussy-to-manage sarees for many women. The rich vibrant and gorgeous lehengas worn in wedding parties, festive seasons brings out the essence of feminism in an elegant way.India is known as the land of many festivities and culture, and dressing traditionally is always the first choice. Whether it’s a wedding, Karva Chauth, Bhai Dooj or a Puja festival dressing up in the usual lehenga is a norm.

1. Embroidered A-Line Lehenga

The A-line lehenga perfectly represents Indian traditional culture. This lehenga is free sized and has a beautiful baby pink colour with gold embroidery. This is a semi-stitched garment wedding wear with a blouse length of 80 cm. The blouse sleeve fabric is silk blended it is unstitched. The length of the lehenga is 44 inches, and weight is 499 kg. The fabric of the lehenga is silk, and it has a satin lining material. It has beautiful embroidery work. The dupatta has no embroidery work and its length in meters. The price for this lehenga is INR 2843 at

2. Taffeta Silk Lehenga


Make your night parties as well as festive days bright with this high-quality lehenga. This lehenga is made with International quality standards with a contemporary and traditional theme. The material of this lehenga is taffeta silk, and the colour is gorgeous navy blue and light pink. The semi-stitched round embroidered Kalis have beautiful and attractive floral work which is compact and well finished. The front neck is 8 inches of the choli, the back neck is 1 inch, lehenga length is 47 inches, and the round flare length is .5 m. The blouse is unstitched, and the length is 0.80 m. The silk lehenga is priced at INR 1,399 after discount, and it is available with free shipping.

3. Bangalore Silk Lehenga


The bright red bridal wear lehenga is designed to suit Indian body forms. This is a navy dark red lehenga choli with the high-quality Bangalore silk fabric has pink and golden thread embroidery work. The attractive looking attire is bridal and festive wear. It is a natural shiny fabric has a floral design with golden colour embroidery zari thread. The semi-stitched kali lehenga has 8 inches of front neck, 12 inches of back neck, 47 inches length, 2.5 m round shape flare length, and a free size unstitched red blouse of 0.80 m. The lehenga is fit for S to XXL size; the dupatta length is 2 m with light pink coloured net and embroidered lace border. The lehenga choli can be used as a crop top. The price for this attire is INR 1,399 with free shipping.

4. Cotton Viscose Lehenga

Cotton is the most comfortable of fabrics, and if you want a lehenga different than the usual party wear, you can opt for cotton or viscose lehengas which look great, feels heaven and also a tremendous ethnic attire for daily wear. This is an orange and blue pined lehenga choli which has bright floral prints with sky blue and yellow colour. The shape of the blouse is V neck, and it is sleeveless. It is ready to wear lehenga with concealed zip closure and flared hem. The top and bottom fabric is viscose rayon with cotton lining inside. It comes in the size of Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. The price for this item is INR 1,799 at

5. Net Lehenga

Net lehengas are considerably light weight than other traditional heavy silk or brocade lehengas and can be carried out much more easily. This orange shaded semi-stitched net lehenga has a satin lining. The lehenga is enhanced with zari, Dori, stone and patch border work makes it more elegant and party wear. The art silk choli with the lehenga is in beige colour, and it has a bright orange net dupatta with it. The choli is designed in round neck and quarter sleeve. The length of the choli is 13 to 14 inches, and the sleeve length is 1 to 12 inches respectively. The waist and hip of the lehenga are customizable from 28 to 32 and 36 to 40 inches respectively. The price for the attire is INR 5,072 with free shipping at

6. Full Woven Jacket Lehenga


Lehenga with a jacket is a very fresh style which is a perfect option for a wedding reception. It hides both extra plump and skinny structure. This cotton chanderi lehenga is a beige colour based attire, both top and bottom. The top is 1 meter, and the bottom is 3.50 meters, and the fabric for both is net. The jacket is red in colour with square patterned checks, and it is 2 meters long. The price for this lehenga is INR 2,199, and it comes with free delivery.

7. Velvet Lehenga


Velvet lehengas look beautiful at night time, and if you are on any festive occasion or party, this traditional wear will catch every eye. The colour of the lehenga is dark blue, and both the choli and the lehenga is made with velvet material. The lehenga flair is .5 meter in length, and the choli material is 1 meter long. The lehenga 44 inches and the dupatta is 2.15 meter long. The price for this lehenga is INR 1,386, and it comes with free shipping.

8. Flared Skirt Lehenga


If a lehenga has both the traditional as well as western touch, then it is possible to wear it on any occasion at any time, day or night. This lehenga has an unstitched woven banarasi cotton crop top and a finely woven banarasi semi stitched cotton skirt. The skirt is customizable up to the size 44, and the price is INR 2,149 with free shipping.

9. Silk Circular Lehenga

Sometimes you need a lehenga that is not bridal wear, but still, you can wear it comfortably in reception or wedding parties. This green coloured lehenga is made of silk fabric, and it has beautiful embroidery work, ideal for party, festive and marriage ceremony. The choli fabric is silk woven, and the dupatta is of the net. The length of the lehenga is 42 inches, and the price is INR 1101 inclusive of all taxes.

10. Cotton Silk Lehenga


The lehenga with the combination of beautiful pink skirt and yellow choli is a show stealer whenever you put on the dress on any occasion. The blouse is made with Bangalore cotton silk, and the dupatta is made with tussar silk material. The flair lehenga is 2.20-meter semi stitched, the blouse is 0.80 meters unstitched, and the work is chain stitched. This free size lehenga is easy to maintain and machine washed when needed. The price for this item is INR 750 with a minimum delivery fee.

Tips to Buy Lehenga According to Body Types

  • Hourglass shaped body: Hourglass or pear-shaped body structures can carry almost all kinds of lehengas, and they fit very well. Mermaid style, A-Line style, or panelled lehengas looks best on hourglass-shaped bodies.
  • Rectangular or T-shaped body: The straight cut and sharara cut lehengas best suit the rectangular, T-shaped or straight shaped body structured women. Too thin, petite, too slim legged or pear-shaped structure people should avoid this kind of dresses.
  • Round shaped body: Soft fabric or chiffon based material goes well with round or apple-shaped structures. The longer length of the cholis with a ‘V’ or ‘U’ cut can balance the entire attire. Avoid fabrics like brocade or tissue which might look flat and bulky for your body shape.
  • Inverted triangle shaped body: Inverted triangle-shaped body women should choose lehenga with wide flair with lots of details which will balance their unique body shape. Avoid heavy worked embroideries or embellishment cholis to give off a bulky-busted look on the upper body.
  • Apple shaped body: The half saree lehengas look well enough in the apple, pear and tall body structured women, but those are generally not a good choice for petites.
  • Lehengas for all body shapes: Straight cut lehengas look good on almost every body type as they are the most versatile types of lehengas among all. Only too thin body structured women should make a choice wisely before buying a straight cut lehenga. A perfect lehenga according to the body shape will accentuate the natural body structure and also it will bring out the best in a person.
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Find Your Unique Style

Do not follow trends blindly while you are purchasing your lehenga. You must keep in mind your body type as well as your complexion. The lehenga you wear must show off your best points and project your most beautiful self. If you want to strike a different look then do some research on different draping styles and blouse patterns . These can help you find interesting way to stand out and still look elegant and traditional.