Make Waves and Turn Heads:Top 9 Must Have Trendy Party Wear Saree Designs of 2020!

Make Waves and Turn Heads:Top 9 Must Have Trendy Party Wear Saree Designs of 2020!

As beautiful as the traditional sarges are, every woman needs a set of trendy, new designs to keep her wardrobe up to date, and we have just the pieces for you! In this article, we talk about the top saree trends of 2020. We have recommended 9 gorgeous sarees for you to choose from. Starting from ruffle sarees to half sarees, we have them all. Read on to find out more!

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Sarees: The Versatile, Graceful Indian Attire


One of the most preferred attires for crucial ceremonies like engagement, wedding, mehendi, sangeet, as well as parties, the Indian woman prefers to wear a saree! Most of the Bollywood celebrities love to flaunt newer patterns of sarees for crucial ceremonies like IIFA awards, premiers of their upcoming movies, fashion shows they were called to participate in or judge, Cannes, our Indian festivals where the most preferred attire is a saree, and the like.

The Indian saree is available in many different fabrics, hues, choices, colours, materials, and patterns. There are different styles of a saree which have gotten upgraded over the years with various design, prints, patterns, types, and embroidery. One gets to choose the right kind of a saree for whichever preferred occasion they like.

How to Choose the Perfect Party Wear Saree

There are many events that come up as you grow old. You might not always have the right clothing to suit up for the event, but there is one thing that will never let you down and will make you feel like it is the right attire for the occasion, and that's a saree. Here are the events that could demand a different kind of a saree:

  • 1. Late evening and night events: Tell you what, the night shines brighter because of the stars. So, the right kind of a saree to wear for the night events should have glitter, shine, shimmer and lots of stars!

  • 2. Daytime events: A sunny day has immense light already, so you don't want to wear something that matches the shine of the sun. You must wear something that will help you look simple and fall for lighter shades in the panel.

  • 3. Weddings: The most awaited season of weddings is here and you don't know what to wear for your friend's wedding? If you have a wheatish complexion, you must fall for lighter shades, and if you are of a fair complexion, you must opt for darker shades.

Top 9 Trendy Party Wear Saree Designs of 2020

There are newer designs that have come up for a saree over the years now. Let us now understand the top 9 trendy party wear saree designs of the year 2020:

1. Ruffle Sarees


One of the most beautiful saree designs ever invented on the face of Earth is the Ruffle Saree. Ruffles have gone so wild in the Bollywood business and are definitely not going to go out of fashion for a very long time now! They ruled over the 90s and have now made a major comeback for the youth of 2020 who are all looking impatiently for a fancy new saree design! A ruffle saree's whole concentration lies on its pallu, where lies a ruffle detailing onthe border.

You could layer the ruffle design in the same colour or try for contrast colours. You can buy this blue ruffle saree with free size blouse on Amazon at the price of Rs.769 only. This ruffle saree has ruffle design for its drapes as well as for its pallu. You will get one saree with one blouse piece in this product. The saree's fabric is of georgette variety. The blouse's fabric is of satin silk variety. It also comes under a simple ruffle saree pattern and party-wear saree pattern.

2. Dhoti Style Sarees


For the women who admired the traditional dhoti fashion, you now can rejoice in the fact that there are dhoti style sarees coming in for your new saree designs for the year 2020. The fabric of a dhoti saree needs to be flexible to tie as a dhoti, and your saree must have a light embroidery at the borders. The most important role played in a new fashion dhoti saree is that of its blouse. It should have a trendy back pattern or a great neck pattern to grab all the attention to your dhoti saree.

Some women prefer to wear leggings with dhoti pants, a good old suggestion is to match the leggings with the saree border to not spoil the look of the dhoti saree. Another suggestion is to wear heels if you are short and love to wear a dhoti saree. You can buy this black dhoti saree with different sizes at a discounted price of Rs.1,599 only on Amazon. Try buying a dhoti saree which is stitched. With or without a blouse. It generally has a solid style. You could wear this for any type of occasion, be it daily wear/evening wear/party wear.

3. Net Sarees

Unlike the good old tradition of typical silk and cotton sarees, net sarees have a unique feature of its own, they are made up of see-through net material which makes them look elegant and beautiful. In net sarees, there are yarns which are knotted at the intersections to create a pattern of tiny holes in the fabric. At first, it entered the universe of veils, dupattas, and other garments, but now has become a new saree design. In the case of net saree, the saree itself is worn over a blouse and a petticoat, despite having a see-through feature of a net saree.

The net saree creates a subtle sensual look. There are many types of embroidery in a net saree like zari work, cut dana work, crystal beads work and the like. You can buy a net saree at Ethnicroop at the price of Rs.1,949 only. It is made up of nylon mono net fabric. Also, the blouse fabric is of Bangalori silk variety. There is some fancy thread work on the net saree. You can wear this saree for any wedding, party, or festival.

4. Floral/Stripes Printed Sarees


Florals have never left the stage of fashion. Florals date back to the 14th century, when traders from the east imported the florals to the European states. With the help of vibrant florals, new designs for saree can be made. They make you look super elegant and are perfect for any occasion you need to attend. Florals are so light in weight, you will not feel any weight especially when you wear a saree! Florals are such a great way of wearing nature in your saree.

