Buy the Best Party Favors Rings Online in India (2020)! We’ve Got the Bling for Just about Any Party You Could Dream Up!

Buy the Best Party Favors Rings Online in India (2020)! We’ve Got the Bling for Just about Any Party You Could Dream Up!

Want to amp up your party with some amazing party favor items? Try the party favor rings we have recommended on this article, which are available online. Look at these recommendations and find out the one that goes with the theme of your party!

Factors to Consider While Choosing Party Favor Rings

1. Theme of the Party

This is probably one of the most popular reasons why people hand out party favours to their guests. You don't want your party to be mundane or boring, you really want it to stand out. You want your guests to remember your party for a long time. By giving thoughtful party favours, you will leave positive lasting impressions on the minds of your guests.

2. Your Budget

It is important to determine what your budget is before buying the party favour rings and to stick to it. Giving party favor rings are a simple thank you gesture from your side to the guests and so, there is no need to splurge on them. Keep your budget as low as possible, but make sure that the quality of the rings is acceptable and they aren't too flimsy.

3. Number of Guests

Before buying the rings, you need to determine how many guests are actually coming to your party so that you have enough party favour rings for each one of them. You don't want to send any of your guests empty-handed. Also if you are throwing a large party, you need to buy party favour rings that are simple and affordable, but for small and close-knit parties, you can buy something that's more personal and a little bit expensive. It is important that you buy a few extra rings in case some unexpected guests turn up to your party

4. Try and Buy

It is not recommended to buy party favour rings without checking their quality. You need to try them on before finally shortlisting them. The internet is loaded with great looking party favour rings but you also need to ensure that they aren't flimsy and will last for at least a few days without breaking. Also just because a party favour ring is expensive, that doesn't mean its quality is good. Thus, we would advise you to always try before buying.

10 Best Party Favors Rings in India


1.Twenty Four Pieces Unicorn Rings by Traonor


Party favour rings are a new concept in India and so, you might face trouble finding the right product. However, Amazon is here to your rescue. It has some of the best party favour rings you can find online. They come in so many different designs that would really impress you.

Our first pick for the party favour rings is the 24 pieces unicorn-shaped rings by Traonor. And honestly, who doesn't like unicorns? These rings are absolutely amazing and look extremely cute. These party favour rings are available in red, blue and purple colours with a one-size-fits-all size. They are not only a great fit for the children's parties but would go well with parties for adults too. 24 pieces of these rings come in one packet which is adequate for a small-sized party. They are priced at Rs.2,564 for 24 pieces on Amazon.

2. Girls Adjustable Cute Pattern Ring Jewelry 

Are you throwing a party where mostly girls are invited? Then you need party favour rings that are blingy and pretty. If you are wondering where to find such kind of rings, we have the right match for you. The rings by Order2India are made of alloy and are totally adjustable so it can fit most children easily.

These multicolour rings come in different designs such as bunny, pretty bow, cherry, smiley face, teddy and attractive flowers which small girls would absolutely love. These rings are a great choice to give away on a birthday or Christmas party. Each ring in the box is of a different design. The rings are made of high-quality alloy material which is durable, looks great and is non-toxic. Buy them at Rs.1,290 for 10 pieces from

3. Glow Rings Led Party Favors for Kids

Do you know what's better than giving out party favour rings? That would be giving out glow Jelly LED party favour rings. These rings are sold by the website Ubuy and are available in 36 different colours. These light-up rings are a great choice for adults as well as kid parties. These glow light rings come with 3 pre-installed LED lights that can easily last for a long time. Made of high-quality rubber, these are one-size-fits-all rings.

These are fun-shaped rings with 8 to 12 hours of battery life and are a great choice for weddings, birthdays and pool parties. The best part about these glow in the dark party favour rings is that they are backed by manufacturer warranty and if your ring doesn't light up, you will be provided with a full refund. Priced at Rs.1,739 for 36 pieces on

4. Bachelorette Party Light Up Rings Engagement Diamond Rings


Are you throwing a bachelorette party for your newly engaged friend? What better way to end that party and make it a memorable one than by giving your guests' engagement diamond-shaped party favour rings. We assure you these rings would make the bachelorette party a memorable one. These rings by RoundSquare are open-mouthed so they can fit easily on any finger size.

They are light-up party favour rings that come in a pack of 10. To switch the lights on or off, all you have to do is press the ring at the bottom and the rings will light up in blue, green and red changing colours that look incredibly attractive. These party favour rings are the perfect choice for bridal showers, girls night out and of course bachelorette parties. Buy them on Amazon for Rs.700 for 10 pieces.

5. Cute Finger Ring for Kids

Deciding upon which party favour rings to buy for a kid's party is not an easy task. Kids can be really demanding. While one kid likes cartoons, another kid might prefer flowers. If you can't choose the party favour rings design for your child's party, we have the right solution for you. Instead of buying a single design, you should opt for different ones so that the kids have the option to choose their favourite style of ring.

Our pick is the assorted party favour ring collection by Birthday Popper. Instead of buying a set pack of rings, it gives you the option to buy any number of rings you like. These multi-coloured rings come in different shapes such as flowers, fruits, animals and so on. The rings are of adjustable size and are made of plastic. has them for Rs.9 per piece.

