Looking for Meaningful Favours for Your Kid's Party? Give Books! 10 Exciting and Beautiful Books to Give as Party Favours in 2020

Looking for Meaningful Favours for Your Kid's Party? Give Books! 10 Exciting and Beautiful Books to Give as Party Favours in 2020

Giving a party favour to your guests, although not mandatory, is a very sweet and special custom of expressing your appreciation to the guests that they came and made the party spectacular with their presence. When the guests are children for your kid's birthday or some other special occasion, then you need to spend some time in thinking to give them a part favour which they will still remember after the party is long over. Giving books is one such wonderful option which you can consider without denting your party budget. We have curated this list of different books which will keep your small guests engaged for hours when they return home after the party!

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Party Favours: A Must-Have Treat for Showing Your Appreciation to Guests

Be it the naming ceremony or the birthday of your child, you of course will be inviting relatives, friends and their kids to the party and naturally in this case, return gifts get included in your action plan. 'Party favours' is a loosely used term to describe any party giveaway or return gift.

These souvenirs may be considered as a token of appreciating your guests for coming over to your place to party together. They might be distributed as items for reminding about the fun and excitement all of them had in your party. Additionally, things that build up excitement or suit the mind or evoke interest of the little guests may serve as perfect return gifts.

There are different styles to use for party favours and jazz up celebrations. You may want to plan your gift with an aim that would make your child's guests adore your giveaways. If you are looking to avoid traditional items, how about a book-themed party favour? It will thrill the book lovers and encourage in others the habit of reading.

Book party favours are lasting and useful, proving them to be an excellent idea for kids. They make pleasant gifts and have the capability to touch the minds of the little ones. There are several sorts of books you can give depending on age - colouring books, puzzle books, interactive storybooks or those about a particular subject.

But to give the right gift, you need to do some research, after all you cannot just give any random book. Research out the different types of books available in the market and pick out the right one.

Popular & Creative Party Favour Ideas That Will Always Excite Kids

Common kids' birthday party favours are candy bags, small toys or traditional goody bags which are forgotten soon after they are brought to the home. Your kid’s birthday party favours should stand out from these typical options. They should be impressive enough to be handed out as something that fun-loving kids can easily relate to. Today, party favours are not seen as a compulsion; the more unpredictable they are, the more excited the children will feel at your party.

Even some of the most economical things that we can think of can turn out to be surprising party favours, given that they have perfect packaging and come with a dash of little excitement and humour. In this way, giving return gifts is about decorating familiar objects matching with a child's vivid imagination. The method of wrapping up the gift item and the message it carries to the recipient shows the value of that item.

You can explore different party favours in speciality gift stores and novelty shops. Your options in gifts range from the very fun to the attractive in novelty shops. You may have to exercise control while choosing innovative items from the gift shops. On the other hand, book favours for the birthday party of your kid are available in online shops specialising in kid’s range of products. Here are some creative ideas for book party favours:

  • Custom storybook favour bags
  • DIY paper treat bags
  • Theme book for your birthday party
  • Bookmarks
  • Quote printed buttons
  • Candy books
  • Paper candle holders
  • Jungle book game
  • Library bags

11 Best Books to Choose as Party Favours for the Kids

Think from a kid’s perspective when you start looking for options. Choose something that makes the children go gaga over your party favours? There are several to choose from - top birthday party favours for kids include mini sized colouring books set, personalised storybooks, storybook carrier bags, to name a few. Go through the kid’s party favours on any online shop to find great ideas for birthday themes like Harry Potter, Cinderella and more!

If you want to show your love of books at your child’s birthday party, you have great luck! Here are 8 books to try out as your party favour this time. While you can certainly pick up these items for an all kid's birthday party, all of them are likely to excite their parents too!

Dot-to-Dot Activity Book 1

Send back your child’s friends home with a fun book: Dot to Dot Activity Book Part - 1. It will let them take pleasure in drawing lines while joining numbers and get surprised to see what picture it results in This cute party favour comes in the English language — making them readable for 3-5 years old. It costs ₹ 80.00 on Amazon which is less likely to hurt your wallet.

Brain Gaming for Clever Kids (Buster Brain Games)

Who says the brainpower of kids can’t be enhanced with clever games? Let children take a book full of logic, reasoning and Japanese puzzles specially designed to add to their brainpower and help them get clever. This best-selling problem-solving and brain-training book is available on Amazon for ₹ 197.00.

Touch and Feel Playbook (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

Looking for something that would introduce an innovative learning method to infants or toddlers? Bring the Touch and Feel Playbook and gift your tiny guests party favours so that they can have a high impact while gaining fundamental knowledge through attractive words, texts and pictures. Featuring among the best books for children, you can expect Amazon to deliver it for ₹ 849.00.

Picture Books Collection for Early Learning (Set of 12)

Here's a wonderful takeaway for your child’s friends: A complete all-in-one set of 12 preschool learning books for the beginner level. Allow the recipients to learn English numbers, alphabets, flowers, names of fruits, birds, animals, body parts, colours, shapes and more from these interesting and fun books. Find the complete set of books at ₹ 250.00 on Amazon.