You can buy this grey Manipuri art silk floral saree with different sizes at a price of Rs.2,580 only on It also consists of pink art silk printed blouse. It is lightweight and easy to drape. It is edged with a delicate lace border. This type of saree will aptly help you get that gorgeous ethnic look and showcase a trendy appeal and comfortable feel. It is skillfully designed to suit all age groups and skin tones. It will look best when worn with pink accessories. It can draped upwards as well as downwards!

5. Lehenga Sarees

As the name suggests, this ravishing saree is the blend of the elegance of a saree and the stunning features of a lehenga. The pleat portion of a lehenga saree is quite fancy and innovative. Lehenga saree is one trend that no woman should miss. For some lehenga sarees, you get readymade pleats, it comes handy for college-going girls who don't know how to drape a saree and also want to wear a saree to their college functions. It comes under one of the latest saree designs for 2020, especially with festive season on the line, it is in high demand for young girls. You can buy a lehenga saree from Mirraw at a discounted price of Rs.3,290 only. The fabric of blouse is velvet in nature. Blouse work is totally embroidered. It comes under lehenga saree with new latest trendy saree design. It will suit best for bridals.

6. Georgette Sarees

Georgette sarees are light-weight in nature that any woman who is thin and cannot carry heavy embroidered work in a saree can wear a georgette saree and look absolutely fashionable and classy. Since the work in a georgette saree is slightly crinkled, it gives the saree a bouncy look. There are two types of georgette material, one being rayon and polyester and second being silk yarn.

Georgette sarees come in all price ranges. One gorgeous option is this pastel saree from at a Rs.10,140. The fabric of saree is georgette in nature. The fabric of blouse is Banglori silk. The blouse has some zari work . It comes under georgette saree with new latest trendy saree design for 2020. It will suit best for homely events, parties, functions, social gatherings, special occasions and weddings.

7. Bollywood Designer Sarees

Most women follow Bollywood actresses, be it on social media or newspaper. Bollywood's love for sarees is a never ending affair. Be it their hairstyle or their shoes, or even sarees, they are all wanted by women all over the world. You can buy a bollywood designer saree from at a discounted price of Rs.6,999 only. The fabric of saree is blended silk in nature.

The fabric of blouse is blended silk too. It is a kaanjivaram saree and comes under bollywood designer saree category. Nothing can match the elegance of a kaanjivaram. It will suit best for bridals, weddings, pre-wedding functions like mehendi, sangeet, haldi and the like.

8. Half Sarees


Half saree is one of the most traditional sarees forms worn by young women that is now being reinvented. This saree can be adorned by many variations of fabrics, works, cuts, and designs. The experiment of colour combination comes into play with half sarees. As half saree is a two parts saree concept. Upper part of a saree known as pallu has a different colour and lower part called patli has a different colour. You can buy a half saree from at a discounted price of Rs.1,299 only.

The fabric of saree is satin silk in nature. The fabric of blouse is soft silk. Half saree work type is digital printed pattern. For those who like to wear two colours at one time, that too in a saree, would love to buy this orange pink saree. It will suit best for bridals, weddings, pre-wedding functions like mehendi, sangeet, haldi and the like. Also, if there are functions where you have to be a bridesmaid, this type of latest design in a saree will suit you best!

9. Traditional Indian Sarees


Traditional sarees remain evergreen. So when we dig deep, a traditional Indian saree is where regional sarees come into play and each woman has a different story to tell. From every state of India, there is a variety of embroidery styles in a saree. You can buy a traitional Indian saree from at a discounted price of Rs.2,199 only.

The fabric of saree is jacquard banarasi silk in nature. The fabric of blouse is banarasi silk. It has golden thread zari work. For those who like to wear typical Indian sarees will love this navy blue coloured traditional Indian saree. It will suit best for whichever occasion you like, be it your workplace functions, or traditional Indian festivals.

Tips to Drape a Perfect Saree for the Party


No party is complete without some women typically wearing a saree. It looks and feels comforting, and nothing could beat tradition when it comes to wearing a saree for a party. So, here are some steps to help you drape a perfect saree for the party you have to attend, be it your workplace or a family function.

  • At first, pick an easy saree to drape: Easier the saree to drape, the faster you will comprehend draping it. Sarees like chiffons and georgette are the easiest to drape and will definitely suit the party mood. Plus, it will also feel lighter in weight.

  • Concentrate on your pallu: For a better grip, you need to tightly pin up the pallu over your shoulder. So, that the whole evening, your saree will not cause you any trouble. If you like it hanging loosely, you have to keep your forearm prepared to carry the weight of your pallu.

  • Choose the right kind of blouse: In case you don't want to concentrate on your pallu, you could fall for jacket style blouse or a boat neck blouse, where you don't have to manage the pallu too seriously.

  • Drape the usual drapes: If you are thin, you may need more drapes. More the pleats, the better your saree will look.
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A Saree is a Lady's Best Friend!

Be it a farewell function, a wedding or reception, an engagement party, an office party, or a family get together, you can always wear a saree to all of these occasions and rock the occasion. All you need to do is to drape it well so that you're comfortable, find the right accessories and footwear to go with it and your confidence. It is no lie that sarees bring an air of elegance and glamour with them. So wear one and have all eyes on you at the next party!