6. Funcart Sofia Flashing Rings

Sofia the first is a popular animated series about an average American girl whose life got dramatically transformed when her mother got married to a king. Small girls love this cartoon series and that's why Sofia rings are a great hit in birthday parties. If your daughter is also a fan of Sofia, then the Sofia flashing party favour rings by Fun Cart would be a great choice for her party.

Each ring is a different design than other and shows Sofia smiling, swimming, and having fun with her friends. These flashy rings are adjustable in size and can easily fit any finger. Just press the ring once to start a beautiful multi-coloured light show. The rings are round-shaped, made of plastic and are quite durable. Available on at Rs.59 per ring.

7. Hello Kitty Children Party Favor Rings

The Chinese website Aliexpress has the best collection of innovative and quirky items. And that holds true for party favor rings as well. We went through their catalog of rings but the one we found really adorable were the Hello Kitty rings. These rings are a great choice for your kid's birthday party. Each ring has a different design on it and is of a different colour.

The party favour rings are extremely cute and will win the hearts of your guests. Made of plastic material, these rings are of adjustable size and will fit all types of fingers. These cute round-shaped rings are durable but make sure to order them in advance as Ali Express takes quite some time to deliver the products to India. They are priced at Rs.72.69 per ring.

8. Flashing Jelly Pirate Rings

Our next party favor rings choice is a tad bit expensive but not something which you would easily find in the market. These are pirate rings that come with skulls and crossbones design at the top. What a badass way to have fun when the lights go down. These are a perfect party favor ring choice for a Bachelor, bridal or a pool party. Each ring comes packed in its own poly bag and is made of squishy plastic material that lights up when pressed on the top. These are one-size-fits-all rings and definitely one of our top party favor rings picks. Since these rings are a bit more expensive than others on our list, you can buy these for a tiny or an intimate party. At Rs.264 for 4 pieces, these are a steal, buy them on

9. 12 Superhero Party Favor Rings


Kids love nothing more than superheroes and that's why our next pick is the superhero-themed party favor rings. These are 12 pack rings made of soft rubber that can fit any finger size easily. They are bright-coloured rings and come with different messages such as amazing, star, incredible and terrific. These are not your run-of-the-mill party favor rings. These have beautiful and encouraging messages for each kid that comes to your child's birthday party. Kids will absolutely love these and the rings are affordably priced as well, so that's a win-win situation for all. Buy these on at Rs.1,295 for 12 pieces.

10. Love Lettered Gold Plated Ring by Sullery

Celebrate love, relation, and commitment with our next party favour rings choice. So these rings are not essentially party favour rings and are expensive, but if you throwing a small bridal or engagement party for your close friends and family members, you can opt to but these rings. As this is not a quintessential party favour ring, it is superior in quality and made of stainless steel. This is a gold-plated ring with the word 'love' lettered on it in a stylish font. The ring is quite simple yet will really impress your guests. It had a certain charm to it which you don't usually find with normal party favour rings.

The ring also comes with a 1-month warranty period so you can return it safely if you find any defect. Again, this is an expensive ring but if you are willing to go a bit overboard on your special day, then you wouldn't be disappointed with it. Buy these on for Rs.314 per piece.

Having a Party? This Is Why Giving Party Favors is Important

Party favours are an essential part of any party. But lately, people have been wondering about the importance of this tradition. Are you throwing a party and confused as well about whether to give party favors such as rings to your guests? Are party favors really essential or you can choose not to participate in this tradition?. We would recommend giving party favors to your guests due to several important reasons. Some of these are given below:

A Small Token of Gratitude


You don't have to spend a lot on the party favor rings. By giving affordable party favors you are expressing gratitude to the guests for coming to the party and celebrating your special day with you. If the guests don't show up at your party, how would you feel? Then your special day would go ignored and it would be hurtful. Party favors are a token of appreciation for your guests and nothing else.

It Leaves Everyone Happy

By giving party favors at the end, you are making the guests happy. It shows your guests are important to you and you appreciate them coming. This small gesture can make your guests feel important and content. Guests mostly bring gifts to the parties and by returning this favor, you are just adding to the joy and excitement of the day.

Acts as a Keepsake

Party favor rings will act as a keepsake for your guests and help them remember you are amazing party for a long time. Also by giving them party favor rings that are durable and match the theme of the party, you are setting an example on how to throw a fabulous party without going over budget or being too pompous.

Helps Your Party Stand Out


This is probably one of the most popular reasons why people hand out party favors to their guests. You don't want your party to be mundane or boring, you really want it to stand out. You want your guests to remember your party for a long time. By giving thoughtful party favors, you will leave positive lasting impressions on the minds of your guests.

From our editorial team

Planning the Perfect Party

Apart from party favors, you should ensure that the guests are in tune with the theme of your party. Get the list of people attending beforehand and make sure that you have communicated them the details clearly. You need to plan the food also, and ensure that that the food goes with the theme too. The decorations should also be taken good care of, so that it is a party for your guests to remember for the times to come.