Complete Guide For Buying the Perfect Wedding Hair Accessory Online To Achieve the Perfect Look on Your Special Day (2020)!

Complete Guide For Buying the Perfect Wedding Hair Accessory Online To Achieve the Perfect Look on Your Special Day (2020)!

Every bride spends many months planning all about her dream look for her wedding. Everything from dress to accessories to makeup and even mehendi is decided after much thought and even consultation. There is no point denying the importance of a perfect hair piece, which is as important as the hair style itself. It is like the final touch, without which the look can never be complete. No need to waste time looking for one when you can buy it online.

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A Complete Guide For Buying Wedding Hair Accessories

The wedding day is among the most memorable days of a woman’s life and everyone wants to look perfect on their special day. This is he day when the bride is the centre of everyone's attention and naturally everything she wears is going to be the focal point. The bridal attire, the jewellery, the accessories - all of them combine to make the perfect look . If you are considering some tips while choosing the best hair accessory for you on your wedding, we are here to help you out. But before that let’s go through all the factors you need to consider before choosing the perfect hair accessory.

Consider Your Facial Structure

Every bride has a different vision for her bridal hairdo and hair jewellery. But it will be a smart choice to consider your facial structure before buying something that you like. For example, if you have an oval face then a flat tiara or any other headband type of accessory will suit you well. But, if you have a round face, then go for a piece of wavy jewellery for your hair or even a diamond shape maang-tikka. If you have a square face with a strong jawline and cheekbone, you can think about wearing an asymmetrical mang tika or a Matha Patti to look compliment your features.

Keep In Mind Your Wedding Dress And Wedding Style

Always buy your wedding dress before you start selecting your jewellery. As jewellery surely depends on the colour and pattern of your wedding garment. You can select hair accessories according to your wedding dress and even the type of your wedding. For instance, if you are going for a north Indian wedding then a gorgeous mang tika will merge well with your sari or lehenga. But if it is a south Indian wedding then a heavy hair accessory or more than one accessory will fit perfectly with your heavy ornamented sari.

For a Christian wedding, a beautiful headband or a tiara can be the best choice. Whereas, an Anarkali suit can carry afghani hair accessories quite well with the dress. You also need to see if you are going to have a day or a night wedding and also the weather before you buy a hair accessory. Choose something that goes well with the venue and the theme.

Your Hairstyle On The Special Day

Before buying hair jewellery make sure you know about your hairstyle for that day. Always check with your styler to know about it in advance. Also, when you will buy the jewellery make sure you know about the angle of the jewellery piece. If you have short hair then buy a heavy hair accessory to make it the focal point of your hairstyle. A side parting or a mid parting is also something to consider before wearing your hair accessory.

Length And Colour Of Your Hair

Considering your hair colour and length is as important as all other factors mentioned above. Always check the tonal quality of the hair accessories so that they match your hair colour. It is important to make sure that the accessory stands out in your hair and get prominent to the onlookers. Most accessories suit medium or long hair while others are more suited for super short hair only.

Match With The Other Jewellery


Your hair accessory should compliment well with other pieces of jewellery along with the wedding dress. Always try to check and match the tone of the metal, design and colour of the accessory with your bridal jewellery so that it merges well with your entire attire as well as other ornaments you have put on.

Best Wedding Hair Accessories Available Online


In the bridal ensemble, accessories play a vital part and you should choose the hair piece carefully as it is the first thing that anyone notices about you besides the earring and the necklace. It not only defines your complete look but also represents your personality and taste. A perfect and glamorous hair accessory amp up the total wedding look in an Indian wedding. Following is a list of the best options available online for you:

Wedding Hair Gajra

Flower and especially a gajra in the hair on a wedding day is a traditional Indian hairstyle. No matter what jewellery you are wearing, a gorgeous gajra can complete the special look instantly. Nowadays the brides are experimenting with different hairstyles but one thing that is never gets old is the beautiful gajra on the wedding day. The simplest of hairstyle can look jaw-dropping beautiful if you add some gajra to it. A covered colourful flower gajra for your bun can make your dress even more vibrant.

While getting a real flower gajra is not hard but finding the perfect one is not so easy. So, if you have less time or don't want to take a chance about what kind of gajra you end up with on the very day, go through a wide variety of artificial gajras at Amazon. These can be re-used even after your wedding day. It comes in various colours and gives a vibrant finish to all kind of buns..

It is made with soft white and red fabric flowers but the best thing about it is that it has a fragrance of lily flower to give the ultimate touch of almost a real gajra. The weight of this accessory is 18 grams and the price is INR 2,390. Pair it with a pink, red or white Indian wedding dress in order to highlight its universal red and white combination.

Hair Brooch

When it comes to your big day each accessory and its detail is of paramount importance. Hair brooch used to be quite a popular choice of brides at one time, and it is again gaining popularity these days. It is still in a very high demand and comes in various forms and metals. Hair brooches are absolute beauty and give a complete look to your get up on the special wedding day.

Brooches are stylish, versatile and attractive and can look perfect on every bride. It is also a great choice for any other occasion or festival. This gold finish Kundan hair brooch comes at the price of INR 3,800. It is a perfect combination of class and elegance and is made with a golden metal finish, studded Kundan stone. The ambada pin attached to it is also of superior quality that will not come out easily from your bun. The length of the brooch is 13 cm and the width is 4.5 cm.

It comes with the seven days refund or replacement policy. You can buy it from here.

