Planning to Throw a Bachelorette Party? These Beautiful and Thoughtful Hen Party Favours Will Make Your Guests Remember Your Party for a Long Long Time (2020)

Planning to Throw a Bachelorette Party? These Beautiful and Thoughtful Hen Party Favours Will Make Your Guests Remember Your Party for a Long Long Time (2020)

If you are planning to have a bachelorette party shortly then along with the many other things already on your mind, selecting suitable hen party favours for your guests can become a really time-consuming and cumbersome task. But fret not, we have you covered. This guide of beautiful and unique hen party favour ideas will help you decide quickly which one of these will suit your hen circle the best.

What are Hen Party Favours and Who Receives Them?

Hen party favours or hen do favours are a special kind of gift for your hens given as an acknowledgement by the bride at her bachelorette party. These are more like a "thanks" to all the ladies and girls who attend your party. While choosing gifts you should take care of everyone's likes and dislikes. You can either prepare the gifts according to each recipient or can create a gift bag for everyone in the party. Hen party favours are just like return gifts in any of the other parties. You can prepare gift bags full of funny, tweaky or cheeky gifts that can make your hens feel more important.

Usually, the gifts and fillers are gathered by the bride to acknowledge all her beautiful hens but sometimes the chief bridesmaid can also take up the role depending upon the duties or time the bride might have. The return gifts for the stunning hens can range from personalized photo-frames to novelty shots or novelty bracelets to something funny and useful like beauty essentials depending on the budget and the type of guests who are attending the party. In this post, we have enlisted the best hens to do favours that can truly surprise them.

10 Exciting Party Favours That Your Hens Will Love the Most

We have covered almost everything that can make your hens laugh and feel special on this memorable day. Check below for the awesome hen party favours that we have exclusively chosen from all the available options online.

#1: Hangover Kit

Hangover kits are one of the most essential gift items that are absolutely friendly for all the drinkaholic hens after partying hard all night. After having a lot of drinks, the next morning your friend would love to reduce the last night's hangover which normally includes a mild headache, vomiting, etc. Looking at this point, you can prepare a potli or a beautiful gift bag with hangover essentials like hangover pills, funky band-aids, Savlon, hand sanitizer, vomit bags, eye-mask, etc. that she would want to use.

You can purchase the potli or bag from Flipkart for only ₹ 217.00 and can prepare your own customised hangover kit by adding the above-mentioned essentials at a low cost. There are many more items that can be included in this Hangover Kit Potli. To make it more stunning you can also include some dare cards, stickers or any customised gift to make her laugh about the last night. Give your loving hens a gift worth remembering and show them how much you care for them.

#2: Beauty Essentials Clutched in a Travel Makeup Bag


Beauty essentials packed in a travel makeup bag is another stunning hen party favour for your beloved hens. This is a kind of hen do favour that almost every hen would love. Every woman loves makeup and skincare products, thus, there can be nothing better than this favour. You can prepare a beautiful makeup bag by collectively organising some beauty essentials, cosmetics and other skincare products that she can use while travelling. Items like eye-liner, mini compact, moisturizer, bb cream, sunscreen, a mirror, a mini perfume, makeup brushes, etc. would be an ideal fit.

To organize these items, you can purchase this cute Hen Hatching Cartoon Clutch from Amazon that would come in your budget and will look adorable at the same time. The Hen Hatching Cartoon Clutch has hatching hens imprinted on it and has ample space to keep all the beauty products without any hassle. This clutch is suitable for travelling in a car, train, bus or a flight. Let her know how much you care for her while presenting this beautiful gift. You can also club it with a personalized gift item like a photo-frame having a photo of both of you in it.

#3: Sweets or Chocolates


Every girl loves chocolates and sweets, hence, this can be another amazing party favour for your hen party. While creating a gift bag or a goodies bag, you can keep some chocolates and sweets in it to showcase your sentiments for her. Sweets and chocolates are the best favours to express your gratitude to all your party guests. To help you out, we have picked up a beautiful looking chocolate gift hamper that you can use as a hen party favour from Ferns N Petals.

The floral packing of the chocolate box looks adorable and presentable as a party favour to your beloved hens. The box contains 12 flavoured chocolates that include soft fills: mocha, hazelnut, orange, mint, caramel & pina colada; nut fills fruit-n-nut & roasted almond; crispies: orange crispies, etc. Purchase these delicious delights at only ₹ 547.00 and showcase your sweet side to them.

#4: Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are a never-ending trend to express your emotions, gratitude and love to those who are close to you. Like for any other occasion, you can use these gifts as a hen party favour too. From all the available options online, we chose the bestseller and affordable item for you that will stun your hens. The Personalised Shoe Bag for Her is an item made only for your beautiful ladies.