Peppa Pig: Little Library (3 to 6 Years)

Hosting a kid’s birthday party and in need of an animated storybook to send the kids away with? Peppa Pig is a set of 6 books based on the award-winning animal series Peppa Pig inclusive of Little Library, which is specially designed for preschool level learners. What's more, you can order it from Amazon for ₹ 189.00.

Circus Coloring Book: Coloring Books for Kids (Art Book Series)

The fun of circus can be brought into the lives of little ones with a chance for colouring lots of details in this book. There are several characters including jokers which can be painted by kids in whatever colour they want. You can download the kindle version for free and print the pages for each child to gift them as party favours. You can view and download the book from Amazon.

Mouse Jokes! Funny Mouse Jokes for Kids

Joke telling can be fun and create rolling laughter for child readers at the same time. Children of all ages will love hilarious mouse jokes that would also help them learn storytelling and conversational skills. The clean jokes about mice and rodents can be extremely entertaining for kids while reading them aloud. The Funny Mouse Jokes book includes cute and vibrant illustrations. It is available in the Kindle version which will cost you nothing to download. However, you need to print it out to distribute them as party favours. you can view and download the book from Amazon.

Princess Daisy: Cute Bedtime Story for Kids

Awaken the fairy-tale side of kids by gifting them a cute bedtime storybook about the interesting life of Princess Daisy and her wish grant. It is best for killing boredom, at home or while travelling. Check Amazon where this is book is available in audio-book and paperback formats.

Secret Password Lock Diary

As kids start growing up, they find themselves wanting some privacy. Giving them a cute diary with a lock is bound to thrill them. Particularly suitable for kids older than age 5, these cute diaries feature a lock that can safeguard whatever they write in the diary. The lock takes a numeric code that can be input on a keypad on the side of the diary. The diaries have a variety of cartoon characters on the cover and come in vibrant colours, so they will surely be a hit with the kids. Order them on Amazon for ₹ 499.00 for a pack of 6.

Cartoon Mini Notepad for Children

Attractively coloured and shaped, these mini notepads are a charming party favour option that can be added to goody bags. Mostly based on cartoon characters, these notepads have dimensions of 15 x 12 x 2 cm. They are made of high quality material that is suitable for children. Ideal for kids over the age of 4, these notepads can be used to encourage children to write their thoughts. Buy on Amazon for ₹ 399.00.

Children's Encyclopedia - Scientists, Inventions And Discoveries

Make you party favour gifts something worthwhile! Choose to give out this handy and interesting encyclopedia that presents in an attractive manner fascinating details about scientists and their inventions or discoveries. Such books can be a great way to teach children about science and encourage them to learn more. Fully coloured and featuring exercises and illustrations, the book has been designed to capture the attention of school-going kids. Order it on Amazon for ₹ 132,80.

Points to Consider While Picking Up Party Favour Books for Kids

Finding a book party favour that not only makes your young guests happy but also suits your budget is difficult to ensure, as always. The 1st step to find the right book gifts is considering the actual age of the children coming to your kid’s birthday party. After all the favours you will hand out for a birthday celebration held for your child, will help improve the learning capacity as well as the brainpower of the kids.

A few other crucial factors to consider while picking up party favour books for kids are that the books should have funny and interesting content, they should be purchased in bulk and not to mix and match them with a few more items purchased for party favours. This checklist will surely make your job of choosing party favour books for kids a lot easier and faster.

Quick Tip: Your Party Books Can Leave a Great Impact on Kids than a Goody Bag!

  • Book party favours will prove better and stronger than goody bags which are nothing but a waste of money. Your kids may not like what's packed in them and dump them in the drawer after bringing them home. After all, the invited children expect to get worthy stuff just like your birthday boy or girl.

  • Though some parents choose the easy route of goody bags to offer them as party favours, the thing is that kids may not like them at all. Goody bags are often stuffed with candy and cookies that may get eaten fast, leaving no impact on the mind or the physical behaviour. So, dwell on the interesting idea of book party favours next time.

  • A far better idea that would gain attention and appreciation among kids is a single book party favour. Most parents would agree: "One simple book-themed party favour having learning and entertaining stuff for kids (like a mouse joke or problem-solving book) will be the best.

  • It is not necessarily that the concept of goody bag favours should die down rather it should be replaced with something innovative and useful. The fun of the birthday party should be optimal to lift the spirit of small kids. And according to party specialists, a book party favour can be a nice gesture to direct the kids towards fun learning and socialisation.

  • So let's just stop distributing out the crap in the name of party favours. After all, kids notice and adapt to them. And you will be glad to say that you did. Remember, smart kids won't ask for party favours but if you want to gift them something worthy then why not a book party favour??
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Consider Books as Your Party Favours and Create Long Lasting Memories

Giving books to children as party favours is an excellent option to create long-lasting memories. They will love you for your party favour and will remember you for the exciting party you had thrown for them. As compared to candy bags and other type of party favours which last for a very short time, books will create beautiful memories in the minds of your guests. We hope you would have loved this article and will find it relevant in your daily life.