South Indian Hair Accessory

If you have very long hair, don’t forget to use a long choti jadai ornamented accessory for your hair. It is a long ornament worn across the length of the braid and is very much popular in the south Indian culture. Intricate designs and meticulous craftsmanship make this accessory unique among all other options.

It was originally worn by ladies of very wealthy or royal families which were actually made in gold with real jewels. It becomes very expensive in that way therefore now it is available in other metals, as well. Most of them are beautifully handcrafted and looks quite elegant. This is a traditional Indian hairstyle and beautiful patterned flowers and pearl strings can also be added in it.

The Adovera traditional long choti jewellery is the most beautiful collection and it will surely match with the style and shade of your personality.. It is made in an alloy and the length is 41 cm with width 3 cm. It is gold plated and the closure type is a hook. The gross weight is 99 gram and it will compliment most sarees very well.
These are available at snapdeal.

Metal Tassel Hair Tiara

Tiaras can be considered as a statement jewellery which is adorned by most brides. After all, you can actually feel like a princess on your special day! Glamour and grandeur that a tiara can add to your look is like none other. But if you choose to wear it be careful of its proper placement.Therefore, not everyone can carry a tiara well.

A day-old hair without conditioner will hold tiara well. If you are planning to wear a simple tiara, consider this metal tassel headband with a turquoise dress. It will look great for a day-wedding ceremony, preferably being held outdoors, with a simple sari or dress. The price of this ornament is INR 1,080 and it includes free shipping.. Buy it from here.

Indian Matha Patti

A lot of Indian brides consider wearing matha-patti nowadays. It is a popular piece of head jewellery because as no other head ornament can impart the regal look as it can. The half-moon Meena matha patti by ‘Imli Street’ is a beautiful option.

It is made from a metal alloy and crystals, and can be paired with other meenakari pieces of jewellery, as well. It is ideal for the wedding day and can even be worn afterwards for any other festival. The length of the matha patti is 10 inch, width is 2.1 inch and the weight is 93 grams. This beautiful golden and green coloured jewellery is a great option to wear with any lehenga and sari of your choice.

Hair Clip

Ornaments come in endless types and varieties, especially when it comes to an Indian wedding, there are so many hair accessories that a bride can discover gets to choose as per her own vision. A hairpin or Juda pin is the most compulsory item in the collection for festive or wedding hair accessories. If you are planning to tie a neat bun then a Juda pin can compliment it in the best and stylish way.

It is a simple and elegant accessory that matches well with any type of jewellery and outfit. has an exclusive item in its ‘Matree Collection’, which is a multilayer pearl hair clip made of brass. The colours being a universal white and gold, it can be worn with any kind of dress. The price for this hair clip is just INR 1,530 and it comes with free shipping.

Jhoomar Ornament

Jhoomar is also known as ‘passa’ or ‘side tikka’ and is usually made out of gold, silver, pearl, Kundan or crystal material. It is a very popular hair accessory for both Indian and Pakistani brides all over the world. It is a fan-shaped hair ornament, worn on the left side of the head where it is attached to with a hook. In a modern version, Jhoomar is also being worn in the middle partition of the head in place of the famous ‘maang tika’.

It is a staple hair ornament to be worn by the brides on their special day. It is a versatile Mughal piece of jewellery which looks stunning with all traditional bridal dresses. Riana Jewellery has the free size 22 kt gold plated pearl strings and bead passa, studded with jadtar stones, set in silver and copper mix. This wedding piece of hair ornament will cost INR 9,800 and is best when worn with traditional Mughlai attires like sharara or a lehenga. These are available at perniaspopupshop.

Rose Gold Hair Leaf


While vine or leafy headband is a western tradition, many Indian brides are prefering to wear this kind of accessory, lately, especially if they are planning an elegant ceremony with an out of the box theme. This hair leaf ornament is a rose gold-coloured clip.

It is a vine shaped hair accessory which looks very much vintage. It is very delicate and pretty and can be considered for a day wedding with matching indo-western wedding dress. The price for this accessory is INR 1957 at and you do not need to pay shipment charges for it.

Perfect Wedding Accessories For Different Hair Lengths

Hair Wedding Accessories For Short Hair

Brides with short hair have less options than those who have medium length or long hair. Yet the options that are available are actually the best, as they look very much elegant and give them a royal look. The head crown or a hair comb with crystals, kundans or diamond-studded ornaments look great. Even any floral ornaments look very elegant on short hair. The has this beautiful Indian traditional hair clip of Laxmi which is of a fine quality alloy-copper based material and is perfect for an Indian wedding.

Long Hair Bridal Accessories

Rakodi is another type of wedding jewellery for hair and is made from temple pearl and golden finish. It is a handmade antique with matte finish and a ‘U’ pin design that any bride can choose for the ideal traditional Indian marriage. You can buy it from here.

Bridal Hair Crown

Vintage hair jewellery can be considered too. A headband or a tiara is a perfect accessory for an indo-western wedding. This water droplet crown design is a classic ornament made with CZ diamond, which is easy to wear with both long and short hair brides. It is available at

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Add-Ons For A Perfect Hairstyle!

Most people like to add fresh flowers along with the hair piece, as flowers hold a certain traditional value for an indian bride. You can wrap your braid with fresh motia or a add a fresh gajra on your bun, along with a jooda pin. You can also add a single fresh flower to the side of your head with a tiara, crown or evan a hair pin, if you plan to let your hair loose.