This mesmerizing personalised shoe bag is great to keep the shoes, snickers, bellies or any other footwear safe inside the bag. It can be customised with the recipient's name which is the best part of this item. The white coloured personalised shoe bag has printed feet wearing shoes on it that give an extraordinary look to it. You can buy this exquisite party favour at only ₹ 399.00 from Exciting Lives for all your favourite hens.

#5: Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts are kind of party favours which can either be given as a filler in a goodies bag or also work well if given individually to your guests. Novelty gifts are of different types depending upon the taste of the recipient. You can consider a funky necklace, an expensive bracelet, wine glasses and much more, considering the taste of the receiver. If you want to present something special to your chief bridesmaid then an expensive necklace or a bracelet would do great. Similarly, If your hens are open-minded adults, then this Sexicup – a set of two novelty shot glasses would work the best.

The shot glasses are hand-made with premium quality boro-silicate in the shape of a woman's inner body. The set can be bought from Exciting Lives for only ₹ 499.00, which is way less for an extraordinary favour and can be given to every guest who comes to your party.

#6: Mini Pocket Perfumes


Who doesn't like keeping mini perfumes? Especially when carrying a big bottle of your favourite fragrance can create a hassle while going out for a party. Mini perfumes work well because they can be carried anywhere inside a small purse or a clutch without making a big deal of it and you do not have to carry a proper big bag to hold it. If you are preparing a goodies bag, then you can include any of these signature fragrances from Moi by Nykaa in it.

But in case you are presenting this favour to your favourite hen whom you love the most, then you can purchase the set of all these signature fragrances for her every mood. Each mini perfume comes at only ₹ 249.00 on Nykaa. You can also club this party favour with a set of dare cards or a hangover kit if presenting to a special lady.

#7: Gift Vouchers from Her Favourite Shopping Brand


Gift vouchers or shopping vouchers are another trending party favour to include in your gift bag. You can shop for any brand gift voucher depending upon the brand she loves to shop from. You can buy different vouchers for different hens. The gift cards can be availed on any outlets of their respective brands, also, you can check out the terms and conditions while shopping for these gift cards. The best part of a shopping voucher is that she can avail of a heavy discount when shopping for herself and it will make her feel happy and remember you fondly.

The vouchers of various brands like Pantaloons, Lifestyle, etc. are available on Woohoo, the starting price to purchase the vouchers is ₹ 500.00. To create an exciting gift for your hens, you can keep these vouchers in the hangover kit or in the goodies bag you have prepared for them.

#8: Wine Glass Charms


Wine charms are another gorgeous party favours to gift to your hens. The beautiful charms will make your hens remember you every time they take a sip of wine. You can choose this pretty gift favour for those hens who love-to-party-hard and are drink alcoholics. One such option is Bangcool 12 Pcs Wine Charms for Christmas Decorations on Amazon. These adorable wine charms consist of various Christmas symbols and are made with high-quality alloy and plastic material. They fit most of the wine glasses. A pretty cool option to buy at ₹ 545.00 for your hens.

#9: Mini Glitter Champagne Bottles

Champagne bottles are another perfect choice for the beautiful ladies attending the party tonight. The night can be made the most memorable night for all the guests who are invited to your hen party. The gorgeous wine bottles can be presented to each one of your hens with their personalised glitter name tag. You can either purchase the glitter name tags online or you can decorate the tags yourself with golden or silver-coloured glitter. It will give an appealing look to the favour. If you are looking to buy some gorgeous mini champagne bottles, Flipkart has brought it for you in a ravishing green colour with golden detailing on it, for only ₹ 250.00. You can purchase these bottles easily in bulk and decorate them by adding the name tags as mentioned above. It will be worth the money.

#10: Jewel Box

Jewel boxes are usually given as return gifts at weddings or birthday parties but this can be a unique option as a hen party favour too. Every woman loves to keep her jewellery with utmost care and safety, thus, this can be a great choice at an affordable price. There are several kinds of boxes that you can explore – there are options available in wood, rexin, leather and even cloth. You can explore your options depending on your budget. Wed Tree offers you a Rexin Jewel Box with a velvet inner lining at only ₹ 185.00.

Tips to Gift Wrap the Hen Party Favours: Quick & Easy

A perfect gift wrapping does the most of the work. It doesn't really matter how expensive are the gifts inside if the packing and wrapping of the gifts are fine and stunning. You can gift wrap your emotions and sentiments in two different ways – choose a perfect wrapping paper for the gift you are presenting or select a beautiful gift bag to keep all the fillers organised. If you are planning to use gift wrappers, then you can select any themed or personalised wraps to wrap the gifts beautifully. While preparing a gift bag, you can either gift-wrap all the gifts or fillers inside the favour bag or you can also leave them as they are. Instead, you can shop for an awesome goodies bag and can seal it from outside. Write the name of every recipient on a glossy sticker to make her feel super special.

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Make Your Hen Party Memorable with These Party Favours

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