What Kind of Presents Would Fill an 8 Year Old with Excitement? These 10 Brilliant Gifts for an 8 Years Old Girl Will! (2018)

What Kind of Presents Would Fill an 8 Year Old with Excitement? These 10 Brilliant Gifts for an 8 Years Old Girl Will! (2018)

Whether a birthday, reward for something well done or just a random gift for being a sweet 8 year old girl, here are some wonderful things you can give here. From parents or guardians to close friends and relatives, gift giving may take a toll on you if you don't know where to start, leave alone what to give. To overcome the frustration that may ensue and to make you happy too, BP-Guide has detailed some of the most fascinating gifts to give to an 8 year old girl and make her exceedingly happy.

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Bring the Shine Out of That Amazing 8 Year Old by Spoiling Her a Bit

An 8 year old child is at the verge of discovering themselves, you can help her journey of discovering who she truly is by getting gift items that will help enlighten and guide her. She might just be 8 years old but you can get her gift items that will make her excited and exhilarated. A girl who is truly happy and contented glows exceedingly.

Give Her Something Creative and Educational

This is a great age to focus on boosting your 8 year old's creativity. If you don't help in doing that, no one will step in. There are so many gift items that can be bought which she can interact with and learn. Do not allow that 8 year old remain at the same level, stretch their minds and imagination, give them something to learn and ponder on. Keep their minds alive and active by getting gifts that will make them become fast learners who do things differently and better than any other 8 year old out there.

A Gift That Can be Played by Two People to Encourage Teamwork

Children do not come with special skills or knowledge when birthed, they learn as they grow. Team work is a crucial part of life; let them learn this as they grow. There are so many gift items that require 2 people to participate, cooperate and play to get a high score. Be on the lookout for such gifts. Help that 8 year old grow into an exceptional adult.

Get Her Something Trendy and Related to the Cartoon She Loves

Get her latest dresses, shoes, teddies and toys that are trendy and trending. Don't dress her up or give her items that are from another generation. Begin to train her up to be classy and stylish. You can also get her gifts that have her favourite cartoon characters inscribed or engraved on them. She would love you forever if you do that.

10 Gifts for an 8 Years Old Girl to Make Her Excited and Realise She is Getting Older

1. Singing Machine

The Singing machine is a gift that can encourage family times together. Have your 8 year old entertain the family after dinner in the evenings and enjoy some moments of fun and laughter. Watch her as she sings, who knows that might be a great way for her to discover a hidden potential in music. Instead of boring, expensive singing lessons, the Singing Machine can help her learn to sing with fun and ease. Music is a sure way to help improve the overall confidence and the linguistic processing ability of your daughter while promoting brain and body wellness in the process. The Singing Machine brings the joy of music combined with the benefits of developmental skills; just charge and take it with you anywhere and any day. With this gift, you empower your children to be outstanding and intellectually sound. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on amazon.in and has a price tag of Rs. 1,053.

2. The Complete Ramona Collection

The Complete Ramona Collection is a highly educative and inspirational series that any 8 year old would enjoy reading. The book is not only captivating but critical in building her vocabulary and lots more. With 8 books all about Ramona and her life, readers are sure to enjoy finding out about her funny, awkward and embarrassing moments. It doesn't matter if she has been a long-time fan or a newcomer to this award-winning book for children, this eight-book box set of the complete Ramona Quimby series will be a perfect addition to her library.

Kids everywhere feel connected to Ramona's unique way of looking at the world as she tries to adjust to new teachers, encounters bullies at school, and puts up with her bossy older sister. The scrapes she gets herself into—like wearing pyjamas to school or accidentally making egg yolk shampoo—are funny and heart warming, and sometimes embarrassing. No matter what, Ramona's lively, curious spirit shines through. The lessons embedded in the Complete Ramona Collection will certainly help transform your 8 year old. She can also take it everywhere and the Ramona Collection is perfect for long journeys. Get this collection at harpercollins.com for only Rs.3,171.

3. Large Deluxe Easel

The Large Deluxe Easel is a sure way to awaken and heighten creativity in an eight year old girl. Kids will happily draw, paint, cut, stick and more for hours on end with this awesome easel. It is also double sided, handy for siblings or when she has her friends over to play. The easel comes with a 35ft roll of paper, too. The double-sided, adjustable-height, kid-sized art easel includes a dry-erase board, chalkboard, locking paper-roll holder (fits either an 18" or 12" wide paper roll), child-safe paper cutter, four easy-grip clips, and a plastic tray to attach to each side of the Deluxe Standing Easel.

It is quite easy to assemble. Children's easels are recommended for building fine motor skills and proper pencil grip--great for beginning writers! Use the chalkboard and white board surfaces of the wooden easel as the ideal practice surface for writing letters and words. The large Deluxe Easel is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. You can get this Large Deluxe Easel at a price of Rs.5,669 on melissaanddoug.com.

4. Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs

You can't begin to imagine the height of excitement an eight year old will have when the Little Live Scruff is given to her. Although, Scruff-a-Luv arrives as a sad ball of matted fur, but once you bathe them, dry them, brush them and love them, you will discover what kind of pet they really are and reveal their true beauty. Just like real pets, Scruff-a-Luvs love to be washed and groomed. The more time you spend caring for them, the cuter they become. The Little Live Scruff-A-Luv is a gift an eight year old girl can hardly resist. This will be the furr-excellent choice for her.

With the Scruff-a-Luv, the 8 year old has a play mate, gist mate and bed mate. You can bet the duo will become inseparable. This is one gift that will boost up the responsibility level in her; she now has someone to care for, feed, bath and brush. To purchase a Scruff-a-Luv, visit walmart.com and get the Little Scruff-a-Luv at a price of Rs.1,256.

5. Colour Your Own Map Pillowcase

The Colour Your Own Map Pillowcase is a gift that awakens the adventure spirit in your child, while broadening her knowledge of countries in the world. Your 8 year old can learn the names and location of the countries on the globe. She also gets to colour the places she has visited and mark the places she would like to visit someday. This is more than just a pillow case, it is the best and fastest way to school an 8 year old girl on lessons in geography and guess what, colouring the places visited and places of interest is a great calming activity before bedtime and what’s even better is once it’s washed, all the ink washes out ready to start again leaving a fresh canvas for new artistic trekking and new geography-inspired dreams.

With the included fully washable coloured fabric markers, they can take pen to pillow, colour the world's wonders, and rest their head on their art, and dream all night, of amazing distant lands. Every 8 year old girl deserves to have the Colour Your Own Map Pillowcase. To get one for your 8 year old quickly, make an order on uncommongoods.com. This exceptional pillow case which is priced Rs. 1,414 is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

6. My Miniature Library

If you want more peace and quiet in the house, it is time to get My Miniature Library for the kids. Welcome to The Miniature Library, where special little fairies come to read and enjoy some peace and quiet from pesky elves and wizards (though child-sized fairies may need a magnifying glass). This tiny bookcase holds 30 books that you really can read, with classics such as The Frog Prince and The Owl & the Pussycat. My Miniature Library is a complete collection of tiny books to make, read and treasure!

This kit contains everything you need to make 30 doll-sized books that you can really read. With stories ranging from illustrated fairytales to well-loved beautiful rhymes and books of butterflies, birds and flowers, plus blank books for your 8 year old girl to complete herself. The Miniature collection of books provides any 8 year old girl with everything they need to make a little library of beautifully illustrated books. Visit chroniclebooks.com to make an order at the price tag of Rs.1,417.

7. Princess Duvet and Pillowcase Set

This Princess Duvet and Pillowcase Set is a great gift for 8 year olds who adore playing princess because now, the fun doesn’t have to end in the daytime, they can still pretend to be princesses while they lay beneath the special and beautiful Princess Duvet with her head laid sweetly on the set of Princess Pillowcases. Your little one may prefer jeans by day. But at the stroke of sundown, normal clothes magically transform into a ball gown and diamond crown. Send your little sovereign into a horse-drawn dreamland with this whimsical bedding set. Featuring a printed pillow crown and glittering duvet dress, they'll slumber with style fit for their regal spirit. The Princess Duvet and Pillowcase Set is rated 5 out of 5 stars on uncommongoods.com and goes for Rs. 8,434.

8. Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider

It is not every time she should have to jump into the pool, you can get her the Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider to play with and have fun with you or her friends. The Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider has two lanes she can race against you or her friends. Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider is made of plastic which is safe with no risk of incurring injuries and the wave rider Includes a bonus inflatable boogie board for smooth sliding, so there is no cause for alarm. The Bumper Spray Action continuously sprays water from a bumper system to splash pool ensuring your 8 year old is having all the fun possible. To get a copy for your 8 year old, visit amazon.com. It is sold at Rs.936. Make your order and you will be so glad you did.

9. L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl

Every 8 year old girl is sure to have a ‘splashing’ time with the L.O.L Surprise! Pearl. Inside this huge purse-shaped gift are awesome shimmering pearl surprises in the form of rare and exclusive dolls and accessories. You also get a HUGE rainbow shell fizzer that once in water, reveals limited-edition Tot and Lil Sister. To prevent overflow, fill with water below the line of bubbles inside the container. Do not touch the fizz until it has dissolved, or it will temporarily colour your hands. The glittering purses, the pearls and all the surprises packaged with this purse will get your 8 year old to beam with smiles endlessly. On smythstoys.com the L.O.L. Surprise Pearl is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and it comes with a price tag of Rs.2,737.

10. Lowercase Cursive Script Name Necklace

Source www.etsy.com

This tiny cursive lowercase name necklace for children is an adorable and cute gift for your flower girl, niece, daughter, and granddaughter. Ladies are drawn to necklaces any day and anytime and even an 8 year girl too. If you don't believe it, get her the Lowercase Cursive Script Name Necklace for any 8 year old and watch as her eyes brighten up with a smile. She is definitely going to scream and give you a long big hug when she sees her name on the necklace. She will totally love this. Just imagine how much she’s going to love having her name on her very own silver, gold or rose necklace! This would be guarded jealously and will be won by her with every sense of pride. It is sold on etsy.com for Rs.636.

Get Her Gifts She Will Always Remember and Talk About

Children hardly forget things, so give them gifts that will always remember and thank you for. You won't hear the last of it, if it is a gift they really like. Their dad, siblings and friends will all hear about this one special and precious gift that you gave them. Don't be surprised when you hear them over the phone telling grandma or grandpa about the gift the have specially positioned in their rooms or in the children parlour. Make the right choice, a choice that will not only make them happy but one that will make you happy also.

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Warm Her Heart With Impeccable Gifts

Gifts for an 8 Year Old girl need be something soothing and sweet. This is to make her comfortable. One can also give educational gifts to improve her cognitive skills. That's not all, gifts that foster teamwork are also very good gifts. Therefore, the range of gift available to give an 8 Year Old girl are immense and above, BP-Guide has given a list of ideas on some of the best gifts to give an 8 Year Old girl. Don't miss out on giving her a gift that will fascinate and impress her!